Challenging the fate (KKB) Chapter 16

Bulbul: How did u even end up at cowshed??
Pragya wiping her face with towel: My fate!
Bulbul: Don’t say he pushed you onto the haystacks now!
Pragya: Trust me! That’s what he did!
Bulbul: Then you realize the place was near our house only…
Pragya: Haan Bulbul!
She said innocently.

Bulbul unable to believe her left the room. Pragya looked at her going away with a sorrowful face.

She looked at herself on the mirror. “Why? Why does it always happen to me? Why my fate is challenging me this way?” She said to herself.
Sarla ma came inside the room as she saw Pragya staring at the mirror & then looking at her hands that Abhi had held.

Sarla ma grinned & cleared her throat so that Pragya would come back from her trance.

Sarla: Pragya! Are you ok?
Pragya: Ma…
Sarla: You can tell me whatever you feel, I hope you remember I am your Ma!
Pragya: Mumma! Will you please get me a cup of coffee?
Sarla: Sure! For this you look as if you lost something!
She said that by chuckling & went out of the room to get coffee for her.

“I never lost anything Ma but I am scared I will lose something!” She thought to herself by again looking at her hands.

At night, she was reading a book before sleeping.

“I really need to get rid of those thoughts! How could I again & again think about him holding my hands!!!” She said by hitting her forehead with the book.

As she was doing that, she felt a paper ball hit on her head.

Pragya taking the paper ball, “Paper ball? Who threw this at me?” She looked around & saw someone hiding behind the curtain.

“Who is that?” She asked in a trembling voice.

“Boo!!!” He exclaimed & jump out of the curtains making Pragya stunned.

“You? Again!!!” She said by looking at Abhi who was wearing a hat.

“Yes Dodo! Again & again….” He said by walking towards her.

“I will call everyone! Get out from here!” She shrieked.

“Dodo! I came here to PLAY with you!” He said like a child.

Abhi “ Let’s PLAY Dodo! Come faster!” He said trying to make her sit on the floor. Pragya puzzled of his presence and Abhi was enjoying her confused looks.

Pragya tried to stand up when he forcefully held her hands.

“I said I want to PLAY with you!!!!” He said sternly.
“Huh? Oh god! Please leave from here! What if Ma comes?” She said by looking towards the closed door.

“I don’t care Dodo! If you never PLAY with me then I will shout!!!” He said still holding her hands.

“Shout! Oh please! Don’t do like that! I beg you!” She pleaded.

“Then PLAY with me…” He said with a wink.

“What game you want to play at this time? I am so sleepy!” She said still looking very nervous.

“Liar! Then why are u reading a book & that too a romantic novel at this time?” He asked in a teasing tone.

“No…It’s not a romantic novel!” She said blinking her eyes.

“Oh…the read to me!” He said.

“NS! Please leave na…I am so scared!” She said.

Abhi smiled and took her hands near to his chest.

She was blank of his actions and was keep on looking at his hands which was holding her hands.

“Do you know that I don’t have anyone to PLAY with?” He said pathetically looking at her.

She had no words to say, “Am I dreaming or is he really here?” She asked herself feeling blank

“Dodo…Will you do?” He asked softly.

Pragya unknowingly nodded and he smiled widely seeing her response.

He took a pen from his pocket & wrote something on her palm.

He asked her to close eyes and she also did that obediently.

Soon she realized nobody was touching her & heard door knocking sounds.

Pragya stood up from where she was sitting and opened the door.

Bulbul: How many times do I have to knock the door? Have u flied to your dreamland?
Pragya: No…
Bulbul: Are you here? Why are you keep on looking at mat?
She asked by placing her bags on the table.
Pragya was still looking lost and smiled unknowingly.

Bulbul looked at her weirdly and said: Carry on your imagination as I am going to sleep.
Pragya came back to senses when Bulbul switched off the lights.

“Was he really here?” She thought & switched on the lights.

Bulbul grumbled at Pragya for switching on the lights as Pragya was looking at her palm.
Pragya read what was written on her palm.


“PPP? What does this means?” She thought & switched off the lights before Bulbul made a big fuss.

Abhi running his hand through his face “That was a great escape!” He sighed.

She patted his shoulder and asked eagerly “Did she changed?”
Abhi was taken aback & turned back to see her.

Sarla: If you say even now she is looking confused then I have nothing to say Abhi!
Abhi: Auntyji…her confusion is my way to create commotion within her.
Sarla: Haan you always say like this! Faster make her confess to you!
Abhi grinned and said: She will if you allow me in….

Sarla ma understood his words and smiled widely.

Abhi ” Bush bush! Open your kush if not I will be like a push and make you blush!”

He said as Pragya was hearing to him sitting annoyed on a bench by folding his arms.

“What does he wants and what is blabbering?”
I don’t even understand his words!

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