Challenging the fate (KKB) Chapter 15

“ Stop!!!” Pragya screeched.

Abhi stopping his slow motion run and freezed.

“NS! What is all this?” She asked with frustration.

He didn’t move but mumbled something which was not heard by Pragya.

“ Will you speak loudly?” She asked.

“ You said stop! And I stopped running!” He replied.

Pragya felt like hitting her head on the tree over there hearing to him.

“Move now!” She demanded.

“ You should say play!” He said.

“ Play!” She said by rolling her eyes.

Abhi again did the slow motion run which irritated Pragya.

“ Fast forward!” She said.

Abhi ran fast towards her which made her scared seeing it.

Abhi finally reached her and was breathing heavily with a smile.

“ What is all this?” She asked folding her arms.

“ Balloons for you!” He said innocently.

“ For what?” She asked by frowning.

“ You reached safely! It’s something to celebrate!” He said cheerfully.

“ That means you were waiting for me to reach here!” She fumed.

“ Cool! Dodo! You shouldn’t get angry!” He said making Pragya even more furious.

“ What do u really want?” She asked in a pleading tone.

His heart melted in her pleading voice.

“ I want you…” He said looking into her eyes.
“ What? You want me?” She panicked.

“ Yes but not like u think!” He said by giving her the balloons.

“ What do u mean NS?” She asked.

“ What do u think of me? A Psycho and now criminal right?” He asked looking away.

She couldn’t deny it and simply nodded her head.

He saw that in his corner of eyes and closed his eyes in displeasure.

“ This is what everybody thinks about me! It’s not right! I am a simple person but…” He said.

“ But?” She asked moving away the balloons which was disturbing her view to see him.

“ But I am not like what others think of.” He said and shrugged his shoulder.

“ Will u do me a favour?” She asked.

Abhi turned and looked at her with a surprised look.

“ I seriously don’t understand what you’re trying to tell, if it’s your flashback then will u give me sometime to hear it as I am feeling hungry now!” She said looking at him pathetically.

Abhi grinned hearing that and asked her to come with him as he can buy for her lunch.

Pragya too followed him and her mind was keep on having his words “ I WANT YOU!”

Why only I have to face this kind of situation? Why me?

She thought that as she followed him.

“ Here you go! This is the tea stall and have something to eat.” He said calmly.

Pragya nodded her head and asked for tea and biscuits to eat.

She sat on the bench and started to eat her food in a rush.

“ Slowly! I won’t ask for any share!” He said with a smirk.

Pragya slowed down in eating and at times looked at him in sideways. When he caught her looking at him she quickly closed her eyes.

How cute she is! Dodo you are just playing with my feelings with your cuteness!

He thought that as he covered his face with his hands to cover his smile.

Why is he covering his face like this? Anyways why should I care?

She said to herself and continued to eat.

“ Are u done?” He asked.

“ Yes…” She said by wiping her lips.

“ Let’s go!” He said.

Both were walking side by side when he asked “ Do u feel that I am playing with u?”

Pragya without thinking said “ Yes! You are! That’s what u said when we first met! Don’t u remember? Let’s play a game!”

“ Yes I did…but now is just April 2016! Still there is so much of time to find who am I!” He said.

“ I know that too! But why do u have to keep on follow me?” She said that by stop walking.

Abhi continued to walk further and asked “ Hey wait! Where are the balloons?”

“ I am asking something serious! And u are asking about that balloons! How funny is that?” She fumed.

“ Do u know how cute are the balloons?” He asked sadly.

“ You are changing the topic! Tell me why are u following me first!!” She said angrily.

Abhi let a deep sigh and asked “ Will u stop being angry?”

“Why?” She asked.

“ When u are angry, I get scared…” He said genuinely.

“ Oh…” She said.

Wow! When I am angry then he gets scared! That’s something that I need to take note of!

She thought that by smiling inwardly.

“ I like to PLAY!” He said.

“ What? For that u are doing all this!” She said furiously.

Abhi holding her hands “ Please…Don’t get angry! I will tell u now Dodo!”

Pragya was taken aback but his touch was very genuine and smooth which melted her heart.

She was keep on looking at his hands on hers and he liked her seeing that way.

“ To me PLAY means P for Pyaar, L for Love, A for Affection and Y for You!” He said looking into her eyes.

Pragya’s eyes widened in shock and looked around.

He let her hands off and covered her mouth before she could tell something.

“ I want u to PLAY with you…” He said against her ear and quickly took a red cloth from his pocket and blindfolded her before she could react.

The next moment she was pushed into something and made her to be shocked.

Pragya standing still after looking at Abhi in her room!

Abhi “ Let’s PLAY Dodo! Come faster!” He said trying to make her sit on the floor. Pragya puzzled of his presence!

To be challenged….

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