Challenging the fate (KKB) Chapter 14

Strange! Weird! He said always keep in touch with him but after releasing Jaguar he never contacted me at all. It’s been a month since he called me! How can I keep in touch with him when I doesn’t know his name or number? Haan I know he works for Mr Prem but why should I even bother to find about his details? I am relieved that I don’t need to be in contact with him!

As she was thinking that, she was getting ready for work. Today it was an important day and a long day for her. It was more like an undercover operation of covering the illegal trading activities in an isolated area. As a budding journalist, she enthusiastically agreed to find the details with one of her colleague, Ram.

She left the house even before Sarla ma and Bulbul were awake.

The time was 5 am. Ram and Pragya reached the venue and managed to hide themselves behind a bush.

Ram whispered “ Pragya…I will take the photographs and you keep an eye on their activities and the number of people there…try to alert me as well if u feel something is wrong!”

Pragya “ Ok!” She said and was keeping an eye on the surroundings as well as the cars were leaving the warehouse.

That’s when her shock came in life again.

Him Again! Not again please…He is here!!!
Oh god!!!

This were the words that flashed in her mind but were being unable to uttered as it might hinder her work.

She started to tremble as he coincidentally looked at the direction of the bush.

“ Did u all check the bush there?” He said to a person as he pointed his hand towards the place where Ram and Pragya were hiding.

However, Ram and Pragya couldn’t hear him.

Pragya was getting nervous and alerted Ram but he was busily taking pictures of the warehouse and the insides of it by zooming in the camera.

As some person was about to walk towards the bush, Abhi said “ I will check, you go and settle the issues inside the warehouse!”

He said that loudly and Pragya only heard SETTLE THE ISSUES!

“ What issues? I was right! He is a psycho who settle issues of lives by killing people!” She thought to herself.

Finally, somehow she managed to alert Ram and he said “ O Shit! He is coming near us! I will go and get my bike! U just stay here silently!”

Pragya being the naive girl nodded her head and stayed there.

Ram quickly ran away and Abhi seeing that ran towards him but was stumbled when he heard Pragya’s scream.

He turned to look at her and was shocked seeing her there.

Pragya without wasting her time started to run and he chased her as if she is his prey!

She couldn’t run any further. She accepted her defeat by sitting on her knees. Abhi “ Lost?” Pragya “ Haan ji!” Abhi moved his hands to touch her forehead and she closed her eyes with her lips shivering tremendously. Abhi was aroused by her lips and took something from his pocket to touch it. As he touched her lips using that, she clenched her eyes tightly not wanting to see him.

“ Leave me! Help! Help!” She started to scream making Abhi to laugh loudly.

“ Are u sure of your cries for help to save u?” He asked with a smirk.

“ What do u want? Leave me!” She cried and looking at that Abhi’s heart melted.

“ For your kind information, I am not holding you or having u tied up…” He said by winking at her.

Pragya realized that he was just bending down a little with a rose in his right hand that he used to touch her lips with. If she had thought a little earlier she could have pushed him and run away.

She got up adjusting her attire and was about to push him when he pulled her close to him.

“ What are u doing?” She screeched.

“Ssssh! There is no one around and I can’t bear your screams in this silence!” He said making her even more nervous.

She looked around and realized there is no sign of anyone!

How did I ended up here? I am dead! He is surely going to take his revenge on me now!

She was keep on blinking her eyes as he moved closer to her.

“ Hey Dodo! Did u missed me in a month?” He asked in a husky tone.

She just shook her head as NO!

“ Then how did u find me all the way here?” He asked curiously.

“I…for work…” She stammered profusely of fear.
He with a chuckle twirled her around many times and she felt like the whole world is spinning.

The moment she stopped spinning, she saw him not around.

Where did he go? It can’t be an imagination or dream of mine.

She realized she had the rose in her hand but he was nowhere to be found.

She looked around and saw Ram approaching in her direction with his bike.

Pragya let a deep sigh of relief and was about to throw the rose away when she saw something inside the rose. She quickly hide it behind her to see what is it later.

Ram: So sorry Pragya…I didn’t mean to leave u alone but you know at least one of us should escape!
Pragya fumed in anger and gave a tight slap to him.
Ram: How dare u slap me?
Pragya: Then what? Being a man you don’t know how to protect yourself and the woman beside u!!!
Ram got angry in return and got on his bike and left without telling her anything.

Pragya looking at that gave an unbelievable expression.

What the hell is this? He got angry and left me alone! Now how am I to leave from here?

She started to walk hopelessly through the forest.

Never knew that I can run so fast and reach a forest like area. Now I need to find the road.

She looked at the rose she was holding onto and peeled the petals to see what is the black object inside.

Having it in her hand, she looked at it weirdly.

“ Hello Dodo!” He said cheerfully.

Am I imagining his voice? How can it be? It’s so crystal clear!

“ Dodo! I can see u!” He said.

“ What?” She screamed by looking around.

“ What u are holding onto is a mini video camera! I am having a live telecast of you!”

“ How dare u??? It means u have been seeing me all this while!!” She screeched.

“ Yes Dodo! When u gave a tight slap, I heard it! Can’t see as u were holding the rose at your back na…” He replied.

“ You are just sick!” She said furiously.

“ Ya kind of…” He said by sneezing.

“ I am going to throw this away!” She said.

“ Wait! Wait! If u throw it then how will u be able to get out of from the place u are!”

Pragya pondered for a moment.

Yes he is right! I need to get out of here before I really become extinct like a Dodo!

“ Anyways u only have to hear my voice and follow the instructions…I know you tend to get mesmerized by my looks….” He said teasingly.

“ Listen I am not mesmerized by your looks and I am just listening to u as I don’t have a choice too!” She said looking down.

“ Oh Dodo…u look damn cute when u say that by looking down!” He said and was admiring her.

“ Cute? Please can u just help me and don’t waste your time in commenting!” She said sternly.

“ This is even more cute!” He once again said making her even more annoyed.

“ Okok! I will tell u the directions now…” He said calmly.

“ Finally! Thanks!” She said in a firm tone.

Abhi beginned to give directions to Pragya.

At Pragya’s house,

Sarla ma was awake and was busily preparing breakfast.

Bulbul: Ma! Dodo is lost!
Sarla ma: Kya? What Dodo?
Bulbul: Oh Ma u always forgot her name! Di is lost!
Sarla ma: Oh Pragya ah? She told me yesterday night that she is going somewhere related to work.
Bulbul: Oh…that means Dodo fly early in the morning itself…
Sarla ma chuckled hearing that and asked Bulbul to freshen up first.

Sarla ma thought to herself, I just hope he will impress Pragya at least this time.

As for Pragya following her instructions reached the road side when she saw him again!

“ Oh Dodo! U are finally here!!!” He said it cheerfully with balloons in his hand.

She stood there by shaking her head when he in return ran towards her in slow motion with the strings of balloons.

Pragya looking at that heard, Kuch kuch hota hai song playing at the background which was unbelievable to her.

To be challenged…
Sorry friends thought of uploading it over the weekend but sadly my fate is challenging my health which is quite bad now. Anyways sorry if the update was boring…

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