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Hai.. Frnds.. I’m giving u all an example plot of my challenge.. This is not my story..adapted from my fav novel


Shekhar,Janaki and Sharmishta were frnds from childhood.Janaki came from a middle class family..but she was the most beautiful girl in the town.Other 2 was rich.Janaki fell in love with a guy who came to visit their town..which was famous for the lake called ” LOVE LAKE”..It’s believed dat if a pair went in to the lake by boat alone..if they reached the middle..and return without any hurdle..their love will never end. Janaki never blvd in dat.. 1day he left the town breaking Janaki’s heart. Shekhar took this as a chance and ask her alliance to her family. Shekhar being a rich guy n all..her family agrees.. Janaki too..4 her family..and Shekhar knew abt dat guy.. Mishti who had a crush 4 shekhar leaves the town heartbroken.
5 years passed.. Now Jan khar has the twins.. Lakshya n Swara.. Janaki once again sees that guy. Even though he left..she still loved him.. After knowing dat guy too still loves her n waiting 4 her..she falls into depression..and 1nyt she goes alone in the lake and suicides jumping into the lake. Sumi nd her brother comes back hearing jan’s death. He had a daughter of same age as the twins.. Ragini..and her elder bro Rajat. At that time Sumi was unmarried n still loved Shekhar. She becomes close to the twins..and gradually Shekhar understands her true love..and they got married..after 3 years..
Lucky..Ragini..Swara became bff..lyk their dads. SwaLak loved Sumi as their own mom. Lucky was madly in love with Rags but was afraid to confess. Swara was aware of this.. Rajat’s marriage gets fixed with his long tym gf Uthara Maheshwari. The Maheshwari’s are 1 of the famous rich ppl along with Gadodia’s & Sinha’s in the lake town. The Maheshwari’s made news in 3 ways.. 1.their victory
2. Annapoorna’s talent..
3. Sanskar’s list of gf
In the wedding..he meets Swaragini.. Ragini had a huge crush on him..he won f1 race last year.. She was his fan. Sanskar smirks seeing Ragini’s excitement and innocense..and starts flirting with her. Laksh sees this..and cries. Swara who loved her bro and she knew Sanskar is just using Rag’s innocense.. So she starts to flirt with him to make him stay away from Rags. Sanskar loved Swara from childhood..but he never went infront of her bz he hates the feeling called love..his reason was his Uncle Ram..His uncle loved a girl..but she married another guy..thinking dat he left..but when he came back and saw her he felt hard,and she suicided..knowing dis he went mad. Sanskar pledged dat day he’ll never love.
After the wedding n all.. SWARAGLAK leave to their respective clg. Swara an fine art student..meets Sanky again in a exhibition..they becomes freinds after sanky helps swara’s frnd by buying his painting. Sanky becomes gud boy 4 swara.Slowly they fall 4 each other.they go back to their hometown. Sanky helps Lucky to confess to Rags. Rags knowing Lucky’s care n love..says yes. She also says she never loved was just an infatuation. Sanky proposes Swara in the middle of boat..she says yes..they return without any hurdles. But when Shekhar comes to Know he disagrees due to Sanky’s play boy reputation. Sanky’s uncle sees Swara n calls her as Jaanu( swara has her mom’s features)..and he dies holding Swara’s hand. Shekhar sees the Uncle..and he feels guilty that he already seperated two lovers and seeing dat Sanky loves Swara more than anything.. Agrees 4 swasan marriage..coz he didn’t wanted to break another love.. They marries in the lake shore..and promises to be love till eternity…

Guys.. This is just an example for a plot.. I’m sry all swalak n Ragsan fans.. But being a SwaSan fan.. I can’t stop writing about them.. Rag Lak fans plz 4give me..too coz i gave importance to SwaSan.. Well..hope u guys lykd dis one..and


Adios amigos…

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  1. Shruthis

    got it hope

  2. Hey dear. …….. l really want to participate in the challenge but l couldn’t imagine swalak or ragsan as bro nd sis so if you could provide me any other plot l would definitely try to write on it.
    Further l wrote an os two days before so giving it’s link here so that you can take it in the challenge.

  3. Aami

    aw hope sucha sweeeet stry…….

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