challenge accepted sethooty (KAHANI OS)


A little girl of age 8 was running toward her badidadi’s room as it was bed time.. as the little girl entered she saw her badidadimaa was busy in arranging the bed for their sleeping…she slowly went near her and hugged her from back…her dadimaa immediately recognized her…
D: kuhu beta stop troubling me come sleep…where is your raginimaa?
k: s*xyyyy…you always get to know it me..(she pouted)..raginimaa is in study she preparing for some presentation ..
D: ok lets sleep come…
God this girl will never change(ragini)…dadi thought..
kuhu and dadi both lied on bed…and
k: badidadi story time …i wanna know how raginimaa used to be she squelead..
D: your raginimaa ..used to be very naughty at times..
dadi started telling story too kuhu..

When ragini’s parents died in an accident…ragini shifted to uncle and aunt home..shekar and sharmistaa they brought her to gadodia mansion..
raginiwas very naughtourious girl….she was bubbly…total ….. she had a great bond with her swara dii….she loved her a lot can do anything for her dii…their bond was unique though the age difference was more….but that seemed unaffected to their bond…
They knew in and out of each other life…. ragni loved swara and knows her more than herself..she always covered up for her pranks..That is the reason dadi worried for both sisters..
Both sisters were and family were happy with their life…one fine day swara got the proposal of marriage and see said yes to see the person…and the families decided both will meet each other in some restaurant over lunch…
swara was the first one to arrive at restaurant…and about 15 mins there is no sign of mr.sanskar maheshwari how careless he is she thought..if he is like will he be after the marriage ..she was thinking all pros and cons….her trance broke when she heard someone asking
P: Are you swara?

she jumped little and saw the person …
their eyes met they were lost in eachothers..swara was the first one too come out of trance..

r: ye..s ..i..a..m swara she fumbled with her words
l: I am sanskar maheshwari..
he gave her flowers…which he brought for her..then sat opposite to her without saying a word..
sanskar pov:
oh god she is looking soo beautiful in the saree …that too in my favorite colour red…here eyes I can fall for them any time…ohh god she is soo innocent and they way she jumped and composed herself ..the way she fumbled while speaking..the way she smiled at him while he gave her flowers…
ooo my god what are this feelings…is this called love…
yes ….love at first sight he thought…
swara pov:

he is looking soo handsome…he looking like an geek god ….ooo god his eyes there are some thing in it…his eyes shows that he is innocent…he gave me flowers..which felt genuinegood about him…his smile is soo cherishmatic…
when they were lost in each others thoughts …
g: please do tell something all quite ?there is nothing like movie here…
both saw each other before glancing at the person

s: ragini … you what are you doing here..she hugged her..then turned towards sanskar and introduced her…
r: soo hone wale jiju I’m here to see how you guys talk but I think it’s off no use..she signed..
I will go now …no use of staying here ..she left
s: Is she always like..
sw: Excuse me?
Taking her hands in his hands ..
s: nothing …I wanted to tell you that I liked you the very moment I saw and it is yes for our marriage from my side (husky and s*xy tone)

swara gasped at that moment …and started blushing giving competition to red tomatoes …
s: swara answer me in same tone…
sw: just nodded and said yes…
After that they talked about normal stuff and marriage. for sometime …..
While they were leaving sankar pulled swara towards him and gave a bear hug too her..
swara was shocked and started blushing and hung her head down..sanskar raised her face with the chin…when she saw him..
s: get habituated to it dear…there are many more too come in future in husky tone…
they both hugged each other…were lost in each other’s embrace …when they heard something
r: wohhh….*whistling* ofooo jij soo romantic and all haa…she giggled..
s: wrong timming ragini….
r:aww jij… you can’t be romantic in public places
s: offcourse why can’t I be.. I am her woulb be husband..holding swara by waist..
r: aww jij….
she smirked by the way I have recorded everything and showed the vedio..ragini was dumb struck and blushing more…sanskar was shocked but soon they started tom and jerry chase…

From that time ragini and sanskar shared a great bond…though ragini and sanskaar bullied each other…ragini respected him a lot coz he always makes swara happy…
Time passed swara and sanskar got married and moved to Mumbai as sanskar leaves there…later ragini got admission in Mumbai university ..she too shifted too with swasan..
swasan was blessed with baby girl and named her kuhu..kuhu was very dear to ragini after swara…
Later after two years swasan met with an accident and died at spot..
This incident has disturbed ragini aa lot… her only aim was to raise kuhu as swasan wanted their baby girl’s life…from that time she has become responsible…she got job in mnc as advocate.. as soon as she completed her degree..
she lived in mumbai with her dadimaa and kuhu…

D: O god..Please help me to find the perfect match for ragini… she thought
Meanwhile ragini entered room …saw kuhu sleeping peacefully..and her dadi lost in her thoughts..
r: dadi where are you lost? what are you thinking?
d: nothing dear…
r: come lets sleep then
d: ok
both retired themselves too sleep..
so here I end this os ..
guys in this swara-25,sanskar-26,ragini -17 …
hope you all like it 🙂
please do tell how is it..i just tried..
love you all a loads


  1. Sethooty

    Haha…Sruthy so cute yaar…loved it…thank u for accepting the challenge… I was surprised wen I saw this tittle…???

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