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Challenge accepted

The story begins…
A beautiful morning…
Sharmistar makes coffee.
Shekhar: sumi coffee
Sharmistar: here is your coffee.
Shekhar:where are the devil’s??
Sharmistar: still getting ready.
A beautiful girl is shown…
It is our swara.
Swara looks at the mirror.
Swara: I know i am beautiful .
Someone laughs.
Swara: laksh.
Laksh: ya swara..
They start fighting for the mirror.

At that time,,
Ragini enters..
Sharmistar: ragini..
Ragini: good morning aunty..
Good morning uncle..
Shekhar: beta you are early today..
Ragini: haan papa..
We have some work.
Where is swara and laksh.
Laksh: hi ragini..
Ragini: let’s go..
Laksh: breakfast..
Swara comes and hugs ragini..
Swara: you will become ah fatso laksh..
Ragini and swara do an hi-fi.
Ragini you are always on her side..
Ragini: vo meri haan Na..
Swaragini bgm plays.
Laksh ,swara and ragini leaves.
Swara goes to music college..
She starts playing her guitar..
Swara plays it passionately…

At the same time…
A girl is seen panicking around her room.
It’s our uttra
She hurries down and gets into the car..
Guys raglak,uttra travel together to clg.
Maheshwari: sanskar.
Sanskar with a coat in his hand gives a classy entry..
Maheshwari: breakfast..
Sanskar: ma you eat I will have a meeting.
I’m going and he gets her blessing..
Sanskar leaves..
In the car..
Uttra calls rajat and starts speaking..
Ragini teases them..
Rajat : ragini is teasing you too much Na.
Uttra:I will handle it ..
You take care..
Will call you after class.
Rajat: haan take care..
Raglak smiles…
Uttra: when I become your bhabhi I will torture you ragini for this..
Ragini: bhabhi bless me..
Ragini laughs..
Laksh gets mesmerised in her smile..
Uttra: kuch kuch hota hai..
Laksh: stop it..
Guys ragini and laksh love each other but they don’t express it to each other.
The trio went to class.

Music clg..
Swara finishes her class.
She comes out..
She finds two children selling pens..
Swara: y are working..
Children: today is the last day to pay fees di..
Swara: how much..
Children: 2500
Swara handsover money but they refuse.
They wish to sell pens and buy it..
Swara decides to help the children ..
She starts selling pens .
A car stops at the signal.
Swara knocks on the window..
It’s our sanskar.
Swara explains about the pens.
But sanskar is lost in her beauty.
Tu chaiye plays
Sanskar: I will buy all the pens.
Sanskar pays the cash and gets the pen.
Swara thanks him..
And she introduces herself..
Sanskar smiles.
Swara leaves ..she hands over the money to the kids.
Swara goes back for her class.
But suddenly she sees shekhar.
Swara calls him but he does respond..
Swara follows him.
Shekhar reaches an office.
Swara to herself : y is papa here??
Swara calls laksh but he doesn’t respond..
Swara follows shekhar.
Swara finally finds shekhar.
Swara is shocked to see shekhar and sharmistar talking to a lady..
Swara peeps inside.
Swara is shocked to know that they were talking about her marriage proposal.
Swara confronts them.
Swara: papa
Shekhar,sharmistar: swara (in chorus)
Swara: what is going on..
Sanskar enters the scene..
Swara: you..
Shekhar: maheshwari ji this Friday we will finalise a date for the marriage.
Swara: whose marriage..
Sanskar: our marriage..
Swara faints.
Sanskar: I will take care of her..
Sanskar calls uttra..
Uttra,raglak reach sanskar’s office..
Sanskar: this is your bhabhi..
She fainted..
See Na what happened..
Raglak are shocked to see swara but they didn’t react.
They immediately left home..

Laksh: papa..
Swara is getting married ah..
Shekhar: laksh vo..
Laksh: kya vo…
Shekhar: yes..
So what..
Laksh: papa this is not fair..
Shekhar: go to your room laksh..
Laksh starts to shout.
Shekhar: stop it laksh.
You want to know the reason her you go..
do you know maheshwari groups.
Laksh: haan papa
Shekhar starts to tell laksh about his relationship with janaki.
How swara and laksh were born ..
Janaki died during delivery.
Sharmistar took care of you..
She brought light in our lives..
Sharmistar is maheshwari ‘s sister.
Laksh gets shocked.
Shekhar: uttra and sanskar are your cousin’s.
Laksh breaks down..
Ragini takes care of him..
Sharmistar comes there..
Ragini leaves..
Laksh: ma..
Sharmistar: laksh I wanna tell you something..
Laksh: tell me ma
Sharmistar: I am singer sumi .
Swara: no ma
Laksh : a bad joke ma
Swara: what is this ma..
Sharmistar:swara listen..
I met with an accident 20years before.
I lost my confidence in it..
That time I saw you both in the hospital
You brought a reason to live..
Swara searches the web and is shocked to know that singer sumi is sharmistar..
Laksh leaves.
Swara follows him..
Laksh and swara reach ragini s house.
Laksh and swara decide to solve everything.
The night falls.

The next day..
Swara goes to sanskar office..
Sanskar: swara..
You are here??
Swara: y do you want to marry me..
Sanskar: I love you
Swara: stop bluffing Mr.sanskar
Sanskar: swara.
Swara: those kids were child artist..
Swara: please leave me..
Swara leaves but sanskar grabs her hand..
Sanskar: swara..wait..
Sanskar starts his flashback
Maheshwari was always thinking about sharmistar..
In order to solve this problem.. sanskar enquired about sharmistar.
He came to know about swalak..he decided to make swara as his wife to solve all issues.
Sanskar: so I decided to bring your notice on me..
Swara: sorry sanskar..
Sanskar: no problem.
Swara leaves..
Swara returns home..
She gets a diary..
It was janaki’s..
Swara starts reading it..
Swara gets shocked to know that janaki’s brother is sinha
Swara :so ragini and rajat are also my cousins..
Swara: papa..
Shekhar: haan swara.
Swara: do you know about janaki’s ma relatives..
Shekhar: she had a brother.
He was in usa..
I have spoken to him but I haven’t seen him..
He didn’t attend our marriage due to some work.
Swara shares everything with laksh,shekhar and sumi..
Laksh hugs swara
Laksh calls ragini..
Ragini: laksh..
Laksh: I love you ragini..
Ragini: I love you laksh.
They chit chat..
Swara teases laksh.
She gets a call.

Swara: hello
Sanskar: swara.
Swara: sanskar tell me.
Swara and sanskar talk about something..
Swara gets happy..
Sanskar: hope everything goes good.

At ragini’s home..
Rajat: ragini you are going to get married.
Ragini is shocked.
Rajat: get ready within 15 minutes.
Your prince is on the way.
Ragini cries a lot..
Soon sinha calls ragini..
Ragini comes out..
She is shocked to see laksh there.
Rajat: your prince is here…
Ragini : Bhai..
Ragini runs ..
Laksh is about to hug her.
But ragini hugs rajat instead.
Ragini holds laksh ‘s hand..
Sanam re sanam re plays.

It’s evening..
A party is being organised by sanskar..
Sanskar introduces raglak and uttra-rajat..
They exchange rings..
Everyone is happy..
Laksh brings swara ..
Uttra brings sanskar..
Swara: sanskar..
Sanskar goes down his knees.
Sanskar: swara will you marry me..
Swara nods her head.
They exchange rings..
Shekhar,sharmistar,sinha and maheshwari are happy.
Swara: 24hours changed my life..
Swasan,raglak,uttra and rajat lived happily..
Sinha,shekar sharmistar and maheshwari moved together.
Thus they became a happy joint family..
Hope you guys liked it.
Positive or negative comments both are welcomed..

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  1. Wow you did it…… nice os dr….congrats

    1. Ammu

      Thanks didu
      I’m happy that you liked it

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    Nice one ammu

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  4. U r d first 1 accepted? Well nyc 1.. Ammu.. Hope 4 d best… I will post about the challenge tmrw thanking u all 4 d immense support.. Check it out!

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      I hope you liked it

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  9. nice….may i know where u r from?

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      I’m from Coimbatore

  10. Aami

    wow ammu….. this is the forst stry on challenge series…… n its soooo sweeeet……sooooo much happeng in one dy n u make it as a. beautiful story…. ??

    1. Ammu

      Thanks aami for your sweet comments
      I’m really happy that it is sweet for you

  11. Awesome dear… Too fast and too good.. Great work dear

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