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Chal Meri Jaan By Fenu ( Chapter- 3)


Hello Friends !! Enjoy this short update . Neil = Police +Music Lover.

At Night

At AvniAsha’s Home

Ali & his family , Angie & her family , Neil ,Fatimaa ,Tiku , Tai (Sumi Tai –I forgot name) and her husband are gathered there for celebrate Asha’s birthday.

Angie set cake and other thing on table with AvniAsha’s photo.

Ali : Dadijaan , lets cut the cake now.

Fatimaa : yes son.

Fatimaa and Tiku cuts cake and all clapped and cheers and shout Happy Birthday Aisha/Asha. Fatimaa puts some cake in fronts of Asha’s pic.

“Ali lets have some dance and start music system”Said by Neil with much happy tone.

Ali : Yes Buddy.

They all start dancing on the songs dramatically , Childishly and Funny steps.
Later they sat on Floor and they had dinner together and talks.

Others left except Ali as Ali stay @ here in Night.

Tiku : See this peoples are so good and kind that celebrate our Aisha’s birthday every year.

Fatimaa : yes this is called family not like that Mehtas.

Ali : Why are u talking about mehtas ? They will get punished one day by Avni.

Fatimaa : Ali , Avni was no more with us.

Ali : No ,my heart saying me that she is coming .

Fatimaa (in Mind) : Yes Avni is alive , she is with Neela in Canada , they are coming next week.

Fatimaa : If Avni came back then will u help in taking revenge from mehtas ?

Ali : Yes its thing to ask.

They slepts.

At Canada

Avni was seen making cake & Neela was hearing her.Later they both sat on dining table . Neela connects video call to Abhimanyu.

Abhimanyu : hello both of u !! How are u ?

Neela : Yes , I’m fine.

Avni : I’m also good Papa . Today I’m alive only because of u only, Thanks Papa.

Abhimanyu : Oky , how many times I told u that don’t thank me . Lets cut the cake of your mumma.

Avni cuts cake and say Happy Birthday Mumma , I love you. Neela and Abhimanyu also wishes Aisha.

Neela : Abhimanyu , u had meeting with mehtas right ?

Abhimanyu : Wow , that’s good news.

Abhimanyu : Avni , be ready your revenge will start , I set first step for your revenge.

Avni : yes papa , I’m ready. Mrs. Mehta be ready your Grand daughter is going to come in your life once again.

Screen freezes on Avni’s determined face.
Precap : One week later @ Canada Airport Avni & Aman ‘s first meeting after ages .

Sorry Guys !! I’m continue with this ff but after my exams and my exams start from 2nd May and end at 31st may.

Thanks !!

  1. Awesome ff ….continue soon

    1. Fenil

      Thank u so much
      Glad that u liked it

  2. Fenil

    Hey guys sorry !!
    Neela : You had meeting with mehtas right ?
    Abhimanyu : Yes , i finalized deal.
    Neela: Wow thats good news.

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