Chakravyuh- new Ar-dhika(Manmarziyan)FF Prologue

All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.


Ominous black clouds covered the sky.The wind was sighing & thrasing in the tree tops.Thunder roared & lightning flashed across the sky.An Army jeep was running at high speed piercing the darkness of the jungle road.A man in his late twenties was sitting in the driving seat.He looked at his beside,there lies a black covered file & a label attached with it,written Confidential in bold red colour.He wiped the droplets of sweat from his forehead.He was in his uniform.Golden National Emblem was shinning in his shoulders.Gallantary medals are adorning on his chest.His name engraved in his badge on his chest. “Major Arjun Mehra”.Suddenly he saw a truck approching.He tried to slow the jeep, but he found the brakes are not working.He tightly held the steering wheels & started pumping the brakes again & again.Somehow he avoided the crash.He started looking here & there to find a suitable place to crash stop.But he was rapidly losing the control over his jeep.Suddenly there was a blast & fire caught in the jeep .

Army H.Q in Delhi,
Colonel Debasish Mathur banged his hand on the table.Captain Singh was standing infront of him lowering his head.
Col.Mathur- Its not possible.Major Arjun Mehra cant do it.Its hard to believe.
Capt Singh- Its unbelieveable for me also.But he took a confidential file without permission.Proof is there infront of you Sir, the CCTV footage.
Col.Mathur- But how he got the security password?
Capt Singh-No idea Sir.But we detained Major Arjun’s Orderly Harish Chaubey.
Col. Mathur & Capt. Singh entered into the Interogation room.The room was vacant except a plastic chair & table.A man was sitting on the chair lowering his head.Capt. Singh called his name. “Harish, Where is Major Arjun Mehra?” but the man sat there motionless.Irritated Capt.Singh pulled him.But both the Officers became shocked as they noticed Harish’s lips turned blue & he is not even breathing.After checking carefully,they found a small pin was struck just below his left ear.
Another Officer hurriedly entered into the room.”Sir, just now Police informed us,An army jeep met with an accident on Forest road as the jeep completely got charred they are unable to give us the Jeep details.But they found a badge engraved Major Arjun Mehra in it from the accident spot.

Doctor Captain Radhika Mehra fell on the ground with a thud.Phone fall from her hand & she was shaking.Tears started flowing from her eyes.”Its impossible, You cant go Arjun.How can you leave me & our daughter??
“What happened mom??Why you are crying?? Where is papa??”the little girl started shaking her mother.
After sometimes,Radhika looked at her little daughter & wiped her tears.
Radhika-nothing happened Anu.
Anu- Then, why are you crying mom?? You were saying Papa left us.
Radhika- no dear, its not true.Do you believe papa can leave both of us?
Anu- No mom.
Radhika kissed her daughter’s forehead.


Major Arjun Mehra played my Aham Sharma,an Officer of Indian Army.

Doctor Captain Radhika Mehra played my Monica Sehgal- A doctor in Indian Army & wife of Major Arjun Mehra.

Ananya Mehra- The 5 year old daughter of Arjun & Radhika.

Author’s Note-

Hiii, this is Madhumita,writer of Checkmate.(somehow the most controversial one).I started an Ar-dhika FF, but I got struck in between.So,I am keeping it in hold.
Now, coming to this one.I planned it before.But never posted it coz I was afraid If people able to accept it or not.
So, I am taking a chance.Waiting for honest reviews.

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  1. Loved it so intriguing will be waiting for your next update. Pls post soon.

    1. Hii Gianna, Thanks for your lovely comment.Glad that U liked the prologue.Will post the next part soon.

  2. Hi I liked it. But I hope arjun is not dead. Y do u say checkmate is a controversial one… Can u give me d links ? I haven’t read it. I though it was samarj …

    1. Hii Rg,Thanks for your comment.Glad that U liked it.Arjun dead or not?? well, I dont know now.Wait for the next part.
      Btw, I am not sharing Checkmate link coz its indeed a SamArj fic & thats why people avoided it & I am simply okay with it.

  3. Oh my god!!! So happyyyyy… The storyline is soo soo amazing.. You know when I read the first para.. My mind started comparing with checkmate.. I wouldn’t have told if someone else was the writer.. But extremely happy to see your name being credited…
    Waiting for the next epi madhu dnt be late plzzz… Your story always have the most different and amazing storyline.

    1. hii Roshni, how are U?? So, you are in for this one also.Welcome & a big thanks for your lovely comment.Glad that U liked it too.But its different form Checkmate.Yes, I am trying to update both my fic as soon as possible.Loads of love.

      1. Aap jaha mai wahaa…. Wherever you go , Iwill reach you madhu , your story draws me towards it. And if I would have missed it.. It would be a mistake from my side!!!

      2. Thanks Roshni.I dont know what to say.Hope I live up to your expectations.

  4. Wow it’s very interesting update next part ASAP

    1. Thanks for your comment.Glad that U liked the start.will update soon.

  5. Nice storythread madhu..pls continue…

    1. Thanks Ammu.Glad that U liked it.Will post the next part soon.

  6. Awesome episode, please do continue with the story. 🙂

    1. Thanks Brin.Glad that U liked it.Yes, I will surely continue this one.

  7. its really nice dr ???? did really arjun dead???? ❔❔❔ waiting for next ff ?? ???

    1. hii Suga.Thanks for your comment.Glad that U liked it.You have to wait for the next part to know Arjun is dead or not.Will update the next part soon.

  8. Awesome 🙂

    1. Thanks Gauri.

  9. Hey madhu darling …..iam excited fo this ff.. Really fantastic ….I loved it…pls continue soon ….ur surprise is amazing …thanks dear.,…good luck for ur both ff…love u loads…tc…muaaahhhh…

    1. heyy Susi.So U liked my surprise?? I am glad.I was not sure whether I posted it or not.But then, thought that I should share.If people dislike, then I will stop.Thanks dear for your lovely comment.Loads of Love to U too.

  10. Awesome

    1. Thanks Bhargavi.

  11. Hai madhu, i like ur story title Chakravyuh & its unique one. All the best madhu ?

    1. Thanks dear for your lovely comment.Glad that U liked the title & content.Thanks again.

    1. Thanks Priya.

  12. awesome episode .please contin…….tc

    1. Thanks Subha. Already posted Part 1.Soon, you can read it.

  13. Vow again a thriller. Awesome dear.

    1. Yes, again a thriller.I love this genre.Love Story & family drama cant handle.Thanks for your comment.Glad that you liked it.

  14. Hey madhua vry nc plot…..n arjun as a major…..n ardika ff… u lots r dis 1….n upload d checkmate…..
    Love u …..hugs…..n keep on uploading both

    1. heyy Dev.Welcome to this thread also.Thanks a lot buddy for your lovely comment.Yes,here both are Army Officers & its based on Army.Will update Checkmate soon.
      Loads of Love to U & keep smiling.

  15. Wowwww madhu….I loved it……I’m your huge fan from checkmate…I admire your hard work and glad you didn’t take the controversy in negative way n continuing it….love u so much. ..I also read parts your other ff on ardhika which was on reincarnation…r u going to continue that?…..this ff sounds very interesting n unique. ..plzzzz continue dear. ..I’m in….whatever you write I just love it…you’re amazing writer. ..n I appreciate your hard work…..keep it up honeyyy. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. . .muaaaaahhhhhh 😉 😉 😉

    1. Welcome Roma to Chakravyuh thread also.Thanks dear for your lovely comment.Your comments are always an inspiration for me.I am very happy that people here accepted Checkmate.You know I never expected single comment for Checkmate.Posting it here like sharing my work.Thats it.I never care for any controversy as writing is not a passion for me.I know my limitation as a writer.I am glad you are liking it too.Next part coming up soon.Loads of love To U too dear.Keep Smiling.

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