Chakravyuh-Ar-dhika(Manmarziyan)FF Part 3


Doctor Soumen Waghmare- We removed all bullets from his body, but next 72 hours is critical.Aditi make necessary arrangement to shift Arjun in ICU.
Prashant Dixit- When he will back in his senses?
Soumen-dad, he is still not out of danger.
Prashant Dixit took a deep breath.
Aditi- Please dad, relax.don’t take too much stress, that can increase your BP.
Prashant Dixit- You both are not understanding the seriousness of the situation. Anyway, but be careful both of you. It should remain a secret that Arjun is here.
Aditi- Dad, I have a request.Please make arrangement to bring Radhika here.She has the right to stay with her husband & Arjun really needs Radhika this time. Prayer, faith & love can do any miracle.
Lt.General Prashant Dixit,former head of Defence Intelligence Agency, now he is retired but still he is a important part of Defence Ministry.Major Arjun Mehra considered him as his Guru.Prashant Dixit had noticed Arjun in his visit in Indian Military Academy. He took Arjun in his Intelligence wing & trained him. Prashant Dixit’s wife, Doctor Archana Dixit died 2 years ago. She also used to love Arjun very much. She founded the Nursing Home in Chandigarh. Prashant & Archana’s only daughter Aditi is also a doctor,who is married to Doctor Soumen Waghmare. Both together manage the hospital & are good friend of Arjun & Radhika.

Radhika was arranging all the scattered things in her house.She carefully put the small Lord Krishna’s idol & the Srimad Bhagavat Gita book in the rack. Arjun is a atheist.But his mother regularly used to do the puja & Radhika accompanied her mother-in-law. What the intruders tried to find in this place? Radhika carefully looked here & there but she got nothing. Radhika lighted a diya.”Please Lord, let him be safe. He is my life.”

Radhika locked the door of her house. She can’t only sit idle & wait for Arjun. She knows that she is under scanner of the Investigation team. But she is not afraid. It is her trust in Arjun, he can’t do anything wrong & truth always prevails in every difficult situation. She has to start from the accident site. Radhika sat in the car & closed the door.She noticed a mobile phone in her car seat. Radhika was surprised.She left her phone in the house then this phone? Who put it in her car??The phone started ringing also.The rings are coming from a Private number.Radhika received the call.
“Doctor Capt.Radhika Mehra.Come in the City mall & parked your car finding an empty place in the parking lot.”- A female voice instructed her. Before Radhika could respond, the lady cut the phone. Is it a trap?? The thought came in Radhika’s mind. “No, my gut feeling is saying, Soon, I will meet with my Arjun”. Radhika started her car. She parked her car in the City mall parking lot, took the mobile & entered into the mall & started roaming in the shops. After sometimes, another car entered in the parking lot & a lady came out from the car. She also entered the mall. Radhika received a message from the mobile.”Come in Washroom”.Radhika looked here & there but followed the instruction. She can’t ignore the fact Arjun spent most of his time in Defence Intelligence.As soon as Radhika came infront of the door of Washroom, someone pushed her inside & locked the door.Radhika looked at the lady infront of her.”Take this dress & change it.”
Radhika- Where is Arjun?? Just tell me, he is fine.
The Lady- I don’t know.I am only following the instruction.
Radhika sighed & took the dress for her hand & closed the door.Soon, she came out changed in a black kurti & jeans.The lady give him a sunglass. Radhika wore it.
The Lady- Now, you give me your clothes & car key & take my car key.”DL 02 ****”.It was parked just beside your car. Take this mobile & give me which you are using. You will get further instruction in it.
Radhika- Thanks.
But the lady not responded. She stood there without any reaction. Radhika came out from the mall,went in the parking lot, took the car & left. Soon after she left, the lady came in the Parking lot wearing Radhika’s dress, took Radhika’s car & went in different direction.

Chandigarh, Nursing Home, ICU,
The only noise was of the machine displaying the patient’s heart beat.
Arjun kept his left ear in Radhika’s tummy.She is five months pregnant with his child.
Arjun- hii Princess.How are you doing inside?I am your papa.(& he lightly kissed her tummy)
Radhika (giggled)- Arjun, how you know it’s a girl??
Arjun- I just know.Now, don’t disturb.I am talking with my princess.
Radhika- & what about Princess mother??
Arjun- I am angry with her. She is not taking proper care of herself.
Radhika- Arjun, you know it impossible to take maternity leave now. Plus, I am very much taking care of myself & you are forgetting I am a doctor & whole day I am staying in Hospital with other senior doctors.
Arjun- I am worried.This is my first time.
Radhika- ohh really?? Main to kitni baar maa ban chuki hoon.Arjun,its my first time also & I am fine. Don’t take tension.
But Arjun remained silent.
Arjun- If anything happens with me, you both will manage right???
Radhika- What?? What you just said?? I already told you right, don’t you dare talk with me in this topic.
Arjun- Radhika be practical. It is the life of a soldier. I have some responsibilities.
Radhika- & what about your responsibility towards me & our child?? What I wanted from you?? Every night of yours??Tell me, one single moment when I stopped you while you are going to fulfill your duty?? Did I ever complain?? You know I cherish every moment when you are with me.
Arjun sighed. He came closer to her & captured her lips with his. At first he was slow and gentle but as soon as he felt her responding back he deepened the kiss and made it more passionate.
Radhika- Don’t you dare to think I can leave you that easy. You will find me always with you.
Arjun- Okay, okay. My possessive wife. I will tell Yamraj I don’t want to come with you without Radhika.
Radhika- Just shut up Okay.
Flashback Ends.
Arjun finds himself in a dark tunnel. He looked here & there but he failed to locate any trace of light.
“Where am I?? Radhika, Radhika. How can I break my promise?? I can’t live without her”
“A TRUE SOLDIER FIGHTS TILL HIS LAST BREATH,GET UP & MOVE”- Lt.Gen.Prashant Dixit deep voice booms in the darkness.
Arjun tried to get up but he felt a tremendous pain in his body.His mind kept trying but his body giving up.
“Papa, Papa. Where are You?? I am missing you. Come Back Soon.”Arjun heard her daughter voice. She is calling him.He heard her crying also. With Renewed effort, he started trying to get up.
“I am coming Princess.”
Arjun got up & he was frantically trying to find a way out from this darkness. But he felt His Body burning & losing. He started taking small steps.

Radhika rushed inside the ICU. Her heart shattered to see him in such state. He was looking so pale.Machines attached with his body.She sat next to him & tightly hold his hand & started kissing it.Her tears soaked arjun’s hand.”You Can’t Go Arjun. I am not leaving you at any cost.”
Arjun is still lost in darkness. He is taking small steps, suddenly a hand caught hold of him.Arjun stopped in his path.He saw his mother standing there in the darkness.
“maa” a whisper came out from his lips & a droplet of tear escaped from his eyes. His mother tightly hold his hand.”You took wrong path Arjun.Come with me.”Arjun followd his mother just like he used to follow her in childhood. He saw a faint light in distance. His mother kissed his forehead & wiped his tears & left in the darkness.Arjun tried to follow her.But now he can feel a warmth.He can feel Radhika.She is crying. He went towards the light. He is remembering their marriage, how tightly he hold her hand.He remembered first time holding Anu in his hand.
Arjun remembered the dark night. He was trying to save the file. He was already injured.Two bullets already hit him.Some people caught hold him. One put his booted leg on his bullet wound.He cried out in pain.They tried to snatch the file from him. Suddenly more bullets hit him & he finally fall in the ground.His last sight was they left with the confidential file.
Radhika noticed the Zig-Zag design in the machine.It getting up.Arjun’s right hand clutched the bed-sheet.

In Kolkata,
Sananda Banerjee was standing in the entrance of Metro.The area is crowded with many people.Suddenly someone plough into her.She tightly hold her bag. Soon, a man, almost 6 height & fair complexion came near her murmered the numbers ”512567”.Sananda took out a yellow envelope from her bag & handed it to him.The man was lost in the crowd.But Sananda discovered a small chit in her bag.”I am sorry.I cannot come to take the envelope.I am being followed.”Sananda started sweating.With a shivering hand, she dialed Prashant Dixit Number.

In New Delhi,
A middle-aged lady was sitting in the Police Station. She came to file a FIR.
“Officer, My husband is missing. Punit Sanyal, he is a scientist of DRDO (Defence Research & Development Organization).

Thats all for Today.Thanks to all for replying.Waiting for responses.

Credit to: Madhumita

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    1. Thanks Suga for your lovely comment.I am glad that you liked the part.Yes, you are right, they are the real heroes & their families are their support system.This Fic is a tribute to them.Loads of Love to you too dear.Thanks again.

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    1. Hii Aastha.Thanks dear for your lovely comment.I am glad that you are liking it.I am just trying.Let see how its come out.I am very happy that here everyone liking the mystery.Thanks for liking Arjun’s flashback part.I was afraid that it’s getting too much filmy & emotional.Just tried it.Soon, you will see Major Sir in action.Loads of Love to U too & keep smiling.

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