Chakravyuh-Ar-dhika(Manmarziyan)FF Part 2


Indian Military Academy, Dehradun,
“Cadet Ankush Mishra,son of Major General Sudesh Mishra.I am here to be the best cadet of this batch.”Ankush introduced himself in a proud & arrogant tone.He always considered himself the best.
”Cadet Arjun Mehra Sir.From childhood,its my dream to become a soldier. My father Subedar Paresh Mehra is my inspiration. The safety, honour and welfare of my country come first, always and every time.”A calm voice introduced himself from the corner of last line.
“Cadet Mehra, I liked your attitude.You are a National level shooter champion.But you skipped the part.You have every quality to be a good soldier.Don’t disappoint me.”- their Trainner replied.
“Subedar son, sports Quota,Waah!!!! & he have the quality to be a good soldier.huh.Here is no one who is worthy enough to give me at least some competition.”Ankush thought in his mind.
“Ankush, this Arjun got the 3rd Rank in Combined Defence Exam. Don’t underestimate him.”His friend Saral warned him from beside.
Ankush rolled his eyes.
But soon, Ankush realized Saral was right that day.Arjun proved himself far better than Ankush in every field.Arjun became the best Cadet of their batch & led the Passing Out Parade.Ankush burned with anger watching Arjun holding the coveted Sword of Honour award.Ankush crossed the Chetwode threshold in a gloomy mood & with a hurted ego. His father Major General Sudesh Mishra refused to talk with him, infact he left the Passing out Parade Ceremony in between.
Not only the prestigious position,this Arjun snatched another important possession of his life, Tiyasa Bedi.Ankush still remembered that Valentine Day.Ankush carefully looked himself in the mirror & adjusted his tie.Then, he heard a knock on his door.Irritated Ankush opened the door.Tiyasa was standing on his doorstep wearing a Red gown & holding a Red rose boquet.Tiyasa entered his room, but she was looking nervous.
Ankush(with lot of expectation)- You want to tell me something Tiyu?
Tiyasa- You are my best friend Anky.You know me more than myself.First you tell me, how am I looking?
Ankush- You looked beautiful Tiyu.
Tiyasa- Anky, I wanted to tell you first.I love Arjun & now I am going to propose him.He will say me yes, right??
Ankush stood there like a statue.No a single word escaped from his mouth.

Ankush came out from his thought.He was standing in the accident spot.Police sealed the area.Ankush carefully looked at the place.
Col.Mathur- What you think Major?
Ankush- Traitor Arjun Mehra escaped. I am 100% sure he is not dead.
Colonel Debasish Mathur looked at Ankush.
Col.Mathur- We just started our investigation & its too early to draw any conclusion.Hope you understand what am I saying.
Ankush- Sir. But I am sure he definitely contacted with his wife Radhika.
Col.Mathur- then, trap her phone & track her every moment & scan both of their bank details.
Ankush nodded his head.

Radhika- Neil, please take care of my Anu.
Neil- You are using please Radhika??
Radhika- I am sorry Neil.My mind is not working.If those people kidnapped Anu??what will happen then??
Neil- You reported last night incident to higher authority??
Radhika- No.
Neil- Do you think they got what they wanted??
Radhika- I don’t know Neil.But if Arjun hide something,I have doubts, they don’t get that thing easily.ohh, Arjun,where are you??Neil,I cant only sit & wait for Arjun.I must try to find him.
Neil- but how Radhika?? Its very much possible you are under scanner of the Investigation team.
Radhika hold her head.”I don’t know anything Neil.You just take care of Anu.I will definitely find some way”.
Neil- Take care Radhika.Stay in touch.
Anu came infront of her mother.”I don’t want to go mom.”
Radhika- don’t be stubborn baby.I have some important work.You stay with Neil uncle for some day.
Anu- mom,you are afraid.But , I am a brave girl.Let me call papa, he will beat all the bad uncles.
Radhika- papa is in a mission Anu.He is a soldier & you are proud of him. Right??So, now don’t disturb him with this minnor issue.We both are brave enough to handle.Right dear?
Anu- Yes mom.
Radhika-Now, you go with Neil uncle.Please beta.You are my good girl.
Anu- mom, I am missing papa.
Radhika tightly hugged her daughter.
Radhika- He is fine dear.Soon, he will be back with us.I am sure he is also missing us.

In a Private Nursing Home in Chandigarh,Doctors are performing a critical Surgery.There were five bullet wounds in the patient body.His head is also damaged badly.His breathing was very low.An old man pacing impatiently in the Nursing Home corridor.
“Doctors are trying our level best dad.”-said a young lady.
“Not trying.I want result.Save Arjun at any cost”- replied the old man in a firm voice.He is Retd.Lt.Gen.Prashant Dixit,former head of Defence Intelligence Agency.

Thats all for today.Waiting for honest responses.Thanks.

Credit to: Madhumita

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    1. Thanks Sundari.Glad that you liked it.Will post the next part soon.

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    1. Heyy Gianna.Thanks for your lovely comment.Glad that you are liking the story.Will post the next part soon.Loads of Love to you too.

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    1. Thanks Nita. Glad that you are liking the story.Arjun will soon be back in Action.Will continue soon.

  7. Meghna shanti

    Awesome dear
    Plz update checkmate also
    I’m waiting for your updates

    1. Thanks Meghna.I am very happy that you are liking both my fics.I will definitely update Checkmate soon.Loads of Love to you.

  8. Hey madu….

    First i want to tell u that, ur title itself enough to grasp ppl to read ur fiction… Becoz, ” chakravyuk” – nice nd attractive word.

    I didn’t want to read.. Becoz i read so many fictions here… But no one s updating regularly… I was frustrated nd decided to shouldn’t come to this site… But i failed many times. Wat to do, i m a crazy fan of manmarziyan??

    I read ur updates… Its really nice, nd abt arjun – again i fell for him, Becoz u made him as a perfect man( includes good human, husband nd lovely papa)… OMG I REALLY LOVE IT.
    And i m waiting for arjun’s entry… And i m big big fan of NESAM…. So pls if u want, include them also pls???

    1. Hii Abi.Welcome to my thread.First of all, a big thanks for your lovely comment.Glad that you liked the title.Arjun is in Chakravyuh, lets see, how he break it.
      I cant also promise that I am going to do regular updates.But yes, I can promise, I will complete my stories.
      I am very happy to know that you again fell for Arjun.I am here in Manmarziyan Forums only for Aham.Soon, Arjun will be back in Action.Hope you liked him as an Officer also.
      No, here no Samaira.I am a biggest Sam-Arj fan also.I am writing different story on them.Thanks yaar.TC.

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    Post soon.. Love you ??

    1. hii Shree.Thanks for your lovely comment.Glad that you are liking my story.I love suspense.So,you will find this in most of my updates.Everything still not cleared.Wait for sometime.Yes, in last portion, Arjun is being treated.Love you too.

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    1. hii Hima.Thanks for your lovely comment.Glad that you are liking it.Here its still to explore more about Major Arjun Mehra & its always Satyamev Jayate.Will continue soon.

  16. Madhu its exhilarating…………so is Ankush and Saral responsible for Arjun’s state ???? so jealousy is the reason for the drift between Ankush and Arjun ???? Did Saral rub salt on the wound and intensify it???????????? Plzzzzzzzz make Ardhika safe and also neil and anu…………..I’ve another request: plzzzzzzzz don’t make Arjun lose his memory………..and plzzzzzzzzzz make him whisper Rads name when he gets back his consciousness…….wont you ever update resonance ?????……………….I’m extremely sorry for the late comment……..I was not at home……..plzz don’t be mad at me………..

    1. hii Aastha.First of all dont say Sorry.Its me who always give update late.But what to do?Thanks dear for your lovely comment.I am glad that you are liking it.Jealousy is definitely one reason for the drift between Ankush & Saral.Soon, you will know more about them.Their Academy days,Ar-dhika relation.Memory loss is Ekta kapoor concept.I dont want to use it at all.Soon, Arjun will be back in action,afterall he is a soldier & about Resonance,I am still working on it.Loads of Love To you dear.

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      2. Yes, update coming soon.

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    1. Thanks Gauri for your lovely comment.I am very happy that you are liking it.Thanks dear for this big compliment also.Next part, coming up soon.Its okay.Loads of love to U & keep smiling.

  18. O my sweeeeeet friend madhu..I just loved it. ..ankush’s fb was revealing his hatred n jealousy towards arjun…n arjun a perfect soldier n great human being…wowwww I’m in love with your amazing stories. …neil very supportive…rads very hurt but determined to find arjun n proof of his innocence…Lil anu very cute n smart…. ..last para was really awesome,…so arjun is being treated….wowwww im anxiously waitingggggg for arjun’s return…I’m just addicted to Youuuuuuuuu and Your stories. …so sorry for late comment. ..keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. . Muaaaaahhhhhh

    1. ohh Roma.A big Thanks for your lovely comment.Your comments always inspires me.This kind of hatred & jealousy is very common in humans naa?? You will come to know more about the characters as the story progress.I am addicted to your comments.What to do??? Dont say sorry.Next part already posted.Thanks dear. Loads of Love to you too & Keep smiling.

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