Chakravyuh-Ar-dhika(Manmarziyan)FF Part 1


Doctor Captain Radhika Mehra came out from the Conference room of Defence Head Quarter & sat in a chair outside.Captain Neil Malhotra,an Officer of Signal Regiment rushed near her.
Neil- What happened Radhika??
Radhika- As I expected,they sent me in forced leave.I cant join my duty till I get further orders.
Neil-But why??Whats your fault?
Radhika- Are you too doubting on my Arjun?
Neil- How can this thought came in your mind Radhika?
Radhika- Everyone doubting on my Arjun (in a frustrated tone).How can they forget he is one of the best Officer.Ministry set up a high level Enquiry Committee to investigate about Arjun.Colonel Debasish Mathur is the head & Major Ankush Mishra is also a part of the Committee.
Neil- What??
Radhika- Ministry feel that I can tamper the Investigation process.Infact, Inside they showed me the Badge of Arjun.They are assuming probably Arjun is no more.How can they??I am still breathing Neil.(in a frustrated tone)
Neil- Relax Radhika.What you said inside?? Hope you don’t lose your cool.
Radhika- I told them to bring proof.But you know, I can sense, Arjun is in danger.Who killed his Orderly Chaubey??I have to save him at any cost.But how??Please tell me some way.I cant survive after losing my life.( tears started flowing from her eyes).
Neil hugged her.”Relax Radhika.Everything will be fine.Now, you go home.Anu is there alone right?? Stay with her.
Radhika- But Arjun??
Neil- He is a Soldier.It is a duty of a soldier to fight, not only in Front, but also in any situation.Remember, you used to say Arjun is your tall, fair, handsome macho man.

Suddenly Radhika noticed Major Ankush Mishra is coming out from the Conference Room.She wiped her tears & came infront of him.
Radhika- Bhaiya….
Ankush- Don’t call me that.You lost the right on that day you married Arjun.Now, standing infront of you is only Major Ankush Mishra.
Radhika- Do you really believe Arjun can do anything against our Country??
Ankush- He already did Radhika.He stole an important confidential file.What he did with it?? Sold it to the enemies of this country??
Radhika- How can you think so low about him??
Ankush- Sorry, I cant think anything high about a blo*dy traitor.
Radhika( in a firm tone)- Don’t Major.You are always jealous with him just because he proved himself better than you &…………
Ankush- & what Radhika? Why you stopped??Continue, I want to listen.
Radhika- You both are still misunderstanding Arjun.
Ankush- You don’t need to care about us.But now I think you are having a misunderstanding that Arjun in innocent.
Radhika- He is innocent.
Ankush( laughed)- Blind belief. But you know I really hope your other believes comes true that Arjun is alive.He should suffer for his misdeed.Death is easy escape right???
Radhika ( in a firm tone)- My Arjun is innocent, I know it’s a trap.But I hope people really don’t forget that he is Major Arjun Mehra & you remember this simple fact dont mix Personal & Professional life together.
Ankush- You are teaching me how to do my duty.How dare you Radhika?
Radhika- Don’t Major.You lost that right.Its only Doctor Captain Radhika Mehra.
She proudly put her hat, saluted him & left from there.

At night, Radhika was stroking her daughter’s head.She noticed Anu has fallen asleep.She kissed her daughter’s forehead & covered her.Radhika took Arjun’s photo from bedside table & caressing it with her long fingers.A small droplets of tear fall on the photo.
“I am missing you.Where are You?? Please God, let him be safe.But I have to find you.How??Please God, show me a way.”
A sweet smell hit her nose.Radhika’s senses became alert.She pulled out her licensed Revolver under her pillow,which Arjun gifted her in her last Birthday.She tried to get up from the bed.But her head became heavy.
Radhika woke up from deep slumber.She opened her eyes but everything is blurred.She tried to get up & she felt her head still heavy.She noticed her Revolver.She remembered everything.She hurriedly checked her daughter.She is okay.But she is not going to get up soon.Chloroform effects. Radhika got up from the bed & her eyes grew wide with shock as her house was ransacked, especially Arjun’s things.
Radhika- blo*dy hell.Whats going on??

In a small village in Haryana,Local Police recovered a headless male corpse from a pond.Bad odour filled the atmosphere.The man was brutally murdered.Multiple torture marks were there in his body.
A police Officer- Where is his head?? It’s a blind murder case.We have to establish his identity at any cost,though it’s a tough job.

Thats all for today.How is the part?? Waiting for reviews.Thanks.

Credit to: Madhumita

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  1. interesting episode………. but don’t kill arjun……eagerly waiting next one…update

    1. hii Subha. Thanks dear for your lovely comment.Glad that U liked it.You have to wait for next part to know more about Arjun.Next update coming soon.

  2. superrrrrrrrrrr madu basically i love army people and u r wrtng both cmbnd wth aradhika and army luv it

    1. hii Zoya.Welcome to my thread.Thanks dear for your lovely comment.Glad that U liked it.

  3. Hey mdhu……a good epi….n tq 4 bqc 2 bac epis…..n u kept me hanging

    1. heyy Dev.Thanks yaar.Glad that U liked the episode.Yes, back to back episodes.Currently I am working in this one & I kept you hanging, really??? From where?? 😛

  4. Hey madhu…..superb one…Neil be here wow….loved his concern for rads…really sad for radhu…why ankush hates ardhika?..last part makes me tension…I hope arjun will be fine…n sam too here?…waiting for next one…pls upload tomorrow… Its very interesting….love…

    1. heyy Susi.Thanks yaar for your lovely comment.Glad that you liked the part.Soon, you will get the answer why Ankush hates Arjun.No, Samaira is not here in this Fic.Thanks again, next part, most probably coming tomorrow.Love U too dear.

  5. Hey its so interesting….. Plss post Nxt one ASAP…. Show thre love story also….waiting for Nxt one

    1. hii Nita.Thanks for your comment.Glad that you liked it. Very soon,You will get Ar-dhika love story.Will surely update the next part soon.

  6. It’s really awesome dear 🙂 🙂 how rads supported arjun s superb n Neil part s fab 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. hii Suga.Thanks for your comment.Glad that you liked it.Soon, you will know more about them.

  7. its an excellent murder mystery story………..ia nt ankush in good terms with arju ????? y did he say to rads all those things?????? plzzzzzzzzz dont kill arjun……………..plzzzzzzzzz prove him innocent in the end…………….I know it’ll turn out good end in the end coz ” truth always prevails in the long run”……………………..plzzzzzz update soooooooon…………

    1. hii Aastha.Thanks for your lovely comment.Next update you will get some answer & its always Satyamev Jayate.Will post the next part soon, most probably tomorrow.

  8. Interesting story, waiting for the next update. 🙂

    1. Thanks Brin.Glad that you liked it.Next part, coming soon.

  9. Superb yaar. But don’t kill Arjun pls

    1. Thanks Suvi.Glad that you liked it.& about Arjun, wait & watch.

  10. Madhumita a big hug for you…for writing this story 🙂 loved it to the core

    1. Thanks Gauri for your lovely comment. Glad that you liked it.A big hug from my side too.

  11. HI di, it’s just awesome. But don’t kill Arjun. What was the past of radhika that ankush hate her to such a extent

    1. hii Bhargavi.Thanks dear for your lovely comment.Glad that you liked it.You will get most answer in next part.

  12. Loved it loved it loved it loving the suspense. Keep going and tc dear.

    1. Thanks, thanks, thanks Gianna.Loads of love to U too dear.

  13. Hi it’s a gud story. But Pls tell me tat arjun is alive..Pls

    1. Thanks Rg, Glad that you are liking this story & about Arjun, patience darling patience.

  14. your are so cool and nice………when is the next update

    1. hii Sundari,your ID is also so cool.Thanks dear for your lovely comment.Glad that u liked it. Next update, most probably, tomorrow.

  15. Awesome madhu…very very interesting. …rads n neil convo was very heart touching. ..ankush very rude to rads…ahhh…plz don’t kill arjun….loved the narration n dialogues very good ….keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. . muaaaaahhhhhh

    1. Thanks Roma for your awesome comment.Glad that you are liking it.You will know more in next updates.Arjun is dead in my fic?? Do you really think its possible?? Thanks again.Already updated the next.Loads of Love to you too.Keep Smiling dear.

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