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Hi dears.. This is the spoiler for our favourite chakravartin ashoka samrat.. The current track has Helena and siamak the devils disguised and gondana, wrecking havoc between the common people on the name of tax, they’re troubling people. Ashoka will find out all this that Helena is behind this and tell it to bindusara first of all. What’ll happen then is a secret.. Bindu looks on angrily ..

The city of maghada is al set for a beautiful celebration.. The palace is decorated beautifully with flowers. It’s our prince ashoka and Sushim’s swayamvar‼‼ ashoka and Sushim are seated among all the others, distinctively distinguished by their princely attire.. All the princesses including kaurwaki walk ? down the stage and sit down.. Bindusara and dharma smile ?.. They’ve called princesses ? ? from all the distant and nearby countries.. Kaurwaki is tensed as Sushim eyes her lustly.. Now the matter is that how this twisting mythological show will potray the wedding of ashoka with Devi whilst Sushim and ashoka will both go on choosing the same princess, kaurwaki ? ?..
What do you think can happen next??
What twists will the show go through?????
Whose marriage will happen?? The answers to these questions will be unveiled in the upcoming episodes.. Keep watching.. And please do comment telling ur opinion about the spoiler and the upcoming twists..

Credit to: Vanshika

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  1. Taani


  2. Very good work tellyupdates.
    Keep on working on it in forthcoming episodes also so that it could maintain the curiosity among us…wishing you a good luck…

  3. Where is Poona without her updates is not so good I hope she will come back soon for us.
    She can express much better the show as compare to all other
    Anyway show is so good

  4. No 56. B chinne kamala street Trichy

  5. Oh…. it is a mess. do not make another triangle love story. we do not want any fiction.we need real story of the king ashoka

    1. Asmitha

      True but in the last min the truth will come out and neither will wed kaurvaki and Devi will end up marrying Ashok and Anandi to Sushim.

    2. Mona146

      True. This is so irritating……………..I feel irritated to see the indifference shown by Ashoka as it will only complicate the issue. She has her own reasons to lie since her truth can bring her father agitated but he does so much over action. What was the need to humiliate her if he truly loves her.

  6. Yup… Real story… Of samrat ashoka…

  7. are you serious? Ashok won’t end up with Kaurwaki?? Why?? And why does he only marry Devi?? That can’t be true, is this official?

  8. Vanshika crazy fr skr

    Guys I’ve written the spoiler…. N ya its official I’ve seen this video in a news channel then I’ve posted it.. Yes ashoka n Sushim both will choose the same gal kaurwaki then they’ll fight again as always,. Bindu angrily NT let marry with anyone… This is triangle lovely by none will marry kaurwaki now…. Then a big blast… Keep watching fr more twists ?

  9. Sorry what will gng to happn ,I dnt knw but, ashoka act like he forget about kauravaki only infrnt of her, and we know he won’t forgot and he can’t to be. So asure here the fight will happn bw ashok and susim but ashok wife is the kalinga princess kauravaki

  10. please write full episode …

  11. Gaganpreet Kaur Bhatti

    At what tym we can see repeat telecast of ashoka ???

  12. Vanshika, I think u r mistaken…….The story would be that Kauruvaki would romance with Sushim to make Ashok jealous. Then, Ashok would confess that he had recognised her, she would forgive him. But now, Sushim would be angry and there would be a fight b/w Ashok n Sushim. This is what I saw.

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