Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 9th October 2015 Written Episode Update


Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 9th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ashok collides with Akrabat. He says where are you coming from? Ashok says what is all this happening. Akrabat says the three detained ran away. Ashok says they are not criminals. Akrabat says I hope you have no part in their flee. They have ran from our jail, this is not a good sign. I have to find them. He sees ashok’s red bundle and says your stuff is there. Ashok says yes.

Ulka is peeking in Bindu’s room. Chanyka asks what are you doing? She says samrat need papers and pen needed so i brought it. He says you don’t need to do all this. He has servants for this. You are guests. She says its an honor to work for him. He says give it to me and rest. She says okay. She says in heart i have to complete the mission of killing him soon.

A man

asks Ulka what are you doing here? she says I am serving samrat. He says can you take me to him. She attack him and says sure. Chanayaka comes out to see what happened. the man in lying on the ground. Chanayaka asks ulka is there something wrong? She says no you are here why would there be any problem. Chanayka says what you mean? She says i told you. He says anyone can doubt you the way you are trying to get close to samrat. She says the way he helped me, i want to serve him. He says i will keep eyes on your service.

Scene 2
Sushim says how could the prisoners run, how is this possible. Someone must have helped them. Akrabat says there was someone else there too. Sushim says and you did nothing. you don’t even know how to secure the palace. Dont forget that your existence is because of this palace. I am the heir to the throne.Soon i will be the king and if you can’t do your duty then go and rest. Go from here and find all three of them. Find out who helped them in running. Can you do this? Akrabat says if i am unsuccessful in finding them i will resign from my designation. Sushim says you have two days prove me why should i keep you on this post. Charu says Sushim you should rest. He says they ran from me, its like slap on my face. Charu says in the end of this game we will be laughing.
Sushim says i will be announced the heir of the throne and samrat one day. At this moment i want to know who has betrayed me. Find out mahamat with whose help they ran from here. Summon ashok. He wanted me to let his pals out and suddenly they flee from here. This has some clue.

Noor is roped, she says let me go from here. Someone walks in. She asks who are you? He says dastaan. She says i even recognize his footsteps. He says why do you want to kill him them? She says go and call dastaan first. The man says soldiers increase the torture. They put water on her.

Ashok comes in, dharma follows him. Ashok says why have you summoned my mom here. Sushim says your mom’s name is dharma. If you betray someone you will not only sin but you will also make fun of your mom’s name. He places ashok’s hand on dharma’s head. Ashok says i don’t lie. dharma says he wont lie. Sushim says where were you when your were running from detention. Sushim says why are you not saying anything? Trying to conceal the truth. Ashok says you want to prove me a traitor so you can take all my rights from me. Sushim says no you are my brother but someone has challenged our security. I asked you something. Ashok says i was up. Sushim says you were seen by Akrabat. Sushim says were you in your room? Ashok says when did i say i was in my room. Sushim says where were you? Truth. Your mom’s trust is bound with this. Why are you quite. Akrabat comes in and says i am witness. Ashok was with me. We were discussing something in my room. Dharma says enough sushim, i think you have your answer now. Sushim says i still think ashok tried to help them. Ashok is not allowed to go out of the palace for next 7 days. Ashok thanks Acharya. He says i can help you only when you tell me what you are doing. ashok says trust me. He says its only you that i trust. Ashok says i was chanyka was here, i could tell him everything.

Precap-Soldiers come and attack the sitting people. Ashok comes with his face hidden to help them. Soldier says why i feel like this this ashok.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. guys he was akramak not akrabat

  2. Hey that’s akramak, not akrabat. Hate the way sushim insulted akramak. Felt like giving the former a punch. And what is this vishkanya and all? Who sent her to kill bindusar? I’m sure chanakya will expose her. By the time chanakya and bindusar come back, magadh will be half destroyed. I want bindusar to see this himself so that he realises that sushim is not worthy to be samrat.

  3. Baisali i agree with u. Sushim is not capable 2 run any of the provinces of magadh. I feel like killing him. He was looking superb while playing the role of raghav in D3. Bt here he is just stupid.

  4. In the youtube episode, acharya Radhagupta came and said that he and Ashoka were discussing on a subject of arthasastra in his room…but u have updated that Akrabat came …

  5. I like this serial.. According to me serial is running very slow and in negative way.. When this boy called Ashok will grow up….??????

  6. Ashoka serial is running just like other daily soaps which have no story at all.. Its a story of a legend.. Dont make this a daily soap serial..

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