Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 9th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 9th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Maharaj Jagannath holds Kaurvaki’s hand. He tells Ashoka he will never succeed in doing what he wants. Kaurvaki screams to let go but her father forcibly takes her with him.

Siamak comes bruised before his father. Forgive me. They knew about the tunnel. The soldiers attacked me. they have entered inside already.

Acharya RG notices the thread in Ashoka’s hand. what did you do? If any unmarried girl and boy come here on today’s day then it means that they have chosen one another for life. Ashoka is confused. Acharya RG points out that Kaurvaki has chosen him as her husband this way.

Bindu asks Shubhrasi to take everyone in the safety room. Dharma does not want to leave him alone but he tells them to be his strength at this moment. He asks Siamak to go as well but

Siamak refuses. The war has already begun. Today it will be either me or that person who I hate! Bindu is proud of him. They are bigger in number and have more weapons. I cannot comment what will happen but I will only say that the respect of Magadh’s warriors is the most important thing here. Our respect will keep the confidence of coming generations intact. We will fight. Truth and confidence will be our weapons. We may lose but we will make sure the enemy shakes up while recalling this war! They charge again.

Nicator, Mir come there with their group of soldiers. Both the sides engage in a fight. Mir and Bindu look at one another. Bindu says you shouldn’t have come here. You wont go back alive now that you are here. Mir says I am Khurasani. Khurasani don’t forget their promises. I had promised Noor I will avenge with her killer. You should not think of your enemy to be weak. Bindu attacks him. He notices Mir still not able to move one of his feet easily. They continue their sword fight.

Siamak walks up to Nicator. They notice Mahamatya and pretend to fight. Mahamatya runs in a different direction. Mir hits Bindu in the process and he ends falling on the ground. Bindu gets up and says Har Har Mahadev. He hits his sword with his leg which ends up going high in the air. He attacks Mir.

Dharma says only Ashoka can help us now. There is only one person who can bring him back. She goes to check Sushim. Charu questions Dharma what she is doing. Dharma says we need the kids to fight against our enemies. Only Sushim can bring Ashoka back. Charu is concerned for Sushim but Dharma reasons they have no other option. She puts something over his wound. Sushim wakes up screaming in pain.

Bindu hits Mir this time. He makes Mir drop his sword and aims his sword on Mir’s neck. Nicator and Siamak see this. Siamak shouts for his father. Nicator is holding his sword around Siamak’s neck. What do you want – son or throne? Bindu looks at Siamak.

Sushim gets ready. I wont spare these Unani’s now. Dharma says you will have to bring Ashoka back. He blames Ashoka for their condition. You think we wont win if he isn’t there? Dharma reasons that they need the soldiers as well. This isn’t a time to argue but to save motherland. He agrees and goes out.

Maharaj Jagannath slaps Kaurvaki. Who needs a kid like her? His wife stops him. He is angry with Kaurvaki for breaking their traditions. Kaurvaki calls it right but he says your doing one or two things without your parents’ permission will not yield anything. You have embarrassed us. She says I felt the same way when you insulted Ashoka. Does Kalinga allow this? You only taught me that the biggest test of truth and dharma is listening to your heart. I did what I felt was right. Maharaj Jagannath insists that Ashoka cannot be a part of their family. It is related to our family too. I will never let you marry a Maurya. I can forget it for a second that he is a Maurya but I still cannot marry you in a family whose every family member tries to pull each other down. Brothers fight against each other in the middle of the court! A mother tries to kill her son! A Dadi kills her grandson! I cannot marry you in a family where everyone plots against one another. This isn’t a royal family but a group of dancers! Ashoka is standing by the door. He has heard their entire convo. Kaurvaki reasons that every family has a wish to gain a higher position. Look at your own brother. Was is possible for you to gain Kalinga back if Ashoka wasn’t here? If you dint have Magadh’s support then would you have won? Ashoka is different than anyone else. He is sympathetic. My feelings would have been the same towards him even if he was a normal person. I know you are trying your best that I am unable to marry him. You feel he isn’t a complete rajvanshi. Ask anyone. They will feel the same way. Maharaj Jagannath says Ashoka has many enemies. They can use you against him. She does not mind it. Only brave people have enemies. I have made up my decision. You will have to accept your daughter along with Ashoka. Maharaj Jagannath tells her to bring Ashoka. I will talk to him. She gets glad.

Unani soldiers enter insinde the palace. Sushim pretends to lie dead before them with his face covered in colour. The soldiers notice someone running away. They chase him. Mir tells Nicator he twisted things around so well. Bindu says Siamak means nothing to Nicator but he means something to you (Mir). He has your daughter’s blood. You are happy to see him on the verge of death? Mir says I don’t trust the blood which can go against me. Siamak says my life isn’t bigger than Maurya. I am called the son of a traitor. Maybe I can remove that stain from my head today. Let me die for Magadh today. It is better to die than live with this burden. Kill me Nicator. Nicator inches the sword closer to Siamak’s neck. Bindu drops his sword. His soldiers follow suit. Siamak acts before Bindu. I told you not to drop it. Nicator is ecstatic. I won today. I have been waiting for this day since so long. Maybe I was alive for this very day only. Magadh is under me today! I have become the most powerful ruler today. Mir smiles and Siamak smirks as well. Bindu bows down before Nicator. Helena is happy to hear it a well. She recalls Chanakya’s words (I will defeat you in your game only!) You lost today Chanakya. Magadh lost! Maurya family will be finished for whom you lost your life. Unani’s will rule now. No one can change this fate now, not even your disciple Ashoka! She laughs.

Mir orders the soldiers to take away Bindu. Search every corner of the palace. No loyal person should be left alive. Bindu walks away with the soldiers.

A Daasi informs the ladies that Samrat surrendered. Shubhrasi says we will kill ourselves if Ashoka comes late. We wont get insulted by those Unani and Khurasani.

Kaurvaki stops Ashoka. I know you are hurt by father’s words. He denies. it means you couldn’t understand me. I am hurt by what you did. I liked you as I met someone for the first time that was eager to do anything for her parents. What you did today makes me feel as if I was in a rush to
I thought you wont hurt me but you cheated me for the second time today. I was ready to do anything for you. you have become selfish. You hid the meaning of that tradition. You did not realise that you are breaking Maharaj Jagannath’s trust on me. You have made me guilty in my own eyes. she says I did not think like that. I agree I made a very big mistake. I should have told you but I dint want you to get worried. I loved you and took a decision. It isn’t important that you take the same decision. I dint do anything wrong by loving you and it isn’t my mistake. You are like that. Who wont love you? You are still talking on father’s behalf even after being insulted by him! Who would not want to love someone who is this selfless? Only someone like you cannot think of hurting others. They give importance to others. This is the biggest reason of me loving you. You have all the qualities that a girl looks for in a guy. How can you think I will let go of that chance? no! I am helpless before your goodness. He says I am only saying that our parents’ raise us up. They stand by our side through thick and thin. No good deed can happen without their permission or blessing. I want to apologize to Maharaj Jagannath personally. He goes.

Mahamatya is also chained. Mir is looking for Dharma. Search every corner. I have to poke both eyes of Bindu right before her eyes – one for Noor and one for myself!

Maharaj Jagannath applauds Ashoka’s move. I thought you came to help me but seems like you had come to fulfil your motive here. I think you have learnt it from your mother. She did the same. She knew how to make place for herself in the royal family. She first trapped Bindu and got pregnant. Your mother was not from a royal family. She was the daughter of an ordinary Vaid. Ashoka is angry. I am protecting you here and you are talking against my mother? Maharaj Jagannath continues speaking against Dharma. She was only fit to be a Daasi. You are doing the same Daasi Putra. Ashoka angrily holds his neck. Kaurvaki tries to free her father but Ashoka is angry. Maharaj Jagannath lies before Kaurvaki. I was only talking to Ashoka but he attacked me. He tried to kill me right before your eyes. How will he save you? Not he but his blood is the cause of it! Ashoka angrily pushes him. Kaurvaki rushes to her father’s side. She slaps Ashoka. Leave right away. Ashoka tries to explain but she refuses to hear him. Maharaj Jagannath smiles. Kaurvaki is in tears. Ashoka notices the smile on Maharaj Jagannath’s face. He angrily walks out.

Sushim hopes he does not get late in reaching Ashoka. The Unani soldiers lose track of Sushim so they go in different directions.

Ashoka and his men are ready to leave for Patliputra. He looks back towards the palace for Kaurvaki but she isn’t there. He orders to go. kaurvaki cries seeing him leaving. Ashoka is also sad.

Dharma hopes Sushim meets Ashoka asap.

Acharya RG advises Ashoka to spend the night at the temple only. The way ahead is through a jungle.

Nicator comes to meet Helena. I fulfilled my promise. She agrees. Our dream is finally coming true. Magadh is under Unani’s now. He asks her to come as the throne is waiting for her. She happily goes out with him.

Ashoka cannot believe Kaurvaki can do this with him. Kaurvaki asks him what he would have done if he was in her place. Which kid can keep quiet seeing his parents’ in problems? He tries to explain his stance. She says I asked you to leave in anger. But is that above everything else that I had earlier told you? He apologizes to her but it turns out to be his imagination. Ashoka says I cannot do this. One lie cannot end our relation. I will tell her everything after meeting her.

Kaurvaki blames herself for thinking of Ashoka to be her own. I feel today that I could never know you. I will never be able to know you after what happened today! She cries badly. All the dreams related to you broke today. her mother comes there. Kaurvaki cries hugging her. Forgive me. Her mother says you did make a mistake. You dint trust your love. You couldn’t see how distances were created between you and Ashoka for the society. He did what you did. You couldn’t bear anyone insulting your father. Ashoka could not bear anyone insulting his Kul and mother. He was instigated to react that way. He was bound to lose his cool. Your father and uncle tried to instigate him earlier as well but he kept quiet. Your father and uncle are behind it. It was their entire plan. Kaurvaki is in disbelief. How can father fall so low? He is plotting against the one who helped him gain Kalinga back? Her mother says this isn’t the time for all that. Go and sort things with Ashoka. Don’t let injustice happen to him and you. Go. Kaurvaki leaves.

Siamak talks to Noor’s photo. I did what you always wanted. You would have been so proud today
So many people had to lose their life. Father had to be embarrassed. It would have ben good if that had happened without him. You would have been alive then. Helena comes there. She shows him a cloth with blood. This is the blood of Justin. Noor had given it to her. Siamak looks at the cloth. It is weird. I dint cry when I saw father’s blood. I am in tears to see my Guru’s dried blood today. Guru and disciple’s relation was stronger than father and son. Helena says before you sit on the throne there is a truth you should know. Your mother married Bindu but she gave her heart to someone who loved her more than himself. Siamak angrily points a dagger at his neck. You are staining my mother’s character! She says I am only telling you the truth. You are the biggest evidence of that! Siamak is confused.

Helena says the Bindu who panics seeing Ashoka and Sushim wounded never came to wipe your tears ever. Have you ever thought why? Why isn’t he as close to you as he is to his other sons? Why did Noor feel that she will have to snatch your rights from Bindu? She knew that the day Bindu will find out you are not his son he will throw you out of his life. Siamak looks angry. She tells him not to look for logic. Whatever happened to satisfy the needs of heart. You can only understand it from emotions. Who came whenever you were hurt? Siamak recalls Justin protecting him from Sushim. She tells him to think whose loss hurt him most. Siamak takes Justin’s name. She agrees. Justin is your real father. he cries hugging her.

Precap: Siamak vows to make sure each maurya pay for the insults done to his father and mother. Dharma stands in front of all the ladies bravely pointing a knife at Unani soldiers. Sushim tells Ashoka about Nicator attacking on their palace. Father had to surrender. It is time to join hands with your brother. Our motherland needs two sons together. We both can save Magadh together today! Ashoka looks at him.

Update Credit to: Pooja


  1. Fantastic episode ! Magadhs sons will now show their real places to these foriegners ….can any one tell me how was ashokas last look in precap was it in anger or in support of sushim ?

    • Baisali

      Well it looked like ashok is doubting sushim. After all the latter had always tried to hurt him in the past. So Ashok initially may not believe him.

  2. Harshit

    What!! a amaging episode. It just superb & rocking. All thing is happened which I want.
    Action, drama, romance, suspense & everything is filled in this episode. Kaurwaki express her love to Ashoka it’s very cute scene.
    I hope both meet once again before Ashoka going to pp & remove their misunderstanding.
    Bindu lose his war & it seems to be Ashoka save her family & take a superb entry. Now it seems to be siymak become main villain after knowing his father truth.
    lastly serial comes in real track. I am eagerly waiting for next episode.

  3. Snigdha

    Wish it would have been good if sushim and ashok were like ram and laxman i hope ashoka agrees to sushim this time and both fight together this time

    • Yeah i too want the same Sushim was no doubt an evil because of his mother but both ashoka and sushim had the blood of great Ikshvaku danasty in them that reflected in some part of their lives …

    • IDK

      Sushim!!!!! good!!!!



  4. Baisali

    It’ll be more interesting now. Looks like Ashok is still doubting sushim. But i’m excited to watch them fight together to save magadh. Loved today’s episode, especially ashwaki scenes. Kaurwaki’s mother is such a lovely woman. Jagannath should learn something from her. He’s worst than those unanis and khurasanis.

  5. Harshit

    aaj ka episode dekhne par laga ki director ke pass thodha sa dimag vapas aa gaya ha, jo ki vah ab real content dikha raha ha na ki faltu ki nautanki. But overall it’s superb episode. Upcoming episodes are seems to be full of action & suspense.

  6. Harshit

    @Baisali… I agreed with you. Unannis & khurasanis are worst but they also a well wisher of his son & doughter. As shown in serial nicater do everything to rescue the Hellna & want to make syamak next king. but jagannath play with the emotion of her daughter. How it possible that a father become too selfish that he given a lot of pain his daughter. He is realy a most hatered man.

  7. CRS

    But in actual practice, Kalingaraj had never seen Ashoka. Even during Kalinga war, he was seriously ill and appointed her daughter as her successor. And Kalinga’s crowned princess fought bravely supported by the senapati “Bheemsen Mohapatra!”

  8. Snigdha

    Sushim did not become bad by himself his mother has only made him like this by showing him all wrong and evil ways to get the throne we have seen siamaks behaviour was good till noor and justin was alive because noor herself was bad but she never made siamak bad like her and had never shown him any wrong ways to get the throne she and justin always taught him good things now he has turned into negative because of helena who poisned his mind taught him all the wrong things for the sake of throne and created hatred in his mind against ashok

  9. history

    Except the Kalinga drama I loved the other scenes. It seems Asoka never wanted to marry kvk. Yes she is selfish. Many scenes point out towards her distrust and selfishness. Now, Ashoka should leave a.s.a.p. to PP leaving behind his personal problems!

    • @history I think now ashoka will return pp n then the show will take a leap than ashoka would marry Devi n as kvk mom said she would lost him frvr B’coz of her own mistake… Kvk will realize her mistake
      (Just my assumption)

  10. samratashok

    Magadh will win and the credit will go to susim. Again susim will gain due to asoka’s efforts. Siamak should be exposed soon and so should the others like charu.

  11. Hi guys I love kaurwaki and ashok’s together by the way are they really married now or was it left incomplete I really don’t want Ashoka to accept her just cuz they are married I want him to love her. But will that happen

  12. But what is Ashoka mad at her for
    1. Getting married to him ( if the marriage got completed )
    2. Slapping him Witout knowing the reason
    3. Or both

    • Pooja



      He is mad as she did not tell either her parents or him about the real reason of bringing him to the temple. He was mad at her slapping for him for some time but then realised his mistake asap that’s why he said one lie cannot change their relation.

  13. Snigdha

    By the way it was not ashoka and kaurwakis marriage it was like their engagement because they will get married only at the grown up age i think kaurawaki has made ashoka as her fiancee

  14. anurags18

    i think after winning patliputra battle, shushim and rani charu will realise their mistake and accept ashoka as “yuvraj”.

  15. Himanshu

    From some previous episode, it had been getting uninterested and quiet boring and I had almost avoided to watchbut today’s episode has enlivened my interest again because it seems to be run in proper way. Why ashoka had become so cruel to kalinga and resulting a most devastating kalinga war ever in history, it becomes clear from Jagarnath dual and disgusting character. How a father may be so selfish to overlook her own daughter’s emotions… What is your opinion ?

  16. Priya

    I red somewhere that real Ashoka was quite tempermantle. I think ki fire ko future mein vaisa dikhayenge until final Kalinga war

  17. Himanshu

    The situation around ashoka as we watch in the serial was so critical and complex that emphasised him to be changed into cruel “chandashok”, but after the kalinga war seeing the killing soldiers and their widow’s cry, ashoka had the truth of life and decided to follow the way of peace. After that he deeply moved towards Buddhism and in course of time he had been known as “ashoka the great”

  18. ashoka fan

    ye ashoka ko tumlogo ne chand ashoka kyo kha maine samjha nhi aur ha tumlog sayed ye bhul gaye ki seri.. Me vitasok bhi aane wala he lekin ye director ne use abhi tak nhi laya serial me sayed 9 month ke bad he layega.

  19. Suraj

    Thx pooja for updates… Your writing skills are awesome i can visualize the epi just by reading your write up…

  20. Pradeep

    Nicely scripted . Very interesting. The team of Ashoka in every episode making concerted efforts to bring the best and near to the history. All praise for this page

  21. Kk

    Anyone who says ashok doesn’t have feeling for kauri is wrong. He does, he was just shock that she took a big step without his or her parents concent. And you know ashok his very traditional. I hope they never get to apologized so that when their older she starts hating ashok and they fight. I want to see a warrior kauri she was a badd asssh in the movie.

    But when time skip he should already be married to devi or engaged to her, he has another wife who is a villain I forgot her name, but I can’t wait to see a love and hate relation between kauri and ashok. That’s if they actually gonna do that, I mean if she losses her memory or forgot about him that’s even better lol

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