Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 8th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 8th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Acharya RG asks Mahamatya to announce a 13 day long mourning period in Magadh. Mahamatya says how it can happen without the consent of royal family or without the authority letter. Acharya RG replies that he will take care of it. Mahamatya reasons that they would need royal stamp then. Plus we must not do it without asking Samrat. Acharya RG tells him that they have the authority to take decisions in case of emergency. Beloved wife of Samrat has died. We have to make this announcement. Mahamatya gives in.

Sushim scolds Siamak for bringing the stamp. Why did you get it out of Samrat’s room? Siamak replies that he wanted this only that night. Sushim points out that everyone will doubt Dharma’s death to be some plan in case they don’t find the royal stamp in the room.

They both go to Bindu’s room to keep the stamp back. Acharya RG and Mahamatya are in the corridor only. Sushim and Siamak hide as they hear the sound of footsteps. Mahamatya notices them as soon as they enter inside the room. He tries to divert Acharya RG from noticing the brothers. I still feel we have to inform and seek Samrat’s permission before taking royal stamp. They get into a discussion. Meanwhile, Sushim and Siamak succeed in placing the royal stamp back in its place without getting in Acharya RG’s notice. They hide once again. Acharya RG assures Mahamatya he will take responsibility in case anything goes wrong. They go inside the secret passage. Mahamatya is all tensed but does not show it. Acharya RG does his work and leaves. He does not see either of the brothers hiding there in the room. They are relieved to be safe from Acharya RG. Siamak comments that it will be fun to watch Ashoka breaking down.

Everyone is gathered around Dharma’s dead body. Bindu remembers all the moments spent with Dharma as he pays his last respect to his wife. He pats at Ashoka to go next. Ashoka walks up to his mother in shock. All the incidents flash before his eyes and tears stream down his cheeks as he keeps flowers over his mother’s body. Acharya RG goes up to bring him down. Devi cries seeing Ashoka thus. Vit is also crying as he walks up next. Every member of the royal family pays their respect one by one afterwards. Purohit ji asks both the sons (Ashoka and Vit) to lift the dead body. Ashoka caresses his mother’s head. Bindu, Ashoka and Acharya RG hold one side each. Sushim joins them as well. Chanda comforts Devi.

Mahamatya thinks I can hear the approaching storm clearly. No one else can hear it though. Ashoka will find out the truth and then there will be Mahayudh (a big war). There will only be dead bodies around!

Everyone readies the pyre. Bindu gets emotional as he keeps one log over the dead body. I have always hurt you. I kept thinking to apologize but couldn’t do it ever. Now you are not here and I cannot apologize anymore! Ashoka also thinks of his last convo with his mother and of her wishes. He also keeps a log of wood. It is Vit’s turn next. Vit recalls the promise that his mother took from him a day ago (to be with Ashoka and Devi always). Everyone keeps a log over the dead body one by one. Bindu starts with the ritual. Ashoka, Bindu and Vit light the pyre together. Everyone folds their hands. Vit cries badly. Ashoka stands there like a stone.

At Kalinga, the Daasi’s get ready to welcome Kaurvaki. It is her first homecoming after wedding. They shower flower petals on Jagannath and Kaurvaki as they enter. Jagannath shouts at them to stop it. There was no wedding! Kaurvaki runs inside in tears. Her dupatta gets burnt by diyas in process but she does not seem to care. She cries her heart out in her room. Jagannath walks in. He left you after all your sacrifices that too for his Magadh. Get up. You are the princess of Kalinga. You have some responsibility towards it. That should be your priority from now onwards. Get out of your pain. Everyone knows you are the brave warrior here. Your only mission should be to make Kalinga a better place. He leaves.

Ashoka is in the jungle. He thinks of the childhood times and is really missing his mother. He falls down on his knees. Devi comes just then.

Bindu is bent over Dharma’s ashes. I want a statue of Dharma to be made. The servant agrees to get the best person for this job. Sushim tells his mother that Ashoka isn’t here and Bindu is completely lost in his pain. This is the right time to go to Chanda’s place. Before Ashoka can come out of his pain, we will give him another by snatching his motherland from him. He wont be able to pick his pieces this time.

Precap: Bindu asks Acharya RG to get a troop and stop Sushim. I will stop Siamak from going to Takshshila. Devi reprimands Ashoka for losing his senses. If you are brave enough then go and punish Kaki’s culprits. A big log falls in Sushim’s way. The caravan gets stopped. Sushim looks around in confusion.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Too fast,thnku

  2. Sad

    1. But Thanks for the update

    2. Thanks for the sad update pooja di

  3. good epi,thanks pooja.plz pvnish that coward sushima & siamak as soon as posible,there is no point in the folding fist of dharma.we loss u palavi subash u did a great work al the best for ur future works!!!

    1. useless info about dharmas fist, but may be ashok or someone will find the ornament couldnot be burn among the ashes

  4. Abhishek Maurya

    Pallavi mam,will miss u a lot ,goodbye?

  5. Fabulous episode…..thnx for the fastest update

  6. Angelk1

    I dont get it… So bindu found out that sushim killed dharma?? Is that why he’s stopping them

    1. Maybe but No it’s cause he has to Kill the people Whi killed Chanakya and that’s Him and Charu also Saimak and Kallatak

      1. so which one to be the first kalingas war or death pf sushim siamak cs plz some one tell me

    2. No I think bindu has promise Ashoka to give him a chance so that’s why he is stopping sushim and siamak.

  7. That was quick!

  8. A horrible murder takes place in the king’s bedroom. The doors are wide open, no guards at the entrance and even after so much commotion in the bedroom no one gets the inkling of the event. The script writers need to be more logical .

    1. the director is often miss these, he thinks we dont care about them

  9. S.Ravi Prakash

    Oh, the last three episodes were heartrending, very sad ?. Whatever was in the fist of dharma (sushim’s pendent from his ornaments?) it was not revealed, not even in the ashes! I thought it would have been a link to expose sushim. …
    .. today I suddenly understood MIL ! Thanks again to Pooja di for the updates’.

    1. That’s what I though but you know I think Bondusara might have seen it in the Ashs we’ll see tommorow but then Again Sushim and Siamak Charu Kallatak Will get Killed

  10. So nw everyone’s bad timing hav started.. They will get their bad deeds punishment nw.. Sushim Charu siamak n mahamatya.. Everyone’s time has come.. I hope they will nt drag too much

  11. Devi

    What was in Dharma’s hand? Or was it just a clenched fist?

    1. Anil4k

      Sushim’s neckless

      1. Devi

        Neckless or reckless? And if u mean reckless, then he’s much more than rckless!

    2. Devi it was sushim locket or any other ornaments

    3. Bhrata Susheem

      hoe could susheem be so careless… this may be turning point

    4. No this cannot be possible because dharma’s body is burnt. I think this is not possible

  12. Thilini Vasana

    Nice……ending of Dharma’s character………..??

  13. Tiyasa

    Very sadddd………
    Ashoka Should kill Susim and Siamak ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Tiyasa

    Why couldn’t anyone see Dharma’s clenched fist ????????
    The director is a total mess…….

    1. he will kill all of them don’t worry

  15. it is only heart touching epi..

  16. History lover

    Dear Bella , waiting for the next part of kaurvaki’s legend in Orissa!

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