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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 8th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vit enjoys ladoos and makes the Daasi’s eat as well. Ma says it is good to share things with everyone. It makes you happier only. Daasi’s compliment him. You are just like Rajkumar Ashoka. He also never differentiated between ordinary people and rich. He asks about a room and gets to know that it is of his brother. They share that no one is allowed to go inside except Samrat. Only he comes here at times. He gets excited and opens the room. They are tensed but he assures them that his brother said that whatever is his is mine as well. I want to rest in Bhaiya’s room for some time. They nod and leave.

Vit looks around at the things in his brother’s room. He looks at the gleaming sword kept there. I am sure Bhaiya must be missing it all. It was yours and was snatched from you.

You will get it back now. Come here asap. Nothing seems good or makes me happy without you. He suddenly notices Sushim’s reflection in the sword. He looks towards and door and finds Sushim looking at him.

Kaurvaki is walking the jungle. She stands under a tree from which flowers are falling down. She swirls to enjoy them pouring down at her. Ashoka smiles looking at her from far. Romantic music plays. Kaurvaki is all smiles and holds some flowers in her hands. Ashoka peeks at her. She walks ahead. Ashoka follows her at a distance. Suddenly a sword is pointed at his back startling him.

Vit is walking in the corridor (maybe hypnotised by Sushim). Sushim, Mahamatya, Siamak and Charu look on from far. Vit is near the balcony. Sushim says come. Move ahead slowly. At times, it isn’t the end of risk when you stop fearing. It increases risk all the more. One more step! Vit is at the edge of the balcony. Dharma shouts his name just in time. He turns and is about to fall but she holds him in time. Siamak, Sushim and Charu look upset. Dharma hugs Vit. Are you fine? He is confused. How did I come here? I was in Bhaiya’s room.

Sushim says your death brought you here, younger brother. Charu adds that Dharma saved you this time. She has to do what we say if she wants to see you alive. Dharma tells them to stop. End of fear is scarier than fear. This is what has happened with me. If you think it is the same Dharma before you who was there 10 years ago, helpless and weak then you are mistaken. It will be your second mistake. You all have accepted all of your crimes against Magadh and of killing Acharya Chanakya before me thereby making your one mistake. I was that woman till yesterday whose son was banished from Magadh. Today I am the woman who has been brought back in Patliputra by her husband with love and happiness. It is because you dint look after him like I used to 10 years ago. I am not just Dharma today but Rani Dharma. Ashoka and Vit are my sons. They are the prince’s of Magadh. If anything happens to my son then Samrat wont doubt even a bit that whatever I will tell him will be true. I kept quiet all these years. My son bore the punishments of the crime he dint commit because of I chose to keep quiet but not anymore! I am not that same Rani Dharma anymore. Remember it well! It will be good for all of you. She leaves with Vit. Sushim asks Charu to stop Dharma or he will have to do something. Charu goes after Dharma.

Kaurvaki asks Ashoka who he is. Why are you following me? He says you are mistaken. I asked about marriage as I worried about you. She questions him on his right. He holds her while she attacks him. He suggests her to kill him if she doubts him. She gives him his sword. I don’t attack someone who does not have any weapon. Face me if you are brave enough. They engage in sword fight. He says it isn’t needed. I don’t want to hurt you. She says you don’t want to hurt me or you don’t want to tell me. He is mesmerised looking at her as they fight. She finds it hard to tackle his attack so he pushes her while playing with the sword and says Jai Janani. She gets alert. Who are you? Ashoka calls himself a well wisher and begins to walk away. She gets thinking. If he is Ashoka then he will be wearing that necklace. She stops him and tries to see the necklace but he holds her hand. They stumble and fall down together. Romantic music plays.

Ashoka is holding her shoulders to keep her safe while she is holding back so as to avoid holding him. They get up feeling awkward.

Charu stands in Dharma’s way. What’s the proof against us? How will Samrat believe you without any proof? Dharma reasons that she is his Dharma-wife. She completes him. I am Vamangi. I sit on the side where his heart is. One does not need proof but feelings to convey something to someone. My husband understands my feelings too well. I know how to make him understand something. An ideal wife has the power to make her husband believe her. I have this quality since day 1. You could never become it. Charu looks hurt. Dharma says you wont understand it as love means nothing to you. You would have understood the relation of love if you had loved someone. You would understand how love stays put even after staying together. I was once away from him for 14 years and now for 10 years but nothing changed. Separation has only increased love. You would have seen how his anger turned into tears seeing a glimpse of me. His arms flung open to hug me. This proves that you could never fill the emptiness in his life. You never understood how important a wife is in a husband’s life. She is the epitome of sacrifice and selflessness but you are completely opposite. Forget about being an ideal wife, you couldn’t become a woman properly too. You have become tough like an idol of mirror which has no life in it. She walks away with Vit.

Sushim questions his mother why she is quiet. I will do something if you cannot do anything. She tells him to seek her permission before taking any step further. He smiles. I am not Ashoka to seek my mother’s permission before doing anything. My mother never stops me. She supports me instead. Charu tells him to go. Dharma says seems like you have understood it. I don’t want to hurt Samrat by telling him your truth. You have forced me to do this. If anything happens to my son or you dare think of it then I will tell everything to Samrat. You have two options – either make a deal or let me tell him everything! Charu tells her she can take her son and go. Everyone looks at her in shock. Sushim wonders where Ashoka went leaving his mother here.

Ashoka asks Kaurvaki where she is headed to. She says Patliputra. He offers to drop her till there personally. It is the easiest way to reach there. Kaurvaki feels it is Ashoka only. I will find out today.

Precap: Ashoka and Kaurvaki are in the boat. She catches a glimpse of the necklace around his neck and then it comes out free because of the wind. She smiles and says Ashoka. Ashoka gets conscious.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Love Rani dharma’s confidence


      Chakravartin ashoka samrat – ep 356 – 8 June 2016

      Dharma manages to free Vit from Sushim. She boldly asks Charumitra whether bindusara has truly loved her. This hurts Charumitra deeply.

      Ep 357 – 9 June 2016

      Kaurwaki hesitates to reveal her true identity to Ashoka. She endeavours to find out whether Ashoka remembers that he had married a woman named Kaurwaki.

      Ep 358 – 10 June 2016

      Ashoka witnesses Nirankush torturing Dhaniram and Devi and tries to save them. He fights against Nirankush and his henchmen and manages to free Dhaniram and Devi.

      Hope u like it 🙂
      I had the entire week spoiler since 6th June but, Sorry guys I had fever since 2 days and so I couldn’t post it 🙁

      1. Its OK. Thanx Naina. Get well soon !!


      Chakravartim ashoka samrat – ep 356 – 8 June 2016

      Dharma manages to save Vit from Sushim. She boldly asks Charumitra whether bindusara truly loved her. This hurts charumitra deeply.

      Ep 357 – 9 June 2016

      Kaurwaki hesitates to reveal her true identity to Ashoka. She endeavours to find out whether Ashoka remembers that he had married a woman named kaurwaki.

      Ep 358 – 10 June 2016

      Ashoja witnesses Nirankush torturing Dhaniram and Devi and tries to save them. He fights against Nirankush and his henchmen and manages to free Dhaniram and Devi.

      Hope u like it 🙂
      I had the entire week spoiler since 6th June but, Sorry guys I had fever since 2 days so I couldn’t post it 🙁

      1. Post next week spoiler

  2. awesome update….

  3. awesome update….thanx

  4. enjoyed ashwaki scenes….dharma was very impressive today…waiting for tomorrow’s episode eagerly

  5. unbelievable, dharma could do that to charu

  6. thanks for update great episode

  7. ashoka samrat

    excellent update. when will ashwaki meet. finally dharma’s development in her words. wow……………….

  8. Thank you Pooja

  9. Thanks pooja for update aaj dekha Rani dharma ka chand roop.ashok and karuvaki scenes were good.

  10. thanks for quick update…..
    appreciate dharma confidence…..
    where is devi….????
    kaurvaki and ashok is doing what a drama..
    kaurvaki is not knowing ashok but ashok is knowing….
    what a drama…..

  11. The serial is kind of interesting now
    Especially the ashok kaurwaki scenes
    And omgggg dharma has changed
    Cmon rani dharma

  12. Thanks Mis Pooja.Wht Hapen To U 2dy U Get Bit Late.Oh Slap!To Charu!Highly Appreciate Dharmas Self Cofidance Again Hard Slap To Charu By Explaing Pure, True Love.Oh Kauwaki Is A Good Warior Too Bt Feel Sad Abt Her She Came Close To Ashoka Bt She Unable To Idnetify Him!!Director Plz Give Chance To Ashoka And Kauwaki To Talk Without Draging.Sushim Cn Even Control Mind Of People

  13. Awesome epi!!!!!!

  14. ashoka samrat

    pls. enough this ashwaki. meet them.

  15. Story writer ko mrityu dand dedo

  16. Praveen kumar

    Thank you pooja for a quick update

  17. ashoka samrat

    tomorrow is rani dharma’s ( pallavi subash) birthday. previous wishes. wish u a very very happy birthday. may ur dreams come true.

  18. S.Ravi Prakash

    Today I was completely engrossed in the prime ministers address to the US parliament & could not see the episode. However, thanks poojadi, ur excellent updates are always there to help us. Thanks again.

  19. Nice episode. At last dharma is back to her senses. I hope ashok will come soon nd avenge all his insults. But still long way to go. Now ashokas first nd sec marriage should happen md i thnk devi dharma will die with the hands of sushim. Ashok will kill all his brothers except vit. I guess now sushim will try to manipulate vit and instigate him against ashok or charu will go on with her black magic. Todays epi was gud. But the writers will nvr let gud happen for long

  20. this is the best update

    1. ya ya that’s right

    2. yyyeessssssss!

  21. bst update bst.bst.

  22. wow dharma the dare devil

  23. Finally what i said it happened, director follows me quite well. But thanks to those who think the same.
    Well, I feel Siamak role must be enlightened as if he has nothing to do, he must approach or execute Greek armies.
    Devi comeback soon. I miss you. :-*
    Mohit bhai try some flips, when you do action, u should feel it, I find u become cautious. You should have that confidence, now you will be fighting with Nirankush armies, before that watch some videos of Sid Nigam, then think if that child can do brilliantly, why cant I?
    Bindusara should have some quality time with Vitt.
    Now Dharma must do something so that she can resist black magic

    1. What non sense !!??
      Siddhart is a gymnast -_-
      Mohit unlike Siddhart, has a heavy body. Flips marna itna easy nhi hota !! -_-

      1. Ahrey…bhai cables se ho jayega.. Thodi bol raha hoon ki real karo..

  24. Today’s episode was mind blowing, superb. Dharma just rocked it. Finally she answered charu and sushim back. Their faces were worth seeing. Dharma showed them their worth. 1st time saw hurt in charu’s eyes as she knows that whatever dharma is saying is correct. Bindu will never love her the way he loves dharma because the former lacks the qualities of being a aadarsh wife and queen. But I’m sure charu won’t keep quite. She’ll definitely conspire again against dharma vit and Ashok. But today dharma really rocked. Ashok should have been here to see this. He would be in shock to see his mother in a bold avatar. Anyways I’m super excited to watch further episodes, and also how Ashok finally marries devi.

  25. Pls end the drama of kvk and helena when will be helena die she is the one making all the wrong and bad after all nice eposide thanks pooja ji

  26. Nice episode finally Dharma stood for herself. Aur how come Helena abhi tak zinda hai. Aisa lagta hai ki Helena apne greek gods se amar rehne ka vardan lekar aayi hai

  27. Why there is no magazine episode o ashok serial , colors is biased and pessimistic channel

  28. It is been 4 months , Feb 2016 was maha episode

  29. Cas 1 kalpanik kahani hai… Telecast disclaimar

  30. so Guys don’t relate to history.



  32. Plz stop this black magic . Ashoka should think abt his mom and bro who are now at the mercy of susim nd company. Btw, rani dharma gave a fitting reply to charu.
    Happy bday to pallavi(rani dharma) . She’s the divine beauty.

  33. Dharma is so shameless.Chanakya, kasturi, and many others died protecting her yet she has no sense of gratitude towards them. She is so mean.For her and her son vit’s safety she introduced a treaty in front of magadh’ enemies that if they harm her and her son she will tell truth to samrat.
    If dharma is so confident that samrat will blindly believe what she is saying then why she is hesitating to tell him (samrat)the truth.This showcases the mean side of dharma.If she was a great devotee of chanakya then she could have directly laid the whole truth in front of samrat without caring about the safety of her and her son vit, but she didn’t.She used the incident of chanakya’s murder only for the sake of herself and her son.
    But this all about the creativity of directors and writers.They have made a mock of Ashoka and his family.Ashoka,dharma,bindu were all great. But the producers have insulted our history.
    Kudos to the creativity of writers-directors.

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