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Ashoka is happy that their plan worked. Now Nirankush will go to Gondna and I will follow him. Nirankush runs in the jungle. Ashoka is following him closely. Sushim is also following them. I wont let you figure out ever who Gondna is. Ashoka notices Nirankush going inside a hut. Gondna must be here only. Sushim reaches there as well. I have to alert Rajmata before she is caught.

Nirankush comes to Gondna’s hiding place. Helena is confused to see him there. I did not help you. How did you come here then? He replies that he got out with the help of the letter sent by her only. She declines doing anything like that. He says maybe someone you know helped me. She looks outside and notices smoke. Sushim thinks now Rajmata would understand my signal. Helena understands Sushim’s signal.

You are a fool Nirankush! It was all Ashoka’s plan.

Ashoka peeks inside the hut. Gondna (Helena) is wearing a hood so the face is not visible but Ashoka looks inside intently. Ashoka hears her voice. Is it a woman? Helena tells Nirankush to run and runs out as well. Soldiers surround Ashoka but he kills them.

Dharma guides all the princesses puja is done now. Now you will all hold and tie the holy thread around the tree while taking rounds around it. Kaurvaki says how to tie it. Devi looks at her. She joins Kaurvaki and also ties a thread on the tree. Repeat after me now. Kaurvaki happily does so. Vit laughs seeing them. Dharma is amused. Why do you laugh? Vit says looking at them it seems as if not Padmavati Didi but Devi Didi has come to marry Ashoka.

Ashoka fights with the soldiers and kills them one by one.

Kaurvaki continues to repeat (pray) after Devi. The puja is over. The princesses eat food. Charu
Kaurvaki sees Dharma going back. She asks her if wont eat fruits with them? Dharma denies. Married women eat only after making their husbands eat. It hints at the responsibilities of a wife. I will make him eat first and then eat from his hands. You all are unmarried so you can eat. She excuses herself. Kaurvaki thinks she almost married Ashoka 10 years ago. I will keep fast only after eating something from Ashoka’s hands only. I should meet him. Devi turns and is surprised to see her gone.

In the corridor, Kaurvaki hides seeing Acharya RG and Nayak talking. Acharya RG says I shouldn’t have listened to Ashoka. I shouldn’t have let him go there alone. The situation is dangerous and risky. If Sushim too went after him then his life is in danger. He tells Nayak to go in search of Ashoka. He is already under so many problems. I will inform Samrat. Kaurvaki gets worried for Ashoka. She says Ashoka.

Helena runs in the jungle. Her hood gets stuck in the bushes. A piece of it gets stuck there only. Ashoka if following her on Garud.

Dharma is going to Bindu’s room with a puja thaal. Bindu tells Acharya RG how short tempered Ashoka is. He loses his cool too soon. What happened to you? How could you let him alone to catch Gondna alive? If he can get inside palace and try to harm my kids then he can do anything. Take as many soldiers with you as you want but we have to bring the kids back safely. They go mum upon noticing Dharma at the door.

Kaurvaki gets her dagger. She is about to go when Devi confronts her. where are you going? Kaurvaki replies that she is going to do her duty. Ashoka is in trouble and in jungle. Devi suggests her not to let her truth come out before everyone this way. It can prove you wrong. Kaurvaki does not care. I can do anything to save Ashoka. Devi says I am not stopping you from doing your duty. You must go but not as a princess. You should go dressed as a warrior. Kaurvaki likes her suggestion.

Bindu shares nothing with Dharma. You take rest. You haven’t eaten or had anything to drink since morning. Dharma says it is my dharma to serve you. Charu tells her to stop. I have the first right following age, relation and status. Bindu hopes Ashoka is successful and safe most importantly.

Ashoka follows Helena to a cave. She hides by the time he enters. He finds a hooded person standing at a corner and keeps his sword on his shoulder. Your game is over Gondna! Gondna turns. Ashoka removes the hood a bit but it turns out to be one of Gondna’s men only. He looks unhappy.

Charu does puja of Bindu who looks completely lost somewhere else altogether. Dharma waits patiently for her turn. Bindu blesses Charu while he looking at Dharma. I will always support you and take your advice. Charu notices it and feels bad. Can I ask you something? He nods. She asks him to spend the night in her room. He says no. I mean you can come here in my room. Charu smiles. She stops near Dharma. Go, he is yours, atleast for now. She goes.

The man says we finally met. Ashoka understands he isn’t Gondna. This isn’t the voice I heard back then. the man removes the hood. I too wouldn’t have been surprised if I was in your place. Ashoka recognizes him to be Uttar. He hits him before Uttar can. Meanwhile, someone throws a log over Ashoka’s head. Ashoka falls down unconscious. Sushim smirks seeing him thus. He applauds Uttar. Flashback shows Helena throwing the hood towards Uttar while running. Sushim talks to his unconscious brother. What happened to you? You are a fighter. Fight with me. Why aren’t you waking up today? You used to wake up all the times in the past! Fight with me. He hits Ashoka on the head again before pushing him away. my life is a mess till you are alive but I will end all my problems today. he lifts his sword to attack Ashoka when someone attacks him. Sword falls down from his hand.

Precap: Sushim and Ashoka engage in a sword fight. Ashoka has a upper hand. He pulls Sushim behind his horse with a rope as he returns to palace.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Thanks for the quick, fast update Pooja! You are the best.

  2. Thank u 4 upateng quk. Nice Dr but dnt late to join kauraki ashok pls

  3. I think sushim vil reveal kondanas truth to save himself

  4. Thnks Pnja U Ar So Fast As Usual Bt Bit Late 2dy,oh When Does Ashoka Able To Catch Ths Goddna And Bring Helena True Face.Ths Sushima Also Coward Hiting Frm Back Without Fighting Face To Face.I Thnk Kauvaki Atck Sushima,plz End Ths Godana Epi Soon,

    1. ashoka samrat

      Yeah agree with u dhananjaya. Kvk might attack susim. It’ll be beautiful. Want to see the ashwaki marriage first

      1. Ashoka will marry devi first. He married kvk after The great war of Kalinga.

  5. Nicely written Script, enjoyed to read.

  6. Is it kondna or gondna ??

  7. Thanks for the fast update. If anyone know that serial was coming chandragupt maurya it was very nice far better that ashoka.but it was stopped in betwen and it has started again on dangal everyone must watch it.

  8. S. Ravi prakash

    Thanks. We shall converse again ? on Monday.

  9. Nice one enjoyed to read it you are so fast pooja di

  10. Devaki Ganesan

    I am very thankful for your update. You make it very interesting and visual.
    May God bless you.


  11. Yes Sushim you deserve more then that ??????

  12. Favour maurice

    Thank you so much for the update that was awesome

  13. I hope Charumitra gets punishment and dies soon What a problem creator

  14. Thank you di for the updatr.nice epi!!!ashoka’s fight was suprb!waiting for next epi.

  15. ashoka samrat

    Wow waiting eagerly 4 the next epi. Director pls put a special hour on Monday. May be Ashok will say that susim is the gondna and attacked him. Kvk will come to save Ashok.
    Devi is also doing all the rituals for Ashok. Wow what a nice epi.
    Now all the actors are doing their parts well. Bit interesting. Bt pls end the swayamwara quickly. Anindini is really a disaster.
    When will Ashok find that gondna is Helena. When will the truth come out.
    Director don’t drag this unnecessarily. This way u are going to lost the fans. If they stop watching they will never start again

  16. Pls quk close the topic of gonda(helana) and suyamvar bcz we want c the ashok annoce c is him wife kwki, and marry her quk

  17. Dr team pls update the show in YouTube too plssss

  18. wow …mohit raina tooo good acting …best of luck

  19. what a stupid episode, Now idiot KVK will go and rescue Ashok… she seems to be hanging around everywhere, also listeneing to any secret discussion also.. WOW.. with fasting and weekness now she will fight the enemies and rescue Ashok… Pl stop fooling viewers, writer with your imaginary story… this has become more of a love story. bori ng

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