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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 8th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Raj Vaid nurses Siamak’s wound in the presence of BIndu, Ashoka and Sushim. Vaid’s leave. Bindu asks Siamak if it was indeed an accident. Siamak nods. I was sharpening my sword when I lost my concentration and my fingers got cut. Bindu says you haven’t just saved your culprit right now but you have proved yourself yet again. You have once again proved you are a true Mauryavanshi who are known for their sacrifices that they make for their loved ones. I am proud of you. He leaves from the room followed by Sushim. Ashoka says I am feeling bad now. You wont be able to save yourself when I will punish you. Siamak angrily pushes the plate away. Lasendra walks in. Why dint you tell Bindu that it was Sushim who is responsible for this? Siamak says he is my culprit. I will punish him. By

doing this, he thinks he has saved his neck. He is a very big fool. First Sushim will die and then it will be Ashoka’s turn! Entire Magadh and world will be ruled by Unani’s. She advises him to look for the right time and attack his enemies.

Ashoka says it seems like Sushim has no idea about the treasury. Siamak is still hiding the truth. I feel someone else is involved. Acharya RG takes Anandini’s name but Kaurvaki says she already did what she had to. I don’t think any woman is involved in this. Ashoka seconds her. It is some experienced person who has done this task. He dint leave any clue behind. Kaurvaki is sure even experienced people leave clues behind. Ashoka shows her the ornament that he had found on the temple florr. Kaurvaki recalls it to be her father’s and is stunned. Ashoka notices her expressions. Have you seen it somewhere? Do you recognize it? She lies that she does not recognize it. Ashoka says ok. But are you alright? She looks down. I am bit tired. I dint know so much will happen with me in a day. I should rest. Acharya RG tells her to go ahead and rest. She leaves. Acharya RG says such stones can be found in. Ashoka adds that in the clothes of Kalinga’s citizens. Acharya RG is sure Kaurvaki cannot cheat him. We have to find out who it is. Ashoka says this is what we have to find out. Right now everyone under scanner!

Jagannath is looking at the other half piece of his ornament. Kaurvaki says even when people act smart they leave some clue or other behind. He says what you mean. She says you gave my hand in Ashoka’s hand before everyone. Why did you do it if you weren’t happy? He says I thought you will be happy here. I got emotional but I noticed how everyone is enemies here. I realised that my daughter and her future isn’t safe here. You will be amidst brothers and people who fight amongst themselves. She understands he is lying. Truth is you never want me and Ashoka to unite. Am I right? He confirms it. I dint want my daughter to marry a Daasi putra! She says you have cheated everyone. I wont support you in this. I will tell the truth to Ashoka. He tells her to go ahead and tell whosoever she wishes to. Remember that you will become the reason of my death! She cannot overlook her duty though. He says your Chacha is in the cave where I have hidden the treasury. He too will be caught if I am caught. Entire Kalinga will bear the brunt of it. There will be a war. Kalinga does not wish for a war with Magadh but if this happens, then a war will surely happen. Other states will also be influenced. It will ruin your Ashoka’s dream of united India. You will be the only one who will be held responsible for it. She is stunned. You planned so much before coming here. You are Kalinga’s King. You have to protect it. it is your duty. You cannot put Kalinga’s respect, dignity at risk just because you don’t like Ashoka. Kalinga will never forgive you for this shameful crime. it will punish you. I will bear its punishment. He warns her to keep quiet of Ashoka’s dream will be destroyed. It will be good if you keep quiet though it is entirely your decision. He leaves.

Devi has heard everything. Rishi’s words echo in her head. She is panicked. If Ashoka finds out this then he wont forgive him ever. Samrat wont let Ashoka marry kaurvaki ever. Kaurvaki will be punished for it. She will be separated from Ashoka. I cannot let it happen. I have to find a solution before things go out of hand.

Kaurvaki plans to tell Ashoka everything. My father is the real culprit here. Devi says I have come to know the truth. You will have to hide it or Ashoka will understand something is wrong for sure. Kaurvaki asks her if she should become a culprit too. Devi tells her to think if her relation will continue then. Kaurvaki says I will never be happy if I start my married life with a lie. I will have to tell him the truth. Devi points out that it will become known to everyone eventually. No one would want you to become the DIL of Magadh. Ashoka loves you but it will be equally difficult for him to accept you. you are very close to your dream. If you part ways now then nothing in the world can unite you two. Will you both be able to live without each other? Kaurvaki says how I can overlook things when I know the truth. My father is cheating both Kalinga and Magadh. Motherland is of utmost important to Ashoka. How can I stay quiet seeing that his dream will be important? Should I keep quiet just because of my own selfish reasons?

Ashoka cannot stop thinking why Kaurvaki suddenly went quiet. Was she hiding something from me? I have to ask her. A soldier greets him just then. I saw Raja Jagannath heading out of the palace. He was really in a rush. He was seen going towards outskirts of Magadh. Kaurvaki and Devi hear them. Kaurvaki is worried that Ashoka will find out the truth.

Devi asks kaurvaki to stop Ashoka. Make sure he is not able to reach your father. Neither will you both get married, nor will you be able to save Ashoka’s dream of united India nor Kalinga nor Magadh. Save your father from Ashoka first of all to save things. Stop Ashoka from finding out the truth. Go!

Jagannath tells his brother to be careful. We have taken a risk by playing with Kaurvaki’s emotions but we have to be alert. He leaves.

Ashoka reaches jungle. Someone shoots an arrow which he narrowly escapes. He gets down from Garud to find out who that person is. He finds himself facing a woman (Kaurvaki with her face covered) which surprises him. They engage in sword fight. Ashoka ends up hurting her on her hand. She throws a smoke bomb in his way and disappears by the time smoke clears.

Vit is looking for Kaurvaki Bhabhi and Devi Didi but cannot find them. I will inform Ma I couldn’t find them.

Kaurvaki comes inside palace stealthily.

Sushim asks Ashoka if he found treasury or some clue. Ashoka replies that if he is saved then it doesn’t mean that you are safe. I have my eyes on you too. The moment I find some clue or treasury I will punish you real bad. Sushim says we will see.

Devi asks Kaurvaki why she got so late. Kaurvaki shows her the wound. Devi closes the door. Did anyone see you? Kaurvaki shakes her head. Devi nurses her wound. Could you stop Ashoka? Kaurvaki nods. I dint feel good though. It is better I tell him truth before someone else does.

Vit asks Ashoka about Kaurvaki. Have you seen her? Ma is calling her for some puja. Ashoka says she must be in her room only. Go to your room. I will give her your message. Vit leaves. Ashoka notices drops of blood on floor. He knocks at Kaurvaki’s door shocking Devi and Kaurvaki both. Devi opens the door. Ashoka rushes to Kaurvaki’s side. where were you? Vit has been looking for her. Devi says I took her for a bath. Ashoka asks her if she is alright. Are you hurt? I saw blood outside the door. Kaurvaki looks determined.

Precap: Jagannath says Ashoka and Kaurvaki cannot marry. Devi replies that she wont let even destiny come in between the couple. I will bring them together. On the other hand, Ashoka and Kaurvaki sword fight (not sure in anger or casually). Devi warns Jagannath she will not leave any stone unturned to unite the couple.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Tiyasa

    Thanks Pooja Di for the superfast update…….. Do u know why Devi is worried abt Aswaki and not abt her and Ashoka’s love ??????

  2. Tqu pooja di.pehele to ashok ne mirror me dek kar kvk ki eyes pehachana tha.abu kya hua?how stupid!

  3. how could a couple fight with each other it stupid

  4. Thanks pooja ur so fast,wht happen to dananjaya ,ghost???

  5. Thanks Pooja.I think now ashok will misunderstand kaurwaki

  6. wow u are superfast..!!

  7. Thanks Pooja Di…I think now Ashok will misunderstand Kaurwaki and then truth will be known by Ashoka..He will not marry Kaurwaki instead He will marry Devi..

  8. S.Ravi Prakash

    The story is taking too much of twists and turns & as has been commented, it’s stupid to see couple fighting each other, & Ashoka not able to recognize kaurvaki, seeing her eyes ?. Thanks for your updates Pooja di.

    1. Mahamatya Khallyatak

      right, we could recognize KvK, but great ruler Ashok , could not recognize KvK. Someone put arrow at him and he got down the horse searching for it like a fool. Wonder how come KvK could go so fast, to fight with Ashok and return back. From where did she get armour and weapons. How come no one caught her, when she came back to the palace…?? were there no security guards. In this way, anyone can come inside the palace…. kya bakwaas hai yeh. Seems to be some different story altogether

  9. Thanks so much for updates, this saves 30 min of my time and big frustration of watching stupidity.
    It is just love to Indian history and great king Ashok that keeps me interested to know more about him. Else this serial is becoming more and more nautaknkibaaji.

    1. sure…Same feeling here

  10. Tej

    Very swift update pooja. U r too good in narrating the episodes. Thank u for ur updates.

  11. Nothng intrstng ..still dragging.. Its always lyk ashoka going behind somethng finds truth nd at the tym he try to giv proof yo bindhu evrythng will get vanished nd ashoka will remain as culprit before bindhu
    Simply wasting tym
    First swayamvar nw tgis treasury mattr
    Nw what will happen jagannath will be caught. Ashok nd kaurvaki will part ways
    Bindhu will declair ashok too as culprit . He mighy be sending him away frm pataliputra.
    If it goes ltk this when will ashok become samrat

    1. Mahamatya Khallyatak

      before Ashok becomes samrat, i think KvK will become samrat of magadh. Foolish bindu, ashok, sushim, dont know how to run a kingdom. Anyway in precap, wonder how devi went to meet jaggu. Did she travel all the way to kalinga or jaggu is still at Magadh..?? today it will be known. But nowdays in flight it will take couple of hours to travel from Patna to Odisha. These guys are really fast.. Bindu travelled to kalinga to meet jaggu and come back. No one had a hint of Bindu abscence .

      1. Lol!! I totally support u..
        It takes a couple of time in this 21st century to fly from Patna to odisha…

        Wonder how bindu went to kalinga and returned back so soon n no one had any IDEA about it…

  12. i agree with you Khushi….Ashok will be blamed for the lost treasure…..

    Ashok and KVK wil part ways….the story wil again go in circles….

    congrats writers…you are doing an excellent work….

    1. Mahamatya Khallyatak

      writer is taking all the pains to do research on history and showing entire sequence in such a craftsman way that it seems writer/audiences are actually in the Magadh era.. he is leaving no stone unturned to show us extact history as it happened in reality, and increasing our knowledge and wisdom on great ruler Ashoka, Greater than Great dynamic emperor Bindu, Greatest of great Mother Dharma, Great brother Sushim and Shiamak… thank you writer and directors. You both are indeed doing a marvelous job. appreciate the effort and research

  13. What do you mean about misunderstand, Kaurvaki is culprit, She is selfies,
    Writer again dragging story please stop this nonsense.

    Thanks for update Ms. Pooja.

  14. NONSENSE. I a wondering why odissa people hvnt protested against this crap till now??!! Its a big insult to them. Kalinga never did such things to magadh. Director writer go to hell. U introduced kvk ashok fake love story n now nly to justify it n to show the great war of kaling u r insulting kaling!!!! Stop this creepy tricks. Who r u to show such totally wrong things in the name of history?????

    1. Mahamatya Khallyatak

      agree, such stupid serial should be banned where they are showing all false and imaginary things.

    2. Exactly I am from odisha n when the director showed kalinga’s king to be a thief… My blood just got boiled…

      How low will this director stoop…
      Its very insulting for us…
      What will the world think of kalinga, of its people n it’s great kings? By watching all this false crap..

      I want to give a tight slap to the writer n director… For insulting kalinga the 1st Democratic and sovereign state of india n it’s great kings..

  15. What they’re showing in pre cap? Devi is threatening Jagannath ( king of Kaling)!. for Ashok and Kaurvaki’s sake. That’s impossible in real life. A common girl can’t talk to a king like that

    1. Mahamatya Khallyatak

      agree and in case jaggu has reached kalinga, did devi travel all the way alone to kalings from magadh to talk to jaggu. By horse this should take atlest couple of weeks, and girl travelling alone. Yeh ladki to haath dhoo kar pad gayi hai pyaar karne waloon ko milane ke liye.

  16. wonder how could shiamak cut his 3 fingers while sharpening his sword…?? Is bindu such a foolish to believe the story , and congratulating that he has proved himself again. Kuch bhi….

  17. Honestly i love to read your all coments than to read the story

    1. Tiyasa

      Thank u so much hurtmoon, for loving our comments……..

  18. Another timepass episode.

  19. When CSK is going to be close then why unnecessary they are dragging story.If anyone confirms that CSK is closing down and when.

    1. Tiyasa

      What is CSK ???????
      we know CAS……..

  20. what is the name of girl with siamak (purple gown girl) and wht role she is playing in this serial?????

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