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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 7th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Next morning, Bindu wakes up and finds Ashoka still sitting next to his mother. Dint you sleep all night? Ashoka gets up. Bindu says the one who wakes up before everyone else is still sleeping. Ashoka says she might need more rest. It wont be right to wake her up. Bindu advises him to rest. Devi must be waiting for you. Ashoka nods and looks at his mother once before leaving. One of Dharma’s hands is clutched tightly in a fist.

Devi is getting ready when Ashoka comes in the room. She is trying to tie the button of her blouse. Ashoka and Devi look at each other in the mirror getting conscious. He pours water for himself. She asks about Dharma. He replies that she is fine. I was with her only. I dint feel like going away. I think I should resume my duties. Acharya must need

me. She tells him to rest first. All work and no rest wont be good for you. Ashoka smiles. Ma just got ill and you already took her place. She scolds me the same way. Devi replies that no one can take mother’s place, not even her. Though I can massage your head with hot oil like Ma does. Devi smiles sweetly as she massages Ashoka’s head.

Raj Vaid comes to check on Dharma. Bindu has brought kaadha for Dharma but does not feel like disturbing her sleep. Raj Vaid assures him he wont wake her. He checks Dharma and gets up stunned. Bindu asks him what happened. Raj Vaid shakes his head at Bindu (hinting that Dharma is no more). Kaadha falls down from Bindu’s hands. No! It is impossible! He holds Raj Vaid by his shoulders. This isn’t possible. Check Dharma. Nothing can happen to her. He tries waking Dharma but in vain. Raj Vaid tells him to control himself. She has stopped breathing. Her heart isn’t beating. Bindu is in disbelief. She asked for water and I went to bring it. She has been sleeping peacefully till then. Raj Vaid denies. It hints that she has been dead long ago. Maybe the pain was too much and she died in her sleep. Bindu refuses to believe it. Please open your eyes Dharma! Bindu screams DHARMA!!!!! Everyone hears him. Ashoka, Vit and Devi run towards Bindu’s room. They are stunned to see Dharma dead. Ashoka asks his father why he is crying. Ma is sleeping. She will wake up by the noise. Don’t cry. He keeps repeating it. She will be fine. Everyone else gathers as well. Ashoka asks everyone to leave. Ma does not need so many people around her. We will call you when Ma gets well. Bindu turns him around in one swift motion and shakes his head at Ashoka. Ashoka says Ma said she wants to see me fulfilling the dream of united India; she wants to see Vit growing up and so much more. She promised us. Ma never breaks her promise. You also know this. Let’s ask Ma. She is only taking rest. Vit is crying badly. You scared her. If you will break down then how will Vit manage himself. He tries comforting Vit. Ma is fine.

Ashoka walks up to Devi. He brings her to where his father is and asks Devi to tell him that Ma is only taking rest. Ma has to see our kids and play with them still. Devi silently cries. Ashoka asks her loudly why she is quiet. Devi slaps him to bring him back to reality. Everyone is stunned. Devi shouts at Ashoka that Ma will never come back now. She is no more! Ashoka shakes his head and refuses to believe it. He tries feeding water to his mother. Tell everyone nothing happened to you. Sushim and Siamak come in just then. They watch Ashoka frantically trying to wake his mother. Ashoka says nothing has happened to Ma. She is alive. She only wants to take rest. Sushim thinks Dharma dint die yet. Raj Vaid says we cannot do anything before God’s wish. Ashoka shouts that it isn’t God’s wish. Acharya RG points out to Samrat that Rani Dharma’s last rites are to be done for which she needs to be dressed like a bride. Bindu nods tearfully. Ashoka warns his father not to give this permission. Nothing has happened to Ma. She is alive. He keeps trying to wake his mother. Please tell everyone you are fine Ma. They are saying you are dead. Tell them! He cries. Dharma does not respond or react. Ashoka regrets not being able to save his mother in her last times. I was here with her only. I could have saved her. I am so bad. I couldn’t do anything. He angrily hits things around. Lasendra comes as well. Vit stands in his brother’s way. Ashoka holds him. Lasendra thinks this is what she feared. God knows what will happen now. Either Ashoka will destroy himself or he will destroy everyone!

Ashoka looks at his younger brother. He recalls his mother telling him of his duties towards his little brother. You have to think about Vit before doing anything. He kneels down heartbroken. Vit tells his brother their mother is not with them but he is with him. Don’t cry please. Ma must be watching us. She will feel bad. The brothers share an emotional hug. Ashoka screams Maaaa!!! Everyone is in tears except Sushim.

Siamak is packing his bag. Sushim throws the clothes away. Don’t act foolish in fear. Siamak says no suggestion from you can stop me from going. I should have left last night only. Sushim warns him not to act stupid. The only way to stay alive is by acting normal. Do that only. Vaid said Dharma died a peaceful death. I am telling you to act normal so no one will know. He is about to go when he notices Charu. Siamak says I dint kill her but SUshim did. Charu is shocked.

A lady chants some mantras for peace for Dharma’s soul. Devi is about to wipe Dharma’s body with a towel but Charu offers to do it. You ate your MIL as soon as you came in the house. I wont let such an inauspicious bride do such a ritual. She thinks no one should doubt anything. Devi sadly steps aside. Charu notices the marks around Dharma’s neck while getting her ready. She dons a necklace around Dharma’s neck to hide them. Chanda is applying aalta in Dharma’s feet. Charu looks at Dharma. You made my life hell in this birth. I wont be able to bear another in next one. Chanda takes Dharma’s footprints in a towel and gives it to Devi. Charu announces that Dharma’s dead body is ready for the last rites. No one notices Dharma’s fist.

Precap: Ashoka, Bindu and Vit light the pyre. Sushim tells his mother that Ashoka and Bindu aren’t here. Before Ashoka can come out of his pain, we will give him another by snatching his motherland from him.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Thanks so much Pooja
    Waiting for the real thing

    1. Congo to comment first but it is expected that this week is full be emotional episodes.I hate charu

      1. It’s cause I wanted to see this Episode that’s why I was first
        I hate that Charu
        But I think someone and that’s Chanda might have heard Sushim if she did then The director as usual will Drag it though that’s his Speciality ya know

      2. Thanks and It was emotional episode Dharma and Achakraya Chanakya’s Death were Sad and most sad of all They died with a lot of Pain also by Sushim’s and siamaks had
        The one thing I don’t get Why was Chatumitra Look upset when she saw Dharma in Bindusara’s Room and Cry when Siamak said that Sushim killed Dharma

      3. I thought Bindusara Will get more emotional and plus that’s her wife he loved more than anyone Trusted her more than Himself
        That’s one of the reasons I really badly wanted to watch it

    2. Ye but bindusar iitna emotional nahi hua jitna Ashoka hua tha and Director please don’t drag.everyone in this serial is dying on the sad note sad

      1. Ikr

  2. Very emotional episode abhi bhi charu nahi sudari.thanks for the sad update pooja

  3. Abhishek Maurya

    Today’s epi was a dissappointing one.I expected a lot of emotion in today’s but i couldn’t find it.Everyone’s acting was not up to the mark especially bindusara’s.He was just reacting as if he has heard a common news but it’s ok as he is the king, he needs to control himself.Kajol (devi) is not a good actor,even mohit raina tried his best but i didn’t found any natural feeling and emotion in him.
    If it was siddharth he would have acted more naturally.

    1. Ikr I thought Bundusara Will get more emotional and plus that’s her wife he loved more than anyone Trusted her more than Himself

    2. agree untill now i just see aidarth in this story, mohit cant act as goog as sid, i like mohit but he doent look fit to replace sidart

      1. Yeah u r right still I miss sid

    3. Bhrata Susheem

      Ashok acting was more looking like camofalgue and it was funny

    4. Yes I also thought that bindusar will react more

      1. He did react but not as much as I thought

  4. pls change the theme pic of the show

  5. Abhishek Maurya

    Now please director, i literally beg u please no more drama anymore.Be straightforward and just make ashoka kill siamak and sushim within a week.

    But i know this stupid director will drag again and again.Ashoka will get the clues of the culprits step by step which will take nearly a month .And this donkey bindusara has always shown relaxing in his room but when someone required help he was absent.

  6. Abhishek Maurya

    Actually the one who deserves throne is either sushim or siamak according to the writer coz they always work with their brain and they are not dumb like ashoka.
    Actually this is all writers stupid imagination.He is portraying ashoka as a weak man.His mother got killed in the palace itself in which ashoka was also residing.Ashoka is shown helpless.The writer could have shown dharma being murdered in ujjain as seen in history.At least the audience would have came to know that it was difficult for ashoka to save dharma coz he was far away from his mother.
    Earlier chanakya too got killed in pataliputra but ashoka once again was helpless,then kasturi too got killed and ashoka was again helpless.This all showcases ashoka’s weakness.If he is unable to protect his loved ones then how will he protect his motherland.
    According to this serial sushim is the best choice for the throne and im also with sushim,. Come on sushim??

    1. Bhrata Susheem

      Sushim is best to become King.. cheers. Once I recollect the last couple of months episode, I think Sushim deserves to be king. He is strong, smart, has good foresight, takes risk, doesnt believe anyone shrewd, cunning, calculative, good good networking, has vision, knows in an out of what is happening in kingdom……………. sushim is best choice for king. Sushim maharaj ki jay…

  7. Ya if there would be sid the epi would be nice missing old cast.ashok or devi should notice her fist

  8. What’s there in the fist?????

    1. i think the ornaments oh sushim

    2. fist means a person’s fingers bent towards the palm and held tightly.

    3. Locket of sushim

      1. I think someone must have found it or when Dharma’s is put on Fire Ashoka or Bindusara or Vit Says and see something and it’s Sushim’s but they don’t know it so they realise Dharma didn’t die but was Killed so then they investigate Again Directors speciality He’s gonna Drag it

  9. Thanks Pooja Wht Abut Ur Idea Of Leaving Dharma?So Sad Today Is The Sadest Day I Watch In This Drama.Now Everyone Will Blame Devi.So Injustice & Out Of History Becuz Asoka Turn Chandasoka By Knowing Sushima Kiled Her Mom,bt Hw In Ths Drama Asoka Know The Thruth???So Director Its Enough For Suffrng Of Asokas Life.Plz Brng Reality,truth For His Life…..

  10. Had acharya chanakya heen there, he wud hv definitely sensed the crime n guided ashok.

  11. i hope ashoka notices the fist and the marks in dharmas neck before lighting the pyre i hope this kind of flashback is shown

    1. I think someone Like Bindu Vit or Ashoka stays behind and see something and It’s something of Sushim’s They don’t know it but then they realise Dharma didn’t die but was Killed so then they Try to find out who’s was it Again the Director specialty he Will drag it

  12. Ashoka should not allow that charu to touch dharma’s body…..just hate her.

    1. ahh asohk is always latee and late

  13. Now Ashok should turn Chand and kill Sushim ,siamak and other enimies. enough of negetivity. according to director, good people always loose or die and bad people wins

  14. abhishek how can u support sushim so much shame on this sushim he has killed the woman who has once saved his life 10 years ago even charu is also the worst mother in this world she also tries to say all bad things about the woman who had once saved her sons life good only sushim charu and siamak have invited their own death only they dont even know that their death is written in ashokas hands

    1. Abhishek Maurya

      Ha ha i was just joking.Actually im not angry at ashok im angry with writer who is portraying ashoka as a weak character.Firstly,chanakya got killed,ashoka couldn’t do anything,then kasturi too was killed,then the family in takshashila who permitted ashok to reside in their home even when it was very dangerous for them,then dhrupad,then nayak and now dharma.Ashoka wasn’t able to save a single one.This shows ashoka’s weakness.
      According to me ashoka should commit suicide and regret his failure.

  15. S.Ravi Prakash

    Thanks pooja di for the updates, only on reading written update l can fallow the story clearly, but couldn’t understand Devi eating “MIL”!. Also the direction needs questioning as to how there was no security to Dharma, how nobody else saw the marks on dharma’s neck,& the closed fist?. How the vaid declared the death was peaceful? Does it take so much of time for the king in his palace to bring drinking water? Whatever happened to Ashoka’s earlier shapath of killing his gurus’ enemies once a fortnight? So many questions & no convincing answers!

    1. Bhrata Susheem

      baat mein dum hai, Vaid seems to be stupid, and so Ashok and Bindu,

  16. i don’t think dharma is dead yet coz”no one has yet noticed her tightly closed fist”which means she might be pretending to die,so as to show the reality of sushim and siyamak…secondly,jab cvs us budhi helen ko grave se zinda nikaal sakte h,toh why not dharma???lol;)

  17. The drama shown ia far away from history. Dharma lived more as per history and also Chanakya. I don’t know from where all these ideas r coming in the mind of writer. This type of serial should be based on history not a fiction one.

  18. A bit of over acting by Ashok- others were measured although Bindu was underwhelming. I agree with an earlier comment. If this were the true version, Sushim should be King. He has greater intellect and foresight than Mohit who is shown as a raging bull!!!

    1. Bhrata Susheem

      cant agree more, sushim is perfect for king in all respect. He is strong, intelligent, thinks ahead, takes calculated risk, doesnt believe anyone, smart, got goot network in kingdom…. he deserves to be king. Bindu is a stupid guy who doesnt know what is happening around his kingdom, and Ashok is mota budhi wala bull

  19. even the director is showing correct story , there is no fire in ashoka in this serial , this director is showing weak ashoka , i dont like this serial , full of darama., director is fooling the people of india and killing the greatness of ashoka the great .

  20. Devi

    This should be more emotional…and how can Ashoka not suspect anything? Or anyone?

    1. It’s cause they heard that sad news When someone Sooo close to you dies you forget everything

  21. But according to the history , dharma was killed after Ashoka became King . Shushim tried to kill kaurwaki when she is pregnant but dharma get killed while trying to save kaurwaki.

    1. Bhrata Susheem

      leave apart history, nothing can be done. better enjoy serial as a Sasur – Bahu drama (Coz Saas to mar gayi) and take this as a family feud serial, and forget that it is original Ashok Samrat the great

    2. It’s Devi not Kaurwauki

  22. Hi Everyone, am a regular reader of telly updates CAS , the most interesting part is reading the comments of everyone. Good job everyone ?
    All I want to request the writer is to please write the script according to the history and not make it too fictional. This show is watched internationally , Indians have always been very intellectual and intelligent people, origin of scientific methods, philosophy, mathematics, medicine is from India. The kings and emperors if India were very intelligent people. Don’t Portray a historical character who is respected world wide as a emotional fool and victim of so many atrocities. Your script is more negative than positive in showing the character of Ashoka and Samrat bindusara. Bindusara was also a very intelligent and strong person, you have actually tarnished his image.
    So please show some respect to the culture and heritage of India.

  23. Anil4k

    Sudden death of First Acharya Chanaka and now Dharma, it looks that Director producer have some issues with these actors, on the other hand look at Rajmata it was opposite.
    keep watching like any other Bollywood serial.

  24. Today I became the fan Mohit Raina…..
    Thanks volors atleast you selected perfect man for ashoka after sid…

    1. Colors*

    2. Bhrata Susheem

      overacting ki dukaan, Mohit…. his acting was really funny, no natural feelings

    3. Abhishek Maurya

      Bhrata susheem u can’t say mohit overacting ki dukaan.He is a very good actor.I agree that he is a bit weak in acting emotional but he is very good at acting while showing his rage and anger.Our 1st ashoka was siddharth so our mind resembles only him as ashoka.

  25. Ishanka Tilakarathna

    The drama is different from History. Greatest woman in the story should not die like this. How ever according to the actual story this is the time for siyamak and sushim to pay for what they have been doing. Cheating , lying , killing…I cant wait to see they die from ASOKA’S hand.. They well deserved death. nothing else. Asoka was a great king for all India and for us as Sri Lankans.

    1. Abhishek Maurya

      Yes i think that too.The murderers should get soon a brutal death from ashoka’s hands.

  26. No matter you say ashok will become the king ashok samrat is the name of this story so ashok will becom the king

  27. Dissappointed with bindu. Expected more rona dona from him considering she was his fav wife

    1. Ikr

  28. Thank you for the update.

  29. History lover

    Dear Bella, waiting for next episode of Karvaki’s legend in Orissa!

  30. Serial must be on the name of sushim… its all disgusting…. what the director want to do more like this hell….. it shows the weaknesses of ashok and all who are in favour of him….such a bad drama….

  31. It look different while sid become raina .. and at that point it look all went good right now….raina will punish everybody but it all forks….. director again drag everything…. such a bad drama ever

  32. What is the use of showing close fist of Dharma with some object in it, when no one notices it.

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