Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 7th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 7th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kaurvaki greets Ashoka good morning. I am going to Kalinga but I am happy as I am able to say goodbye to you this time. I dint look back at you when we parted ways last time. He nods. I was surely waiting for you to turn. Vit tells Ashoka that Bhabhi is nowhere to be seen. Acharya RG says she left last night. Ashoka asks him why he dint stop her. Acharya RG says I was bound by her promise. Kaurvaki knows where Devi would have gone to. I will go get her.

Devi prays in a temple for Ashoka. Kaurvaki says even God wont support when your decision is wrong. It is crime. What were you thinking? Devi reasons that Ashoka’s life is joined with her. Ashoka needs to rule and he needs you by his side. She vomits. Kaurvaki gets concerned. God has taken decision for us. They share a hug.


comes to Ashoka’s room. He asks her where she went. I was sure you would listen to Kaurvaki. Devi says I dint hear her. I came because I am pregnant with your child. He is overwhelmed to hear the news. We should thank Kaurvaki> Devi shares that she left from there only. Ashoka knew she wont ever look back.

Mahamatya explains to Samrat Ashoka that many states have agreed to support them while some who support Chanda’s state are still opposing. Vit comes running. Father wrote a letter for you when we returned after defeating Unani’s. Ashoka reads it. Bindu accepts understanding Ashoka’s true calibre too late. I don’t know if I will be alive to say this all to you. I am sure though that when you will become Samrat you will build United India. I know you wont repeat the mistakes I made as a father and Samrat. Do anything you have to to unite all states of India. Problem will stay put if even one King opposes your decision, especially Kalinga. Till date I am known as the son of great Chandragupta Maurya but I am sure history will later know me as the father of Chakravartin Samrat Ashoka! This will be the most proud moment for me. Ashoka announces that all the doubts are clear now. We will attack on Kalinga.

War is shown. Devi gives birth to a baby boy. Vit names him Mahendra. Devi says Ashoka should have been here right now but he is in the warzone. Vit tells her not to worry. With Mahendra’s arrival, the war will be over soon and Bhaiya will return.

The war continues.

Ashoka plays with younger Mahendra. I wasn’t with you (Devi) when Mahendra was born but I promise to end war and be with you at the time of our next baby’s birth. I will always stay with our kids then. She goes to get water for him. Ashoka tells Mahendra he has to build United India and puts him down. Mahendra picks up a knife and cries. Devi is shocked to see him bleeding. She rebukes Ashoka for not taking care of his son. He is bleeding. Ashoka tells her that Mahendra is the son of a brave father. calm down Mahendra. He ends up scolding Mahendra for crying like a woman. Devi asks him if he is saying so. You lost your Ma and Kaurvaki. You aren’t the same Ashoka today. You have turned into Maha Chand. I wont let the shadow of such person fall on my kid! She walks out with her son. Ashoka shouts at her to go like everyone else did. Do remember that Ashoka wont fall weak ever.

Acharya RG says I never thought I will see this face of you too. This isn’t the path that Acharya Chanakya chose for you. Ashoka turns his attention to Mahamatya again. Tell me the name of the state. Acharya RG begins to go. Mahamatya tries to stop him but Ashoka tells him to focus on their mission. It doesn’t matter who stays or leaves. Which state is that? Mahamatya takes Kalinga’s name. Ashoka orders him to attack on Kalinga in that case. Mahamatya reminds him of Kaurvaki. Ashoka insists that no one matters to him before his dream of United India.

Another war is shown (this time between Kalinga and Magadh). At night, Mahamatya shares that only a handful of men are alive. They have lots of resources left. Ashoka suggests him to organize a royal treat in his name with the resources later. Mahamatya nods and leaves. Kaurvaki comes there. He says I was expecting your arrival but weren’t you scared coming here. She says she would have been afraid if she had come to meet Samrat Ashoka but her Ashoka. She says how you could think Kalinga came to beg you something. Kalinga does not know how to bend down. I dint come here as a princess. We will fight with one another tomorrow. I don’t know what will happen then. I came to meet that Ashoka who went too far from everyone. Ashoka tells Kaurvaki he needs no lecture. I want to make my present. It will only happen when I will fulfil my Guru and father’s dream. I don’t want to give any other explanation. She retorts that she dint want one. I came to meet my Ashoka. Forgive me for coming here. She turns to go but he asks her to stop. I want you to stay back for me for two minutes. will you spend some time with me?

Ashoka rows the boat while Kaurvaki looks at him. They think of their childhood moments. Ashoka says we would have been together today if fate was on our side. she replies that he never went far from her.

Next morning, war resumes once again between Kalinga and Magadh. Ashoka mercilessly kills everyone who comes in his way. Kaurvaki too is fighting. Ashoka mistakenly hits Kaurvaki while her face is covered with a veil. He holds her in his arms. Their happy moments together flash before her eyes. Is this your united India? So many people lost their lives for it so you can become Samrat! Did you get your peaceful and free India? You dreamt of the country where there is love but you filled it with dead bodies and pain. If you have ever loved me truly then look around you once. Tell me if you will ever be able to forget this scene? It is enough Ashoka. Stop now. You cannot build United India by killing so many people. Build it like you had planned it! She gets up and walks away. Ashoka falls down. Ashoka thinks of what he had wanted since childhood and thinks of his family members. Devi keeps her hand on his shoulder. This isn’t end but the beginning of a new chapter. It isn’t your destiny to be only Chakravartin Samrat Ashoka. Your journey is too long. You were born to fill everyone’s lives with happiness. It is time to fulfil that mission.

Ashoka left to find happiness. Stories about him prove how he accepted his mistakes and learnt lessons from them. There was no other Samrat like him ever again!


Update Credit to: Pooja


  1. Lord7Naruto

    This is EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!
    But WTF (sorry)
    Why does it say THE END like WHAT!!!!!!!!!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!?!!!!!!!!!!!!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!? WHAT!!!!!!!!!!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!?!!!!!!!!!!!!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
    IT CANT BE THE END!!!!!!!!!!!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

  2. snigdha

    thanks a lot pooja di for providing the updates i really appreciate your hard work for providing the updates regularly and on time i will always remember you for this good bye pooja di and wish u good luck for ur future

  3. Lord7Naruto

    The director went tooo fast now Devi gives birth when she was suppose to do it before Dharma’s Death
    So the director Leaped 8-9 Months then war happened WHAT!!!!!!!!!!
    Toooooooo Fast

  4. Dhananjaya

    Oh Sad End At Last Mis Pooja We Lost Ur Fast Wrten Updater As Sri Lankan I Watch Ths Drama Becuz Ths Was Telecst In Sri Lanka.Badaho Bahu Is Nt Telecst In Our Cntry.

  5. Sashika

    Actually we hoped this serial will continue. Maybe in future there will be season 2 of CAS. Because good stories are more than telecast.

  6. Richie33

    this is very bad..i didnt think that this show will end lik this..very angry..atleast the director should show what happened to kvk after that..afterall she is not dead!..and should also show wat happened after he changed to dhammaashoka…disguisting no worth of watching this serial for amost a year!!.. the director also did not show had kvk married ashoka after the kalinga war o not..atlewast he could show a bit of that and end the story..?/very upset**same as rocket**only 5 mins gone n 5 years gone…

  7. A K P C Swain

    The ending of the serial is too short.Kalinga war was not shown in proper perspectives.Asok is a historical figure only for Kalinga.No scene from Odisha was shown.Dhauli hill and river Daya where Kalinga war was fought have no mention . Where did Kurubaki go?The serial is far from historical truth. I have no praise for either the story writer or producer or director and the serial is only an entertainment drama,mostly fictitious in nature .

  8. bella

    Dear history lover
    Karuvaki asks Ashoka to see how kalinga is dieing. ” If you have the strength see what have you done. ”
    Later that night Ashoka was sitting on the throne and brooding . The ministers were tense. Suddenly he got up and walked away. Ashoka had decided to go around some places of kalinga. What met his sight made him cry. Old women crying. Children trying to locate their parents. He couldn’t see all these. He came upon a small child. The small child was saying ” please God, our new ruler is ruthless. He has killed my parents. But I don’t blame him. Please forgive his sins”. Ashoka collapsed there and cried” Oh! What have I done? Have I really won the war? Till today have i really won anything? No! I have lost. Always lost. Please God give me another chance. I regret what I have done. I don’t have the strength to see all these” saying this he went back. Meanwhile karuvaki was talking to upagata , ashok’s Buddhist preacher.” He respects the religion but he can’t follow the Dhamma. He was blinded by greed. His hostility knew no bounds. But now he has truly realised. I thank you for that” upagata said. ” I haven’t done anything. He has realised on his own. Now teach him the rules of Dhamma. He will surely listen to you” Karuvaki said.
    Ashoka did adopt the path of Dhamma. He did everything to bring kalinga back.
    ” I want to maintain a good relationship with kalinga” ashoka said to the khandayat chief. ” Your majesty we can. But some people are still against you”
    ” I know that. That’s why I want to maintain a good relationship.” Ashoka smiled. He went to Karuvaki . ” I wanted to ask you something.” ” Sure.” Karuvaki replied.
    ” Dear Karuvaki, you and I share mutual thoughts of spreading dhamma, universal peace and brotherhood. You and I can together do this. I would need you for this. You are kind, simple, charitable and thoroughly good. Please be my wife” Ashoka asked.
    ” But that is”
    “That is what? Even kalinga and magadh can be very good friends. Please . You are my lifeline”
    Upagata comes and seconds Ashoka. ” Yes. I will be your wife” karuvaki agreed
    “. I will provide you everything. I will make sure your every order is implemented. People will respect you” ashoka said
    Ashoka and Karuvaki marry in secret. The people of kalinga seeing their marriage decide to keep good relationship with magadh. TIVALA was their son. Ashoka favoured him. But due to some mishap he died. His son dasarth Maurya became his grandfather’s successor.

    • History lover

      Thank you very much dear Bella. Time has come to say bye. All the best for your studies also! I am a Sri Lanken and enjoyed discussing Indian history with you all. Jayahe India !

  9. Dhananjaya

    I Miss U Al My Dear Frnd So Sad I Am.History,tiyassa,samakuta,samrat Ashoka,maxxa I Wish Brigt Future For Ur Futures & Al Da Best For Ur Future Works!!!Miss U Frnds

  10. Bindeshwar Mahto

    Ur post is good i like it

    but for script writers of this serial and director same on you is it ur profession.
    how can u end this serial in 18 min .what happen after kalinga war it should be shown how buddhist religion spread across world and what ashoka did for india.

    as a responsible viewer i expect this all should be shown to this generation.

    again i hate this channel and i promise i will not see any serial in this channel.

    from last 1 year i am watching tv for only this serial

  11. cuty

    ohh…soo sad of it….it runned like a cheetah at last….but nice…miss u poja diii…..bye my dear friends

  12. bella

    Yes I will miss you all. Sachin, barbarian,zannat,mahamatya khallyatak,tiyasa,history lover, richie33, rekha, samyukta, angelk1 and mostly pooja who provided the stage for so many discussions. Please let us plan where to meet again. Plead

  13. Thilini Vasana

    Incomplete ending…….kaurvaki and Ashoka’s wedding 💒???????????? Anyway Ashoka samrat ending with Ashoka being alone…….so sad…. However I feel sorry about this drama ending……..thanks pooja your creation……

  14. Astra


    |Registered Member

    thank you so much pooja…. it was a nice journey until now in this CAS. missing asoka very much…

    the serial was ended very suddenly. but, very happy to see asoka’s life’s story….

  15. Shawn Menezes

    Hi this is my first time I’m commenting on this written update as I couldn’t see how bad the ending was. At least Asoka the movie had a better ending despite being a movie… I’m totally disappointed with cas series it is sad that it ended but the ending should had been made better they should had at least took a month for the ending. But will miss your updates pooja . I had been reading your updates from beginning of cas but never commented sorry about that will miss you’ll. 🙁

  16. JokeR

    Why so serious!!!
    Actually I was a silent reader…
    Especially your comments are really awesome guys….and updates by pooja is really fantastic!!!! I rarely miss any episode here.

    We may also start a new serial with our old company…
    So guys keep commenting on CHANDRANANDINI …a request to pooja that to manage that upadets too..because we are really become familiar with your updates & you have the capability to make the scans real and live by your writings.. So its a humble request from us!!
    Hope you’ll accept it!!
    I don’t want to say miss you friends;;
    See you guys on “chandranandini”,√

  17. Dhananjaya

    At last also director did a great mistake asoka change his war policy by liening to. Nigrodha samaners dharma nt from kauvaki….bt any way thanks for ur great work..suprb story

  18. Dhananjaya

    Miss pooja i kindly requet u to write naggin drama part 2 plz…………i kindly requet.from a sri lankan..plz ur the best. Person i met in my person who gve wriittn update..and ur the fatest typing laddy i met untill today….

  19. History lover

    Thank you very much ms Pooja ,for for your updates.i am a Sri Lankan and don’t know any Hindi , but I really enjoyed the serial with your updates. Thank you all who made comments here , we learned many things from you. I want to thank specially Bella who kindly told the kaurwaki’s legend. Should thank to stars as their great acting. All the best all of you!

  20. Abhishek Maurya

    Now scientists have come up with a new theory that light is not the fastest thing ever known but Ashoka Samrat’s last episode is.So Ashoka Samrat’s last episode is fastest thing in the universe.

  21. Abhishek Maurya

    So the conclusion is forget this serial and read books on ashoka the great.If possible visit places like sarnath,odisha,patna,ujjain.There we can get a lot of info about ashoka.

  22. Abhishek Maurya

    Guys,will miss u and ur comments.Mahamatya khallatak,bella,richie33,barbarian,rekha valgera,dhananjaya,tiyasa and many others.Guys decide where will we meet once again.On chandra nandini??

  23. Varshini


    |Registered Member

    Thanks a lot pooja di . U have always done fab job . Will miss cas . They could have ended it after some days elaborating the incidents in ashokas life

  24. Jabra fan

    By the way, how many of u will watch Beyhadh? Well I m going to watch it. It offers something new. Promos look promising.

  25. Anonymous

    I wish Ashoka and Kaurwaki had married rather than Ashoka and Devi, although ending was great but too fast … 🙁

  26. Aryaa

    Bye guys it was an amazing journey with a not so good ending but I at least saw siddhart in the last episode in the flashbacks at least will miss this show thanks Pooja from the past one year I have only been reading ur updates thank you so much for ur fabulous updates.
    This is the first time I am commenting and sadly the last one I wish the serial had continued for a longer time any ways bye love u guys will miss Ashoka so much

  27. Tiyasa


    |Registered Member

    At last CAS has ended…….we can’t do anything now…..its really very sad……miss CAS very much…..I really started crying while seeing today’s episode……

  28. Priya

    Though the last episode was quit hurried, I’m going to miss this show. Also I’m going to miss commenting on this forum, episode discussions,our arguments, our these of both Indian and greak history and last but not the least cursing the director. Hope to see you guys soon. maybe on Chandra-Nadini

  29. devaki ganesan

    I am disappointed with the abrupt, incomplete and unsatisfactory end to the greatest and memorable character in Indian history. I commend the actors and actresses for their effort and dedication. The producers and director have to accept responsibility for the tame ending of the story. However I congratulate Mohitji, Saumya, Kajol and many others for their acting. Little Vit is very talented.

  30. devaki ganesan

    My very special thanks to Poojaji.

    Your dedication and labor of love are appreciated. May God bless you!


  31. Nishi

    Abrupt ending why still his Buddhism the hell which he built as punishment his daughters birth marriage with kauravaki kaurvaki being childless her patrani position his third marriage with trishyaraksha maid of kaurvaki then her putting halan sign on letter of aahok to his son and due to that misunderstanding his son blinded himself thinking it to be his father’s order n trishyaraksha did so bcoz she was of age of mahendra n wanted to have extramarital relation with him then grandson crowningashok ppunishing that 3rd queen going towards buddhisam all is left to show.

    • History lover

      Karvaki had a son, named Tivala who was the heir apparent and pranthapal of Taxishila. He died before Ashoka and his son Dasaratha became samrat next to Ashoka. And Thishyakara was not a maid of Kaurvaki but of Maharani Asandhimithra. She blinded rani padmavath’s son Kunala, not Devi’s son mahendra. Kunala was adopted by asandhimiththa as his mother died on his birth

  32. Muralidhar laxmanrao kulkarni

    Why story of ashoka is deviated from what we read from Wikipedia? Lot of research needs to be done to know historical facts.I hope that the serial will continue with more authentic story .Congrats for lovely fiction story!

    • Mofo

      Wikipedia is not always true. What Western countries say, is written in wikipedia. Do they really know our history better than us? Lol? They say that Alexander the great left India because his army was tired but everyone knows that He left India because he knew that he had no chance against the might united India with more than 500000 army. Plus Greek army was so uncomfortable in India that few of their men died because of different climate conditions like (snow and cold in northern India). Few Men died because of Animals. Plus we had so many elephants which used to scare the hell out of their Troops. So basically Wikipedia is not always true, even i can edit wikipedia and write anything.
      Also this serial does not even relate with the true story. Like how Chanakaya,Bindusara etc died. Plus so many love drama and non sense, made this serial so lame.
      Chandragupta serial (2011 by NDTV imagine) was way better than this serial.

  33. Sus

    Hi friends. I will be missing all of you. Thankq pooja for your excellent updates. I wish the director could make the serial more sensible. It had a very good start but the ending is a disaster. Elder sushim did a gr8 job. Mohit was also very good. The whole team was good but the director cudn’t really put the story on track.

  34. Barbarian

    Guys – end of the day, it was still a blast! Best wishes folks and hope our paths cross somewhere sometime in these spaces. God bless

  35. Karishma

    CAS.. the end.. feeling very sad.. will miss the serial alot.. thnx pooja for all the updates.. will miss u all….

  36. Abhilash

    This was really sad to watch this episode for last time..
    Though it was not as same as i have gone through the history of kalinga..
    though it was not logical in many cases ..
    though it has not been ended up properly..

    still i was addicted to this show.. i loved this.. in fact this was the only tv show i never missed… what ever might be the situation.. i used to manage myself not to miss a single episode ..

    wished this would continue …

  37. Pratik Jaiswal

    I whole heartedly wanna thanks Pooja for all her consistent effort to deliver this story to all of us till the last epi. May god bless u and wish for a bright future for u ahead.
    Gonna miss Ashoka a lot

  38. Deepika

    Thank you Pooja for all the updates! I am,still,addicted to watching and reading the great story of the best king that ever existed. Thank you once again!

  39. Siddem saiashish

    This is the first time I am commenting surely I miss the show this is the only show I have never missed a single episode instead they have to end the serial better

  40. 🍒Cherry🍒

    Good bye cas!….bye everyone it was such a good experience commenting here since last one year!!
    Bye to all the friends

  41. Sridharan

    It was nice would have become better if some peaceful life of Ashoka is shown. I really enjoyed Pooja’s update and enthusiasm. Always I read it to catch up with. Thanks Pooja.

  42. K

    CAS serial started with great stories,plots and ideas while the show ended with 3rd class plot and story. It was meaningless and finished everything in 1 episode.
    Kalinga War toh thik se dikhana chahiye.tha bcz it was the main epic of Ashoka’s life…..

  43. gagan

    Like mhabarath unshowin stories showe in surya puthra cas end in after mabe mahendra storie get and start a new serile and show cas untold stories

  44. 🍒Cherry🍒

    The director focused on ASHWAKI love story but didn’t got them married (but as per history she was his 2nd wife) while he showed ASVI marriage but didn’t focus on their love story (as per history ashoka married her out of love) …so the conclusion is: the director was himself confused whose love story is he trying to show and he ended up disappointing both asvi and ashwaki fans…!
    Anyways now nothing can be done the serial is over :-(:-!;-)

  45. Pradeep Dayananda

    after 2yrs CAS over swaying here & there.great epic was raped by da way thnx pooja 4 ur effort all dz yrs u put in it.
    guys specially bella , history lover thn gud bye & miss u all.c u soon!

  46. Abhishek Maurya

    Guys why are u all behaving emotionally.No one will go anywhere.We all will meet once again on chandra-nandini updates.
    Pooja di thanks a lot for ur updates.Now please post chandra-nandini updates regularly.And all my friends don’t change ur respective names.
    Please reply guys.I’m feeling lonely.

    • 🍒Cherry🍒

      Ya your are right but it was a fun to read all the funny comments we used to post on this site especially yours and mahamatya khallatak’s😂

  47. Arqan

    this story is not over whar abour devis father kaurwaki brother and jaggernath is he died and jaggarnath brother this ending is not good this story is great but the ending is not good

  48. Ashish

    Thanks so much ms. Pooja for your updates, well written very prompt.
    It is all mistake of directors and story writer why CAS lost TRP and they are blaming the actors, very sad end of serial.

    • History lover

      Yes ,all mistakes are of writer and director. But not the actors , they have done a great job. I think it is not easy to act in a historical drama, and as worriers . Thanks to Mohit , saumya, kajol and others ,specially Siddarth Nigam.

  49. Harkirat Singh

    Wonderful series

    I would like to watch every episode again.

    But you should show ashoka goes to find truth of life

    Following Buddhism…,.


  50. Samyukta

    Guys u saw yesterday jhalak entry and dance of siddharth was a fab and siddharth got more votes than shantanu in cuteness loved yesterday episode

  51. Pooja

    Thank you so so much everyone. Your constant love, support and appreciation is also the reason i could write better. Will miss you guys too..

  52. Vanshika


    |Registered Member


  53. rekha vaghela

    Hi bella , sachin, abhishek, Danny, pari, devi, history lover!! Will miss u all. Very sad that I couldn’t watch the last episodes of my beloved serial but after reading all Ur comments I feel disappointed at how it all ended so suddenly. But still will miss cas. Hope to see u in chamdranandini. All of u..

  54. Chaturika

    How it ends like this?? The speciality of Ashoka is not even mentioned here..He is the only buddhist king in India. He had lots of efforts to spread the buddhism all over the world. Because he found the peace only in Buddhism.. His whole life devoted to spread and build a good community through Buddhism.
    I think India already made it vanish because of lots of other religions. I bet whole crew is not Buddhist since they ignored the special peace he has found at last.. That is the reason they have hidden the most important achievement of great Dharmashoka..
    This series is nothing worth but only Siddharth Nigam’s great performances. The crew must be ashamed of their hidden card games with less knowledge. And intentionally hiding the best part of the great King in India.. So disappointed…

  55. Pratik Jaiswal

    I wish Pooja to continues with written update for new Chandra nandani star plus show she is amazing in her work that no one could replace her…… I wish tell update team will look into my req.

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