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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 7th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Everyone cheers for Yuvraaj Ashoka. He sits on this throne with pride. Siamak looks angrily at him. Bindu signals everyone to calm down. He asks Ashoka to seek everyone’s blessings now. Ashoka starts with Rajmata Helena. She reluctantly blesses him. Mahamatya also blesses him against his wish. Bindu cannot see Charu anywhere. Shubhrasi tells him that Sushim is unwell so she is with him only. Ashoka offers to go and meet them personally. Bindu wants to come along but Ashoka says I want to talk to my brother alone.

Sushim is all panicked. Charu closes all the windows so as to calm him down. Just then there is a knock on the door. Charu is shocked to see Ashoka there. He bends down to seek her blessings but she moves back. Sushim is shivering badly. She goes to bring water for him.

Ashoka beats Sushim on the chest to make his heart beat normal. Sushim is relived but all the more angry to see Ashoka. What are you doing here? Leave! Charu comes back with the pot of water. She also asks Ashoke to leave. Ashoka goes out. Charu feeds water to Sushim. Sushim takes Ashoka’s name. She makes him lie down and pats at his head to put him to sleep.

Ashoka is walking sadly in the corridor. He senses something and turns in time to avoid a stick coming his way. Sushim steps forward. He again attacks on Ashoka who tries to save himself all along. What are you doing? Sushim says I am doing what I should have done long ago. I am the eldest son. I should be made the Yuvraaj and not you. It is my right. Ashoka explains that age or traditions are of no importance here. What is important that the Yuvraaj should be the one who understands the problems of people and helps them! I also said I am asking for responsibility and not rights. Acharya Chanakya wanted me to fulfil his dream of united India. I had no such intention and neither do I feel that ways today as well. Try to understand. You don’t understand. Sushim keeps hitting at him. They climb stairs while fighting / saving themselves from the other. An ordinary person will teach me now? Do remember your limits Dassi-Putra! Ashoka warns him to keep his fight with him only. Don’t try to insult my mother. I will not accept it. A pot falls down. Soldiers look up. They see Sushim attacking on their Yuvraaj. Ashoka stops them from intervening. He sends them all back.

Charu comes crying to Bindu. I looked for him everywhere but he is nowhere to be seen. Find my son for me. He goes with her to look for Sushim.

Ashoka tells his brother his act is only shaming Mauryas.

A soldier updates Bindu on the fight between Ashoka and Sushim. They are fighting as if they are nemies.

Ashoka makes Sushim fall down in the process. He helps SUshim get up but Sushim attacks on him again. Bindu, Charu and others are on their way. Ashoka pushes him to save himself. Sushim hangs onto the railing of the boundary. Sushim notices Bindu and Charu coming there. He acts before them. Don’t let me fall down. Save me. He whispers to instigate Ashoka by calling him Daasi-Putra. You have come to this level so soon. I will make you fall down equally soon, even if I have to fall down for you! He lets go of Ashoka’s hand intentionally. Charu and Bindu look on in shock.

Radha Gupta is in Acharya Chanakya’s room. He is glad at how Ashoka has come this far. I hope no obstacle comes in our way now. Someone informs him about what happened outside.

Sushim acts before Bindu. Ashoka wants to kill me. Save me. Do something. He lies to Bindu. I went to apologize to him but he dint pay heed to me. I was hanging up when he threw me down. Ashoka calls it a lie but Charu blames him too. What mistake did we do that you are behaving like an enemy with us? Will killing a brother by another brother become the tradition of our family? Ashoka denies doing anything like that. Bindu tells everyone to keep the family matters between family only.

Sushim lies before his family while Ashoka tells the truth to them. Charu refuses to believe him. Ashoka asks them what he will get by attacking on Sushim. Siamak says you want to end all your competitors. You can do anything in your anger. Ashoka is taken aback. You know me well. How can you say that about me? Siamak replies that his brother Ashoka had no greed of throne. Sushim continues acting. He says things to instigate Ashoka. Ashoka calls him a liar. He should dare to speak the truth if he can. I did attack him but only when he prompted me to. He insulted my mother. I requested him not to do so but he did not listen to me. I got angry. Helena asks him if he wants to become another Justin. You could have spoken to your father. Sushim survived luckily. Ashoka calls Sushim’s words a lie. Bindu walks out saying he does not want to listen to anything. Everyone follows him outside.

Sushim mocks Ashoka. This is just the beginning. Wait and watch. Ram went in exile for 14 years. I will send you for life. Don’t take it as a warning. This is a prediction. Ashoka says I am relived now that I did the right thing by asking for the throne. We have different motives to get it. I will never let you succeed for my people! Sushim goes out.

Ashoka is practising. Charu compliments Sushim for twisting things in their favour. Samrat did not doubt you. He got upset with Ashoka only! They see Ashoka not being able to hit any of his aims downstairs. Sushim says he will get insulted just like he insulted me. I have vowed to send that Daasi-Putra back in the jungles with his mother. I wont stop till it happens!

Precap: Charu talks to Sushim about Acharya Chanakya’s death. Dharma’s Daasi hears them. Sushim comes to where she is. Ashoka finds her breathing her last. She mutters of Acharya Chanakya’s death.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Oh oh oh wat a episde
    Now the serial turning to it’s right side of life of Samrat Ashoka…..
    Sushim will become yuvraj n Ashok will continue his form of helping others….
    It will be very much interesting serial from now onwards.?✔

    1. Nah Ashoka will remain..Yuvraj but be exiled

  2. Mohit Raina as ashoka
    Ankit Arora as sushi
    Leap soon
    Today sushim’s acting was awesome
    Especially when he was ill

    1. wellwisher (ww) siya ke ram fan

      nnnnnnnnnoooooooooooo i cant see ankit arora aka lakshmana as sushim

    2. Yeh idiot colors wale leap ke baad Kaurvaki ke character ke liye actress khoj rahe hai but those idiots are not paying any attention to Devi and Ahankara. Mohit as Ashoka is nice but agar leap ke baad en colors walon ne Devi aur Ahankara ko important roles mein nahin dikhaya toh main toh yeh serial dekhna baand kar dungi. Jis tarah se abhi yeh show chaal raha hai uss hisaab se toh es serial ka naam Ashoka aur Kaurvaki ki premkatha hona chahiye.Ashoka the great ka naam kharab kar rahe hai yeh colors wale.

      1. True!!!!

  3. That scene will look more interesting when charumitra helena sushim mahamadhya and siamaks real faces are going to come infront of everyone that day is not too far when they will realize and regret for their greed to get the throne by harming ashok waiting to watch that episode

  4. Ghazab!!!!

  5. After 2 month of painful Kichak saga, couple of sensible episodes. But again they are back to Nautanki.

  6. Ashoka should be sent to Ujjain. Kvk n her father should first return to Kalinga – they should not cross their limits

  7. Waiting for leap. Sushim should be the main villen in post leap. all of us love to hate him. Syamak on the other hand is more passive type. he can’t do anything without Helena and Mir. please send Kaurvaki back to kanling. we want to see Devi or Aherkara.

  8. Advice to writer….. Do not put more negitivity in this serial otherwise it would go towards negative…pl. Balance the both sides and show the true faces.

  9. Without chanakya problems are increasing more day by day but still ashok has chanakyas guidance so he is capable enough to protect his magadh let his family members try to harm him as much as they want but they will never be able to snatch the throne from him because it is he only who deserves to become and will become chakravartin samrat ashok

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