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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 7th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The head of security refuses to go against Maurya’s. I will not open the door! Kichak says I will have to imprison you then. The guy tells him not to make this mistake. The guards will rebel. Kichak isn’t afraid of it. I fought with the army of Kalinga alone. If I can fight with them all by myself then! His sister says as per Magadh’s rules, the one carrying the royal coin makes the rules. You are dedicated to it. Nayak does not look happy. The guy asks for a proof. One of Kichak’s courtiers tells him to be in his limits. Your words hint that you are calling Mahanayak a liar! Kichak stops him. He asks the head of security to come with him.

The soldiers direct Kaurvaki towards the prisoner’s room. They mistake her as the new Daasi. On the other hand, Ashoka is chased

by soldiers.

Jagannath is all chained but still made to work. The head of security asks Kichak about him. Kichak points out that he is the example of what happens to anyone who rebels against me. I could have killed him but I enjoy seeing him in pain every single day. His death couldn’t have made me this happier.

Kaurvaki is shocked / hurt / emotional to see her father’s condition. He stops in his tracks as she calls him Baba. He thinks of Kaurvaki. The soldiers enter just then so she runs out. The soldiers beat Jagannath as he stopped moving the wheel. He prays for Kaurvaki’s welfare. She cries seeing him getting beaten by the soldiers. Did that Daasi inform the soldiers? She goes from there.

The soldiers catch up on Ashoka from both the sides. He still manages to beat them and flee from there. He reaches the room where Kichak has eneterd along with the head of security but the door is closed before he can go in.

Dharma gets to know about someone setting Raj Vaid’s house on fire. He died inside. Dharma asks about Madhvi and her son but Ishwari has no clue. Dharma’s main Daasi asks her if she saw someone. Ishwari shares that there was indeed someone. I threw a piece of burning wood at that person’s hand. That person entered inside the palace. I couldn’t see the face of that person. Dharma is disturbed to know that someone from the royal family is involved in this matter.

Kichak shows the royal coin to the head of security guy. He extends his hand to touch it but Kichak stops him. I only allowed you to see it, and not touch it! The guy says having it doesn’t mean you are allowed to use it. Samrat Bindu hasn’t authorised you. Kichak says I will have to force you if you don’t agree willingly. The soldiers hold his hand forcibly. Nayak looks on helplessly. Ashoka reaches there just then. He stands face to face with Kichak. Kichak recalls him to be the same kid who threw stone at the hand of the soldier. Ashoka points out that Samrat Bindu gave it to his son, Prince Ashoka. You have not been authorised by Samrat to make any such order. Look carefully. It is me only who will see till the end of your life. I am your end. Kichak laughs at him. You came here but how will you go back. Ashoka isn’t afraid of death. If you kill me then you too wont be able to survive. Kichak pulls out his sword. The soldiers take aim at Ashoka. Ashoka picks up the royal coin and ducks. The soldiers shoot arrows at each other only. They die. Ashoka manages to run away. Kichak orders his soldiers to bring Ashoka alive! The security head of Hindu Kush is happy and so is Nayak.

Kichak and his soldiers chase Ashoka. Bhami finds Kichak hitting things in their room. He says Ashoka ran away with my coin. She points out that it wasn’t his after all! Accept your misdeeds and be ready for your downfall. Kichak angrily gets ready to kill her. You speak against your Swami. You don’t deserve to live. Ashoka hits at his hand in time. Kichak is all the more angry now.

Ashoka and Kaurvaki meet. The soldiers surround them. Ashoka fights with them.

Kichak questions his commanders on their security. A soldier comes to inform him that they have surrounded Ashoka. There is a girl with him as well. Kichak vows to kill Ashoka.

Kaurvaki notices a solider heading towards Ashoka from behind. She moves Ashoka. The soldier hurts her. Ashoka angrily slits his throat. Kaurvaki passes out. Ashoka picks her up in his arms and walks away. Kichak finds all the soldiers in the corridor dead. Ashoka reaches a dead end. Right then, someone pulls him. Kichak is unable to find Ashoka.

Precap: Dharma collides with a Daasi. Dharma recalls the words of Ishwari. Who are you taking it for? This lep is put when someone is burnt. The Daasi tells her that Sushim has asked for it. Ashoka runs to save himself. On the other hand, Ashoka takes care of Kaurvaki. She holds his hand. In this less time, I have started to feel like trusting you. I can tell you my truth. I am Kalinga’s princess, Kaurvaki!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Yes but when ashoka telling to kaurwaki I’m rajkumar ashok?

  2. Means kaurvaki will die den how will ashok n kaurvaki love story blossom not expected something lIke dis


  3. wellwisher (ww) ragna fan

    Samma samma episode…..
    Ashoka and kaurvaki rock…..

  4. Awesome episode

  5. Best episode till date!

  6. You r right @ambi . I am waiting for that moment too

  7. Plz director dont let anything happen to dharma as she is almost near the truth plz show the true colours of chanakyas killer

  8. Ashok tum ne ek dam sahi kiya kichak k pas se o mohar wapas le k…zabardast action jald se prantpal ban jao

  9. love u a lot rajkumar ashok Maurya,anxiously waiting to see u as chakravartin ashok samrat…

  10. Amba ashok cant tell kaurvaki that he is a rajkumar as kaurwaki hates mauryas and she will hate ashok since he is a maurya but they will get married eventually.

  11. I wish they get married…Ashok and Kaurwaki ?

    1. wellwisher (ww) ragna fan

      they will for sure dear

  12. nice episode

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    Waiting for your update ……..,,,…,.,.,,,….,,..

  15. It os being 10.39 pm 08 jan and you have not posted any update of 8th January of shoka

  16. Nice show waiting for 8 Jan

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