Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 6th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 6th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Epi begins with Siamak entering in Bindu’s room stealthily. He looks at the almirah. He tries to open it by using the statue which will open it. Dharma wakes up startled by the noise of the statue. She thinks it is her husband. I told you I will get it. She sits up but cannot see Bindu. Siamak hides. Dharma asks who is there but gets no reply. She lies down once again. Siamak manages to open the secret passage this time. He steals the royal stamp. He is closing the passage when Dharma confronts him. Stop! Simaka is taken aback. Dharma is shocked to see Siamak.

Sushim is sleeping in his room next to Chanda. He wakes up with a start. Siamak can make a mistake. He can blow me up too this way. I shouldn’t have let him go alone. I will have to stop him. He gets ready. Chanda

notices him thus and is surprised. Where are you going to at this hour? he replies that he is going out for some urgent work and will be back soon. You should take some rest.

Dharma questions Siamak as to why he is here. What are you doing here? Why have you come here to steal this royal stamp? Siamak says you have no right to ask me this question. You are neither my mother nor father. She says I am Rani Dharma. I wont let you take royal stamp from here. He looks at the knife kept in the fruit bowl.

Bindu is in the corridor. He feels someone’s presence and asks who is there. Sushim wonders what this old man is doing here. He will be boggled to see me here tonight. He always keeps an eye on me. Bindu looks around but does not see Sushim. It must be an illusion. He goes inside. Sushim mentally curses Siamak.

Dharma tells siamak not to force her to order like a queen. I don’t want to use my power. Return the stamp to me. Come and talk to Samrat with me. He tells her not to trap him in her sweet words. I very well know what you all have planned. You have planned to kill us. She tells him that his act can end all the ways to forgiveness. I am telling you for the last time to go to Samrat and seek forgiveness. You will be spared. Sushim pulls her from behind. Not another word! Happiness has gone from our lives because of you. Siamak asks him to stop but in vain.

Ashoka meets his father in the corridor. He is concerned for his mother and couldn’t sleep. Daasi comes just then. Bindu asks her to accompany them but Ashoka takes the tray from her. They both head to Bindu’s room.

Sushim begins to suffocate her. You can try as much as you want but you wont be able to tell anyone anything this time! She warns him of the consequences. Your death will not be peaceful at all if you kill me tonight. He replies that their life has already been hell since she has come in their lives. I will send your husband and kids to you soon. Sushim keeps a pillow over her face whereas Siamak holds her feet upon Sushim’s askance. Think of your loved ones Dharma. You have no time left. Dharma thinks of Bindu, Ashoka, and Vit. She breathes her last. Siamak announces that she is no more. He brings SUshim back to reality. Sushim steps back. Siamak says we wont be saved now. Ashoka wont spare us. Why did you kill her? What was the need? Everything is finished! Sushim tells him to stop or he will meet the same fate. Siamak reprimands him for losing his mind for that split second. Now Samrat will punish you. He has anyways planned to kill us. We gave him a reason. Ashoka will kill us before that! Let us pray that whatever happens, happens soon. I don’t want to die a painful death. Sushim tells him to leave in case he is so scared. Sushim holds his collar as he says you too will die tonight.

Bindu and Ashoka reach the room but the bed has been arranged properly. Ashoka says maybe mother is sleeping. Bindu nods. Maybe it is the effect of medicine. I am seeing her sleep peacefully after so long. Let her sleep. There cannot be a better cure than sleep for her. I will feed her water whenever she will wake up. Ashoka wishes to stay with his mother so Bindu sits down on the sofa. Sushim and Siamak get out from the window and hide near the wall. Ashoka and Bindu hear the sound. Ashoka goes to check but cannot see anyone. Ashoka closes the windows as Bindu calls out for him from inside. Siamak and Sushim get back inside the palace from another window.

Bindu says it might be because of wind. Will you stand like this all night if Dharma does not wake up? Sit down. Ashoka nods. He holds his mother’s feet and smiles. Bindu asks him as to why he is smiling. Ashoka replies that parents worry for kids all day and night when they are unwell. Don’t know how many times mother would have done it. It is my responsibility to look after you both now. I will do it all my life. Bindu agrees. Don’t feed that kaadha like your mother though. They laugh at the memory. Ashoka tells his father to be a little quiet. Mother will wake up this way. Bindu keeps a finger on his lips sweetly.

Siamak is relieved that they got saved. They think of how they fixed everything as soon as they heard footsteps. Siamak is panicked. What will we do when they will realise Dharma isn’t sleeping but dead? Sushim advises him to act like nothing happened. Go from here.

Ashoka covers his mother with duvet when he hears Bindu snoring. He speaks to his mother about the bond of marriage. We accept the good and bad of everyone. Don’t know if Kaurvaki and I could have been like this ever. Don’t know if this sync will ever be there between me and Devi.

Siamak says I dint intend to kill Dharma but it gave me peace surely. My revenge has begun today. Mother in place of mother! I feel that finally destiny has been just to me.

Sushim returns to his room. Chanda is sleeping. He looks at the marks on his chest and smiles. Things always happen as per destiny’s wish. I don’t regret what I did by killing Dharma. I am happy at the pain I have given to Ashoka. Even his enemies couldn’t have hurt him this way. He has become incomplete without Kaurvaki. Now I have broken him completely by killing his mother. Now there wont be anyone to take care of him.

Precap: Raj Vaid checks Dharma and is stunned. He informs Bindu that Dharma is no more. Bindu screams Dharma. Everyone hears him. Ashoka and Devi run towards Bindu’s room.

Update Credit to: Pooja


  1. Yash

    The whole history has gone for a toss. Ridiculous script writer and ridiculous show. First Chanakya and now Dharma. Better now to watch this shitty show.

  2. Lord7Naruto

    OMG!!!!!!!! Damn it Your dragging this for 3 days now
    And I knew Raj Vad will come and say that then I knew Bindusara will Shout Dharma and everyone rushes

    • Lord7Naruto

      I know there gonna show it tommorow But they better not drag it

      I wanna see Bindusara’s reaction also everyone’s

      I bet Chanda heard Sushim and will tell Bindusara in a few days Again Director shouldn’t drag that but you guys know He will as usual

      • Lord7Naruto

        The actual Episode is Tomorrow on the 7th Sep
        At least they show it in my favourite Number
        but it’s sad though

      • Lord7Naruto

        Tomorrows Ep is gonna be even more Emotional I wanna see there reaction They won’t even show a bit more of what’s gonna happen tomorrow

    • Mahamatya Khallyatak

      Rona Dhona, shok sabha, old memories/flashback….. etc will continue till this friday, hopefully they will get a new plot from monday… till the time need to bear with the same story line


    i knw tht CAS dznt picturize da real event of historical emperor ashok.but at least it made many to b aware & open eyes on ashoka

  4. Dhananjaya

    Wht The Hel Director U Did Hw Shame U Kiled Dharma?In An Every Book,encylopidia It Clearly Mention That Dharma Was Died By Sushimas Sword Atack While Trying To Save Preganat Devi.This So Unfare Kilng Her As Like This She Is A Brave Mother Who Gve Her Life To Save Daughterng Law This Like Kilng Her In Bed Matress…Like Coward.Plz Brng Dharma Back.

  5. Himani

    omg aisa nahi hona chahiye tha….dharma ka swargwaas hone k pashchaat to ashok kisi ki bhi baat mahi maanega…..vo sabko samaapt kar dega….vo to uchit hai kintu dharma is naatak ki pramukh paatra thi aur yadi vo chali jaayego to usme kuch manoranjak shesh nahi rahega

  6. Cutiepie

    Dharma!!!!!!oh no!!!😢😢😢😢😧😨😨😔😔😔😞😟😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  7. Abhishek Maurya

    I cried for the first time watching CAS.

    Not because dharma is killed but for the idiotic mind of the director showing bindu’s room with no security.😅😅😅

    • Mahamatya Khallyatak

      earlier also, in few instances, (helena roaming in corridor, kvK going at night unnoticed, etc etc) one could easily see that there were no guards inside the palace and that too at night… and as rightly said, no guard outside Bindu room… scary and risky

    • Bhrata Susheem

      with no CCTV camera in palace, its very risky for everyone in palace. No guards, and people are only guessing with sounds…… The way kVK entered room of Ashoka while he was sleeping, or lasandra roaming around unnoticed, or KVK went N number of times here and there wearing a scarecrow dress, came inside injured with blood…… in this palace anyone can kill anyone. No one closes door while sleeping or during discussion on evil plans… bahut dar lag raha hai re baba..

    • Mahamatya Khallyatak

      earlier also, in few instances, (helena roaming in corridor, kvK going at night unnoticed, etc etc) one could easily see that there were no guards inside the palace and that too at night… and as rightly said, no guard outside Bindu room… scary and risky

    • Mahamatya Khallyatak

      first to comment..?? aau kuch kaam nahi hai kya, serial khatam hote hi, net pe baith jaate ho comment likhne.. koi prize mil raha hai kya

  8. Sreenath

    Finally Dharma chapter is over i read from spoiler that Siamak kills bamini in Taxila and sits on throne how many positive characters director gonna going to kill serial must end now

  9. Dhananjaya

    And Dharma Is Not A Ordinary Women Becuz She Is A Expert In Medicl Field.Like Traditional Doctor Nt Western.So Those Doctors Well Talented In Keeping There Breath Stop For Few Mintes In Under Water Cnditn,,they Were Experts In Takng Venums Usng Medicnal Boats,sucking Venum,as Chanayakaya Held His Breath Uder Water In Helenas Atck In Prevsus Epi,hw A Expert In Mdicl Field Cnt Do That?Plz Director Dnt Show A Dead Like This Way.She A Great Shadow Of The Greatest Emperior Asoka So Dnt Add Blck Marks To His Respect.

    • R

      I’m not supporting the director with what he did ……..he did do a foolish script as always, but still referring to your point – Dharma had a minor heart attack a day ago, remember how she held her br*ast before losing consciousness! So she’s quite week at the moment, maybe we have to accept the story in that way. Ab hame hi aise bahane dhundne honge, to reduce the level of irritation we feel to some extent watching the director’s brainless acts.

  10. Manish

    As predicted Dharma role ended. This will change the stage and serial will head for the end during November. Very important epusode .

  11. Abhishek Maurya

    I may be joking but seriously i felt like crying when dharma was struggling.She was a natural actor.Her motherhood beauty which i watched 1 and half years was brutally ended up.She became an integral part of my family.Watching ashoka without her will be very hard😑😑😑.We will miss her motherly lectures from now.I have no words of what im feeling right now.😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑

  12. Abhishek Maurya

    Now just without wasting any time ashoka should punish sushim and siamak.He should not give them a simple death or just stab with knife or hang them.Impaling them with spear through ass to mouth could do justice to dharma or ashoka should tear their bodies apart.

  13. Jabra fan

    Dharma is; Dharma was; and Dharma will be the sole heroine of CAS. Will miss u Pallavi. Gd luck for ur future. Hope to see u soon in some other great show.

      • Niharika

        They were the diamonds of the show. Bestest actors who made the show popular with their natural acting. Best of luck pallavi come back soon.

  14. Tiyasa


    |Registered Member

    Noooooooo Dharma can’t die like this way, she died bravely while saving pregnant Devi…….she can’t die like a coward……….
    the director has to bring back Dharma………..

  15. Tiyasa


    |Registered Member

    Pallavi mam is my favourite serial actress and she is leaving my favourite serial CAS, for whom will I see CAS, only CAS is left with Mohit sir and Kajol didi and nobody…….

  16. Sus

    Dont know which story is close to history, bollywood Ashoka movie? or CAS? Wish I cud get to know the real story of our gr8 emperor, Ashoka.

  17. Khushiarvind


    |Registered Member

    They just ruined the story of a great emperor… Dharma shld die anhistoric death rather than a painful death lyk this. Disgusting..
    What the writer is planning.. Now ashoka become chand and kaurvaki will turn him to real ashoka aftr there marriage… Will they give any imp to devi in this show..
    Dharma was really a brave lady and pallavi subhash delivered outstanding actress.. Only the cvs with their stupid story made her character worst and they even didnt give her a peaceful death

    • Mahamatya Khallyatak

      serial was already ruined couple of months back, pl watch this as a saas-bahu drama or a family feud thing. This has no relevance to actual history and is a new story

  18. ashoka fan

    very very bad epi.mujhe to rone ke alava aur kuch nhi sujh rha…ohe rani dharma killed by sushim and siyamak…arre bap re ab kya hoga ashoka to belive he nhi karega..

  19. Barbarian

    Tragic end but Siamak and Sushim must be supermen! Cleaning a whole room that was turned topsy turvy in a few seconds before the water arrives😱 Ashok can’t find a single clue?? The director insists on showing the villains one step ahead always – whether it is a biopic or a sass bahu serial, the tactics are the same. Why blame them? It is we who are the idiots, will crib, b*t*h, curse but never miss a single episode, lapping up all they throw at us

    • Mahamatya Khallyatak

      yes, wonder what too so long for Bindu to bring water from kitchen. If Dharma was feeling thirsty, he should have walked at fasteer pace and not leisurely as going for a evening walk. How come susheem and Shiamak, fighting with each other after killing Dharma. Atleast, first thing on their mind should be to re arrange the things or close dorr or run away and discuss next plan…

  20. AB

    Hmmm, what the hell. Who is the writer – Ekta Kapoor? And Pooja the Translator, it the wrong usage of the word “askance”!!!

  21. Lord7Naruto

    Pooja ya know where you wrote
    Bindusara screams Dharma
    Maybe you should right DHARMA!!!! Ya get it also Bindusara Shouts or Screams idk which one

    • Lord7Naruto

      Thanks for the Update Pooja
      And update tomorrow’s ASAP like ya always do but quicker this time Cause this is going the Best Episode Out of the whole Serial

  22. Gumraah

    Guarantee, as understanding pea brain writer and director those two clowns ( Siamak and Sushim ) will make fool of Binusar and Ashoka and nothing will happen.

  23. snigdha

    i think ashoka should kill charumitra in front of sushims eyes to give him the same pain just like the way he has given to ashok by killing dharma

  24. R

    Now guess what that illiterate director would most probably show us that Bindusara reaches his death bed out of the shock and trauma of his favourite wife’s death. -_-

    The director just insulted the mother of arguably the greatest emperor the world has ever seen by showing she died a weak ‘abla nari’ type death. Now he will insult the successor of one of the greatest emperors in Asian history, Chandragupta Maurya ……….who will collapse mourning his favourite wife, and leaving his father’s, his guru’s dream of a strong united Bhaarat at bay, to let every greedy person a chance to grasp the throne.

    I’m sure Bindusara was a good emperor, its not an easy task keeping such a massive emperor intact and safe from invaders throughout his reign.

  25. Nagaiah

    1.Pooja garu, thank you as usual thank you.
    2.Really saddened by brutal murder of Devi Dharma by this two idiots. In fact I switched off TV after this.
    3.Appreciated all the comments by fellow viewers so far. In fact they are the backbone of tellyupdates in addition to Pooja garu’s superfast update.
    4.It is not worth watching CAS any more.

    • Mahamatya Khallyatak

      Nagaiah garu, hope you stick to #4 and stop watching CAS. Dont take this serial personal, actual history was spoilt from very begining, so if you want can watch this as a saaas-bahu drama or a family feud and this serial will be over by Oct end. This has no relevance to actual history, and so we need not compare with actual history

      • Nagaiah

        Thanks. I shall stick to #4, but shall try to go through the gut feelings of our fellow viewers who really contribute to this column in addition to Ms. Pooja. May I know your real name.

    • Gopi Chand

      yes siaaak will kill baminI and sits on the throne but the do not know that people of takshashila will revolt against him iam waiting for the episode that ashok who are his mother’s killers

  26. Anita Sharma

    If siamak will sit on the throne of takshishila then wat about shushim???
    He was governor of Takshishila.

  27. Hersheys


  28. ashoka samrat

    But I think that dharma haven’t died cuz she is a traditional doctor and the greatest character of the present serial. So how can she die like this and soo easily.
    In history she haven’t died this way.
    But some how if she had died it will be unbearable to viewers including me. We miss Pallavi mam sooooo much. She handled a great role in this serial. And CAS was this much beautiful because of her. And now Ashok will be chand and kalinga war will happen quickly. It will be organized by kvk itself I think.
    Director plz plz plz plz plz don’t make the serial stupid. Show it as the real history.
    Somehow a very very sad epi

    • ashoka samrat

      CAS was this much beautiful because of her after our loving sidd* and I think that this hv been shown this way to make us worried *
      Don’t know. Will watch patiently

  29. Animesh

    Now another positive character will get killed Bhamini by Siamak and he will grab the throne of takshila ….may be the director loves killing all positive characters so sick……

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