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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 6th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ashoka says I can understand your pain. Chanda denies. you don’t! I know you very well. You are a hypocrite. How will you build United India? You are the reason of rift between your family; there was no peace in your family because of you! You are the one who killed your own elder brother! He replies that he killed not people but the wrong things in them. She says you say right but this is hypocrisy only. You have two faces. Ashoka blames Sushim for killing his own father. Father wanted to punish Sushim. Chanda calls him Maharaj Ashoka. It is evident that people who are alive write history. If it was for the dead ones then history would surely be something else! Truth is you have been raised with the polluted blood which polluted your blood. He warns her not to utter another word.

I will forge that a woman is standing before you because of the mother you insulted just now. It is her upbringing only because of which you are still standing before me even after insulting her. She cries. You killed my husband making me a widow. You dint think of me back then so why now? I would rather choose to die that be respected by you in the name of your ideals. You are indeed Chand Ashoka! Kaurvaki says Ashoka is Chanda because people misbehaved with him every moment. You said you would choose to die instead be here. It is Ashoka’s greatness that he is still respecting you. Sushim never respected anyone in his life. He misbehaved with me too. You married him even after knowing everything. You will have to live with your choice. Sushim wanted power whereas Ashoka wanted to selflessly serve people. Ashoka forgave Sushim but Sushim killed Ashoka’s mother. Ashoka never killed anyone’s mother. Maybe you are unable to see truth now but I know you well. You think rationally. You will later agree with me. Let’s end this here only. Chanda agrees. Ashoka got his throne. Serve your motherland now. Don’t forget that this hasn’t stained your name. Remember that Sushim had to be deprived of his father’s love for 14 years because of you. this time the same will happen with a kid for his entire life. She turns to go. He tells her to stop but she refuses to stay here. It will be better to die rather than stay here with the one who killed my husband. I and my kid are going away from you leaving behind the ashes of your Badi Ma and elder brother with you. You killed them after all! She keeps the pots full of ashes before Ashoka. A mother, a wife, a daughter, a princess and mostly, a woman curses you! You killed your Badi Ma thereby doing adharma. You snatched father from my unborn kid, my husband from me! You will also be alone one day. You may become Chakravartin Samrat Ashoka but I curse you, you will have no one to share your happiness with that day. I curse you and your family. These pots of ashes will always remind you of your dark days! Everyone looks shocked. Chanda walks out of the courtroom.

Ashoka says I can understand how many battles a single mother bears to raise her kid. I don’t want anyone to bear the troubles my mother or any such woman had to go through. I have decided to bring Chanda back in the palace. She deserves to be here. Acharya RG says I understand you are moved by Chanda’s words. Think of political matters too. Bringing her here can have adverse effects. Ashoka does not want any kid to be born with negative thoughts. CHanda was right. A kid is raised well with positive thoughts. Every kid, be it royal or ordinary, has a right over Patliputra. Who are we to decide anything? We cannot decide anything on the basis of the fact that his father was a traitor! Don’t forget that it will be the first kid of the family. If he deserves throne then he will get that too. Mahamatya seconds Acharya RG. Ashoka refuses to punish Chanda for Sushim’s wrongdoings.

Kaurvaki asks him why he feels Chanda is innocent. Dint she know everything about Sushim and the kind of person he was? No, she knew what she was getting into. People who support sinners are sinners too! Mandodari never supported Ravan. She always tried to show him the right path. She never supported him in his sins. Chanda dint stop Sushim when her family supported Sushim. Sushim would have been alive today. It was more of a deal than marriage. We shouldn’t be sympathetic to such people. Everyone knows Sushim was a devil even before you returned to Patliputra. You yourself know how he has abused kids, people. You have killed a devil. Stop blaming yourself. As a king, this should be your first challenge. Will you get emotional or tactical? It isn’t easy but your decision will affect the lives of many people and of future too! Devi is worried of curse but Kaurvaki speaks of what the ruler must give priority too. Justice cannot be where fear is. Equality cannot be there too! Chanda was no more than a woman who lost her mind. We can compensate but not this way. Acharya RG and Mahamatya support Kaurvaki. Ashoka thanks Kaurvaki. I was swayed by emotions. From on onwards I will only focus on my dream of building united India. Acharya RG and Mahamatya leave.

Devi stops Kaurvaki. I want to talk to you about something important. You both should get married. Ashoka calls it impossible but Devi insists. Kaurvaki completes Ashoka. You both are made for each other. I have thought it well. We were married for some reason. That’s fulfilled now. How will I support Ashoka? Kaurvaki says you will learn. I do love Ashoka but I cannot become the second wife or second woman of someone’s life. I will always stand by Ashoka’s side whenever he will need me but not as his second wife. Devi tries to object but Ashoka tells her to stop. I respect you. it isn’t easy for any woman to think of such a sacrifice. You may forget but I remember my promise to Ma. I said I will accept you as my wife. I married you. I cannot marry again. I have seen how my Ma used to yearn for her husband’s attention. Father made every possible attempt but I wont make that mistake ever. Kaurvaki tells Devi not to think of this ever again in future. I only want you both to stay happily together.

Devi looks emotionally at sleeping Vit. Devi touches Ashoka’s feet while he is sleeping. Their wedding flashes before her eyes. forgive me for not taking your permission before leaving. You don’t understand that you need Kaurvaki and not me to fulfil your motive.

Acharya RG asks Devi where she is headed to. She replies that she is leaving MAgadh for forever. Promise me that you will make Ashoka marry KAurvaki. He says you know Ashoka wont do that ever. She has faith in him that he will make it happen. I take your permission to leave. Please allow me to go!

Precap: Promo of final war between Kalinga and Magadh is shown. Ashoka stabs Kaurvaki (she has covered her face). Her veil comes off as she falls in Ashoka’s arms.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Thanks pooja di for the second last episode and power packed episode thanks pooja di alot and Miss ur update dil

    1. Pooja

      you’re welcome sweetie. i am gonna miss you guys too 😐

      1. Yes pooja di

      2. Shawn Menezes

        Hi this is my first time I’m commenting on this written update as I couldn’t see how bad the ending was. At least Asoka the movie had a better ending despite being a movie… I’m totally disappointed with cas series it is sad that it ended but the ending should had been made better they should had at least took a month for the ending. But will miss your updates pooja . I had been reading your updates from beginning of cas but never commented sorry about that will miss you’ll. 🙁

  2. Tiyasa

    Noooooooooo tomorrow is the last day of CAS…..

  3. Tiyasa

    Thanks Pooja di……miss u….

    1. Pooja

      i am here only…we can chat anytime 🙂

  4. Nice epi,frm 2mrow On Ward We Miss U Pooja.Frm Wht We Cn Met U Then?Tiyasa,devika,maxxa,samrat Ashoka All Of U Too Wil Miss Frm 2mrow

    1. Tiyasa

      Miss u too….

    2. Pooja

      you can meet me at Badho Bahu’s page 🙂

    3. Yes pooja di we can meet at badho bahu page

  5. I didn’t understand today’s episode

  6. Tiyasa

    Miss u all guys after tomorrow…….

  7. Tiyasa

    Devi is sooooo sweet……

  8. Tiyasa

    The story was going slowly and from this Monday it started running…….Why is CAS ending????
    Which faltu show will replace CAS ???? I hate that show which will replace CAS, whichever it might be…..

    1. Yeah u r right…i will miss a lot cas.? especially sid?..hey pooja can u plz update chandranandini…pls pls pls accept my request.. pls dear

    2. Sachin41

      I think today there may be surprise of season 2… bcz all the main part of Ashoka is left and we have only one episode.. How can it be shown in only one episode?? The serial can’t end like this, if it ends it gonna be very disappointing.. let’s hope for best

      Devi, Tiyasa, Samyukta, Varshini, Vanshika, angelk1, Dhananjaya, Abhishek Maurya, Barbarian, Bella miss you friends.. hope we will meet at ChandraNandini updates..

      1. Abhishek Maurya

        Sorry to say sachin41 but ashoka season 2 won’t come coz colors channel refused the request.Also,mohit raina will not risk his career by working with the same production house once again.He will look forward for other shows.
        Don’t expect anything from this shitty channel colors.They all know only black magic and supernatural shows to make.

      2. Ye sure sachin we can meet at the page if chandranandini of course tiyasa rimjhim vanshika alina pooja di we all can meet at chandranandini page

      3. Pooja

        yup…i will also try to join u guys there 🙂

      4. Tiyasa

        Yah….lets hope that season 2 comes…..

        Yes we all will meet at chandranandini but I am 100% sure that CAS is,was and will be better than chandranandini.

    3. Sachin41

      Pooja pls do write updates of ChandraNandini.. pls.. for all of us..
      It’s humble request.. pls pls

  9. Astra

    thnx for the update pooja…

    going to miss CAS…. hope season2 will come

    1. Tiyasa

      Yah I hoped but now I have no hope……my all hopes r lost with the end of CAS……

      1. Can u tell me who is in ur profile pic?? I think tht guy is sid but i can’t recognise other one…

      2. Tiyasa

        Yah Alina its Sidd and Pallavi mam(Dharma).

    2. Pooja

      Anytime Astra. I hope so too.

    3. Yes astra I have also no hope

  10. Oh Mir Pooja Ur Super Fast I Have Doudt Whether U Ar Getng The Tody Script B4 Telecst?Ur So Fast Like Typng Machne.Bt Sme Captal Letr Are In Betwen Simple Letrs.Same Precp As Yesterdy.Hw Does Devi Leave Ashoka Like That??

    1. Pooja

      😀 no, nobody gives me any script. It is fast so yes some mistakes do happen. I am as curious and clueless like you guys right now 😐

      1. Priya15

        Hii di..i think u remember me..we have interacted once in edkv page…

        Di pls visit oct 6 edkv page..i have requested u something… Pls see to it..and kindly accept mh request.. Pls di..once look to it..

  11. Thilini Vasana

    Kaurvaki is right ?…..Ashoka firstly tries to marry kaurvaki…but he married ? Devi in front of kaurvaki……it’s so bad ?….however kaurvaki trust her true love ❤…..but Ashoka cheats her…….her decision is right…not marry Ashoka……? kaurvaki sacrifices many things for Ashoka… his father….her life also….. Ashoka is a really chand……….

  12. This is Epic but same precap ?
    Will Ashoka or Vit maybe Kvk See and Stop Devi?
    Who knows

  13. Abhishek Maurya

    Brace yourselves?.Tommorrow the episode will run in lightning speed.Wonder how will they show kalinga with just one episode left.

  14. +Pooja
    Will Kaurwaki get killed in tomorrow’s episode? Is it the last episode tomorrow?

    1. Pooja

      Yeah last epi tomorrow but i dont know about Kaurvaki’s fate in the serial. I am equally eager to see.

      1. Priya15

        Hiii..pooja di…i think u remember me..we have interacted once in edkv page…di i have a request to u n edkv its a last epi tmr..i have a request from u..pls see my cmnts in oct 6 th page…pls…hope u l accept my request… see it without fail…

      2. Pooja

        Hi Priya, I do remember you. I will see what the request is and reply there only 🙂

  15. Chanda is a fool…hate her for what she said. Devi should not leave. Now Ashoka will understand her importance. And pls Don’t kill kaurvaki.

  16. Abhishek Maurya

    Barbarian,mahamatya khallatak,bella……. and many others where r u all.Please do comment on the last episode of ashoka.Will miss u and ur comments.

  17. Wish I could travel to the past…to 2nd of Feb 2015, that’s when the show started. Its hard to believe that CAS is ending so soon. Very very very sad.

  18. I don’t think that there’s tym for ashoka to declare the kalinga war,defeat them,marry kvk,dhamma ashoka,spreading of dhamma…and other details can be possible tomorrow only..i think that’s why the director showed that kvk being stabbed by Ashok n that will be the reason of chandaashok to change in dhammaashoka..remember chanda’s shap??..this is the result..atleast the director should end this serial peacefully!!..this should be rreported..?y wat r u telling frnds this should be complained na??REPLY PLEASE…? sadd…

  19. Thank god episode atlast comes to end….
    Pakau serial bn gya tha ye
    Real story se alag he bna diya is serial ko

  20. it was not mentioned in history that ashoka killed kaurwaki instead he married her after the kalinga war as he felt very guilty and pain for causing huge destruction and loss in the kalinga war and devi left ashoka and the palace not because she wanted ashoka and kaurwaki to marry but because she wanted to join the buddha sangha and in order to join the Buddhism reliegion she had to leave her palace and her family

  21. S.Ravi Prakash

    Even though the story was not up to mark for the past few months, with unnecessary episodes on gondna, keechak,& the fights with big bird, the swayamvar, the black magic affairs,etc , we were hooked on to the serial CAS! After the TV ? episodes,we would eagerly go through the written updates & the various comments. So all will come to an end on tomorrow the 7th October!. Since the precious time was wasted on unwanted,dragging story line, there was no time left for important episodes on kalinga war, Dharma Ashoka ,etc. Anyway my thanks to Pooja di & all of you ? for giving your comments.

    1. I totally agree with u prakash.
      I think the serial title should have been Ashoka and kaurvaki love story with subtitle as director’s bizzare imagination. What a waste of time, talent and resources by tampering real history.

    2. Pooja

      Anytime dear 🙂

  22. but devis son mahindra and daughter sanghamitra lived with their father ashoka but later on they also joined the Buddhism reliegion including sushims son nigrodha kumar who also later joined the Buddhism reliegion it was ashoka and kaurwakis son tivala who became the emperor of magadh after ashok

    1. from director of chakravartin ashok samrat

      Hello dear I hope you all enjoy our last episode which comes from our writers pen. It has nothing to do with the real history. But still request you all to bear it.

      1. Abhishek Maurya

        Ha ha??.Don’t worry.We are bearing this non-sense since 7-8 months.You all just destroyed the history of ashoka.Where were u director sahab throughout the whole time of ashoka serial.Just commenting on the last day won’t do nothing.
        I don’t think that u have gone through the comments of earlier episodes.

    2. rekha vaghela

      OK the nigrodha was not actually sushim’s son. Tivala didn’t became an emperor as he died young. Ashok’w grandson took the empire after his death.

      1. History lover

        Tivala’s son Dasaratha Maurya became the emperor after ashoka ,as Kunala was blinded by thisyakara . Though Asoka declared kunala’s son Samprati as his heir apparent ,he couldn’t succeed at that time as he was not an adult. However he became samrat after Dasaratha. According to Ashokawadana Nigroda was the son of sumana. However Asokawadana referred Sushim as Sumana.

  23. I hope in tomorrows episode Siddharth nigam comes as devis son mahindra for the last time i used to watch this serial for him only he was really a wonderful and fabulous actor in this serial will miss him a lot and it was indeed a wonderful journey for all of them – mohit raina ( ashoka) saumya seth (kaurwaki) kajol srivastava (devi) ankit arora (sushim) abhiram nain (siamak) heena parmer (chanda)

  24. I will miss the serial. I love reading the comment section and will b missing them. Can someone please create a facebook page of ashokas fan followers. We all can continue our conversation there, share interesting facts abt ashoka and his life. Please post the fb link here so we all can join.

  25. Folks – let’s face it; lets not deluxe ourselves like Chanda did. We stayed loyal to the story despite knowing full well the idiocy of the director and we must face the end braver than Chanda did. We deserve this. Somewhere the director probably came under the influence of some black magic I think …. what a tame and hurried end for Bindu and Sushim. Helena and Noor had more space for expression,; ….. or maybe the director fell for kvk and spiralled into insanity. Mahamatya crowns Ashoka after Chanakya’s blood on his hands???? I still rate Sushim as the finest actor. Chanda would have done well to place the directors ashes at Ashokas feet. That would have been justice!!.

    1. rekha vaghela

      Yes many thing still left unsorted. The director rushed to end the story. Though I really loved the elder sushim’s acting. He was a convincing actor.

  26. Abhishek Maurya

    Where will we all meet once again now decide it early as possible my friends.Hope on chandra nandini.

  27. Hi Everyone,
    I do not know what to do now since CAS will be over from colors channel.

    But I guess it’s better because the way story is going, the director is disrespecting history of Ashoka and totally fabricated, lies they are showing on national television.

    The symbol of Ashok is highly respect, the channel director and channel people should be sued for this distortion of story.

    I will find something else to watch which is more interesting or watch HBO, Star Movies.

  28. 1. Thanks to Pooja garu for her lightening speed written episodes.
    2. Ravi Prakash, Sus and Barbarian comments are very apt.
    3. Going to miss the comments of fellow viewers in spite of watching this history twisted serial.
    4. Instead of Chanda’s caustic remarks on Ashoka, the Director could have made Ashoka to console her with all the facts.

    1. Pooja

      Anytime Nagaiah 🙂

  29. Siddem saiashish

    Thank u pooja garu for her updates and the comments u post and seriously going to miss your comments.Eager to see the today’s episode I hope the story would be ended peacefully

    1. Pooja

      You’re most welcome Siddem 🙂 thank you very much.

  30. Will miss cas the story actually accelerated now…!? I hope it returns with a season 2

  31. Hi.
    Why was khalnatak not punished by Ashok?He had killed chanakya.
    Ashok knows it.

  32. ???

    Superb serial but why not season 2???????

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