Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 6th October 2015 Written Episode Update


Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 6th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Helena says to Charu that Sushim have sent Aakramak to bring Ashok back? Charu says yes but dont know what will happen, war can happen too, Helena says no one should know what is going to happen, nation is already tensed for Ashok, Charu says they will remember Ashok for sometime but then another problem will come infront of them, they will forget Ashok and then my son Sushim will sit on throne, Helena says for sure, Siamak comes there and ask about Ashok, Helena says sushim is there to think about it, charu leaves, Helena thinks that Charu doesnt know who will sit on throne, Siamak says i dont trust Sushim thats why i wanna help Ashok, Helena says Ashok is not that innocent, he is clever to protect himself, he knew about his father being Bindu but he kept it hidden, siamak

says he was waiting for right time, Helena says Ashok wanted to win trust of everyone, he wanted to become great before revealing his truth and see now whole nation is going crazy behind him, i feel he will snatch throne from everyone, Siamak says he always say that i will become Samrat and he will become my army head, Helena says he is fooling you, you are kid thats why you dont understand this.
Bindu is practicing sword fighting, the mysterious girl Mirka is keeping an eye on him, soldier comes to Bindu and says we will stay here for sometime, chanakya is checking security in Ujjain, Mirka is smiling seeing Bindu practice, she sees a scorpio coming to Bindu, she runs and takes scorpio in her hands, scorpio bites her, Bindu orders to take her to doctor, she says no i know how to bring out poison from body, Bindu says but your protection is my duty, soldier takes her to doctor.
the Dasi whom Ahenkara helped to runaway comes to ahenkara’s room, Sushim comes there with her and brings coals there, dasi says i am sorry i did mistake, Sushim says you went against me now i will gift you something, he burns her face with coals, she faints, Ahenkara is shocked seeing all this, Sushim comes to Ahenkara with burning coals, he says you deceived me, you tried to runaway from me, i punished that dasi but if i dont punish you then all will think that i am unjustified Samrat, you want people to say these things for your would be husband? he is about to burn her face but stops, Sushim says your face is very nice, it shows sadness, tears, helplessness easily, if i burn it then how will i get happiness? he is about to kill her brother, Ahenkara says no, i did mistake, punish me but leave him, sushim says lets have some fun.

Scene 2
Mirka is in clinic, doctor ask her to show hand in which scorpio bite, she says i dont need any treatment, i am fine, doctor says let me check, he checks her hand and says scorpio didnt bite you, you are fine, i will inform Samrat, she pinches him with nails, he dies, she says i am a poisonious lady, i have given task to kill Bindu, he has to die from my hands.
Sushim brings plank which has pricks on it, Sushim ask Ahenkara to dance for him on it else he will kill her brother, she stand on pricks and dances for him, her feet bleeds, she is crying and tries to dance, Sushim says why dont you understand that you are important for me, my soldiers will keep eye on you, if you try to run again then your brother will be killed, this is my last warning, he leaves, Ahenkara comes to her brother and says everything will be fine, her feet are wounded.
Ashok sys to shtrujeet(his friend) that bindu is not involved in all this, i will talk to Bindu when he returns, shrtujeet says we are dying and if we have to die then we will die after killing and creating chaos, we will force royal people too to leave their house, Ashok says we have to find other way, shtrujeet slaps him and says you have become Rajvanshi too, Ashok sys you can beat me but you will remain my friend, Shrtujeet slaps him again, he orders to find if Patliputra have accepted their demands or not, Aakramak reaches there with his force, he attacks Shtrujeet’s den, Shtrujeet starts leaving from there with Ashok, Ashok ask shtrujeet to take blindfold from his eyes, Shtrujeet does that, Ashok ask him to free his hands, untie ropes as he will help them, he says i have to stop this attack else no one will remain alive and your truth will never come out, trust me for last time as friend, a soldier comes to beat Shtrujeet but Ashok pushes him away and saves him, Shtrujeet is about to kill him but Ashok stops him and says our aim is to get justice not to kill anyone, Shtrujeet smiles and untie his hands, he gives his sword to him and takes other sword, Ashok says we need to leave from here, shtrujeet says there is one secret way to leave from here but let me check if there is any danger there, he leaves to check it and doesnt comeback, Ashok goes to check him but he is caught by the killer sent by Khalatak, killer cuts Shtrujeet’s neck, Ashok gets angry and tries to fight with him but killer pushes him away, Ashok falls on ground, killer says they sent me to kill you? he is about to kill Ashok but Ashok puts dust in is eyes, he hits him with stone, killer faints, Ashok goes to Shtrujeet and ask him to open his eyes, i wanted to make you trust that i am with you, now he will tell me about this cruelty, shtrujeet becomes conscious, Ashok says i will bring help, killer comes an pushes Ashok from cliff, Ashok shouts Maa, Aakramak sees him falling.

PRECAP- Voiceover says magdh is burning inbetweeen Sushim’s hatred and Ashok’s helplessness, Magdh’s savior(Ashok) will come to save it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. A really weird Samrat Ashok story.

  2. Ahenkara ko khub choda hoga shushim ne…

    1. choda kya ho ga phaar di hi gi us ne –

  3. i hate this sushim. how badly hes torturing ahankara. i feel so bad for her. don’t know when will bindusar and chanakya come? he should punish sushim for being a lazy samrat and also for torturing ashok and ahankara for so long. sushim ne ashok ko 100 kore marwaya tha. ab bindusar sushim ko 200 kore marwaayenge. tab jaa kar sushim aur uss bhootni charu ko samajh me aayega. i want to see the same pain on charu’s face which i saw on dharma’s face. i want charu to pay for everything. and what wrong is with this khalatak? hes a guru, hes acharya, how can he plan to murder someone? he has become a rajdrohi and he should be given death sentence. poor ahankara. she can’t even ask for help from anyone. she tried to escape from magadh but destiny wants her to stay back. i guess her good days are near. she’ll get justice for all the pain caused to her by sushim. either ashok or bindusar will punish him. but i want ahankara herself to punish sushim infront of whole royal family. and then marry ashok and show sushim his right place.

    1. Hi baisali i saw in internet that sushim had married ahenkara not ashok.

      1. No aparna you are mistaken. Ahankara is asandhimitra. You can see the wikipedia of asandhimitra. There its mentioned that asandhimitra is ujjain’s little princess. And in this serial ahankara is the only ujjaini princess whos alive. Plus the way sushim is shown treating ahankara, they won’t get married after he gets exposed. So ahankara hopefully will get married to ashok.

    2. Bt i saw in sushim’s wikipedia that ahenkara is his consort. It’s totally confusing

      1. What? Sushim’s consort? OMG that’s really confusing. Because asandhimitra was ujjaini princess, that’s what I saw in wikipedia and here in this serial ahankara is shown to be the only princess left after agnishikha died. And she doesn’t even have any sister, but a new born brother. If ahankara was sushim’s consort then I’m confused too. Because here in this serial sushim is ill-treating and torturing her. So how can she get married to him…its totally confusing

      2. And I also read that ashok was ujjain’s viceroy/governor and sushim was taxila’s governor. If sushim married ahankara then he should have been the viceroy of Ujjain. Let’s see what they show in the serial.

  4. Ashoka story is now dragging. Bindusar a king who ruled almost half of India is shown in very poor light and lime a nincompoop. Doesn’t Chanakya have spies to know what’s happening at magadh. Unbelievable yarn. If this continues no one will see this serial. They are making g a mockery of Ashoka tbe Great

  5. This Charumitra shown in the serial is so weird that she doesn’t deserve to be the consort of Samrat Bindusar…I mean how can a first wife of a Samrat behave in such a way? Check out the 5 reasons why she don’t deserve to be a Maharani & wife of Bindusar

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