Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 6th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 6th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ashok comes to Soldier’s house where Sushim’s brother is kept, he sees baby brother crying and ask soldier’s wife to bring something for him to eat, she goes to bring, Ashok takes baby and leaves from there, wife comesback to find Ashok gone with baby, she is stunned.
People complains to Bindu that Agradoot is attacking us, help us, Bindu says no one is allowed to hurt my nation, Ashok can take his side but for me Agradoot is terrorist, i gave him chance to come and meet me but his intentions are to kill people and rule, i pronounce him as betrayer of Magadh, i want him alive or dead.
Ashok is taking baby to Ahenkara, Soldier’s wife and other soldiers come in his way and has sword in their hands, Ashok puts baby on floor and acts like

surrendering but he attacks soldiers, takes baby from there and hides, soldiers start fighting him and leaves from there, Ashok comes out and says to baby that i will soon take you to your sister.
Bindu says i feel Chanakya should have been here, Dharma comes there and says if you dont want to make AShok your heir then.. Bindu says its about Magadh’s future and i will choose the one who is most deserving, dharma says if you cant fulfill this then fulfill my other wish, i want another palace for me and Ashok, Bindu ask why? Dharma says i have lived a difficult life for 14 years and here i feel like someone is favoring me when i eat food, i feel like Ashok is being used as common kid here, i dont want to live like beggars anymore, i dont want to ask for anything now, i want to live with respect, Bindu ask if anything has happened to you? Dharma says if you cant give me rights then Ashok can snatch his rights too, i have trained him that much, Bindu says i cant believe Dharma you are saying this, he leaves, it was charu who was imposing as Dharma, Bindu was seeing Dharma in charu as he is under influence of black magic.
Soldier announces that anyone who catches Agradoot alive or dead will get reward, Ashok listens this and says all are hating Agradoot, Bindu wanted to talk to Agradoot but he is thinking wrong about him too, once i give Ahenkara his brother back then i will tell truth to Bindu.
Ahenkara also listens announcement about Agradoot and says if i did mistake by trusting Agradoot? will he be able to protect my brother? i should have told everything to Ashok, sushim comes there and ask Ashok or Agradoot? Ahenkara is shocked to see him, Sushim gets angry on her and grabs her from neck, he says what you thought that i will not know anything? i can recognize betrayers even if they are in dasi’s attire, flashback shows how Sushim had seen her in dasi’s attire when sh was coming back to palace and how he got to know from soldier that Ahenkara went to meet Agradoot, fb ends, Sushim says i sent your brother away to punish you but you have confirmed your brother’s death by asking Agradoot’s help.
Bindu recalls Dharma’s weird behavior and is tensed, Charu comes there, Bindu says i need silence, i want to take rest, Charu says i married you first, i have spent most time with you and i know when you think what, i am your partner in life so you can talk to me, Bindu says i never thought Dharma will change this much, charu says its situation that changes people, dharma is not from royal family, she and Ashok have got royalties suddenly so they are not able to handle it, which mother doesnt want her son to get everything in life? i just want you to spend time with Dharma so she will become fine, Bindu thinks that everything has changed in palace, Dharma has become greedy and Charu has become calm and sincere.
Sushim throws Ahenkara away, she falls down from window but holds onto it, she ask Sushim to pull her up but he laughs and says no one is there to help you.

PRECAP- Sushim is about to attack Agradoot but Ahenkara pulls him away, Sushim get hit by sword in his belly, all are shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Sushim gor hurt or ahenkara got hurt while saving Ashoka/Agradoot

  2. By the end of the fight, Chanakya would be back. He would then feel its better to have Ashoka in Ujjain. So he asks Ashoka to go to Ujjain & lets Ahenkara go with him. They will have a romantic love story there & Ashoka would turn out to be a good ruler.

  3. its sushim who was hurt by ahenkara

  4. Your episode is now turning into booring dont put so much black magic no one find till still hw many episode it will take to end balck magic so dat we can start seeing after that

  5. Dont make too much bakvase thank you plz plz dnt make too much boore by extanding sushim charu characters
    …in balck magic

  6. it is becoming boring. i think the black magic needs to be stopped with less of Charumitra and Sushim CHaracter and more or Ahsoka

  7. All serials are moving almost with same stories black magic, negative characters winning and positive charcters suffering at last intrest of the people will become very low in watching these serials.No difference in stories

  8. I hate this episode I want ashoka wins my horitorical hero samrat Ashok a wins

  9. Everything is going as on other serials and noting good and veey boring.

  10. Dis serial is based on history. Plz don’t make dis like other daily soaps full of black magic.

  11. I too have the same complaint of the others that black magic is too much in the serials now a days, which we cannot believe. Also dont make the serial dragging by showing the stories of other characters. Please don’t forget that Ashoka is the centre point of the serial. In this serial Samrat Bindusar is becoming a doll or funny character by believing all nonsense.

  12. If the story is more focusing on the history rather than too much bubble soap, it will be a legend film n make people really interested in it n goid memoar – come on producer maje a better plot pls

  13. Bindusar itna bewkuf that kya ……….jise hr bar chanykya ki help chahiye

  14. I am an Indonesian viewer. Seeing the ad at the beginning of this serial, it is supposed to showcase the growing character of Ashoka. The start with the brahmin background put a good psychological conditioning on Ashoka’s then loving character after Kalinga war. The black magic episodes are too many, with no clear message of how a pious lady can be easily targeted by black magic. In reality, I know some people targeted by black magic simply stay unaffected. The same powerful black magic is also inserted in Jodha and Mahaputra. Seems that black magic is a so boring filler. Need more creativity and filter for screenwritet to link the knowns in history, so that viewers won’t laugh and downgrade Ashoka.

  15. During those days only da king cud practice black magic nd no one else and if any 1 practices it was a crime n punishable….charu seems to practice it frm long ago n only Helena knws it y da king is nt able to knw??
    In da new promo ashok/agradoot tls he attackd sushim bt y he didnt say dat being king he shd knw wat his son is doing dat he is torturing a princess…i thnk from this incident only bindu wl nt favour ashok as ashok dared to point a dagger at da king wich is a Rajdroho(royal betray)…

  16. Serial should be near to the reality. Is there any evidence that charumitra was doing black magic against dharma? Chanakya’s secret agents should find out charu’s black magic. Bindusar should become intelligent to find out the reason for Dharma’s behaviour. Mango will not become Neem and Neem will not become mango by doing black magic.

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