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Dharma scolds Ashoka for cheating her. You have begun to lie to me now. You broke my swear! He disagrees. I dint even lie to you. I just dint tell you entire truth. I took permission from you to avenge Bhupal’s death only. I left to help a mother get justice. I lived by my promise. I dint go to Patliputra. Sushim is irked that he lost the golden chance to kill Ashoka. Everyone knows his truth now. Dharma tells Ashoka she does not wish to hear anything. Come. Bindu tells her to stop. Helena and Siamak look on.

Dharma looks taken aback to see Bindu. She recalls all their happier moments together. Vit also looks at Bindu with surprise. Bindu and Dharma remember the old times. He touches her face and she ends up crying. Charu and Sushim look unhappy. Helena is shocked. Bindu says you

shouldn’t have left Patliputra. Dharma says I couldn’t change my son’s behaviour in the past 10 years. I couldn’t change him for good. Forgive me. He has become Chand. His heart has turned into stone. Even a mother’s pain or tears has no effect on him. Bindu looks at Vit. Dharma says he is our son, Vit. Bindu calls him Rajkumar Vit, my son. Vit runs up to him to give him a hug. Forgive me son. You were not at fault yet you had to bear so much pain. You cannot even imagine how much I have yearned to hug you. They share a hug. Dharma gets emotional. Ashoka takes a step back. Helena thinks this Maha Sangram turned into Maha Sangam instead!

Bindu calls Ashoka son. It is enough. Come home. Sushim looks angrily at his mother who too is teary eyed. Bindu says you can hurt me as much as you wish but my blood is in your veins. You are a part of me and will always be. I forgive you today. Ashoka replies that he might have forgiven him but he will never forgive him. Sushim and Charu look surprised whereas shock registers on Dharma’s face. Ashoka says you called me orphan 10 years ago. You behaved like that only. You dint even look for me once. I agree I did wrong in your eyes. It was unpardonable. You punished me for it but why did you punish my mother and the new born baby. You gave my mother a choice 10 years ago, to choose between her son and her husband. I will choose today! I wont go to Patliputra. Everyone is shocked. Vit requests his brother not to do so. BIndu tells him not to be so stone hearted and calls him son. Ashoka tells him not to call him son again and again. Dint you hear what I said Samrat Bindusar? My father announced me dead years ago when he called me an orphan. My father died for me then and there itself! Bindu looks hurt. Dharma slaps Ashoka. BIndu thinks of his own words 10 years back. Ashoka thanks his mother. I dint expect you to bless me. But you allowed me to leave with this slap. He touches her feet but she looks away. Vit stops Ashoka. Please don’t leave me. I cannot live without you. Ashoka says you have to take care of mother in my absence. Do you remember what I said? Vit nods. It is my responsibility to take care of Ma and motherland in your absence. Ashoka hugs his brother. Dharma cries seeing Ashoka leave.

Acharya says our plan dint complete. Samrat was ready to take Ashoka with him but Ashoka is not changing his mind. Acharya RG says he can go wherever he wants to but his destination is the dream of united India. This is the truth. Ashoka cannot stay without his mother or motherland.

Ashoka thinks all the relations with those family members are over now when the emotions died inside him. I was Chand and will always be. I will never go back there.

Ashoka is sitting alone looking at the ruins of a house. It is the same house where Acharya Chanakya had breathed his last. Acharya RG comes there. Ashoka knew he will come for sure. Acharya RG says you wanted to come to Patliputra since so long. You rejected it in anger. It seems like Acharya Chanakya and the promise you made to him isn’t important anymore. Everything has become personal for you. Ashoka replies that he hasn’t forgotten anything. I recall everything that happened clearly. I cannot forget my father’s bitter words. I was a 14 year old kid when my father called me an orphan asking me to leave his house. He is dead for me. He was my father. I loved and trusted him so much. He dint even let me meet my mother. My Guru’s dream is my dream too but I got punished. The right to fulfil that dream was snatched from me. I was banished from my own home. You cannot even imagine what I would have felt that time. It is the biggest punishment of a person to snatch the only motto of his life from him! Bindusar said it all too easily and asked me to come home. There was no hurt, pain or regret on his face. He told me to forget everything. I haven’t and will not. What he did with my mother and the new born baby was wrong! I was a kid but he was a Samrat. I wouldn’t forgive him for it ever. I am Chand but I too feel pain. When someone gives another wound over it instead of nursing it then it turns green once again. I haven’t forgotten anything. that 14 year old kid is still alive inside me bearing the pain. Acharya RG worries that the dream will break this way. Ashoka says my tears will not weaken my resolve. I know what I have to do. It isn’t important to live in the palace with Samrat. See how that dream will fulfil now. Acharya RG is puzzled. How will you do it without Samrat? Ashoka shares that Guru used to say that let enemies think you are weak and helpless. Use it against them. You make plans which become known easily, not me. You thought I wasn’t aware of all that you planned? I knew everything that happened till now. I saw the sadness and shock on your face when I refused to go to Patliputra. I want to see it on the faces of my every enemy as well. I told you earlier also and I am telling you now. I hate planning or plotting. You wont be able to control me. If you think you can then I will make you lose in your own game. He walks near Garud. I promise you that my promise will be fulfilled soon. One of the killers will be punished by this Purnima. This is the vow of Dharma-putr and warning of Chakravarti Chand. He leaves. Acharya RG remarks that Ashoka thinks like a lion. Who will be able to tame him?

Precap: Bindu brings Dharma and Vit to Patliputra. Kaurvaki kills the guy who was after Ashoka (Sent by Sushim 10 years ago). Ashoka is surprised to see Kaurvaki and recognizes her.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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