Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 5th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 5th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ahenkara tells Agradoot that sushim have snatched her brother from her and has given to some soldier. Agradoot ask Ahenkara about soldier who has abducted her brother? she tells him.
Soldier has brought Ahenkara’s brother to his home, baby is crying, soldier’s wife says there is no milk or toy to stop him from crying, Soldier says i feel like killing this betrayer’s son but if anything happens to him then Sushim will not leave me, he leaves to bring something for him.
Ahenkara leaves, Ashok says i wish i could tell you that i am Agradoot only, but soon i will tell truth to Bindu and then everything will be fine.
Noor says its been so much time that i didnt send any letter to Helena, she finds Dastan’s tent caught by fire, she thinks

that Dastan is inside tent, she says if anything happens to him then my plan will fail, i have to put mu life in danger to see if he is fine, she is about to go near fire but Dastan comes from behind, she ask where was he? if he is fine or not? fire blows off, she ask how did fire blow off? Dastan says the way it started, it blew off too, he makes her meet magician who made her see that there was fire al around, Noor says this means you were taking test of my love? Dastan says i wouldnt believe your love if i didnt take your test, i dont believe that i love you even now, be prepared to destroy Bindu and to be mine, Noor hugs him and says dont do this with me again, i cant wait to become yours, she thinks that its time to take revenge from Bindu for killing Justin and taking throne from him.
Charu comes black magician and says i dont wanna kill Bindu, i want him to announce Sushim as next heir then no one will be able to question Sushim, magician gives her drink and says make Bindu drink it, its not easy to do it, Dharma lives in his heart, only she can make him drink it, after drinking it Bindu would become sub-conscious then he will see what you want him to see.
Bindu prays to Lord to make Dharma fine, i cant see her in pain, Dharma comes there with drink, he smiles at her, Tum hi toh mere ho plays, she makes Bindu sit beside her, Bindu says you came to my room? dharma says i am your beloved wife, do i need permission to come in your room? he nods in no, dharma says i am sorry for that day, i regret that day, she offers him drink, he smiles, Bindu says you dont need to do that, i just want you to become fine and i will help you, i wanna ask you what happens to you all of a sudden? you start acting like you dont care for anyone, you behave with me like i am nothing for you, Charu sees them from far and does black magic on Dharma, Dharma starts crying, she says i wish i could answer you, i tried to make myself comfortable in this palace, i thought if i need to become queen then i will have to act like queens, you were not with me, i was afraid that i will lose you again, Bindu says no, i wont leave you now, i will be with you and will take care of you, i will do what you want, Charu does magic on her, Dharma starts coughing, Bindu gives her water, Dharma smiles at him and makes him drink water from same glass, Charu smirk.
Ahenkara is coming back in palace, she is dressed as dasi, she finds Sushim coming there and gets tensed, she covers her face, Sushim is drunk, he falls down near Ahenkara but doesnt see her, Soldiers take Sushim from there, Ahenkara is worried for her brother.
In market, Ashok is disguised as toy seller, he thinks that Ahenkara’s brother must be around here as Sushim must have not sent him much away from palace, soldier will need something to keep Ahenkara’s brother calm, so he might come to buy toy. People are buying toys from him, Ashok recalls how Ahenkara told him that there were marks on soldier’s hands who took her brother away, Ashok keep checking people’s hand, Soldier comes to him and ask him to show him toys, Ashok finds mark on his hand, he gives him toy, Soldier leaves, Ashok follows him.

Scene 2
Bindu wakes up, dharma says i was waiting for you to wake up as i want to ask something from you, you have to promise me that you will give me what i want, Bindu says i trust you more than me, i know you will ask that thing from me which i can give you, Dharma says i know you can give it to me, she says i want you to make Ashok your heir and announce him as next Samrat, Bindu says this is selfishness, how can you ask anything like this? dharma says you know Ashok is most deserving to become Samrat, Bindu says i cant be biased with others, the one who deserves to be Samrat will become Samrat, Dharma says you promised me to give what i want, Bindu says i promised Dharma whom i loved but you are just selfish lady, i came to you as doctor told me that you need my assistance but i wont come to you now, he leaves, it was not Dharma but Charu imposing as Dharma, she says bindu drank from Dharma’s glass and its effect is that now whenever i want, Bindu will see Dhrma in me, i will look like Dharma to him, he brought Dharma and his son to palace with much respect but he will throw them out soon.

PRECAP- Soldier announce in market that Bindu has ordered if anyone catches Agradoot live or dead, he or she will be rewarded, Ashok listens this and thinks that once i free Ahenkara’s brother then i will catch that impostor of Agradoot and will present to Bindu.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Story is getting bore day by day.. Losing interest ib mn watching this.. Plz bring chanayka I think only he can do d things right

  2. The bullshit addded on a daily basis is such a bore. I mean whats your writers smoke this days

  3. I agree with the comments , I too stopped watching I visited this site to know if story moved in a meaningful direction. What I see is that it is unnecessarily pulled in useless drama.
    I doubt if it is even 1% true what they are showing these days.
    May be I will catch-up after a month.

  4. Why this nice story make bore to the poeple, its like slow going train now.

  5. The show is becoming bulkshit with the black magic track going on… Colors channel is promoting superstition now a days

  6. Once it was d best tv serial.But now it has become just like d typical saas bahu type.
    And this black magic concept..all nonsense..

  7. Please stop black magic consequences. Chanakya’s secret agents what they are doing? They are not doing anything to protect dharma and ashoka from charumitra. Why radhagupta is unaware of activities of charumitra ? Secret agents activity all of a sudden stopped suddenly? As per the history.Secret agents were playing main role in Magadh dynasty. There is a difference between honesty and foolishness. Now they are showing dharma as a fool. Bindusara is also behaving silly. These are the qualities of king and queen. Chanakya had chosen such a king that he is not taking any decision correctly where as 14 yr old ashoka is taking right decision. Please make bindusara to find out the reason for Dharma’s behaviour.

    1. excellent- I completely agree there is difference between honesty and foolishness. Many of viewers don’t have patience to support honest but foolish people for many many weeks of pain being showed.
      This serial is going downhill and only way to get back the viewers is to get back on the right track.

  8. Why your channel showing the slow story…it tv serial is become like a sas bahu serial…please go fast as you in beginning…

  9. Moyoor Sharma

    The story of this serial has gone away from its reality. The black magic done by Charumitra, as shown here, is false. And, Justin, son of Helen is also an imaginary character. And Queen Helen was not an enemy to India. She loved India and the Indian traditions. She even learned Sanskrit and Indian Classical Music. It is very bad to show such a good lady as a negative character in the history. And, Helen was not forced to marry Chandragupta. They had a love marriage. They loved each other.

  10. Hello Readers,

    What ever is shown is in right direction, If you will see as Bindusar observes Dharma it is really right, one can become blind in all lavish life and if she live her life style as Queen then what is wrong in it, either by magic or either by her own mind. It is good to see her in Rani’s behaviour as only seeing her in Dasi’s dress and doing all jobs of dasi and Charumitra and Nur every time scolding her and trochering her. It is good that she is demanding all her dreams to come true as Queen. The serial is really in right direction and I appreciate Director as he is using all new tricks and again giving solutions to all tricks in very intelligent manner. It is good to observe all the serials and every day new lesson is taught.

    I am going to observe all the serials without fail and appreciate the Director’s tallent,with good cast, music and huge set. Director of Ashoka has great potential in him as he can direct bigger movie than Bahubali as he deserve it.

    I appreciate every day play and enjoy without fail.

  11. Helena loved India it is right, but again Indian will never accept the son of Unani to become as Samrat. As he has mixed Blood, as a mother she will every time dream that her son should become Samrat. Here also what ever is shown is right she is good lady, but what ever is in her mind that is expressed and it is expressed in right manner, Bindusar every time respects his mother and never criticise her. The story which is shown is very much right unnecessary dont put negative comment.

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