Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 5th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 5th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dharma is surprised. What did Shubhrasi say? Acharya RG says no one will trust her words till they come true. Dharma asks about Charu next . Nayak calls her a blot in the name of woman. She prays to devil. Tantra is banned in Magadh yet she keeps doing them to help Sushim gain evil powers. She does not step out of her room for days at times. Charu is shown doing black magic.Nayak adds that Charu’s so called pride, that tantric still lives in the mountain. He helps her from there only through his tantra vidya. Dharma is pained. I cannot bear to hear all this anymore. What has happened to the family members of royal family? Is this why Acharya Chanakya dreamt of united India? Is this why Acharya Chanakya sacrificed his life? Can Samrat still not see anything wrong going on around him? Devi

is near the door by now. Acharya RG says no proof has been found against Charu till date. We cannot show anything. She destroys everything. Nayak begins to talk about Siamak when they hear a noise. Dharma opens the door and finds Devi there. What are you doing here? Devi asks her who she was talking to. Dharma says the one who came left. Why are you so curious? Devi says there is nothing in the world that does not induce curiosity. Devi ends up talking too much in roundabout manner and loses the main point. Dharma tells her to sleep as it is night. She closes the door. Devi think Dharma trapped her in her own words only. I am mad after all but I will figure everything out soon!

Bela tells Kaurvaki God has listened to her prayers finally. He will come to the bar tonight that is outside Kalinga. Kaurvaki is thrilled. I have been looking for him (Ashoka) since so many years. I still felt he is near even when he dint come. Tonight is the night for which I have done tapasya since years!

Ashoka is in the Sarai (bar). His peasant is also there. Why isn’t he still here? Someone laughs that he got scared of you. Peasant agrees. Ashoka comes to the Sarai. Kaurvaki and Bela come too. They have covered their heads with a dupatta.

Ashoka takes a seat.

Kaurvaki looks at the stone. She thinks of their last meeting. We will meet again if we stay alive. Neither time nor enemy can separate them. She goes inside with Bela and her group of soldiers. They sit on either side of a guy.

A guy picks up Ashoka’s glass just when he is about to pick it up. The peasant enjoys it from far. Same thing happens again. Ashoka pulls the table cover third time. I am ready to fight with you if you want but everyone should thoroughly enjoy. I will hit you without touching you! You will have to treat everyone here if you lose. That is the only condition. The peasant readily accepts it.

Kaurvaki asks the man not to even move. He asks her who she is. She tells him not to even think of moving. I know you are Sushim’s spy. I have been waiting for you. You know the punishment given to Magadh’s spy if found in Kalinga! Coincidentally, I wont do it as we have the same aim! What do you know about Ashoka? He says what if I don’t tell. She says I am looking for Ashoka more keenly than Sushim. Whoever comes in between wont get to live. Bela tells him to speak. Kaurvaki pleads the man to say something. The spy says I checked everywhere but couldn’t find him. There is only one place which is left to be searched – Avantipuram, Ujjaini. There is the only hope to find him there now. Kaurvaki looks hopeful and emotional.

Ashoka succeeds in beating the people without even touching them (only by ducking aside or by using stuff of the Sarai). He walks up to the peasant afterwards. My Guru says evil has no solution. It has only to be ended. It is the nature of a snake to bite. But now I have decided to snatch what all I want! He takes the pouch of money from the peasant and tells everyone to enjoy. Ashoka dances with the dancers. He remembers the insult to his mother and looks angry and all that happened in Patliputra 10 years ago. The female dancer dances closely with him but he walks aside. He thinks of Kaurvaki. He walks out of the Sarai. Ashoka falls down because of his drunken state. He dreams of Kaurvaki. It’s been 10 years without you, without seeing you, without knowing anything about you. I know we have to meet but when. She says tradition, state, fight, throne are all obstacles in their way. He wants to know when it will happen. I cannot live without you. He begins to walk towards her when he slips. He clings onto a branch. She steps forward saying Ashoka. He is mesmerised to see her. you are beautiful than my imagination. What can be better than this for me? The one I waited for is before me. She says even death cannot do us apart. We met after 10 years! She is shocked to see his falling down. We were separated in our life. Our death will finally unite us. She too falls down. They hold hands. Ashoka gains conscious. The peasant (Nand) laughs seeing him thus. He takes his pouch happily.

Precap: Bindu asks who taxed on something. Mahamatya takes Sushim’s name. Bindu demands to meet Sushim right away. Till when will I rectify his mistakes? Sushim says this world needs a devil and not a Nayak! I am that devil! Charu looks content.

Update Credit to: Pooja


  1. ghost

    Pooja are you writer of CAS?
    Firstly, amazing VFX works yaar.
    Secondly, the fubble words by Mohit Raina shame shame shame. A kid can speak better hindi than you. That action scene is a bitter one, well you cant jump off and on, its a shame shame. Hey Mohit Raina, and his fans, can he jump while doing action? Dum hai.. Let me tell you his fans will say limca pepsi mirinda guiness world record, but he cannot jump while doing action! Shame shame!
    Secondly, the songs is quite beautiful thumbs up for music direction.
    Well, Learn Mohit Raina from new sushim he is exactly the same act.
    Again, Bindusar got black colored Beard which is too much blackish come on yaar, pls paint some white. Come on yaar! Hey director and writer dont you have any idea! Charumitra also looks s*xy and hot, but she should look old.
    Again dialogue delivery Mohit baba … Pls say fluently …dont say with too much speed..
    Radhagupta pls come back

    • Pooja



      Hey sorry I couldn’t reply yesterday. I am associated with Tellyupdates only. I write the updates for TU..

  2. sandeep sharma

    Stop showing love story of ashoka and kauravaki… it seems like ashoka has forgot evrything and only interested in making her love life succesful…. we are not here to see any love stories ( for that we have so many other serials ) … we are here to see some motivation in life and struggle to reach our goals except girls….so please focus on that rather than showing love stories otherwise had to stop watching it.

  3. Dhananjaya

    Thnks Pooja For Quick Update.Plz Dnt Get Angry Wth Me For Ths?Does Directors & Producers Reading Our Comments?If They Nt Read It Is Useles Of Comitment.Asoka Adicted To Alchol Also Shamles!!When Wil They Retrn To Pataliputra Again?

    • Pooja



      You’re welcome 🙂
      I am sure and definite that every serial director always reads all the comments, reviews and feedbacks on their serial for sure. Keep writing, it will reach them. And unfortunately, I have no idea when will Ashoka and everyone return to Patliputra 🙁

  4. kasturi

    WTF man!! what r u showing??? ashoka is dancing n singing in bar drinking alcohol??? living all his responsibilities he is dancing n dreaming about kvk!! fed up of this shit. he is the greatest warrior and ruler of our country till date.the ashok stambh he made thousands of years ago still represent our country. plz show his life struggle, his aspiring journey frm a ruthless warrior to a iconic ruler.stop showing this nonsense. many fans r quitting. we don’t want our favourite show to be ruined.plz show something true history.fiction has a limit dude! plz understand.

      • kasturi

        Ofcourse! he only “thought”. its nt a infinite daily soap with no exact story. its the life story of india’s greatest warrior king. They should focus on his struggling n aspiring journey. he reconstructed india. there are lot to I’m requesting don’t waste time in shitty song, damce dream sequences. This show is losing its charm.Ashok did a lot of great things and established the virtues of the real history.don’t make it a melodramatic love story. we have them much more on tv!!!

      • sai

        Be patient.How can u judge them based on 2-3 episodes?
        I would’ve agreed with you if it was dragged for weeks.However,be optimistic and patient.

      • kasturi

        so we should accept that the great emperor ashoka, who was known as ‘rajarshi’, a man who maintained a very simple lifestyle despite being so powerful; was an alcoholic n enjoyed dancing in a bar?? like seriously?? in which history book is it written???!!

      • history

        @sai I have no intention of hurting u, but why do u always defend this serial? I mean whatever is wrong, accept it! Don’t u think there are many things wrongly shown?

      • Anonymous

        @ history and kasturi i dont wanna hurt u too buddy but why to oppose it always this bar thing is present in some historical evidences too i would request u to have a reasearch first and then comment on anything i too oppose whats wrong but dnt critisize it evry now and then coz none of us were PAs to Samrat ashok …plz oppose the yhngs just as viewrs wid respecting evryones sentiments and emotions its a humble request !

      • history

        I am sry to say but , @Anonymous, there is a gr8 need to criticize this serial. I know u have studied history, but those who are unaware should know that this serial is wrongly depicting the history. I hope u also understand it!

      • sai

        Oh for god’s sake leave this matter.I’m just asking u to be patient.And Katuri ,neither u nor me are the witnesses of what happened actually.Why don’t u take things lightly?
        Its all for entertainment purpose.If u like it watch it.And please I’m not supporting anybody,Im just asking u not to make a scene.

  5. sandeep sharma

    If they are going to showcase the love story of ashoka only for better Trp…… rather than concentrating on his struggle for throne and to punish the evils… i will definitily stop watching it

  6. sandeep sharma

    M sure… they are going to change the history in this show.. the way the writer and show story is going , i m pretty confident that they will show that the war btw kalinga and magadh happened becoz of kauravaki 😛 as her dad is against their marriage… so ashoka attacked kalinga and won her. and later on ashoka and kauravki live their life peacefully and he becomes angel from chand 😛 lol

  7. sandeep sharma

    Kauravaki gonna sing…. ” m hu ek angel or devil (chand) mera yaar 😛 jo menu yaaar na mile to marjaava “…. and she changed ashoka from chand to angel… lol so predictable story its gonna happen just like other daily soaps .. huh… not interested to see anymore

  8. Sus

    Kaurvakis hairdo is horrible. Again pls make Mohit look younger than dharma. pls we want previous Radha gupt. Sid was really good. The new team must b given fair chance too. More hardwork is needed to keep up sheen of the show.4o

  9. S.Ravi Prakash

    Yes. Son should look younger than mother, but dharma looks younger! Also the dance / song looked like a Bollywood film.

  10. Harshit

    Mohit can be acceptable as Ashoka slowly slowly. But he never take a place of Siddharth.
    His dialogue delivery is very fast sometimes & has many faults.
    Their is very worst casting of kvk & radhagupt.
    In today’s episode kvk looks like a Bhotni in her hairstyle. she dosen’t stand a 5% beuty of Reem. koi jake director sahab ko bataye ki ye historical show ha na ki horror show.even charu looking more beautiful than kvk.
    Radhagupt ka role karvane ke liya pata nahi kise pakad kar laye ha. He has a villain type face. production team ko ab kaun bataye ki keval dhoti pahan lene se har koi mahatma ghandhi nahi ban jata aur na hi dikhayi de sakta ha.
    leap ke aane ke bad to director pura pagal ho gaya ha. jo tantric wali nautanki phir se suru kar di gayi ha. After the chanakya deth cas is remains popular due to sidd performance.
    But now he leave the show & serial ki nautanki
    me increasement hota ja raha ha.
    so i request to director either he brings up sidd very soon or stop the serial.

  11. manisha

    Mohit Raina should not do the role of Ashoka. He is not suitable at all. Some one younger and with a good personality should do this role.

  12. Mohit

    Mohit raina doesn’t suit this role he looks too big for it
    10 year leap k baad itna hefty Ashoka na na na casting improper
    Vitt Ashoka is proper casting sushim is proper casting but show is on the shoulders of Mohit raina
    Had a fresher got a chance it wud have fared far well
    U could have taken an idea from the pic of real Ashoka available on Internet then casted Ashoka
    Story line has not been picked up well after the leap
    Don’t bring down the greatness of Ashoka with such bar dances alcohol n all it’ll take the Trp down and in the longer run vv down

  13. Baisali

    Lol 😛 this mohit raina can’t even dance. He’s dancing like a monkey. I’m sorry guys but it was really very funny :D. Not only his dancing, but also his expression while dancing like that. No expression at all. As if a statue was dancing. And this karuvaki, doesn’t she have any other work? She’s a princess, and on top of that the only child of jagannath. Being the only child she has many responsibilities. Instead of fulfilling them she’s roaming around in search of her lover. What kind of a princess is she? Director hum sab ko “no ulloo banaowing”. If a king has one child then that child is supposed to take over all the responsibilities. Just one request to the director. Don’t just portray her as a lover, but also as a responsible princess. And, moreover, I think this is not the time to focus on her and ashok’s love story. According to history devi was ashok’s 1st love. But I heard that in this show she’ll be just another woman in his life. This is not fair. You can’t change the history according to your mood. You’re such a pathetic director!!!

  14. Baisali

    Lol 😛 this mohit raina can’t even dance. He’s dancing like a monkey. I’m sorry guys but it was really very funny :D. Not only his dancing, but also his expression while dancing like that. No expression at all. As if a statue was dancing. And this karuvaki, doesn’t she have any other work? She’s a princess, and on top of that the only child of jagannath. Being the only child she has many responsibilities. Instead of fulfilling them she’s roaming around in search of her lover. What kind of a princess is she? Director hum sab ko “no ulloo banaowing”. If a king has one child then that child is supposed to take over all the responsibilities. Please don’t just portray her as a lover, but also as a responsible princess. And, moreover, I think this is not the time to focus on her and ashok’s love story. According to history devi was ashok’s 1st love. But I heard that in this show she’ll be just another woman in his life. This is not fair. You can’t change the history according to your mood. You’re such a pathetic director!!!

    • history

      Totally agreed Baisali! What are they showing? Why have they given so much importance to that kvk? Devi should be given full justice! What’s this? Kvk : Love interest and Devi : Just another woman? She was Asoka’s first love interest and wife too! Writer and director just control ur fictional thoughts and show us correct history!!!!

      • Baisali

        Pura show ka bharta bana ke rakh diya. And this radhagupta, pata nhi kaha se isko uthaake le aayi director ne. There’s not even a little bit of matching with the younger radhagupta. Sushim ka casting best hai. Ankit arora will rock as sushim. Not sure about siamak. Par sabse ghatiya casting hai Ashok ka. Dharma is looking like his wife and vitashok his son. A new viewer will definitely mistake her for devi. Everything was well pre-leap. Post-leap they ruined everything.

    • kasturi

      Yes. agreed with u both. I can’t understand why the makers r so obsessed with kvk!!! Devi is another women??? that’s why she has two children!!! totally logicless.Ashok had 5 wives.Devi,Asandhimita,Kaurwaki,Padmavati,Trishyaraksha.Asandhimitra was his chief consort. If kvk was his love of life n also a princess,why didn’t he made her his ‘Rajmahishi’??
      stop ur kvk centred drama n focus on real facts. We don’t hate kvk. we r hating the false n irritating storyline.

      • kasturi

        *Ashok had 5 wives.
        1. Devi
        2.Asandhimitra(only princess among all the queens of ashok)
        5.Trishyaraksha(Asandhimitra’s maid whom ashok married at his old age)
        Asandhimita was his chief consort.

  15. ashoka fan

    hii guy,s mai yhi khungi ki pura serial ashoka par hi tika he aur mohit mere hisab se fit nhi baith pa rhe he so maja nhi rha ab se… me ha radhagupta bhi thik nhi he thik kha aap logo ne villen jaisa lag rha he vo par mai ye bhi khangui ki kvk aur devi achha role kar rhi he. Thanks….

  16. apra

    yar this is now more than tooo much means what the writer think about indian history a joke or a play thing facts or what historians say dose not match to the plot of this serial
    here are some facts abot asshoka and other
    1 ashoka firsr wife was devi whome he married at the age of 18
    2 his second wife kaurauvki was a fisher man’s daughter not at all a princess
    3 helena loved chandrgupt and convinced her father for marriage she respected india’s culture and even learnt indian classical dance and sanskrit
    4 yes ashoka lived in exile but for 2 years not 10
    5 by the age of 25 he was a father of 2 kids
    6 at age of 18 he was made the viceroy of avanti
    7 asandhmitra was the only and only queen of ashoka who belonged to royal background
    8 ashoka always thought from mind not from heart
    read them and compare it to the current track

  17. utopia

    This is an insult to young Ashoka,that kid acted so brilliantly and brought this show to another level, his acting was superb, the writers have to really make the story interesting in order to sell Mohit Raina, trying to make him take those strides like ashoka , was shameful, nobody can do it but Sid Nigam, we really miss you Sid, Please push the story forward and take ashoka back home to claim his right,dragging this story with the stupid love stories will drive viewers away, nobody is interested in love scenes we want to seethe stengt, determination, fearlessness, power, ratiousness, show as Ashoka the King pleeease, Writers and directors please see the show through the viewer”s eyes, we are the ones who make the TRP, you better listen or else you know what happens to shows that are dragged unnescessarily.

  18. ali g

    this asshole ashoka just reminds me of the old king from takshashila, the one the younger ashok killed, forgot is name

  19. Dhananjaya

    To Director Sir,plz Dont Spoil Ashoka’s Figure By Showing Such Stupid Thngs Like Ashoka Is Drunk And Dancing In Bar Becuze He Is A Great Worior,ruler,emperior Who Ruld Vast Area Of India Under One Flag.So Dnt Do These Knd Of Thngs & The Same Time Ths Is The Story That I See Older People Are Beautiful Than Thr Child.Even Dharma & Charumithra Nt Having A Single Wht Hair.I Thnk Mohit Raina Wanna Smetime To Adjust Into His Character.

  20. Sriya

    Kaurvaki’s hairstyle is horrible….. Love story is fine but Ashoka drinking in a bar is to much…. Not even a part of history

  21. utopia

    I think the writers and directors as drunk themselves, how can they show such an important part of Indian history in this drunken sense, really???? it is appalling, I think i am enjoying Jodha Akbar re-runs much better this is just bagwaaaaa….. all the serials are getting so crappy all the writers know is how to separate couples. who pays them to writhethis crap. I know these are dramas but if a serial is based on historical event please try to stay close to facts as much as you can and the dramatize.

  22. WellWisher

    The episode was hilarious and annoying at the same time. I could not help laughing at the dance and the song and how Mohit Raina’s pathetic performance was!! We miss you Siddharth.
    I miss the earlier Radhagupta and don’t know why they had to change him – he was old enough. ? But in my opinion the new Radhagupt’s acting is not bad.
    I cannot stand Mohit Raina and Saumya Seth. they make a nice pair – lol.
    The new cast is pretty disliked so the only way to get people to continue watching is to have a strong , nicely paced story!!
    Otherwise before long people are going to stop watching this sheer nonsense.

  23. ghost

    Hahahha… Mohit Raina fans are farting and peeing watching the comments. Mohit Raina limca record holder you sucked the show in one gallon. This show is not like other show bas kuch bhi. Mohit Raina is so heavy fatty uncle cannot dance,and belly dance was ridiculous at that time. You literally f*cked the show. Mohit ji, if you are listening you should leave the show,he is charging 1.5 lak per episode. Neither can dance nor do action, he is such a lazy guy. I already told the producer through tweet to sack Mohit Raina and Soumya Seth immediately. Soumya the duck faced heroine is looking uglier than her mom. She is not at all s*xier. Reem Sheik ka 5% bhi nahi hai. Idiots! Writer ko do laat marke nikal dena chahiye, jo India ka mahan warrior ka mazak bana diya. Radhagupta ka role Sholay ka Gabbar se bhi battar halat ho gaya hai. I am sure 50% audience will not watch the show.

    • Anonymous

      Can u please be a little soft wid ua words its a national blog ua commenting in Its very good that you dont like hime but u dont need to hurt others be polite

  24. samratashok

    Worst episode in recent times. Arey director, u have already ruined this serial with the kind of new cast. Atleast show some good episodes to retain ur audience.
    Director pagal ho gaya hai. Ashoka in a dance bar. Bwahhahah. Koi batao kahan complaint ho sakti hai director ki. Trp k lalach mey kya dikha rahe hai. Bajrang dal walo ko kaho koi .the CAS team is portraying The Great Ashoka in a poor light.

  25. samratashok

    Aur Mohit raina ko dialogue bolne mey itni jaldi kyun hai? This is a perfect case study on “how to ruin a successfully running serial”. Ab to chakor bhi isse acha lagta hai.

  26. appu

    in dream sequence kvk’s hair was good.she looks good in that.but reem was beautuful as kvwk

  27. RDX

    I was a big fan of this entire show till Chanakya was alive, this all been a Bull shit there after, me and many my friends have already stopped watching it, and over that now this dancing Ashoka…. I am just reading the story here, just to remain updated. Pls donot spoil the respect of the greatest Kung of Bharatvarsh.

  28. Sheila kaschner

    Oh god …..please every body don’t out from the limit how to complain

  29. Priya

    I agree with History and Apra. The director is making joke of history. Agar historical show hai toh thoda fact bhi dikhao na. Aur agar fictional hi banana hai toh Ahenkara ko bhi vapis le aao. As queen of ujjaini. Jo ki Ashok ki help kare Sushim ke against.

  30. fred

    i dont like siddarth nigam as ashoka except his stunts and nor young radhagupt
    new radhagupt is much better than older one
    mohit raina is good looking than sidd


    I read Jain AGAM IN WHICH ashoka was pure vegetarian and story is different from this serial.

  32. Nowadays ashoka is not worth watching …seriously the show has taken a drastic change the ashok who used to love his Mother the most now seems to be only a kvk lover!!! It’s really disappointing and yesterday epi was really too much fictional

  33. srikandimurni

    I’m shocked when seen Ashok sing, dancing and drunk in Bar..its too much!! please director..why you destroyed 15th month of Siddharth hardwork bcoz 1 horrible eps??

  34. Perhaps You are insulting the greatest emperor of India ….I must say!!

    And please predict ashoka’s love for Devi don’t just introduce her as “just another woman” n then show kvk ashoka love!!

  35. JustMyOpinin

    Producing so many episodes is a lot of work. But I think the early episodes were really well done, almost a grand movie quality. As for Mohit, I think they should have written the episodes to bring out Mohit’s strengths rather than try too hard to fit him as a grown up version of Nigam. Mohit should work hard to trim himself it’s working far more against him than perhaps he realizes. The idea of the bar dance scene was ill advised and badly planned and directed – third rate bollywood style dance destroyed the semblance of ancient India rather than create one. I think the team certainly has great talent as evidenced by early episodes but lately seem to have put quantity over quality

  36. Priya

    I think Ashok’s one and true love was neither Kaurvaki nor Devi. It was his country, his motherland.
    And when it comes to queens, they should equal importance to all wives not only Kaurvaki.

  37. vish

    I wonder if the serial has new writers and director, like Balika Vadhu. I really don’t feel like watching these 2nd rate leaps after the show was so interesting with the younger actors. At first, I thought Mohit Raina wasn’t so bad, but he is really too bulky and awkward for this character. The serial is becoming a little irritating to watch. Only thing good about the bad changes is that I now have more time to do other things instead of watching these serials.

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