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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 5th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sushim says I will destroy myself by destroying you. I have never felt this way before. I understood your signals but I had no idea how to react or revert. It was all new for me. I was unaware of it but now I am telling you this now. I feel the same pull that you feel toward me. I had come to realise that we are destined to be together. When I first looked into your eyes, I felt the same way, even though we were strangers to each other. I dint doubt it for a second that you gave me that poison. How can someone who is dear to you kill you? He holds Kaurvaki forcibly. She tries to break free and finds Ashoka at the door. She looks at him worriedly.

Sushim lets go of Kaurvaki. Are you scared of this fool? He notices tears in Kaurvaki’s eyes. Oh, women have the normal attitude

of being shy. i have no idea of all this as I have fallen in love for the first time but Ashoka is experienced. he fell in love in childhood only when he was merely 14 years old. He had a girlfriend. Her name was Kaurvaki. Ashoka and Kaurvaki look at each other. Ashoka replies that he does not recall anything. Kaurvaki is hurt. Sushim tells Kaurvaki it isn’t Ashoka’s fault. It is the mistake of his blood. It is polluted. It is so thin that he has no power to understand anyone’s feelings or any relation. He cannot hold anyone’s love. Leave now. Kaurvaki runs away from there teary eyed.

Sushim and Ashoka stare angrily at each other. Sushim walks up to him. You tried to kill me. Ashoka replies that he wouldn’t have been alive had he wanted this really. Sushim holds his neck angrily. I want to fight with you openly, to close your chapter. Ashoka advises him to think before wishing and no one knows when he can turn his wish into reality. He holds his neck as well but then they both let go of each other. Sushim finally leaves.

Kaurvaki cries in her room.

Ashoka realises his mistake. What did I do? Did I send Kaurvaki near Sushim in an attempt to distance her from me? I wont let it happen to Kaurvaki. I wont let her life be destroyed. I will have to tell her the truth.

Kaurvaki regrets hiding her truth from Ashoka. I made a very big mistake by doing this. I should have told him everything back then only. I have become impure today because of the same stubbornness. Instead of purifying my body with a bath I will have to purify my soul. I will have to tell Ashoka I am his Kaurvaki who he loves. She recalls the convo just now between Ashoka and Sushim. Can it be that he never loved me or he never felt that ways towards me? May be this is why he dint recognize me. What’s the point of telling truth to him if that is true? She thinks of how he saved her when she was about to fall in deep waters. If he dint love me then why did he risk his life for me? If that isn’t so then why did I notice jealousy in his eyes? I feel the same jealousy when I see Ashoka with Anindini. Why do I see the same feelings, love in his eyes that I want to see? Is it that Ashoka lied to me? Is it that he knows, recognizes me but isn’t saying anything? I have to meet Ashoka right away. I have to know the truth.

Ashoka and Kaurvaki are headed towards each other’s room. They think of the childhood times spent together. They come face to face halfway in the corridor and look at each other. She begins to walk towards him when she sees Nayak there. Nayak informs Ashoka that an emergency meeting is called by Samrat wherein he must be present. Ashoka nods. Nayak leaves. Ashoka heads towards the courtroom without saying anything to Kaurvaki. She thinks I will never become an obstacle in his missions. Never!

Nayak brings the people in court who are responsible for food ingredients. Samrat orders to put them in jail. They beg for mercy. Bindu says princesses from different states have come here for a swayamvar when one of the prince’s is given poison. You have to bear the brunt of your mistake. Be thankful that you are only getting imprisoned and not death penalty. They are taken away by the soldiers.

Mahamatya says they should be punished if they are indeed guilty but they were not near the cooking area on the day of incident. Bindu tells him to be precise and clear. Sushim says you
Ashoka reminds him that the one who he is blaming for discrimination actually banned him from Magadh 10 years ago. You cannot doubt him. Everyone knows I don’t attack from the back, neither do I plot. I love the dish that had poison in it. I feel I was the target here, not you. Even after knowing I will be blamed for your untimely death, why will I risk my life? I am not a fool. Sushim refuses to believe him. Ashoka repeats that he is innocent. I was supposed to taste it first. Sushim argues that he was the one who tasted it first. Ashoka points out that he forcibly took it first. Ashoka casts a doubt on him too but Siamak says how I came in between. Ashoka says those who wanted to see you on throne are no more so you will try yourself. It could serve all your purposes. He turns to Bindu. Maybe Sushim did it himself to blame me. Sushim and Ashoka argue over it. Ashoka hints that he might have acted after adding poison to the dish, knowing well it wont kill you but will only lower your pulse. I have a doubt on you too. Siamak says we should enquire Rani Padmavati. She cooked that dish so she must know. Ashoka says she shouldn’t be involved in it but Siamak counter questions it. Do you doubt her intentions? Sushim speaks in Padmavati (Kaurvaki’s) favour. She cannot do it. I can personally vouch for her. Bindu says I don’t care about your assurance. It isn’t a father investigating something here but Magadh’s Samrat who wants to know who tried to kill one of the prospective Samrats. If there is danger on Magadh’s sons then the future will not be secure. No one will be out of doubt. He asks for Rajkumari Padmavati to be presented in the court.

Dharma thinks I always thought Padmavati likes Ashoka, but seeing Sushim taking her side, I feel there might be something else.

Kaurvaki comes in the courtroom.

Precap: Bindu tells Kaurvaki how she will do the duties of a Rani tomorrow if she cannot handle her kitchen. Later, Dharma confronts Kaurvaki. How do I find you at all the unusual places all the time? Do you like Sushim? Tell me your truth today. What are you hiding?

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Ashoka and karuvaki scenes bas karo.Ashoka and devi ke scenes dekhao.but I think Ashoka ne bindusar ko maf karna chahta hain.but good episode

  2. First to comment yipeeee

    1. Pooja

      your excitement level is too good. seems like you win an oscar every day 😀 🙂

      1. Yes pooja seems like winning an oscar. Because after so much time iam commenting first so that’s why.just for fun

    2. Pooja

      I honestly love it 🙂

  3. ur so fast pooja,if this writing tely update is a art ur the PICASO Of That Art Mis.Pooja.

    1. Pooja

      wow…but it is a little more than what I deserve. I am happy being a writer here. Thank you 🙂

  4. Oh Stil Dragging.Plz Bring Siamak True Face Infrnt Of Everyone & Marrige Of Kauvaki & Asoka,dnt Drag The Episde Like This.

  5. Change the story title to ashoka n kvk ki love story.

    1. Kaurwaki aur Ashok ki PREM KAHANI should be the title of this serial. Fed up!!

  6. Idiot director. Itna bhi nai pata ki ladko ka swayamvar nahi hota, ladkiyo ka hota hai. And please don’t drag this track.

  7. Tiyasa

    Thank You for coming back Pooja Di !!!!!!!!!!

    1. Pooja

      you’re welcome sweetie 🙂 hope you are doing good…

  8. Tiyasa

    Please show ASVI scenes ……..

  9. S. Ravi prakash

    Thanks for the update ?. Kourvaki/Ashoka’s affaire is boring & the story is dragging.

    1. Pooja

      Anytime 🙂

  10. Please focus on Gondna and UJJAINI battle where Ashoka was hurt!

  11. Hi pooja welcome back hw r u . tdy stry very nice keep dng lke

    1. Pooja

      thanks harini 🙂 i am good how about u?

  12. ashoka samrat

    thanx pooja. u are doing a great job by making us more happy. thanx a lot for ur superb daily updates

    1. Pooja

      i am happy as you guys are happy. more than welcome 🙂

      1. ashoka samrat

        Ur welcome Pooja

  13. ashoka samrat

    I cant understand that whether ashok has understand kvk. does he really lv her now.

  14. It is farcical drama not real ashoka’s history. Shame on writer and directir

  15. Can somebody please tell me why doesnt ashok confront kaurwaki in the beginning and tell what he actually feels if he loves her? what is the reason for pretending? i get the fact that kaurwaki does so to make ashok remember her by himself. but whats his reason?

  16. Ah now dont tell me its gonna be on the lines of Swaragini…Sushim marries Kaurvki …then Kaurvaki marrees Ashoka vis a vis

  17. Abi me Jo bolungi sahedh kisiko bura lage so firstly sorry..kehteh ki raja ka dill bara hota yeahi karan hea ki o log itni sari sadhi karte hea..matlab ek sath bindusar char rani o se payer karta aam log esa kar sakte hea..I mean agar kisi ladki ko uski bf ka koi ladki dost hea yea bath pata calti hea toh she feel jealous ur yea par toh pati love sab shearing..agar her raja ram ki tara bas sita I mean ek ladki Se sadhi karta toh history kuch ur hoti sahedh sushim jesha saitan ye ashok raja jesha mahan koi ek hota..ur ladki o se uske marji puchi hoti toh rani noor bhi hoti ur siamak bhi accai rehta..its my thought yaar don’t be fell bad in my comments..

  18. devaki ganesan

    Thank you Poojaji for your time and dedication. I love Ashoka. There is no point in showing the story of Ashoka without the personal aspects of his life. All the characterizations are well done. When millions follow this show, Directors and story writers have an obligation to show the real live characters of individuals and highlite them. I am enjoying the show thoroughly. If we want a reproduction of the history there are numerous versions of the life of Ashoka.

    1. Pooja

      Hey Devaki,
      sorry i could not reply yesterday. i am sure admin must have read your comment and would consider your request as and when needed 🙂 and thanks a ton for your love!

  19. Pankaj

    Hello everyone…..
    N Pooja ji welcome back…u r awesome. There is no match of ur writing skills.
    Flawless n very easy to understand. Seems like we are watching it.
    Keep it up.

    1. Pooja

      Thanks a ton Pankaj for the warm welcome and kind words 🙂

  20. Raja ki shadi uski pasand se nahi balki rajya ki surksha aur unnatti ke liye hoti thi. us vakt raja ki shadi matlab ek agreement of friendship between 2 rajya/ kingdom’s. Us vakt dusare rajyo par raja bharosa nahi karte the. shadi us vakt bharose ka dusara naam tha. isiliye Chadragupt aur bindusar ki bahot raniya thi.

  21. Nupur bindusar ki noor se shadi Army ke liye hui thi. Khurasani army ne usi vajah se bindusar ko ladaiyo / wars mei support kia

  22. Pankaj

    N guys….don’t worry.

    I think Director is also confused dat what to show in an episode…..

    Usne ek saath many issues ko touch kiya hai….
    Tussle between Sushim n Ashoka.
    Kaurvaki n Ashoka love
    N last but not d least….stupidity of Samrat Bindusaar he cant avoid dat.

    Director bhi bechara confused hai. . N so we are with him….ki yaar ab kya expect karein episode me…..he is a samrat with no brains….

  23. ram ji Sabse powerful the. & he was god. ram avtar mei Ek patni hona jaruri tha. isiliye . Unhe shrap tha patni se viyog ka

  24. Es serial mei entertainment ke liye twist dikhaye hai. Real mei aisa jyada kuch hua nahi tha. Ashok ne kaling ke bad koi yudh kia nahi kyonki koi bacha hi nahi uske khilaf yudh karne ke liye India mei. Pyar Vyar kuch nahi tha. Vo Bas Sab India jitne ke bad use Behtar banane lage.

  25. The last 2-3 episodes have been fun to watch! Could be a little faster. I am waiting to watch Siamak’s truth revealed. When will that be? He is so cunning .. cannot wait to see the truth revealed there.
    Am so happy to mention that I really think Kaurvaki’s acting has improved tremendously. I admit she is a pleasure to watch these days! Way to go Soumya. I think you are doing a super job. Your emotions can be seen in your eyes – love it! ?? I am looking forward to Ashoka to watch you act ?

  26. in the spoiler alert i saw that devi teling she helped kauvaki to cook food & she saw someone cming to the kitchen @ same time helena,siamak,sushima plan to recque nirakush frm jail & nirakush recieve a plan of receque paper with his food plate & nirakush able to run away frm jail.

  27. plz stop the draging of episode

  28. plz director bring real facf of siamak in frnt of bindusar.& dnt drag the episode it seems boring.

  29. ow pooja is back!!!
    n thanks for update!!

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