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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 4th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sushim takes his father’s blessings. Chanakya was a great Acharya. I will be glad if I am able to live up to his expectations. Charu asks him not to go. I feel as if something wrong is going to happen. He reassures her that he will be back safe. A cart enters just then. Bindu signals the soldiers to check. They lay forward an unconscious guy on the ground. There is a message with it. Mahamadhya reads it. This guy had come to inform us about Kichak’s tortures. Kichak has challenged Bindu and Sushim in the letter. I have sent back the guy in one piece but it wont happen with Sushim. Sushim starts acting. I will not sit peacefully till I kill Kichak. I don’t care if I live or die! Charu gives him her swear. Sushim denies. it is about our motherland. He begins to go. Charu calls

out for him. You will see me dead if you go now. She acts to faint. Sushim holds her. Mahamadhya smiles.

Sushim requests his father not to change his decision because of Kichak’s strength. Mahamadhya speaks of Maurvya lineage’s prestige. Charu refuses to put her son’s life at stake. I only have one son. I wont let him go! He wont pay for the prestige of Maurya lineage with his life. Sushim tells his mother not to fall weak. You should bless me actually. You should be proud of me even if I lose my life for motherland. Charu stays put. You have my swear. You wont leave. If you leave then you wont be able to see me for the last time too! He asks her why she is snatching this golden chance from him to serve his motherland. Please take your words back. Charu requests Bindu to stop Sushim from going to Takshshila. Flashback shows Mahamadhya killing that trader in reality. It was he who had kept that fake letter on the cart. It will force Samrat to change his decision. Flashback ends. Sushim acts to be angry with his mother. Kichak will think that we are cowards. Bindu tells him not to speak in this tone with his mother. Mahamadhya seconds Sushim.

Helena suggests a solution. Samrat himself should go and give a fitting reply to Kichak. Ashoka thinks that everyone is trapping his father. What if they are thinking of harming father in a similar manner like they trapped Acharya! It is important that father stays here so mother and he are safe. Bindu offers to go but Ashoka steps forward. I will go. Bindu declines. why should I send you when I am not sending you my one son? Ashoka reasons that Kichak will be surprised as he has no idea it will be I who is coming. Mahamadhya reminds them how he proposed this in the first place. Acharya’s disciple points out that sending Ashoka will mean disrespect to Acharya. Ashoka politely says that the situation back then was different. He would support me if he had been here today. Mahamadhya was appointed by Acharya only. We should respect his decision. Brother will be happy that I want to learn things my way. He turns to his father. I have full faith in me. I can manage this situation well. If you don’t allow me then I will think that you don’t trust me enough. Bindu asks for some time to ponder over it. He leaves. Sushim tells Ashoka that he dug a grave for himself. Ashoka says I have to start from somewhere to live up to my words. I will do whatever is necessary for the same. He walks out.

Acharya’s disciple cannot understand why Ashoka is doing this. Acharya wanted you to be with your father and learn from him. Don’t be emotional. It will only help your enemies. Your enemies are right here. How will you fight with them if you wont be here? Ashoka says I will do it just like my grandfather did it in the past. One has to win the outer boundaries of the stae first and then get inside. This is my plan. Acharya’s disciple worries that Sushim might succeed in his plans. Ashoka says that can happen while I am here too. they can kill me too if they have killed Acharya. They want me to die by Kichak’s hands. It will increase their confidence. They will do some mistake which will end up becoming a hurdle for them only. I am sure father will agree.

Ashoka comes to his father’s room. There is no other way. I know you don’t agree with me. Please allow me to explain my point once. Acharya wanted me to be with you, to learn from you. He dint want you to go on your own. You do remember what happened here in your absence in the past. We should also respect what he dint say. He has proposed Sushim’s name but he cannot go. You too shall not go. Siamak and Drupad are too young. Bindu says you don’t know Kichak’s mentality. Ashoka reasons that that is the same with Kichak. There is no person who can never lose. I don’t know how to make you believe it that I am fit for this. I can only request you. I can do this much for Acharya atleast. Takshshila was close to Acharya. Ashoka tells his father that I want to give a small portion of Guru-Dakshina to Acharya by killing Kichak. By winning over Takshshila, I want the entire world to realise and understand it that the dream of united India will never break. We will always be ready to face any problem that will come in the way. If you stop me today then it will be bad for me. Bindu allows him to go. May you win! Ashoka promises not to disappoint him. Bindu says I will always be proud of you, whatever may be the consequences! They share a hug.

Helena sends a message. Ashoka thinks that Kichak does not know about him. He will make Kichak lose. He doesn’t know that death will be there to welcome him before he reaches there. Bindu will never find out about his oldest enemy who will snatch Ashoka from him. it is time to cut the seeds we had sown years earlier. Nicator had helped Kichak when he lost to Bindu. Kichak will kill Ashoka. I will kill Sushim. Siamak’s way will be clear.

Precap: Sushim tells Mahamadhya that this time Ashoka dint get emotional. There is some reason behind his move. Charu tells him not to lose this chance to come closer to his father. I wont let Dharma come closer to Samrat ever again!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Nice will be interesting.

  2. Director sahab plz dont create any sad scene this time already chanakyas death has created so much pain in magadh and the truth always wins why r u always letting the criminals win

  3. Ms. Pooja, please mention as Radha Gupta and not as Acharya’s disciple. Because, Radha Gupta is going to play a great role in this serial.

    1. Thanks Jagan. I started doing it recently and had no clue about his name. Thank you 🙂 Will use it from now onwards.

      1. BTW ur update is really fast. I appreciate that!!!

      2. yes Ms. Pooja because radhagupta is the person who make such a scenario that after the death of bindusar all ministers supported ashoka to be the king

      3. Pooja

        Ok Ankush. Point noted 🙂
        Thanks Vaibhav…they might be late on Monday and Tuesday. Please bear with me 🙁

  4. I think at thakshashila asok will meet his true love devi.samrat asok really loved her.history said she is a merchant’s daughter.waiting to see her entry

  5. Devi will meet vishisa mp at time of ujjaini vidroh not tashishila vidroh

  6. plz show the real face of siamak to ashok
    ashok should come to knw about the evil dids of siamak

  7. thanks for these updates miss pooja
    u r doing a great job.

  8. ariya des utami

    May I ask Ms. Pooja? Have you known who will be adult Ashoka? There so many opinion recently about this. May you tell something if you know?

  9. Pooja, where is the update for 7-Dec episode. I am eagerly waiting for the updates. I live in USA and have to wait until tonight to watch the episode on TV. I follow your updates every day right after the episode is telecasted in India.

    Thanks for all your updates. Keep up the great work.

  10. Karvaki his true love not devi…..devi frst wyf thi…….

  11. ariya des utami

    Ms. Pooja where is the update of 7 dec? We wait it so much. Please, post it. Thanks a lot.

  12. Was there no episode on the 7th December? Eagerly waiting for the update.

  13. Frnds plz update 7th (Monday) episode..Eagerly waiting fr the update..

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