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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 4th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sushim and Chanda are on stage. Raj Purohit explains the significance of the ritual. They have decided to be together with the blessings of their parents. Chanda ties a thread on Sushim’s hand and vice versa. Everyone showers flower petals on them. Sushim and Chanda smile at each other. Chanda goes down the stage smiling shyly to herself. Devi smiles at Kaurvaki. They both walk ahead together. Ashoka and Kaurvaki look at each other. Kaurvaki gets sad seeing all his family members there. She misses her parents. Raj Purohit repeats the meaning of the ritual. Ashoka notices the sadness in her eyes. Devi holds the tray with the threads. Ashoka says I cannot get it donned on my hand. It takes everyone by surprise. Charu wonders what this new drama is. Ashoka says forgive me Kaurvaki but

truth is that your father hates me. He wont accept me as your husband ever. It doesn’t mean that I don’t have to seek his permission to marry you. Kanyadaan is every father’s right. It is his responsibility. I cannot snatch it from him. I only want to fulfil this ritual in his presence. Sushim thinks they wont marry in this birth at all then. Someone walks in just then. Everyone turns to look at Jagannath. Kaurvaki too looks up. She gets tensed seeing her father.

Kaurvaki says father. Bindu says I succeeded finally. I told you my Ashoka will not marry without your consent and blessings. I know him too well. Dharma is confused. When did Samrat have a word with Jagannath and when he came here? Bindu welcomes him. Jagannath tells Kaurvaki not to be shocked. This isn’t a dream but reality. Your father, who is your culprit, is standing right before you. She rushes to his side and hugs him. Dharma, Ashoka, Vit and Devi are happy to see them bond. Jagannath says I realised your importance after losing you. Ashoka’s decision has made me realise that it was me who was narrow minded. I was wrong, not him. He has proved it today. A mother’s love is for her every kid but a father’s trust is always only for the kid who deserves it. The kid, for whom father does so much, can never go wrong. We believed you to be dead and lost every hope. The good came in the form we never expected it to be.

Flashback shows Bindu going to meet Jagannath. Jagannath tells him to leave. I had no idea my daughter will commit suicide because of me saying no. Bindu asks him why he is blaming himself. What if Kaurvaki is still alive? Jagannath says why answer pointless question. Bindu yet again asks for a reply from him to which Jagannath replies in affirmative. Jagannath does not believe it. Bindu explains that kaurvaki is alive and in Patliputra at this moment. A father is spreading his hands before you for his son’s happiness. I am doing it all for the sake of our kids. I, Magadh’s Samrat BIndusar, ask for your daughter’s hand for my son Ashoka. She declared herself dead for the world to marry him. She left her everything behind. I am requesting you so that love can reach its climax. Jagannath asks him if he isn’t lying. Is my daughter alive? BIndu nods. Jagannath says Ashoka’s life is full of thorns. Will my daughter be able to walk with him? Bindu suggests him to ask Kaurvaki only. Ashoka wont let any harm come on her. He will face everything on his own. We know it too well. Jagannath says I have many other issues too. Ashoka is still considered Daasi-putra and is looked down in the palace. Bindu reasons that the karma and thoughts of someone make them great. My son has gained so much love from everyone because of his actions and good thoughts only. He wont marry kaurvaki without your permission and blessings. Jagannath doubts it but Bindu is sure Ashoka will not go ahead with the marriage in case Jagannath objects. What will you say if he disagrees? Flashback ends.

Jagannath says I had to come here to announce my decision. He greets everyone. Charu and Sushim look unhappy. Jagannath keeps Kaurvaki’s hand in Ashoka’s. Almost everyone (except the negative people) gets emotional. Jagannath says your father trusts you Ashoka. He understands you very well. Sushim looks upset. Bindu says seems like both me and my son lived up to your trust. Jagannath apologizes to Ashoka for his past rude behaviour. Forgive me. Ashoka holds his hands. You are elder to me. Elders forgive kids. They don’t apologize. Kaurvaki asks for her mother. She enters just then, calling out for her daughter. The mother daughter duo has an emotional reunion. She is about to put a kala teeka behind Kaurvaki’s ear but already notices one there. You are too lucky. You are going to come to the family where your caretakers / saviours are already there.

Charu says their drama isn’t going to end. I hope your work will finish soon. Sushim assures her about it.

Bindu remarks that Ashoka faced every problem alone. Be it Noor, Mir, Helena or anything. You did it all by yourself. I never supported you but you became the pillar of my strength. You not just killed Magadhs enemies but you also helped us join good relations with enemy state. No one can imagine how proud I am today. Ashoka replies that he is following the path shown by his Guru. Kaurvaki joins them. Bindu says you will surely reach your destination as you have got the right partner. Ashoka and Kaurvaki tie threads on each other’s hands. Everyone showers flower petals on them (Siamak does it angrily).

Devi tells Kaurvaki she does not wish to take any chances this time. There have been too many problems whenever something good is about to happen. I will show your kundli’s to a Baba in my village. I am sure the date he will pick will bring happiness in your married life. Kaurvaki is touched. Not even my real sister would do this much for me. thank you so much. They hug.

Sushim says Ashoka loved Kaurvaki which got him political advantage. Enemy state turned into a relative now. Samrat patted at his beloved son’s back before everyone. I looked so low. Siamak tells him not to worry about it. Samrat has done it previously too but is gets low in time. All the relations will break once the treasury gets empty. Ashoka is not going to marry Kaurvaki. Is the work going fine? Sushim assures him about it. siamak says Ashoka should not doubt on it.

One servant drops the gift box while shifting it. Charu covers up for it and diverts Ashoka and Bindus attention. They don’t notice anything amiss. All the princesses leave for their respective homes. Mahamatya looks at them.

Sushim assures Siamak no one will doubt when the carts will be replaced. Siamak hopes it is good if it reaches Takshshila asap. Sushim denies. it will stay here in a temple. No one will doubt it being here. Siamak says I am really eager to see Samrat and Ashoka’s reaction after finding out that they have lost everything and have become bankrupt.

Precap: Acharya RG tells everyone that the treasury is empty. Sushim demands an answer from Ashoka who blames Siamak. Siamak acts innocent. Why do you always blame me for everything that goes wrong? Lasendra tells Ashoka that he knows where the treasure is hidden.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Thanks pooja for nice update thanks.

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    Thx Pooja…it was super fast today.

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  3. Today’s episode was so sweet..

    But sad aswaki won’t marry..

    I don’t know why I think this lasendra is upto something… May be she likes ashok or using ashok, sushim and siamak (both sides) for her benefit…

  4. ThNks pooja ur zo quick.hei dananjaya wht happen to u?????we mis ur cments,,,

  5. S.Ravi Prakash

    Seems my ? comments are first today! Thanks pooja di. Both the episode & the updates were excellent. Story was interesting.

  6. Tqu pooja missed the episode,but your updt helped me to understand the epi.devi is better than kvk.sje is prfct

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    I hope lasendra come truth of siyamak to everyone with ashoka help.
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  11. Thanks Pooja for the update. (Y)

  12. What is lasendra doing ??? Why is she going against ashoka?

    I don’t get it. She says she trusts ashoka that he will kill antios, then why is she switching sides like a double agent?

    1. Who knows it may be idea decived by hellana. Do not forget she is unanimous.

  13. Mahamatya Khallyatak

    when did Bindu travel all the way from Magadh to Kalinga, convince jaggu and come back… or did i miss the episode. This was a utter boring episode, no importance given to sushim marriage. if Ashok had this doubt that Jaggu would not approve the marriage and would not do kanyadaan, he should have specified it in begining, and not during the ceremony. if jaggu would have not come then…?? Anyway, today will be same, continuation of marriage etc. Hopefully, from Monday, they get a new plot.

  14. Mahamatya Khallyatak

    I guess the blame of loot will go to jaggu, and in this way, there will be differences betweeen Bindu and Jaggu, and then, Bindu will insult jaggu and this will lead to KvK going back to Kalinga…

    1. yeah…may be..

  15. ashoka samrat

    haven’t ashwaki married

  16. Hey Guys….Seems boring episode…Hope they will not drag the part

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