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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 3rd October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jagannath says it would have been better if I had killed you in childhood only. Kaurvaki says it is just because I chose my life partner, and because I wanted to marry the one I love? I agree parents have a right over their kids and they can take better decisions because they are more experienced than the kids but it does not mean we are not fit to distinguish between right and wrong. Inexperience does not mean everything will go against it. Coincidentally, if one of them go wrong, isn’t it their duty to guide them back on the right path? Why is the child punished instead? You were blinded by this fake respect and pushed me down the gorge! You then tried to join hands with the enemy. You are a culprit. For the first time in life I am ashamed to call myself your daughter. You know

what could have been better than killing me in childhood? You shouldn’t have been blessed with a baby at all! You don’t want a kid but only a servant who will just follow your orders. You are not just mine but entire Kalinga’s and humanity’s enemy. You will not be punished here but in Kalinga.

Sushim wonders how Kaurvaki survived. I killed her. Who is the one I stabbed then? Ma said my victory is certain. Where is she now that I am winning? He recalls stabbing Kaurvaki and runs inside followed by everyone else.

Sushim is near the bloodied bed. His hands are all shaky and his eyes are moist already anticipating the bitter truth. He is hesitant to pull the duvet but gathers courage somehow. He is stunned to see his mother lying in a pool of blood. He breaks down and screams Ma. Everyone comes there. Sushim cries holding his mother. You cannot leave me Ma. Soldiers bring Jagannath there as well who looks equally shocked. Sushim demands to know who did this. Who took the life of the one who even Yamraj is afraid to kill? Ashoka thinks he wanted to punish Charu for his Guru’s death but I am neither at peace nor happy seeing her dead before me. Sushim looks at Ashoka. You killed my mother! I wont leave you alive. Ashoka replies that he cannot do it. I was your culprit. Sushim says who killed my mother then. Devi points finger at Jagannath. He came in the room at that time. I understood that Ashoka and Kaurvaki’s lives are joined. I came here but someone hit me on my head. the father, who can try to kill me to get his way clear can use your mother. Sushim holds Jagannath’s clothes angrily. I wont leave you alive! Jagannath answers that he only came here to kill Kaurvaki so there is no way for Ashoka to escape death. Kaurvaki says maybe Charu also came there with the same motive. I was almost dead but God heard Devi’s prayers.

Flashback shows Charu coming to kill Kaurvaki in her unconscious state. She attacks Kaurvaki with a dagger but Kaurvaki holds her hand. She pulls Charu in the bed and hits her on the head. Charu falls unconscious. Kaurvaki checks her pulse which is fine. She hears some footsteps. She hurriedly covers Charu and hides under the bed. Flashback ends.

Ashoka asks who came here after Charu. Sushim recalls stabbing the lady on the bed. Everyone is shocked to know the same. Sushim looks heartbroken and falls on his knees next to his mother’s dead body. He looks at his hands and screams Ma in anguish.

Ashoka says this is the first time I pity you for real. Your greed blinded you so much that you couldn’t see the one who you are killing is your own mother! I cannot understand how you are still alive after doing this. I swore to kill and take revenge from the ones who killed my Guru and mother, who broke my Guru’s dream. I dint have the courage to kill the woman I called Ma. You turned out to be a devil. I wanted to punish you at the right time but there cannot be a worst punishment than this for you. You chose a life for yourself which is worse than death for you. I cannot understand what punishment to give to you. Magadh’s Samrat Bindusar will decide your punishment. Soldiers take Sushim away. Ashoka covers Charu’s dead body. Everyone goes out.

Sushim cries thinking of his mother as he is taken away by the soldiers. He breaks down again and looks at his hands. Ashoka walks away from there.

Everyone comes to Bindu’s room. Bindu says Ashoka. Vit says yes father, Bhaiya is alive. Ashoka says hope no one has to face what you have to today. One culprit killed another culprit today and became criminal too. He did the ultimate, unpardonable crime of killing his mother. I know that this news can be dangerous to your health but you will have to take decision on this matter. Ironically, it wasn’t Kaurvaki but Maharani Charu there. Unintentionally, Sushim punished his mother and indirectly punished himself too. It doesn’t mean that he shouldn’t be punished. He is Magadh’s culprit. He must be punished! Please announce your decision. Staying quiet wont help anyone.

Ashoka holds Bindu’s hand. Bindu closes his eyes just then. Ashoka shouts father in shock. He checks his father’s pulse. Everyone’s eyes widen in shock. Vit cries for his father to wake up. He blames SUshim for his father’s death. Father was fine. Since he came here with his mother our life has turned upside down. Sushim thinks of his mother’s words. He orders the soldiers to arrest Ashoka. He reminds Acharya of his royal duties. Do you remember how father gave me all his rights of Samrat? What am I when Samrat is dead? Acharya calls him the new Samrat of Magadh. Order me. Ashoka stands up in repulsion but soldier catch hold of him and everyone else.


Update Credit to: Pooja


  1. Samyukta

    Pooja di thanks for the update.guys the finale episode is on 7 so sad but thanks pooja di for the update.

  2. Lord7Naruto

    Thanks for the update
    What happened the update comes at 17:00pm (London Time) but today it came late ?

  3. ub

    Very sad… ashoka last episode on 7 th Oct… we r gng to miss… but very happy for bad people r gng to punished…

  4. sandeep

    Kya h yaar yeh… few last episode m to kuch achha dikha do… bakwaas bakwaas n only bakwaas … sushim became king ?? Really…. khud ko gaalia dene ka man kr rha h ki aisa show kyu dekh rhe h hum…. totallu f**ked off the show… aisa kabadaa kia h ki aaj k baad ashoka p or koi nhi bnaega… really hated it… siddharth nigam was like real ashoka.. he established the show n uske jaane k baad show ki ma ki ankh hogai…

  5. Dhananjaya

    Oh Why There Is No Precp?I Thnk End Of Drama Wil Be Nxt Frdy,agn Asoka Face A Prblem.,wht Does Rg Doing?He Obey Sushmas Ordr & Meanwhle Savng Ashoka

  6. snigdha

    good that witch charumitas chapter has ended sushim has got the same pain just like the way he has given pain to ashoka by killing dharma now eagerly waiting for sushims death but what about this mahamadhya where is he plz end his chapter also as he is also the culprit

  7. snigdha

    in the next upcoming episodes sushim will captivate devi vit and kaurwaki and will shout at ashoka to try and save his love ones from him and later ashoka and kaurwaki together will fight and will kill sushims soilders and i think after that ashoka will kill sushim

  8. Thilini Vasana

    Oh….what happened next????? No precap means what????? Anyway,,Ashoka and kaurvaki lovestroy will start again…that’s superb….because I love ❤ to watch their romantic moments…..💐 💐 ❤ 💕 💕 💐 ❤ 💕

  9. Baisali

    Where is shubhrasi? Saadhvi banned ke baad toh gayab hi ho gayi. She left the show or what? She was a good actress. Now that bindu died shubhrasi must come to see her husband. And what about bindu’s other sons who were introduced post leap? They were under sushim’s control. Its very strange that characters are disappearing without any reason. God knows what the director is doing.

  10. Zannat

    Hey guys last spoiler enjoy…
    Episode – 439
    04 Oct

    Ashoka is stunned on seeing the corpse of Bindusara. Sushim later asks his men to nab Ashoka. Kaurwaki and Ashoka jointly fight against Sushim’s men and escape to a secret chamber.
    Episode – 440

    Khallatak convinces Sushim to fight against Ashoka. Sushim agrees with his idea. Subsequently, Ashoka manages to kill Sushim, after which the corpses of Sushim, Bindusara and Charumitra are burnt.
    Episode – 441
    06 Oct

    Kaurwaki tells Ashoka that he has not done anything wrong by killing Sushim. Devi decides to leave Ashoka as she feels that he should get married to Kaurwaki.
    Episode – 442
    07 Oct
    Ashoka’s army captures Chanda’s state. Devi is pregnant with her second child. Ashoka pursues an aggressive policy, waging a war against the Kalinga kingdom, during which he ends up killing Kaurwaki.

  11. hasan j

    trp hit down….so suddelny it will end.

    else..i was having about 500 more episode to show ashoka.

    alvida ashoka….aaaahhhh….sad.

  12. Deepika

    Does Chakravartin,Ashok samrat atop,at that? No episodes after him,being crowned as samrat? What about the war afterwards? Him turning to Dharmashoka?

  13. Aswakrea

    This show has become a cry fest. Contiloe has ruined Ashoka Samrat and turned it into a show where there is killing, planning, dead bodies and a bucketload of tears. This is not Chakravartin ashoka samrat. This is Chakravartin Ashoka cryfest Samrat. I have stopped watching or watch it occasionally since July this year because of the overt negativity. They have turned the show into a joke. I am a long time viewer of the show. I am watching it since the time when Helena planned the lakshagarh incident. The show has taken a negative colour ever since Takshashila started. Now the last episode is going to see Ashoka kill Karuwaki in Kalinga war. This is according to what I read in Times of India 7th October episode. Guys, Karuwaki was Ashoka’s wife. In fact he married her after the war and converted to Buddhism. He did not kill her. I want to say only one thing. They should sue the production house of this show for showing or planning to show Ashoka killing Karuwaki. This is against historical facts. And Contiloe I will not watch one show of yours from this point. In fact I just watch occasionally to know the direction of the story. The only thing that saved this show from Taksashalila adhyay disaster was Siddharth Nigam, the lady who acted as Charumitra, the man who acted as kichak and the young cast of Sushim, Siyamak and Dhrupad. I hope someday another production house makes a better show about Ashoka than this. And why does the production house all the time in this show keep on showing people being killed, people being poisoned and Ashoka being at fault until about 3 months back. Please Contiloe show something better in your newer shows other than a shadyantra bara saga of murders, killing, poisoning, the good being blamed and the evil escaping punishment for this long. Also, plase stop showing unrealistic fight scenes like Ashoka fighting with eagle.

  14. snigdha

    i just dont understand one thing why ashoka will kill kaurwaki his lover kaurwaki was ashokas second wife so instead of killing kaurwaki they should show a happy ending scene like ashok and kaurwakis love marriage has the director gone mad by showing ashoka killing his lover kaurwaki yes there was kalinga war where ashok and kaurwaki fought and ashoka won the war but he did not kill kaurwaki

  15. snigdha

    ashok should kill jagannath instead not kaurwaki and i hope this time siddharth nigam plays the role of mahindra , devi and ashokas son in CAS he is really a fabulous actor miss him a lot

  16. Srinivas

    Finally the whole episodes of Ashoka the great has been misinterpreted by the script writer and the colours channel by making mockery of all the characters and made there money by there trp rating fooling the viewers

  17. Barbarian

    So 7 weeks of showing Ashok as an utter fool, weak, hysterical and now suddenly in 7 days he kills all his enemies, wins wars and becomes king. Wah wah …. this director needs to be paraded on the streets of India and stoned. At the Ashoka pillar, he needs to be castrated and hung upside down as punishment for butchering the legacy of India’s greatest emperor. No depiction of his search for salvation, his expansion of the kingdom, his spiritual awakening. Instead we are left with the image of a love struck, delirious idiot shaming his wife and always duped by his enemies. For those looking for Dharmashok, turn to the texts. For those looking for roadside Romeo Ashok, watch the taped versions. Bakwaas


    At last its coming to end. A real mockery in name of Ashoka the great. They must have been given notice from colors to bundle up as the viewership would have gone down. Other wise the producers must have taken ages to make Ashoka reach sushim.

  19. RT

    I wish this show had been stopped midway ……… least we wouldn’t have had to face all this frustration, and moreover, the gigantic legacy of Emperor Ashoka wouldn’t had been insulted like this.

    NDTV’s Chandragupt Maurya was a way better show that this ………..they improved the excitement level post the leap, with visually stunning war scenes, thrilling “kutnitaitik” plans etc. I think the channel shut down because other shows were big flops and the channel was suffering losses ………but Contiloe’s Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat had the stage set way better. Colors is quite a popular channel, and the show even set a brilliant base to go up further with the efforts of roles essayed by all the actors. But post the leap, the makers turned CAS into a ‘suthli bomb’, which never blasted. I remember those dialogues in the first episode post leap …….’wo chand jiski shareer faulad jaisi hai, jiski jiva mein aisa vish hai ki sab shatru ka nash kar de’, which gave real goosebumps, but what followed later is something we don’t want to remember from 8th October. 🙁

  20. WellWisher

    LOL there is no time to show Virat now 😂😂 the episodes have to be squeezed into 4 days!! Ashoka will kill Kaurwaki 😞😞
    This is not right.
    The standards are degrading every day. First Charumitra’s lame death, then poor Bindusara’s worse fate – where he did not even know what was happening to him..
    And finally Ashoka will kill Kaurwaki.
    I am glad it will be over soon because I cannot take this anymore. It is intolerable.
    Once again, kudos to all the actors – you all were fantastic. Hope to see your performances in the future… all the best!

  21. Anne

    The least but the most important thing the makers of the show should have done is the putting of a notice / disclaimer at the beginning of each episode proclaiming fictionalisation of Emperor Ashoka’s history —- so that people would not have been disillusioned.

  22. Aswakrea

    Guys I think fictionalization is ok to an extent. But this is not fictionalization shown by production house. They are showing satanic negativity. Ashoka never kills karuwaki in the Kalinga war. It is the stupid CV’S imagination if they thinks of it like that. I have watched another show of the same Production house – Maharana Pratap. But that show was a lot better than this. We did not have all this killing, planning, Ashoka being faulted and multiple people like Helena kept alive. Yes Kunwar Jagmal was alive but was stoned to death in the end. Nevertheless, I only watched to some extent. And why should a story only have mother being killed, people planning to burn or poison someone alive, Ashoka being shown as being guilty when Helena and Sushim were the actual planners behind their backs and unrealistic and pathetically ridiculous fight with eagles and black magic of Charumitra. It is not the director but the CV’S who for the sake of Trp’s have stooped down to showing depressingly mind-numbing levels of violence. This is extreme depression and violence shown by CV’S.

  23. richie33

    Are all mad?? Kaurwaki was ashoka’s 2nd wife..ashoka will mrry her in telly drama too..if u really want to see the kalinga war n their marriage go to youtube and search for it..u can see the practices of the actors and actresses..n 2ndly..we could also see kvk marring to Ashok in that vid..And also the kaling war!don’t miss it!very interesting!!😍

  24. Abhishek

    I was thinking ki yeh kya ho raha hai, sab ko ek k baad ek kuy mar rahe hai. Ab jake pata chala, show end karne ki jaldi hai.

  25. S.Ravi Prakash

    Thanks pooja di for the updates. Just don’t feel like commenting! Story is on fast forward mode, but not at all engrossing. Till the death of Acharya Chanakya, the episodes were interesting, afterwards it lost the essence.

  26. from director of chakravartin ashok samrat

    Hello viewer as I mentioned this story is fictional and has nothing to do with the real history.

  27. Zubia

    I have seen asoka movie of Shahrukh and watching this play both the stories r different I don’t know which one is true asoka a mother look young as to compare with her son

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