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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 3rd May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ashoka says this kid will not become an orphan. He returns the baby to the lady and begins to run towards the bridge. He pulls the bridge up and saves almost everyone. That lady’s husband fails in holding onto the bridge when Ashoka jumps and holds his hand. Ashoka’s peasant tells everyone not to be happy. You will have to pay for it as well. Ashoka’s necklace falls down in the process. He pulls the man up in one move and jumps down the cliff to save his necklace. He clings onto a stone as he finally grabs his necklace.

Kaurvaki is shown dressed in a soldier’s attire. She practises sword fighting. Kaurvaki’s mother comes there. It’s been so many years till when will you fight with darkness. Kaurvaki says I have to pay back for father’s mistakes or maybe my old berth’s

mistakes. I would have hurt Ashoka somehow which is why I have to bear this pain / this distance. Only Ashoka can pull me out of this darkness. No one can save Ashoka and Kaurvaki from uniting, not even father! Jagannath hears them.

Ashoka’s peasant shows him the money he gathered from people. Why do you need it now though? You have enough already. Ashoka twists his hand and hits him. I have to set many people right. The list is long. Other peasant warns him to be careful. My eyes are on you! Ashoka replies that is eyes are on his gold. Keep it safe. He picks up the polti of money. The lady thanks Ashoka for his help. I will never forget it. Ashoka replies that Chand never accepts anyone’s favour nor does favour on anyone. I got paid for my act. We are even now!


One man thinks to make sure his tenants pay him by today evening or he will throw everyone out. He gets hurt as a kid is playing (Dharma’s son). The man (Seth Dhaniram) sends him inside to call his mother. I will not act lenient now. I will take the dues today. He looks mesmerised at Dharma as she comes there. He fumbles in asking for due. She assures him she will pay the dues in time. Dhaniram says I pay loan to people who are good. I will send you the rent as soon as Chand comes back. He drops the plate in shock hearing Chand’s name.

Ashoka is in market. He feels as if someone is following him but cannot see anyone. He stands in that same lady’s way and hands over the potli to her. I don’t want alms. You estimated my value with this much only? Keep it. It is my debt on you. I will come to take it one day. He walks away. the lady thinks he can try to hide the goodness inside him all he wants but he is good.

Dhaniram is all panicked. Don’t say anything to Chand. Dharma’s younger brother offers to tell everything to Bhaiya when he comes. Dhaniram runs away hearing it. Don’t tell him anything. Dharma’s younger son enjoys it while his mother looks tensed.

A group of people are cheering against their ruler. Ashoka / Chand comes there. Ashoka too joins them which makes them happy. One man brings flag and firelight. I will set fire to it! Ashoka stops him. He hits the guy. Flag flies in air. Ashoka holds it. You insulted the flag of our Rajya. There is a difference between king and Rajya. We have to respect it even if we don’t respect kings. Kings are the servants of Rajya who get the privilege to serve people. Kings may come and go but Rajya will remain. If we don’t respect Rajya then we will end up becoming our biggest enemy. When we ourselves wont respect our motherland then the king will also disrespect it. I wont let it happen in my Rajya! If anyone tries to go against it then I wont spare them! He sets the flag in the ground safely.

Precap: Ashoka asks his mother to let him go back to Patliputra. You don’t even let me take the name of Patliputra anymore. He requests his brother to make their mother understands. Sushim says this world needs a devil and not a Nayak! I am that Devil! Charu smiles.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. You are right vanshi i agree and this director dose not know even whats happend in 330 bc just making fool to people and showing the fales history

    One thing more that now new ashoka not fit for this show i hope director can change some one els to make sure this historical show become hit and please show the real history of 330bc thanks

  2. Sheila kaschner

    Ashoka have somuch love and respect to his mother it is right,he is clever and hunter,and his bother arrogant like sly devil also true,he always want to kil ashoka ,and if at the end ashoka send them all to the hell it is because they are forced him


    Please see new actors in few serials than comment on it and it will take time to feel presence of them and their performance .It appears that few people have habit not to accept change.It is not easy task to become director

  4. Mohit you look so great .you are real ashoka.l like you

  5. Sheila kaschner

    Kvk became favorite wife because she was his love


  7. Sheila kaschner

    At the end just ashoka and his on brotherVitasoka who was ruler in there Kingdom

  8. harry potter

    pooja can u tell me plzz.. if the peoples/directors/cast/writers see these comments or not ?then we will write otherwise it s useless…

  9. I don’t agree with u people, just give Mohit some chance its only two episode that we’ve seen him. I think he will do good to the character I don’t see any flaws in him. Just because he was Mahadev on Life OK then u think he can’t play the role of Ashoka no that’s wrong he will do right with this role and I trust in him. Don’t pull him down please let’s wait and see you will like him for sure.

  10. Yes hk nandecha is not easy task but director need to show the real history not make only his own way becouse no body habe rights to destroyed the history of great samrat ashoka

  11. stop letting down these new actors, watch more upcoming episodes definitely mohit raina will do wonders as grown up ashoka, so plz stop demoralizing actors

  12. Meanwhile Director is seen peeing in pants what to do with the new cast and what will be the story. According to Suzanne(helena), she said its the director who decide the story and character not director. So I request to all the writer to change Uncle Mohit raina and Aunty Soumya seth or duck faced instead try new hero. Just cut off the contract. Concentrate more on Devi and Asoka. And then portray Asoka-Kaurvaki

    1. You are open to criticize.But where are ur manners? Don’t you learn anything from these shows?Try to respect others they may consider ur point.U know what? Ur just being mean.

      1. I too become Chandasoka lol

      2. Haha mee too. 😛

  13. LOL…haha,..for you everybody, especially that users GHOST and S. ANURAG just clearly ALL OF YOU DONT WATCH Devon ke Dev Mahadev Series…hahaha..
    Mohit Raina playing 50-57 Characters on Mahadev series, and One of the Character is JALANDHAR…thats why Mohit Raina get in LIMCA RECORD…haha…
    JALANDHAR is SO SAME like CHAND ASHOKA aka Angry Man….haha…
    and because MAHADEV and JALANDHAR character, Mohit Raina winning BEST ACTOR POSITIVE ROLE and NEGATIVE ROLE…haha.,
    just go and watch, Mohit Raina as JALANDHAR…LOL..haha..
    Mohit Raina will be shut up your mouth in ALL of MAY upcoming Ashoka Episodes…this is My BET…LOL..haha..

    1. He may play thousand roles got limca or thumbs up or pepsi award.. But his over muscular fat body with one expression throughout 3 days proves that he cannot play the role of Asoka. He doesnt have a proper dialogue delivery even Sid has better hindi pronounciation than Mohit Raina. He may does thousand roles, but he should play the pride of India with proper homework. His looks is much older than his mother even if he is perfectionist, he should have complained

      1. U shouldn’t judge people early.How can u expect him to show all his expressions in just 3 episode….strictly speaking 2 episodes,intro was just 5 min.I’m not supporting him….just saying that wait for some time.Be open minded.

  14. nothing against mohit raina , but he does not look like ashoka..and soumya seth has good dailouge delivery but she is also not suitable for karuvaki , please change them.but…….the actor who is playing susim is faboulus!!…he is just like sumedh exact same copy…was that girl Devi who was on that balcony

    1. So u say that u’ve seen ashoka. Right?Is he like Sidharth?

    2. Yes its DEVI.

  15. bhai colors waalo se kaho ki pura episode de de youtube pe ….ashoka ka

  16. Sheila kaschner

    Devi was ashoka first wife that right,but he marry her just because she was help and take care of him when he was injury and that happen because he got information kvk die

  17. ashoka lover

    Pooja please try to update as soony as possible.. Thanks for update

  18. mahima pandit

    kash agar tv show mein ankit arora ko ashoka banaya hota

  19. Mallikarjuna.s/o b.lokesh hampi prakas nagra

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