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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 3rd March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sushim asks everyone how a Dassi-putra (son) can sit on Magadh’s throne. BIndu gets up angrily. Ashoka looks angrily at Sushim. Bindusar slaps Sushim. Charu is shocked and so is everyone else. Ashoka looks hurt / angry. Sushim glares at Ashoka. Bindu tells him that it is enough. A person is right or wrong by his karmas. Samrat should be the one who the citizens trust and love; who they keep their hearts in. I have no doubt about it that it is Ashoka only. I have no doubt that the citizens would be happy to see Ashoka as my successr and Rani Dharma as Rajmata. Charu tries to say something but he interrupts her. there will be no more discussion on this topic. I have made my decision. I, Chandragupta Maurya’s son, Bindusar Maurya, announce Ashoks as my succesoor. Everyone cheers for Ashoka.

Helena, Mahamatya, Charu, Siamak and Sushim are stunned whereas everyone else is happy. Bindu announces that Ashoka’s Rajya-Abhishek will happen tomorrow in the court on only. Make preps for it. He walks out of the courtroom. Everyone leaves except the members of royal family.

Sushim looks at his brother angrily. Drupad hugs Ashoka. The member of royal family stands on either sides of Ashoka and Sushim. Dharma looks at both of them quizzically. Drupad leaves to tell his friends followed by Shubhrasi. Helena thinks Ashoka’s victory means Chanakya’s victory. I will never accept it. It is better that I cut your head before you try to sit on our heads. She leaves. Siamak thinks Ashoka hasn’t seen my enmity till now but he will see it now. You will not realise how the person you will trust, backstabs you. Charu thinks to destroy the lives of both Ashoka and Dharma for the harm they have done to her and Sushim. Sushim picks up a sword to attack on Ashoka but Charu holds his hand on time. No, neither this place nor time is right for it. Mahamatya and Charu take him from there.

Ashoka looks at Dharma who leaves from there without a word. Ashoka follows her. The lion appears in the courtroom.

Sushim is bare-chested. He hits himself using a hunter. A guy requests him to stop when Sushim hands over the hunter to him. Hit me with full force. The guy says how can I do so. Sushim slaps him hard. I am not made the Yuvraj but it doesn’t mean that you wont listen to me. The guy hits him but Sushim tells him to hit harder. I will kill you otherwise. The guy obliges.

Ashoka says I did not do it for personal reasons. She knows it too. But the people present there will think against you. They will call you opportunist. He doesn’t mind what others think of him. She takes Bindusar’s name. Your father was disturbed by your request. He is taken aback. She says your father loves you a lot. You should have thought well before making such a request. The place and time was not right. She leaves. Ashoka is in thoughts.

Siamak is angry but Helena warns him not to do any foolishness. She says Ashoka’s request and Bindu accepting it will become the reason of impending trouble. Unani army will soon attack on Magadh. No one will be spared. You will not become Yuvraj but Samrat directly.

Dharma talks to Bindu about his reaction. He says I wanted Ashoka to be made the Yuvraj. He surprised me by asking for this right on his own. This shows that he is sure he is capable to handle the responsibility. I am glad. He asks for some alone time. She leaves.

Dharma notices Charu running frantically towards Sushim’s room. Charu asks Sushim what he is doing. Sushim tells the guy not to stop. She tries to stop him but he pushes her. what will you do now? He snatched all the rights from me. You were all quiet then. He tells the guy to continue. Charu begs him not to do this to her. He refuses to stop. I will destroy this body but wont bend down before that Daasi Putra! She cries. Dharma reaches there and is shocked to see it.

Bindu tells Helena to go if Nana ji is ill. But you will be needed tomorrow when Ashoka’s Rajya-Abhishek will happen. I would like to request you to stay back tomorrow to bless Ashoka. She agrees. I did not like Ashoka demanding to be made the Yuvraj just like that. He has changed a lot since he went to Takshshila. Did you expect it from him? He denies. but changes are bound to happen after what he went to through in Takshshila. It is his confidence and not arrogance. She hopes his belief is right. How can a mother, whose son cheated her, believe anyone? But Magadh’s wish for the throne can change people then what will happen afterwards. He hears some commotion.

Charu tells Dharma to leave from there. Since you have come here everything has gone wrong. She again tries to stop Sushim. Bindu comes there. The guy leaves when Bindu orders him to. He next asks Sushim what he is doing. Sushim replies that he is only trying to hurt his body so much that he cannot bear the pain in his soul. The pain given by you is unbearable! I will have to live with this insult till the last breath of my life. You announced me as Yuvraj but then changed your decision! People will mock me. No one will take me seriously or respect me. It is all because of you! You snatched everything from me in a second. Why did you do it? Why cant you love me the way you love Ashoka? Bindu says you both are equal to me but SUshim refuses to accept it. I am your elder son. I have spent more years with you than Ashoka. Have you ever thought? He passes out. Charu cries seeing his condition. Wake up son. she blames Dharma and Ashoka for it. they both wont be happy ever if anything happens to my son. This is the curse from a mother. Mahamatya suggest postponing Ashoka’s Abhishek till Sushim is better. Radha Gupta says it will only raise questions at Samrat’s decisions. Enemies will make use of it and the citizens will be upset. I can understand Samrat’s pain. Both are his sons only. If Chandragupta Maurya had used his heart then he would have made Justin his successor. He did what was right. Bindu announces that the Abhishek will happen on the said time only. He leaves from the room followed by Shubhrasi. Helena and Charu talk about the impending danger on Dharma and Dharamputra!

Precap: It is the day of Ashoka’s Abhishek. Sushim retracts in shock as he hears the music. Do something Ma. Bindu slaps Ashoka.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Awesome as usual but couldn’t understand the precap. Y is Samrat slapping ashok

  2. why bindu slaps ashoka…. has he done something wrong… i dont think so… yr i cant wait again 24 hrs….

  3. what? why ashoka? pooja di thanx for the superb fast update

  4. can anyone tell me why bindusar slapped ashok

  5. Thank you pooja for this quick update !
    Now when evry ghing was going well what happened again ! 🙁

  6. One the story got on track …… The writers had to just mess it up…

    This much of twist is not at all good

    When you kept the negative track so long why to be miser with the positive one…….

    Think about it.

  7. That day is not far when bindusar will realize what mistake he has done by slapping ashok he will regret when he will come to know that his family members are the killers of chanakya

  8. I think now everything will become worse as there will be misunderstanding between bindusar and ashok and bindusar will send ashok to exile where ashok will marry kauravaki and sushim will be made the king and i think later on he will stab rani dharma to death

  9. mujhe lagta hai ki charumitra ka hi isme koi chaal hogi…. usne bindu ko kuch ulta-pulta kahani sunai aur bindu gussa ho kar ashoka ko chata maara….

  10. Now bindu slaps ashoka… ?
    Kaise bhi story ko kuchh na kuchh twist daal kar aage khinchna tto hai hi…
    Let me guess…
    Option 1.. charu does some black magic and under effect of it ashoka does some real non sence … finally bindu slaps ashoka… and reverses his decision of making him successor…
    Option 2.. in 3rd march episode Siamek said, ashoka has not seen my enemity till now but he will see now… he must have plotted something against ashoka …
    Option 3.. shushim/ charu/ Siamek/ hellena … either of them are making some plan and dreaming tht bindu slaps ashoka…

    But i can guess that for sure ashoka is not going to be coronated as yuvraj, in coming episodes…

    1. Bang on specially with option 3 of dream. They had been showing non sense and then portrayed as dream 🙂

  11. Srinivas Hemang Dharmavaram

    No Bindu would do the same thing when he was sending ashoka to taxila. ( Bindusar ne ashoka ka hand kaatdiya when he gave maurya mohor in sabha )

  12. Difference between sushim and ashok is that sushim wants the throne only to get power but ashok wants the throne not to get power but to unite india and for the welfare of his citizens so sushim will anyways never become samrat it is ashok only who will become magadhs samrat

  13. Writer and Director of this serial good to make fantasy and/or thriller or masala serial/movie. I don’t think they fit to make a historical story like Ashoka. What is this nonsense black magic, Sailing in the sea to reach Takshasila, Kichak, Jaganath was prisoner…… I think, viewers should revolt and go all out for banning this serial. Historians and government should take some corrective action (if possible) as they are showing mockery of history.

  14. Bindu slapped ashoka to show that ashoka is not emotional and will not lose balance whatever be situation. Bindusar wants to prove this in the court

  15. Actually its normal because in history Ashoka dint become samrat that easily. He actually fought hard and had to kill sushim. All i know is sushim became samrat then some struggle happened whatsoever and then ashok became the chakravartin

  16. @shiva kichakas story was real

  17. Bindusara slapped Ashoka to test his patience and his reaction to see if he is eligible to become the successor.. I think..

    1. That trick was used by Acharya earlier.

  18. I feel like its sas bahu natak…. issliye zayda dimag na lagayee would be good for everyone… let me guess…option 1 bindusar slapped ashok because of equality that what i think… equality means slapped sushim infront of you…he was my son so i slapped ashok ….sushim and ashok are equal for me…. to show praja… right now we are praja… option 2 is dream… dream of sombody charu mitra or rani dharma or anybody… option 3 ye sab monday par chala jaega… last mei slap krte dikhayenge we guys will be in same mode why bindusar slapped ashok….guys finger crossed…..lets wait and watch…

  19. Sushim should be the crown prince and as per the serial… Ashoka should be up-raja as viceroy of Ujjain… What say?

  20. I think he slaped him because he must have tried to tell him sm thing against charu or helena ! N yea he will be vice roy of ujjain 1st

  21. @Shiva, no one is forcing you to watch this serial, you are free to stop watching.
    Agreed, director may be twisting and stretching the story for whatever reason, but there are many many incidents in the serial that give good message to the society. Whatever the twists and turns may be, the important characters are shown in good light and the story is going towards right direction. This serial is much much better than other crap serials.
    Thanks to the writer for her patience and time in typing this down.

  22. smt js archana

    respected sir,

    you are not showing the facts. you are adding so much un-realistic stories. I have gone through the detailed story of samrat ashoka, no where it has been written that ashoka has been slapped by raja bindusar. I am requesting you please show the real story not manghadant. thanking you sir.

    1. I think evry father som or the other times may slap his son why would be history concerned wd that ?

  23. awesome epi…waiting for today epi

  24. do so more fabulous thing that viewers will left the show.

  25. i think aab ashok ghar chore kr chala jayega or susim utradikhari bn jayega or phir susim ashok ki ma mar dega orbad me bindusar ko bhi mar dega or kuch sal bad ashok bda hokar ayega or susim or logo ko mar kr badla lega or raj gaddi me baith jayega

  26. this episode just left me in illusion as in baahubali………. why kattapa killed baahubali…….

  27. I think he slapped ashoka bcoz sushim was unwell… And ashoka wasn’t showing least concern for him and instead happily coming for his coronation…. Bindusara would say that ‘i was expecting you to delay the ceremony for your brother’s sake’…. Just a guess

  28. He is blaming ashoka for sushim’s condition

  29. Bindusar ko toh mann karta hai ki marr ke khatam hi kar dein.Idiot Bindusar toh Chandragupta Maurya ka son kahlane ke layak hi nahi hai.Naa toh Bindusar Chandragupta ke jaisa bann paaya aur naa hi usmein sahi desicion lene ki capability hai..History mein bhi Bindusar ne Sushim ko crown prince banakar yeh prove kar diya ki magadh jaise kingdom par rule karne ki capability thi hi nahin usme.Maurya dynasty mein Chandragupta aur Ashoka ka hi history padhne layak hai according to me.By the way,Ashoka ko Bindusar crown prince banaye ya naa banaye isse koi difference nahi aayega kyonki Ashoka ko koi bhi chakravartin samrat banne se nahi rok sakta.

  30. i gues now ashok will be sent to ujjan..

  31. @Shiva – I am happy that someone wants to see real history!

  32. (Just kidding) – What I think is … Sabko 1 circle main khada Karo (i.e Bindu,Sid,Sushim n villains ) aur ekdusre ko jordaar thappad lagao! Hisaab barabar karo! ? LOL I can’t stop laughing!!!

  33. according to history. Sushim was the crawn prince. after Ashoka’s success in Taxila Bindusar made him viceroy of Ujjaini. where he was attacked by enemies and wounded bady. He was saved and taken care by Devi and they fell in love . pata nai seriel mein ye sab dikhayege ya nahi. god knows

  34. Mere hisab se yeh hi hoga ki jab bindusara ne sushim ko thhapad(slap) mara tab sushim krodhit(angry) ho gya thha aur woh ashoka ko bhala-bura bola aur bindusara abb ashoka ko thhapad(slap) maarkar yeh dekhega ki ashoka ka kya answer hoga…. gar ashoka gussa hua toh shayad ashoka nai banega utraadhikari aur agar nai hua gussa toh uttraadhikari hoga…..

    1. Agar tumhari baat sach hui toh main toh khusi se ucchal(jump) hi padungi!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. nice epi but y bindu slapped ashok

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