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Acharya’s killers are celebrating his death. Sushim mocks Ashoka. While lighting the pyre, he must be thinking that he became an orphan. You were the only fool to think I am better than Sushim and trusted me! Everyone laughs hearing it. He also mocks Acharya. He would have said that he has no doubt on Ashoka’s capabilities. He dint know he was mistaken. He keeps mocking both Ashoka and Acharya. They all laugh. Mahamadhya suggests him to speak in lower tones. Someone might hear. Sushim says cowardice doesn’t suit you after doing what we did. We will give the same punishment to whoever hears it. Relax and enjoy. It is because of you and Rajmata Helena that Daastan was blamed for it. Mahamadhya tries to say something but Helena doesn’t let him speak. Forget what happened.

Celebrate! Ashoka interrupts them. It wont be forgotten ever and I will make sure no one else forgets it too! They are all shocked to see him there. Ashoka praises them. Entire Magadh is lamenting over Acharya’s loss and you all are drinking already! He pours the drink around them in a circle. It seems like a victory celebration. World knows that Daastan has killed Acharya. Today, I have come to tell you a secret. Daastan has not killed Acharya. The culprit is right inside the palace! Helena says Acharya’s death has affected you badly. Ashoka stops her. This is the only place in the entire place where a celebration is going on. Now I have no doubt about the fact that the culprit is right here.

He walks closer to Helena. It can be you as your son Justin was given death penalty because of Acharya. He inches closer to Sushim next. It is a well known fact that Acharya wanted to make me the successor. He says the similar things to Charu. You can go to any extent to make your son sit on the throne. He turns to Mahamadhya in the end. There is no doubt that Acharya was in your way. You could have never become greater than him till he was alive. Sushim asks him to present proof. There is a proper protocol and rules for justice. We wont listen to whatever you say. Ashoka points out that proofs are needed for things that happen in court. This is personal. Someone has killed my Guru. A city’s rules will never be able to get the right punishment to Acharya’s killer. I have been brought up in jungles. The biggest rule there is that there is no rule. This will become the main motto of my revenge now. The day I find out the killer, that day will be the last day of that person’s life. That day isn’t far! The negative countdown for the culprit starts now! He throws a lit diya at the trail of liquor. The room catches fire. All four of them shout for help. Ashoka walks out of the room.

Next morning, Ashoka does puja. He thinks of his past feud with Sushim. He recalls seeing Helena trying to free Justin from the prison. Someone stands behind him holding a dagger in his hand. It is Siamak. He angrily walks closer towards Ashoka. He thinks of how he had stabbed Acharya. Helena pulls him aside. Siamak is worried thinking that Ashoka knows the truth. He wont spare us. Helena shushes him. Ashoka leaves from there. Helena tells Siamak that Ashoka could come to this point only because of Chanakya. He is completely broken. He wont be able to do anything without Acharya. He will end up slowly. How will he do anything when Acharya couldn’t do anything? Who is he!

Mahamadhya shares that he has made an announcement in Magadh. Whoever gets Mir alive will be given prize money. Bindu asks him why a new commander hasn’t been appointed yet. Mahamadhya has already made a list for the same. Ashoka suggests that the person should be personally chosen this time. There have been so many attacks on palace recently. Bindu agrees. People plead to Bindu to help them. They are from Takhshila. They share their problems with Bindu. Bindu says we get max benefit from Takshshila’s returns. Why wasn’t I made aware of all the problems? How did this happen? The guys share that Sudama ji is there only for namesake at the moment. The wrong people are misusing Sudama for own personal reasons. Takshshila was a pious place once but now it is almost empty. Everyone is vacating Takshshila because of fear. Ashoka asks them who that person is. One of the guy shares that he had attacked Kalinga earlier also and broke Chanakya and Chandragupta Maurya’s dream. Bindu realises that it is Kichak. Flashback shows Sudama requesting Bindu not to kill Kichak. He is my wife’s sister. He will never do such thing again. I will take responsibility. Flashback ends. Bindu regrets forgiving Kichak. Acharya was against it. He was right. We should kill the enemy altogether or it can come to seek revenge anytime. It is time to rectify my mistake. Bindu announces that Sushim will leave for Takshshila tomorrow morning itself.

Sushim asks his mother and Mahamadhya to do anything to stop him from going to Takshshila. Mahamadhya reasons that they still have the night to change Samat’s decision.

Ashoka is reading something. Dharma asks him about it. He is reading about Takshshila. Why no one writes about us in Magadh? How will future generation get to know about us? I have found many interesting facts about Takshshila. It is sad to know that Takshshila is almost on the brink of end today. Dharma says knowledge is a big contributor in any state. Educated people will never accept anything that is wrong. Ashoka is worried thinking if Sushim will be able to handle the situation. Dharma nods. You too should trust him. Acharya suggested his name. Ashoka is in thoughts.

Precap: Charu requests Bindu to stop Sushim from going to Takshshila. Bindu offers to go but Ashoka steps forward. I will go.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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    1. Aruna Mahadeo

      I like her lectures I learn from them myself.

      1. i still can’t understand what’s there to learn from her lectures she is so dumb

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