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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 31st May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ashoka is angry with all of them. You were planning the direction and course of my life. How could you do so? You thought I wont understand anything? Acharya called himself my well wisher but he worried not for me but for someone else. You were following Acharya RG’s orders! Acharya says I was doing it for you only. Ashoka gets angry. For my sake! It was not for me when you were plotting behind my back. Acharya RG you know it well how much I hate plotting and planning. Dint you think how would I feel when I would get to know the truth? I cannot differentiate between you and my enemies after what you have done with me. Acharya RG says it was my first duty to save you from enemies. I had to do it Ashoka. Ashoka corrects him. Only Chand. Ashoka was killed long ago. Nayak and Acharya RG

try to make him understand. I had to do something to take you here as you couldn’t go to Patliputra. Rani Dharma couldn’t know about it. Magadh’s spies are searching for you everywhere. Patliputra’s condition is worsening. Ashoka says I am not interested in Patliputra or Magadh. I only see and think of the four people whenever I think of Patliputra who hurt my Guru, my mother and my little brother. I won’t be at peace till I don’t punish them.

Sushim says I would be at peace when I will punish that guy. It is not only your but Magadh’s disrespect. Bindu reasons that he could have done it then and there itself. I could punish him for disrespecting me and for refusing to do as told but I had to change my decision seeing the reaction of people present there. I haven’t forgotten him yet. His face is very much before my eyes even now. I felt that I know him. Sushim is surprised. What do you mean? Bindu replies that he wont understand.

Sushim says it mean anyone can go against Magadh’s Samrat. I cannot take it. you might have given up on your idea to punish him but I wont. I will punish him with my own hands. He will have to die. Bindu calls him immature. Maybe this is what’s stopping you from becoming the King. You would not think this way if you had any such quality. You only talk of death penalty whatever happens, even if the situation is in your favour or not. Don’t you have any other option than this? No, this again proves today that you are not fit enough to be a king. You neither have pity nor patience nor the thinking that is required to be my successor. You wont do anything to him (Chand). Sushim insists. I will punish that Chand. Your saying yes or no wont change anything. Bindu slaps him. Remember that I am not just your father but Magadh’s Samrat too. I have the right to take decision. I will decide what will happen when and how. If you try to go against me then I will think of it as your rebellion. I have punished one son already. I wont mind punishing the other too. Get this thought out of your head! He walks away. Sushim looks angry. I wont spare him.

Ashoka says time has come. Acharya RG asks him what he is going to do. This isn’t the right time. Ashoka says there is no right time for anything. I have made up my mind. This is the right time. Acharya RG warns him that he is only going to repeat the mistake that he did 10 years ago. You couldn’t control your anger back then as well. You wont be able to fulfil Acharya Chanakya’s dream of united India this way. Ashoka reasons that you have to clean the land you want to sow something in. I am going to do that only. No one can stop me now, not even you! He goes. Acharya RG, Acharya and Nayak look on.

Mahamatya tells SUshim to calm down. Samrat is angry and upset from that incident. You should not try to aggravate it. Sushim angrily asks him if he will stop him. He holds Mahamatya’s neck angrily. I will end this game tonight itself. Before my old father finds out that that Chand only is Ashoka, I will kill him.

Kaurvaki is ready to leave for Nalanda. She goes to look for Bela. Bela asks her to have some curd first. Kaurvaki eats a bite. She feels dizzy as soon as she eats it and passes out. Jagannath steps forward. He praises Bela. Kaurvaki will find herself in her room when she will wake up. She will be far away from Ashoka, very far.

Ashoka is walking somewhere. The revenge of Ma, motherland and Guru will be taken care of today.

Sushim looks at the dagger. Every obstacle in my way to throne will be ended tonight.

Bindu takes out the ring and thinks of Dharma. He lies down to sleep.

Ashoka says Sushim’s death is final today. He hears a roar and stops in his track seeing the lion of Ashoka Stambha. Ashoka tells him not today. no one will stop him today. I have to take revenge for my Guru’s death and for the injustice done to my mother. I have been waiting for this moment since years. No one will try to divert me tonight from my mission as I am so near my destination, not even you. The lion attacks him. Ashoka falls down.

Sushim comes to Bindu’s room at night when he is asleep. Ashoka is near the room only. Sushim thinks of how his father insulted him. Ashoka angrily hits his hand on the wall because of which something (the thread in his hand) flies inside. It falls directly on Sushim’s hand and he is pushed back. Bindu wakes up with a start. What are you doing here? Sushim lies that he came to apologize to him. Bindu replies that it only becomes a word by saying it repeatedly. Go to your room. He looks at the holy thread and keeps it next to the ring. Sushim thinks it saved him tonight but he will come back soon. I will first kill your beloved son before your eyes in the wing.

Helena says he (Ashoka) has finally reached here by crossing all the obstacles. Let’s see what happens now. The one who equalled dharma and justice once has become Chand today. Let us see what happens when he will come face to face with his biggest enemy. She talks to the miniature dolls and places them in a miniature version of wrestling wing.

Sushim fights with another participant and wins after killing his opponent brutally. Bindu is watching it and Charu joins them too. Mahamatya announces Sushim as the winner. People cheer for him.

Precap: Charu is sure it isn’t Chakravarti Chand but Dharma’s son Ashoka. Sushim hits Ashoka who falls down. Acharya RG says this fight is to be stopped. Only Devi Dharma can stop it.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Superb Episode

  2. thanks for superfast update…..i thinks there should be wrestling ring in second last paragraph…….well…..other is better…so thanks…again…god bless u pooja… meet u tomorrow……

  3. thanks for quick update mis pooja,ur rep cments ar nt seing these days,in precap aftr charu it metion that (ir) i thnk it should be is.

  4. Boring boring mr director how long show us that foolish story pls stop it and make farword the show any way did you know the real history of ashoka i don’t think so

  5. Wow…..but whats happening in precap…….what a quicker update ..thanxx!!

  6. Smting To Mr.Director Plz Concern To Thi7 I Thnk Ur Reading Cments Becuz U Did Many Corectins In Drama As Fans Told In Suitable Way.When U See Last Few Weeks Coments U Wil See Number Of Coments Are Reduce W.R.T Early Episode Cments Many Great Fans Like History,annonymas,balsai,ashoka The Great,priya,abc,shiva Etc.Who Cment Daily Are Stop Cmenting Nw.The Main Resn Is Draging The Story Unnecesarly.So Director Try Stop The Dragning [email protected] Past Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat Has A Unique Feature It Is Nt Draging The Story Bt Now……So Plz Considr Abt Ths.

    1. You Are Corect Dhananjaxa I Stop Wathchng The Drama Because Of This Dragning.


    3. Agree with you. They always start with some new story and drag it for months. Remember how ashok rescued kvks father frm takshila? the episode went on for month. Its high time the director focuses on core history rather than dragging episodes with fictional ideas.

    4. Agred with U Dhananjaya now. the CAS becoming boring

    5. I agred with you dhananjaya wrestling match become now like thakshila episode.

    6. Correct Dhananjaya 100% agree with you.

    7. I aree with you dananjaya.many CAS drama fedup with draging. history,annonymus where are you?

    8. Agreed @Dhananjaya , they are testing our patience!

    9. Absolutly correct dhananjaya.,director plz dn’t drag the episodes to longl

    10. Ur are correct dananjaya,even other than draging the story they showing things out of BORING!!!

    11. Deepika Seth

      This Is My First Coment On This Site.I Everyday read these coments & Poojas Wrten updates.I truly agreed With you the drama becoming so boring due to unnecessarly dragging.

    12. I agree with both dananjaya and history Mr.Director trying to check our patience but i think it may cause for downfall of CAS trama which was in peak.

    13. I agreed With you Dhananjaya.Now this topic is similar to ujjain scences.

    14. You are correct dhananjaya

    15. U are correct bro.CAS become borring now.

    16. I agree with u dhananjaya.drama become so boring without devi.wht happen to her?please Director don’t drag these kind of epis

    17. Worst Drama So Boring

    18. Oh Dhananjaya i truly acept ur coment.the drama becoming so boring now.director try to drag the story please stop that.

    19. Thanks for updates pooja.i agre with you dananjaya.i think its time to stop watching the CAS if it is draging like frends GIVE your IDEAS about DRAGING the teledrama.

  7. Truely Agreed Dhananjaya Nw Director Try To Drag The Story Nw Fans Get Bitter About Drama.

  8. Waiting for the moment of their great fight
    Thanks Miss Pooja for fast updates

  9. Thanks pooja for the wonderfull update?. You are really great cause you write each and every dialogue same to same?????.

  10. Dhananjaya n ashok samrat , guys can anyone tell me what happened in the latest promo? I just missed it. karvaki ko lekar kuch kaha bindusar. But what? plz tell me.

    1. Zeba I Cn!T Understand Hindi So Plz Write In English.I Doesn!T Watch Teledrama Due To Draging Only I Read Pooja’s Update.Sry.I Thnk Samrat Ashok Busy With Her Studies These Days.

  11. ghost is back

    Lions show again credit goes to everyone who supports me. Director sahab IPL is over. So now you can stop dragging and fast forward the story. U have the liberty

  12. I have stopped watching this serial since kvk’s entry…. And now I think I am going to stop reading the updates too! Now it’s too much, they don’t know the real history and so, they are dragging everything!

  13. Sheila kaschner

    Oh MG…….never read in history like this drama,remember please Ashoka was hunter and ,fighter

  14. CAS is now a really really boring show. bt anthr hnd it’s pleasure to see without kvk’s suddenly hopeful n suddenly hopeless face.

  15. what is happening …..
    it is becoming very much boring…..
    roj roj ek chijj…

  16. As i hd earlier said that whenever there has been a contest between susim and asoka,the former has won with deceit.
    This time also they are showing that asoka is biting the dust.
    But remember what the sorcerer had said to susim that when there will be fight between them asoka will kill susim. I hope the director-story writer remember this.
    The audience is not foolish. You drag episodes,we switch serials.

  17. Friends,now a new serial Nagrjuna has started on life ok at 9 pm Mon-Fri. If CAS is being dragged ,lets watch this serial.As I said above, you drag ,we switch.

  18. As i said during the whole Keechak episode. Dragging will not help in getting more TRP. They’re making show boring i red online that after this whole drama they’re going to show Ashok/Kaurvaki love story please director show some struggle for throne and politics don’t make CAS family drama

  19. i like the new episode starting photo of CAS…

  20. ram kiran alur

    The biggest torture is the ads they post repeating them mulitple times , They give feed back to the people make better plays and stop this torture , many will move away from watching if this continues or atleast reduce the time for ads.

  21. Show some more Postivity and come to some historical facts

  22. Sheila kaschner

    Please seë in the movie how was srkh khan play being ashoka ….

  23. dirdctor without showing ules episodes which were not in history plz show real history.STOP DRAGING THE EPISODE!!!!

  24. Mukesh Arora

    IS THIS THE DOWNFAL OF CAS DRAMA I NEVER see such a lot of negetive coments regarding this drama from MR.DIRECTOR PLEASE OPEN YOUR EYES & READ THESE COMENTS & STOP DRAGING THE EPISODES LIKE THIS.i agreed with you Mr.Dhananjaya.

  25. He,dhananjaya,dhananjaya Who Is This Out Of Ii Coments His Name Is Atleast 34 Coments.What The Hell??I THINK HE IS THE ONLY GUY WHO WAS ABLE TO TAKE MAXIMUM # OF REPLY COMENTS FROM SPECTATORS ONLY FOR ONE COMMENT.your Comment is super.but try to avoid sms format.keep on comenting Dhananjaya.I ALSO AGREE WITH YOU DHANANJAYA.

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