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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 31st August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Purohit ji guides Ashoka and Devi on the next ritual. Kaurvaki watches it all teary eyed. Ashoka holds Devi’s hand. They repeat the vows together after Purohit ji. Kaurvaki remembers how Ashoka and she had been through some instances which spoke of the same promises. She thinks of all their past moments; and how they came this far together. Ashoka and Devi are announced husband and wife by Purohit ji. The wedding is complete. You can now seek blessings of your elders. Devi and Ashoka touch the feet of Dharma followed by BIndu. Dharma blesses Devi happily. Kaurvaki looks at them. She mentally vows on her tears and in her father’s name that Ashoka’s love will be no more an obstacle in my life. I renounce you just like you renounced me! She wipes her tears determined.


begins to go towards Kaurvaki when the gathbandhan pulls up. Devi and Ashoka look at each other. Devi is in a dilemma as she looks at Kaurvaki.

Ashoka holds Devi’s hand as they walk together up to where Kaurvaki is. Ashoka shows the joined hands to Kaurvaki. What did you prove? What did you achieve? She says I got revenge of insulting my father. Before today, whenever I got a chance to choose between you or father, I always chose you without a doubt. I realised today I was wrong. Maybe my father chose a wrong way but his ideals about you weren’t completely wrong. You (Ashoka) dint think even for a second to leave the girl who left her everything for your love. She addresses him as Rajkumar Ashoka. Till today I lived as your lover, your would-be wife, but after today I will only live as my father’s daughter. Devi looks stunned at Kaurvaki as she walks away angrily. Ashoka goes in a different direction. The gathbandhan comes off. Devi turns to look at him. Ashoka angrily stands back in the mandap area. Sushim is enjoying it. Dharma looks worriedly at Devi who is standing alone and teary eyed.

Kaurvaki drops her chunri and gathbandhan dupatta as she walks. She throws down all the jewellery. Ashoka does the same as he walks in the corridor. Sad song plays in the background. Kaurvaki trips over a fallen item when Ashoka holds her hand. They look at each other. She stands up and pushes Ashoka. Your touch is like snake. He leaves from there without saying a word. Kaurvaki turns and gets hurt in her feet by a piece of glass. She pays no heed to it and goes. Dharma looks on. The footsteps that was headed towards my house and returning from here. I don’t know if I will ever be able to face Kaurvaki again. I did an unpardonable thing today!

Bindu apologizes to his father’s photo. I learnt it all from you yet I failed miserably at it. I couldn’t give my son his happiness. Dharma says it should be me who should be apologizing to father. He looks at her. She calls herself the culprit. He says I know it happened coincidentally. You are not to be blamed. You did all the right things for us till date. You made me a good man. You changed me for good. Honestly speaking, I wanted a similar wife for Ashoka. I failed in doing so today which I regret. She replies that he is not wrong here. This wedding was not going to happen anyways. She tells him sage’s prophecy. I only forced Devi. He questions her why she did it. She says I got scared. He says you ruined lives of so many people because of one prophecy? You knew how important it was for me. I was ready to pay any price for this wedding. You did injustice with Ashoka! Ashoka trusted you the most in his life. You destroyed his happiness just because of a prophecy! I always wished to be a good father if not a good Samrat. You snatched that from me too. if I am a failed father today then it is only because of you! She apologizes to him. I was scared for you and my son. He says what has happened cannot be changed. You have hurt those most who you were trying to protect. Not one but many people will bear the brunt of this for life! I am one of them. He walks away upset. She is in tears.

Ashoka looks at all the mementos that he had of Kaurvaki. He puts them in fire. Your memories have no place in my life anymore! On the other hand, Kaurvaki is shown doing the same. I have burnt all my ties with this palace now.

Devi lights a diya and keeps it in her hand. She is in temple. I don’t know which punishment will be enough for me. I became the medium of separating the people I had wished to unite. I don’t know what your reason behind it would be. I don’t know the secrets of time. I only know that I made a mistake. I have to do repentance. Dharma too extends her hand. There is a lit diya in her hand too. Devi looks at her. I should be the one who should be doing repentance. I only asked you to marry Ashoka. I should be the one who should be punished. I am ready for punishment. Devi makes her drop the diya. I cannot see you in pain. Dharma says the same for her. Neither of us can see each other in pain. You can either punish yourself like this or by staying with him for the bigger truth.

Devi touches Ashoka’s feet while he is burning the mementos. He makes her stand. What are you doing? Devi says I don’t know why you married me. I have never and will never consider myself good enough for you. I was helpless. You don’t need to tell me ever that I need a place in your heart. I only need to be here. He replies that he used her as a puppet to take his revenge. I dint even take your permission. It is highly wrong and an insult to a woman.

Precap: Ashoka tells Devi he has married her in God’s presence. I will give you all the rights of a wife. Devi requests him to allow her to meet Kaurvaki once. Devi comes to meet Kaurvaki. Kaurvaki looks at her angrily.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Devi looks beautiful in asvi Jodi thanks pooja for fast episode looks like watching the serial nice update

    1. Devi is looking like an ornament shop.all you can see is gold if shes suddenly rags to riches …so over studded with gold….chalti firti sone Ki dukaan….n how stupid of her to go and meet krvk so over dressed where krvk removed ornaments and came to simplicity.
      On one side Devi is apologetic on other subtle happiness …….she’s gonna get thrashed and beaten by krvk anger and injustice….by choice or by default she has ditched krvk and taken her place instead…and definitely it’s a breach of krvk trust……and when she has married out of obligation..she should be quite instead…..Devi is shown inappropriate by story line

      1. Angelk1

        I second that…. She will get hurt by laurvaki anger in tomorrow eps maybe even get slap making ashok angry. And also say hurtful words. Theirs two emotion running through her head. Guilt and happyness, she was the one who told kaurvaki to continue to pursue ashok, but she didnt protest even when they started the rounds. She tried walking to kaurvaki to explain… But what can she do… Whats done is done. I’m just waiting for kaurvaki son who i read died young… Not as an infant. In some source it says he was married, and he would have surpase his father… And also it said ashok was impress with him. So i want to learn more about him. And how he died.

  2. Nice epispde

  3. thank u mis pooja ur so fast,thank director atleast u try to enter real hstry.mohit raina u r doing well cmpard to begning.keep it up!!

  4. why they are degrading devi’s character to such an extent :/ she was first wife as well as love of Ashoka. how can they show Ashoka using her to make karuwaki jealous

    1. Dear radhika .. Our so called directors job is to degrade all the historical characters..
      Only devi was left… Every one here is aware of our beloved directors job.. It’s no more shocking.. He had degraded kvk character so much dat every body hates her leaving some… Now as the spot light has shifted to devi from kvk by the marriage .. So it’s obvious now Devi’s character will be degraded so much dat every body will also start hating devi…


  5. Sachin41

    Oh God..!!! How to describe today’s episode.. Everyone feels they did wrong.. Ashoka, kvk, Devi, Dharma, Bindu..
    Don’t know how to react on everyones feelings…

    Please no more dragging in marriage drama and consequences.. I want Sushim and Siamak’s plans against Bindu and Ashoka and counterattack by Ashoka..

    Ashoka please come back to normal mood, it’s difficult but try to concentrate on your goals..

    We want normal Ashoka vs Sushim fights and plans..

  6. Angelk1

    this is getting good. Ashok shouldnt have let her see kaurvaki… Now shes about to get it from her. I cant wait to see this… About time … I was getting tierd of seeing her act all lovey dovey like the rest when that castle only brought her betrayal by the people she trusted. They should leave her alone.

    1. Angelk1

      Devi should let her cool off… By going to see her its a laugh in kaurvaki face… Which will make her say some hurtful things out of anger. Honestly speaking i hope she dont expect things to be ok between her and kaurvaki after this… That would be dumb

  7. Twist has comes upp!!!!…

    Thnx to pooja…keep it on…
    We all are gratefull to u.

  8. Today’s episode was full of sadness. But really loves asvi scene

    1. I hate asvi…… ashwaki is way better

  9. I agree; stupid to allow Devi to meet kvk. For the first time today, kvk aroused sympathy instead of irritation. Now why she was again in Ashok’s arms I don’t get, but atleast we see some strong trait today instead of a love sick, wide eyed puppy. The acting of everyone was cool but I still find Sushim as a nuanced great actor. Bindu and Dharma are best relegated to retirement now I think.

  10. Rekha thank you. Ashoka was greedy for kalinga not just politically but economically. OK I don’t know why everyone is fighting. 85 COMMENTS seriously?? Different people have different opinions and we should respect them not fight. My request don’t fight for silly things. Fight for your ambition . What has happened has happened. Nobody can go to past and change. If you people can’t accept it do not see CAS. Accept the changes
    Sometimes the greatest change in your life is the change in your viewpoint. If you all change your viewpoint then the world will look beautiful to you.
    Thank you, PEACE HO!!

    1. rekha vaghela

      During the time of Chandragupta and bindu and ashok. Their were treat of invasion. And a kingdom whose ruler is dead and left without a heir is an ideal place for political takeover. If ashok wouldn’t have done it then kaling would have been lost to dust. As kaling had port and foreign people their it was necessary for him to secure it or foreigner would enter into kaling. First kaling and then a treat to his kingdom. On one side their were Greeks and on Himalayan side their was China and Nepal.

    2. rekha vaghela

      Ashok already had sindu route for trade he did needed to go all the way to kaling for another trade route. And sindhu trade route was more prosperous then kaling trade route. Also he had silk trade route falling in his kingdom. While kaling is right nows andhrapradesh. So I think u can understand what I meant to say. As kaling can’t match the riches of silk trade route or Sindhi trade route or takshshashila or Himalayan trade route which all fell with him. Leaving kaling alone would have made it a weak spot on the map for anyone to strike.

      1. radha krushna nayak

        I think you do know the History. Kalinga is not Andhra Pradesh it is modern Odisha which was at that time had the territory from Kharagpur to Vizianagarm. At that time Kalinga had democracy, so there was no need for any king. That aspect made Ashok the greedy and rude ruler to overpower Kalinga which left unconqured by his father and grandpa. The severity of Kalinga was was the symbol of patriotism of Kalinga people and the result also well known which made the Cahnadasoka to Dharmashok.

      2. rekha vaghela

        Dr radha..
        Answer this and u will get answer.
        Who r kalinga??
        Wat is the most imp feature of any city in ancient time??
        If kaling had port??
        Wat is the prerequist for a port??
        Which is the river that long in southern India that could b used best for travel purpose in india??
        Where did this river lie??

      3. rekha vaghela

        And I don’t from where u read about ashok heart change by kaling people. But from wat we read it was the Buddhist preaching that gave peace to his heart and he decided to change. Though after kalinga war he didn’t need to terrorize any one. But according to 2 story’s that I found it was his nephew in one (monk) and in other a well known Buddhist monk who gave him preaching and calm him down. Kalinga was vast empire of south which stretched its boundary quite long.

  11. Very nice episode . Ashok pair looks much better with Devi more then kaurvaki . Hope & want to see love , romance etc between Ashok & Devi . Lovely pair asvi .

  12. Nice episode

  13. Thank you for the update pooja di. Nice episode! when ashoka burned kvk ornaments I saw the feeling of ashoka and his love for her. But I didn’t see that love in kvk eyes when she burned them. mohit’s acting is suprb!!!!!! we can feel the emotions from his face.

  14. Dear history lover
    Legend of Karuvaki 2 :
    Another woman comes to the maiden . Both of them chat. Suddenly a man roughly pushed the maiden and she fell on the ground. Her companion stops the man and orders him to apologize karuvaki. That man already in a bad mood starts shouting at her. Meanwhile karuvaki had gotten up and was watching both of them. The woman raised a dagger . Everyone’s attention was turned on them.Karuvaki stops her. ” Don’t rajesvari. Don’t let anger control your actions. It will lead to your destruction” karuvaki said quietly. Turning to the man she said” We are sorry . It was our mistake, we were blocking your path. Please forgive us”. Everyone had a smile on their face and even ashoka. The man equally apologized both of them. Everybody returned ti their work. Ashoka was intrigued
    Later that night he asked the chieftain’s wife to give details about both the women.
    Chieftain’s wife replied” They are karuvaki and rajesvari. They both live at the village’s end . They are best friends”
    Ashoka said” Mother , how can it be? They are nothing alike”
    The chieftain’s wife said” Your are right ,Kumar. They are nothing alike. Karuvaki is polite , gentle and humble. She helps people with their matters. Nobody can help liking her. We all like her and seek advice from her . On the other hand rajesvari is totally opposite. Yes she helps people by punishing the guilty. She trained herself to be a swordswoman. She can do anything for kalinga. But why are you asking these questions? I am sorry if I have offended you by my question.”
    Oh no mother! Do not apologize. I was just curious about both these friends. Especially karuvaki. She didn’t lose temper . I couldn’t help liking it”
    Thank you

  15. Sad about ashok and kvk but its a history have to accept it .but ashwiki love was too weak…….

    1. I agree, I too feel very sad for Ash and Kwk. They loved each other since they were children. And When the time came to for fruits someone else took the cream. This is injustice. Hope Devi does something and makes Kwki understand that she will only take care of Ahk on her behalf, but he will always love her. She (Devi) will never come in either way.

  16. Dear rekha vaghela I was reading your comments, some of your comments are very wrong. And another reader commented that ashoka married at the age of 18. Well again wrong. It is just written ashoka married first when he was a prince . Please avoid content available on internet. As many things have not been explained and historians are still digging in. The Ceylonese chronicles or mahavamsa and ashokavardhana are totally different. Some dates do not match at all. So historians are still trying to go deep. So making assumptions is just wrong that’s what the sites are doing. And TIYASA I do not refer internet for my researching. I tend to go through books, the edicts , museums, the inscriptions. Different books have different contents so there are multiple answers. The Buddhist monks of Mathura wrote something and the monks of Sri Lanka wrote different. So try to understand
    Thank you

    1. Mahamatya Khallyatak

      truly Appreciate your research and knowledge on Ashok……. wonder from where the director and writer of CAS did their research and created the story. It is not matching the internet nor any books. Still would love to know from them, from where did they get hold of rare documents and showing us history in detail

      1. rekha vaghela

        Actually ashok’s history is that uncertain that no one can question them!! Only a few things r their which r certain.
        Ashok married and have son at young age in his early 20s most probably.(no dating available for it as to how old he was exactly)
        Ashok married devi 1st and had mahendra and sangmitra. And devi left both her children in his royal queen’s care.
        Ashok and kaling’s war.
        Ashok married kaurvaki after kaling war.
        Ashok’s eldest son and daughter became monks.
        Ashok lived on an estimation of more than 85yrs of age. And had surpassed the age of his most children (only a few sons were left who were also incapable for ruling) so was passed down to his grand children.
        Ashok from time to time did vanvihar after mahendra and sangmitra left. He only came back in time of emergency or when he wished to return. He stayed at the Buddhist monastery and meditated.
        None of the ashok son or grandson were known emperor as the Maurya clan declined after his time.
        Ashok had murder all his cousin and bbrothers and their sons and daughter and their wives.

    2. rekha vaghela

      Actually I and my professor have roamed a lot in Indonesia Nepal Thailand and srilanka. And gathered facts about Buddhist religion and its origin. Various parts of India specially middle India and Pakistan for it. Even went to china. And from wat we gathered over a research of 16 yrs was that ashok’s son and daughter that were from devi were more famous then ashok himself. Ashok is just remembered as their father. But more prominent character in Indian history. Where his this 2 children r not often talked off. So we could get much description of devi and ashok. Also of asandhmitra. A royal Queen of the late emperor who raised the 2. We came to know that ashok most loved wife died at young age and Devi had left her children in Royal queen’s care. No evidence of any romantic relation of ashok and kaurvaki was found by us. Also many folk lore but that changes from time to time and place to place. One thing certain. Ashok married at young age and mahendra was born to Prince ashok and not king ashok. From the time rough estimation and the age of marriage back then it prominent that ashok might have married between 16-20 yrs and probably making him father in 19-24 yrs. But exact time is not available. But u can take a mean as its Indian history and their was no record writing back then. The script that we went through in srilanka had inscription his other son one that was his favourite but died at a very young age, (kaurvaki’s son) some inscription mention him as his favorite and his mother too. But some mention that ashok only adored asandhmitra the royal Queen. (Ratio of it was asandhmitra : kaurvaki=3:1, that if devi: asandhmitra=1:2) this ratio is the changes that were found in various scripts. Right I retired from this work because my professor died but still it interest me a lot. My professor was an expert at pali. And we had gone through many literature. As we couldn’t gain any good literature from main land as most of the scripts of takshshashila are lost.

      1. Very true fact laid down by u…rekha vaghela..indeed a gu research by u n ur professor…I too hav found d sm infrmtn aftr my research on ashoka…n frm devi’s chrctr it cud b analysed dat she was very smpl gal,honest, loves to help people,peace loving,have no craze for power or fame…bcoz if she did she cud hav went back to royal palace n took d place of chief consort…n cud have demanded ashoka to make her son d king after him…

      2. rekha vaghela

        Answer this question and u would know wat was it!
        To make a port in ancient India wat was the requirement?? (River or sea)
        Which is the river that big in south that could accommodate a heavy sea vessels?(river boat/sea boat r different in size even in those days?)

  17. Wowie devi is looking so beautiful, so stunning. She’s looking like a princess. Well I want to clear my doubts. I read in ashok’s wikipedia that after marriage devi lived in vidisha with her children and karuwaki lived in kausambhi with her son tivala. Is it true? And I’ve also heard that Siddhartha nigam will be back as Ashok and karuwaki’s son. But according to the wikipedia of karuvaki and ashok tivala died as an infant. Then how come the director portray him as ashwaki’s son? Instead he should play the role devi’s son mahendra.

  18. Hey Bella – you may want to patent your story. A potential serial maker can use it for making a good masala serial. If it is folklore, wonder why it isn’t more well known. You would k now better though given that you promised to provide Mathematical and astronomic proof of happenings in the Mahabharat. Eagerly awaiting that over this fictitious portrayal of Ashki’s romance

  19. devi ne prove kar diya ki acchi dost hi sabse bare dusmn hote h I HATE DEVI

  20. agreed. tivala is not a highlighted character in history. bt devi’s kids played extremely important roles in the history.
    in CAS Devi is very beautiful and she has a very pure look.she is the perfect match for Ashok. and also Devi-Ashok pair seems nice and perfect than Kaurvaki-Ashok pair.

  21. Nazifa Haque

    Nice episode. But feeling sad for karurvaki and ashoka??

  22. devi looks so pretty i ike her dressup i think saumya play fabulous and episode was intresting i think ashok is wrong becoz he didnt takke 1sec to brek hislove relationship forwhich kaurvaki has left her family but i think mohit saumya kajol were fantastic

  23. Blessing jumbo

    I doubt if such profecy is true…I believe is trick from the girls father

  24. koi friend apni best friend ke boyfriend se saadhi kar leta h or sab koi aise jori ko best jori kaise kha sakte h
    DeVi ne apni best friend se cheat kiya h WO kaise achanak saadhi ke liya man gayi
    agar uske jagah koi accha ladki hoti to wo apni friend ka sath deti Na ki Asia karti
    WO to kourvaki se jada selfish h

    1. rekha vaghela

      Let’s see in other way,
      Ek ladki jiske friend ko aur uske parents ko us ladke hi hone vali wife k papa sunaye ja rahe he! And the girl knows how much big blunders her dad have done to her to b in laws. When underprovocation the girls friend did something and that girl starts to insult him that he doesn’t deserve to b married when actually the guy has done a lot for both the girls and the other girl is really in debt of that guy. So to keep his respect and his parents respect he asks the other girl to marry him as they were already on the marriage stage. And the girl says yes wats wrong. If she had said no bindu dharma and ashok would b laughed at as some one came to their home insulted them in front of all their friend and relatives. Now change it if it was a king then pressure changes tremendously.

    2. Mahamatya Khallyatak

      devi had a soft corner for ashok, and also loved her

  25. Mahamatya Khallyatak

    good i did not see the drama yesterday. After reading, wondering why KvK is still in magadh, and what is her plan to return back to Kalinga. Is jaggu alive or dead, during the marriage ceremony and after that , how come KvK did not ask/go and meet jaggu once (if she considers herself to be only fathers daughter)… Jaggu if alive must be in serious condition, or if dead, need to be done last rites… Still KvK standing as dumb watching the marriage and then going to her room…… ab to kalinga wapas chalee jaoo

  26. Angelk1

    I just watch the eps today and I have to say when Kaurvaki told ashok his touch is like a snake venin she was looking beautiful with less jewlieres. I prefer to see her that way… les heavy clothes and jewlieres, and when will they make Dharma old, she honestly can’t stay young forever, also seeing the promo Devi looks pretty with her outfit, but is she dumb… doesn’t she know appearing before Kaurvaki like that is basically reopening her wound.

    Men she brought this fight next eps O n herself.

  27. rekha vaghela

    About the serial did kaurvaki forget that her father is stabbed?? She is more grieved about ashok leaving her. She doesnt even went to see jaggu!! Wat sort of comedy is this?? Ur father dying and u burning Ur ornaments and love signs.

  28. History lover

    Thank you dear Bella, I am eagerly waiting for the next!
    Rekha veghela, respect your knowledge and thank you for shearing it with us. You have given an analysis rather than submitting mere facts. pl educate us more, most of people who comment here are waiting to know real history ! serial is a real mess up .

    1. rekha vaghela

      Yes dear. Serial is just dramatic picturization. But actually have changed many facts. Have shown ashok kind hearted from beginning which is not true. Bindu loving drama and supporting ashok. That’s not true. Because if that was true wat was the need for ashok to kill his siblings to gain thrown. During my research yrs, I went to junagadh odisa andhra Bihar and up and mp and Ujjain. But couldn’t find any folklore their. More common folk lore their prevail of recent kings of 16 the century or till 11th century. The monuments r known to them built by ashok. But they really have very less knowledge. Maybe because he was before Christ. And only Buddhist scripture can help u in that. But due to the lack of dating and recording the time in them varies a lot. But mostly none of them happens to know any thing about his wife or even his mother. Just his children mahendra and sangmitra r known to them.

  29. Vanshika

    WOW!!! Asvi marriage… Bt it would’ve been nice if they showed how it happened in real…

  30. ohh ashok is as old as bindusara

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