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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 30th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Praja cheering for Ashoka. Jagannath asks Sushim will it be right to kill Ashoka infront of praja. Sushim says don’t worry, their hopes will also die along with Ashoka, they will understand no one will come to make their lives better, they will understand I m their Samrat, I have to assure no hurdles comes in my way now. Sushim and Jagannath go to Bindusara. Sushim sees the herbs. Jagannath asks him did you talk to your Maa before giving this herb, this can do harm. Sushim says my Maa still loves his weak hearted, and trust breaking man, she regards him her husband, if I go to ask him, she would refuse to this, I can’t take any risk, Bindusara gave one day time to Ashoka on Vit’s saying, but I will not repeat it. He sits near Binsudara and makes him smell

the herb.

Vit asks Devi to get up, just she can save Ashoka now. Devi wakes up. Vit tells her everything what happened and cries. She hugs him. They try to leave and guards stop them. Devi and Vit look at the swords. Praja cheers for Ashoka. Praja guy says this is injustice, Ashoka should be awarded for winning over Dakshila, he should not be punished, we don’t accept Sushim as our Samrat. Sushim walks in with Jagannath.

Ashoka is brought there by the guards. He recalls Devi Dharma and his childhood. He thinks of her words, that you have to obey Acharya’s commands, you have to go where he takes you. Ashoka recalls Acharya Chanakya, Bindusara and the struggle of his life.

He reaches the funeral. Sushim says according to the punishment, burn Ashoka alive. Praja says this is injustice, we don’t accept this. They shout. Sushim says crush the necks of the people opposing this decision. Ashoka signs the Praja to get silent. He reaches on top of the funeral.

He says just my body will burn here, my thoughts, my dream, my behaviour, my mum’s guidance of good life, it will be alive, they don’t know united India’s dream is yours too, you all have to work for it, who was I, an ordinary man Ashoka, I just became extraordinary by my motive to serve my countryland, if you all swear and serve the countryland till last breath, united India’s dream will come true, we will see the enemies, if you all are agreeing to this, don’t oppose this punishment, my death will give be a help to your life, this land is the one who gave us birth. Praja chants with him. Ashoka sits inside the funeral. The men keep more woods. A man goes to light the fire and gets back. Sushim shouts burn him…. The man does not light the woods. Sushim takes a burning arrow and lights the funeral. The woods catch the fire. Praja cries.

Kaurvaki comes running and cries seeing the fire. She shouts Ashoka. Jagannath thinks Kaurvaki is alive…. Acharya holds her. Kaurvaki says leave me. Devi hears her and says Kaurvaki is alive, it means Ashoka’s survival hope is also alive. She takes sword and kills guard. Vit and Devi hit guards and leave.

Kaurvaki says Ashoka did not try to kill me, my father tried to kill me, Ashoka protected my life, Ashoka can’t do this, you promised that you will live with me, we will stay under same sky, if we did not unite, how can I stay alive in this world when you are not alive. Devi and Vit come running and get shocked seeing the funeral burning. Devi thinks how can Ashoka be punished, when Kaurvaki is alive. Vit shouts and Devi stops him from going near the fire. Vit shouts to his Maa, and says you always said evil can be powerful, but just good wins, how can Ashoka lose, he has promised you that he will fulfil Guru Chanakya’s dreams, he promised that he will become Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat and fulfill United India’s dream. Sushim shouts and says capture all of them. He then turns and gets shocked.

Ashoka comes there. Sushim gets shocked seeing him. Kaurvaki and Devi standing near the fire in bad state along with Vit get surprised. Soya hua sher tha who…..plays………..Ashoka walks to them. Vit runs to Ashoka and hugs him. Praja gets glad. Ashoka hai Ashoka……plays……….. Jagannath says its impossible. Sushim looks on shocked. Ashoka swears infront of everyone that Maghad’s enemy won’t be alive, he swears to take revenge of his mother and Acharya’s death, he swears to fulfil united India’s dreams, I will become Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat, this will be my Guru Dakshina to Gurudev. He tells Sushim that cheat is answered by cheat, you played trick along with Raja Jagannath, you got me punished for the crime I did not do.

He tells Kaurvaki that in marriage mandap, there was such situation, that he had no option than to abandon her, it does not mean he has become her enemy, even Purshottam Ram was helpless by fate to abandon Sita Maiyya, it does not mean his love was less, love is selfless, I can’t imagine even in dream to kill Kaurvaki, I saved her life, I was helpless and could not prove my innocence, you succeeded again to trap me Sushim, I left hope for a moment when… FB shows Ashoka asks Acharya to take Devi and Vit to such place where Sushim’s shadow does not fall on them. He asks Acharya to do this last favour. Acharya gets a sword and asks Ashoka to take his life. Its no use of this life by losing your trust, Acharya Chanakya gave me your responsibility, but I failed, now I have no right to life, take my life. Ashoka apologizes and says I did big mistake by doubting on you, I forgot that if Guru asks a student’s life, its got student’s betterment, I doubted on you, forgive me, I m ashamed.

Acharya says you are only hope of Maghad and India, do something, its important that you stay alive at any cost. Ashoka says there is just one solution Acharya, that Sushim feels he has won, and for this, I have to give up my life infront of Sushim and Praja, you will make that funeral, it should be high, that funeral will become way for my survival. He thinks how Acharya made the men make the tall funeral for his convenience to escape. Ashoka says when I sit on that funeral, our plan will work. FB ends. Devi and Kaurvaki run and hug Ashoka. Praja cheers for Ashoka.

Sushim removes the cloth over the body, and gets shocked seeing his mum Charu stabbed to dead. Sushim shouts Maa… Ashoka says your revenge, greed and desires made you so blind, that you did not see the one who are killing was your mother….

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. No mahaepisode? When will this Sushim die? No time left.

  2. S.Ravi Prakash

    As usual in Bollywood style the story has taken a positive turn, but before that it was unbearable. It was too much of degradation of the Samrat Bindu, Ashoka,Acharya RG, & so many other characters. Being the Antim Adhyay, story has to be finished soon,& perhaps the script writer / director, are under pressure! But they have fallen into disrespect, by showing those episodes. My Thanks to Amena for today’s update.

    1. Good comment Ravi.

  3. Wow I liked today’s epi? hope the serial now gets on its right track

    1. Mahamatya Khallyatak

      where is the time for serial to be on right track. with just 1 episode, pl dont depend too much on director..

  4. This is the real ashoka ##!#!!!

  5. Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat

    Jai Janani !!!

  6. Thanks for the Epic Update

    1. I LOVE THE PRECAP can’t wait for Monday
      I hope it’s not a dream I think it won’t cause they did a dream that
      Ashoka says Siamak isn’t Bindusara’s son and then he falls but it’s Ashoka’s mini Dream I hope that won’t happen fingers crossed ✌️But crossed

    2. Yes lord7naruto precap is awesome.finally charu died black magic track over

  7. What an epi the same old way of escape n the coming of the princess in the right time to save her prince seriously the director and the script writer needs some break n on a better note we should send a get well soon msg to raj nayak all his serials have the black magic thing he should be reminded that we are living in 21st century n not in 10th or 11th century.

  8. That was excellent! But I hope the director doesn’t turn sushim into a positive character coz I really don’t trust the director. He can do anything. There’s only 1 week left and ashok’s coronation and the kalinga war is yet to be shown. I don’t know how will they make it. I wish the serial ended on 15th so that the kalinga war could’ve been continued for few days. But sadly our fav. show is gonna go off air soon.

    1. Mahamatya Khallyatak

      but i dont think they will show K war… perhaps show will end once Ashok sits at throne… what they can show in 5 episodes.. Monday or Max by tuesday, Ashok will kill susheem, bindu will die, shok sabha for 1 day (wed), then Ashok will become King, and story will end… but that depends whetehr show ends on 7th or 14th..

      1. I just hope so. After all what’s CAS without kalinga war? I feel like killing this director. He should learn from the serial Siya Ke Ram and Suryaputra Karn. How would the audience feel if they had shown suryaputra karn without kurukshetra war and siya ke ram without Lanka war. So I just hope the show ends on 14th so that we get to see the kalinga war which was the main battle in ashok’s life.

      2. Mahamatya Khallyatak

        right, same with Hanuman, so beautifully crafted. Happened to see yesterday by chance

  9. theprotagonist will won after the long and unbearable conditions ( and the reader is impatient too )

  10. so many things are there about samrat kalinga war took place only after killing sushim death of bindusar and ashoka becoming samrat so how will they show all this things within one week i think it should take one more month to show all this things because these are the real things about samrat ashokas life

  11. i mean samrat ashok and at least one maha episode should be provided during this month to show bindusars death ashoka kiling sushim jagannath and becoming samrat kalinga war ashoka getting converted to Buddhism devis children mahindra and sanghamitra kaurwakis son how can all this things be shown within one week

  12. The episodes have lost meaning after Dharma’s death. They are showing everything at such a fast pace now that there seems no logic left. It is good to see the conquest of good over evil (or at least expect to see that in the next 2-3 episodes) but come on … after seeing weeks and weeks and weeks of endless torture at the hands of the bad guys, now in 2-3 episodes they show the bad people losing the battle. I think that to be so lame and Bollywoodish. As Ravi Prakash said, they are under tremendous pressure to finish off and have messed up such a nice serial towards the end.
    How can Charumitra’s death be shown so easy peasy? I wanted to see her expressions and thoughts before she died. Just not fair. ?? After all her malicious intentions, her death is so easy. Very very lame.
    Anyway, will miss the fantastic characters in the act once the serial is done. All actors have done justice to their roles. Will miss you all. Best luck to you in your future endeavors.

    1. Mahamatya Khallyatak

      episode lost meaning 6 months ago, when they showed fictional characters like goondna, lasendra, and dragged ashwaki love story for couple of months… etc etc.. But sushim was fool not to check whom he was killing… that was a blunder. Wonder why jaggu is always hanging arounf in Magadh, as if he doesnt have any work in kalinga. Bbeti bhaag gayi to leave her… waise bhi duck faced KvK looks like a mentally retarted idiot. Jo dikhanathaa.. eg: kalinga war, Ashok conversion to buddhism, they will wind up in 1-2 episode.. jo nahi dikhana thaa, tey dragged for months… Feel sorry for the actors, who acted like puppets under direction of the director and writer

    2. Agreed

  13. I am glad to see this epi..waiting tillmonday to watch whats really going on….. chakravartin ashoka samrat ki jai!!!

  14. Mahamatya Khallyatak

    looked like watching a third grade movie… Now no one can stop ashok from becoming Chakrawartin. But, that was smart way to save Ashok. So these tthings were from ancient times, like the magician shows magic , using a secret chamber. KvK achaanak se kaise zindaa ho gayi… ashok and devi defied all laws of deathand ensured duck faced kvk is alive… chamatkar chamatkar… but charumitra kaise palang pe leet gayi… JUST WAITING FOR THE SERIAL TO END… SOONER THE BETTER.

  15. No maha episs??how..but don’t worry..jai janani!! This I real ashoka this is epic!!this epi is awesome!! I just wanted to see this…charu,siamak n Sushim dead!! ATLAST!!! Very very very very very happy…waiting for next!! BUT CANT WAIT TO SEE ASHWAKI MARRIAGE!! I want director to be little more jaldi only 1 week left to go!;I think the director was in black magicsenses when Charu was alive but now she is dead so director is alright now!!? ? stay turned to see more sensible episs from today as director has got back his senses..i was very annoyed wid him as he showed ashoka as dumb..disguisting .. JAI JANANI!! but now GOOD GOING!!?

  16. nice epi….but still not satisfied! the show has accelerated now it should have been done months before! i dont think they will be able to show everything in just 5 days or may be the show will end on 14…

  17. With so much to do, why is half the episode of flashbacks? Has the director no imagination? Constantly showing young Ashok falling from a tree and Dharma etc is irrelevant unnecessary and simply pathetic.

    1. Agreed…half of the Time is wasted in showing FB’s but can’t help it…seems the director lives in past memories only

  18. Devi wasn’t in the reference of violence! Aa far as I know she was a Buddhist? Right?
    CAS makers have shown her fighting and killing people using sword
    Devi was never a bubbly and chirpy girl
    She was a peace loving,gracious non violent girl that’s why ashok fell in love with her but here she shown opposite and ashok doesn’t even love her!??
    But still I love Devi’s bubbly and chirpy personality + a strong woman who is ready to fight for her husband even though she doesn’t belong to a royal and warrior BG..

  19. Thilini Vasana

    What happened to kaurvaki next????

  20. whole series is interesting but they showed only fiction and now when it is time to show reality of ashoka’s life , they are just finishing it.

  21. I agree with khalyatak. So many unnecessary things were shown which were far away from reality. The director writes the caption as “this show is only for the entertainment.” Then why the name was given Chakrovorti Ashok Samrat. Many viewers are hurt by watching the unreal things about the historical persons. The Writer director has no right to damge the character of historical persons in the name of entertainment. The viewers can file a case against them in the court of law.They must be punished so that in future nobody will dare to do the same.

  22. Anahita Khan

    Plz retelecast whole episodes of Ashoka of this week on sunday
    Plz plz plz retelecast it and make possible that we can watch it in day also .
    The time of 8:30 was amazing plz telecast it on that time in morning

  23. I have a gutt feeling that CAS won’t go off air on 7th because I didn’t see any promo of any new show!!! Devanshi will get a time slot of 7:00pm while BIG BOSS will get a time slot of 10:30 and right now there are no new promos of any other show!!!
    And talking about naagin it will telecast on weekends!!!
    What to do you think??

    1. So there are no shows to replace CAS and I don’t think they will leave a prime time slot empty! And I don’t think that they will give 1hour Time to swaragini or udaan!!

      1. It’s possible that the directors are faking News’s like cas will go off air on 7th just to gain trp… because many people might watch cas for the ‘antim adhyay’ to know the end story!

    2. Tiyasa

      I too want this to happen…… Let CAS not go off air……..
      Its a good news…..

      1. I support you or I wish they return with a season 2 with some interesting but “sensible” story…

  24. Agreed cherry…but the internet cant give us fake news u know..must have some repeat show of something when CAS is not there..

    1. @richie33 yes I support you that the net doesn’t give wrong information but still it may happen that the cas people informed the media that they will end cas on 7th do that the fans become restless and start watching cas again maybe they will end it on 14 or may be later….it happens that the director’s mind usually change….and the News’s are proved wrong!
      Anyways let’s see what happens!

      1. And I don’t think that there will be a repeat telecast of any show and that too at prime time!!!

  25. Can. Any. 1 update the. Spoiler plzzz

  26. Wow Ashwaki Marriage….Waiting for it….Today’s episode was called as real episode…

  27. Superb entry of Ashoka from the ashoka!!

  28. Ya..i think u r right cherry,anyway but I had seen a news long back that CAS was going to end on 16th octo..but someone here told that its ending this Fri! I checked the news again n I saw the news has changed n its 7th octo! can they reduce almost 10 days..anyway lets wait!

  29. Hope wat u tell is right cherry et the director not end or wrap the story like this…?

  30. from director of chakravartin ashok samrat

    Ye kahani kalpnik he, iska kisi bhi vyakti ya samudhaye se koi samanta nai he. Agar Jo iska kisi bhi vyakti ya samuday she koi samaanta nikalti he to ise matra ek shaiyog kaha jayega.

  31. Are u really the director??..if yes then u r really a great fool!!?

  32. Parakrama Sri Lanka

    CAS has, by a large percentage disregarded the historical value of the legend of Ashoka. It is OK for a Tv serial to be fictional to some extent. But such fictions should stand with the real story and realistic against the abilities of the man living on earth unless the story is a fantasy. We the Sri Lankans find it difficult to tolerate the level of unrealisticness the director has gone up to. Compared to the grown-up Ashoka, the childhood Ashoka is more realistic. Nevertheless, as Buddhist, he is our hero and we always respect him. We love Ashoka TV serial while we would have loved it more if its characters were not engaged this much in supernatural actions.

  33. from director of chakravartin ashok samrat

    I m sorry to those who think that this is not reality and how ashok’s life had been. But our great writer presented us with this story. Mr. Banker. If u want to blame then blame him for writing this all.

    1. Mahamatya Khallyatak

      tumhara buddhi kya gobar charne gaya thaa, writer kuch bhi story likh raha hai aur tu, ghantaa director, kuch pata bhi nahi….

  34. Parakrama Sri Lanka

    I do not wish my dear to blame anyone for the the way CAS been written or directed. It is a great exercise to reproduce the legend of Ashoka and entertain people through a work of art. I mean we should been more realistic in including the scenes such as the one in which a big arrow shot by Unanis pierced through Ashoka’s stomach, then he falls down, secured just in time by Kauwraki and cured miraculously with a bit of herbs, when he attacked Siyamak in Thakshila.Won’t someone be made to think how serous damages to bowels are, after such serious attack. Another Scene of this kind is giving some herbs to unconcious Bindusara by Charu and Sushim and by whch herbs making Bundusara to follow the intentions of the first one he sees after awakenining. I mean we could have given it a more realistic face by dirrefently manging such secenes.But my dear in spite of such inatances thanks for making CAS and we still love it.

  35. arre sharam aani chaye mr.writer ko aise mhan vaiykti ki dhajji uda di…

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