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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 30th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ahankara notices Sushim asking a servant to bring Ashoka. She decides to divert his mind till Ashoka returns to palace. She goes inside Dharma’s room. Sushim angrily follows her inside. You love disobeying me, right? He forcibly feeds her something. She falls on the floor owing to his pushing her. He steps across her and leaves. Ahankara was well aware of his reaction. But I saved Ashoka from your anger. I wonder if he is still back or not!

All the citizens have gathered near the place where the refugees will be hanged. They are sad as Agradoot has not come to help them. One of Acharya’s guys look for Ashoka. People talk about the incident. They are not happy with Sushim ruling Magadh. He is a ruthless ruler. Something like this has never happened before! Sushim comes there.

He orders the soldiers to hang the refugees. Agradoot / Ashoka is on his way. Sushim adds that this is a warning for everyone. If anyone revolts against Magadh or supports Agradoot then they will be killed! The refugees remark that he can kill them but not the feeling that they will leave behind in the people. You will then realise your folly! Sushim repeats his orders.

Agradoot frees the refugees by cutting their ropes using his dagger. The refugees are happy to see him. Agradoot / Ashoka steps forward. Everyone starts cheering for Agradoot which angers Sushim all the more. Catch him! Agradoot / Ashoka beats the soldiers. Sushim says it is interference in Magadh’s justice. Everyone present here is a witness to what you have done. You have challenged the authority of the substitute king! Agradoot / Ashoka calls him foolish to trust the corrupted officials of the state. A common person has to raise his voice then. Sushim calls him a liar but Agradoot / Ashoka talks about proof. Agradoot / Ashoka brings the sack of looted money. This is the same money which was to be distributed to the refugees but your corrupted official hid it in a cave. You supported him insted. You cheated your people. Now that official is nowhere to be found. Distribute it amongst the people who deserve it. They have been cheated. Sushim wants all of the refugees to be caught. they cannot escape with the looted money. All the refugees stand guard before Agradoot / Ashoka. Agradoot / Ashoka says his mission here is complete for now. But I will come back to help people in case they are unable to take care of themselves. I will help them in getting justice. People cheer once again for Agradoot. Sushim aims his dagger at Agradoot. He gets hurt.

Sushim wants the refugees to be arrested. Agradoot ran away from here today because of him. Samrat Bindusar loudly demands to know what is happening here. Sushim and everyone is taken aback to see him. people cheer for Agradoot once again. Sushim somehow quietens them. He greets his father next. Bindusar is curious about Agradoot. Sushim calls him a traitor but Bindusar reasons that citizens don’t praise traitors. Who are these people who were to be hanged? What have they done? Acharya Chanakya’s disciple says they are Ashoka’s friends. Sushim calls them revolutionaries. They have looted treasury and killed people. Their crimes have been proved. Bindusar wants them to be free. I want to talk to Ashoka. People cheer for Bindusar.

Ashoka is by the riverside. I had faith in father. Now everything will be fine. The refugees will be free. They will be given justice. I wont have to be a traitor anymore. I will tell everything to father! I am so anxious to meet him today.

Sushim tells his mother that father has insulted him in front of everyone. Charumita scolds him for getting too aggressive. You killed Purshottam as well! I cannot handle Ashoka. What all should I take care of? Sushim is clueless what is to be done. How will we make father understand? Charumita wants Mahamadhya to take care of the situation.

Bindusar is upset with Mahamadhya for not informing him even when things went so out of hand. why are the citizens upset is everything was going right? I want to know how this all happened. Mahamadhya shares that they took land from citizens and were given money in return. They are Ashoka’s friends. They lied about not getting any money. They tried to create a negative situation. They were caught for the very same reason. Acharya’s disciple corrects him. Sushim dint listen to them. They were arrested for no reason. Agradoot took them with him. Mahamadhya calls Agradoot a traitor again. Bindusar wants to know who Agradoot is. He keeps his face covered. Sushim, Acharya Akramak and Ashoka failed in catching him. Akramak arrested a few refugees. They were decided to be given death penalty. He talks in Sushim’s favours. Acharya’s disciple reminds him that he wanted Sushim to wait till Bindusar’s return. Ashoka spoke in his friends’ favour but all his pleas went unheard. His words came out to be true when he presented the looted money before everyone. Mahamadhya talks about Purshottam. He himself said that he distributed the money amongst all the refugees. Bindusar demands to meet Purshottam. They both leave. Bindusar wants to meet Agradoot. He did what I expected fromm Sushim!

Ashoka gets happy thinking that the refugees must be happy today. wish I could also see their happy faces!

Bindusar wants to know who the one who took land from the people is. I have to find out who that person is and punish him! His Rani’s walk in. Bindusar smiles as he looks at Dharma. Charumita is angry when he talks all sweetly to Dharma. Dharma clearly tells Bindusar that she is not a Vaid but his Rani. Vaid will take care of you. Behave with me just like a Raja behaves with a Rani! Bindusar looks at her in shock.

Precap: Ashoka climbs up inside his room from his window with great difficulty. Sushim is in the corridor. He wants to find out Agradoot so he can prove his stance to father. He hears some sound. He peeks inside Ashoka’s room. He is shocked to realise that Ashoka is actually Agradoot.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. noooo.
    what the hell happening????????????
    sushim should not know about agradoot’s identity.
    too bad.
    anyways its okay because this is just a serial

  2. This is what actually the directors are suppose to show us:

    The film chronicles the early part of the life of Emperor Asoka. It begins with his career as a General in Takshashila (modern-day Punjab) and ends with the blo*dy conquest of the Kalinga country (modern day Odisha State)

    Emperor Chandragupta Maurya, grandfather of Asoka, of the Maurya empire, has decided to embrace Jainism and abdicate the throne of the empire in-favour of his son Bindusara. But his grandson, Prince Asoka, claims his sword. The old emperor explains that this sword is evil and the sword demands blood and destruction.

    A few years later, Prince Asoka Maurya , now a brave youth, is battling the rebellious chief of Taxila for his Emperor and father. He figures that his elder half-brother Susima Maurya who also has an eye on the throne of the empire, has deliberately withheld reinforcements from arriving, but defeats the enemy nevertheless. Asoka returns to the capital victorious and confronts Susima. Later, Susima tries to assassinate Asoka while he is bathing. The fight among the princes makes the Emperor unhappy and he orders empress Dharma to control her son Asoka. She compels Asoka to temporarily leave the capital to lead the life of a common man. The Prince is disappointed, but leaves nonetheless.

    Asoka, alone and disguised as an ordinary traveler, rides to the south. In his travels, he meets a lovely maiden Kaurwaki and falls in love with her. He also develops a good relation with her little brother Arya. Soldiers from the Kingdom of Kalinga are chasing her and Arya. They are on the run along with their faithful protector Bheema. After saving their lives, Asoka introduces himself as Pawan, hiding his true identity. Kaurwaki and Arya are the Princess and Prince of Kalinga, who fled from their kingdom when the Prime Minister assassinated their parents and took over power. Later, Asoka and Kaurwaki get secretly married.

    Soon, Asoka is summoned by Emperor Bindusara to the capital. The Emperor dispatches Asoka to quell a rebellion in Ujjaini. Before marching to the west, Asoka travels to Kalinga to meet Kaurwaki. Unable to find her, and not knowing she has gone into hiding, he is informed by General Bheema that they were slaughtered. A heartbroken Asoka attempts suicide, but is saved by Virat (Danny Denzongpa), who later swears to protect him. Mad with grief and anger, Asoka leads a brutal crackdown in Ujjaini. The assassins sent by Susima injure Asoka in a battle and Virat saves him. He is taken to a Buddhist monastery at Vidisa to recover.

    There, he meets a Buddhist maiden, Devi , who cares for him. Asoka also survives another assassination attempt at Vidisa, this time with the help of Devi. Asoka marries Devi and returns in splendour to Pataliputra. Susima and his brothers are wild with anger from their futile attempts to eliminate Asoka. Emperor Bindusara, who favoured Susima over Asoka, becomes ill and dies. In another vigilante attack, Queen Dharma is stabbed to death by assassins sent by Sushima. Angered, Asoka kills Susima and is appointed emperor.

    A few months later, princess Kaurwaki and prince Arya return to Kalinga with Bheema and have the Prime Minister executed for treason. Asoka declares war on Kalinga, not knowing that Kaurwaki is alive. Kaurwaki still does not know that Asoka is Pawan, and both sides prepare for war.

    A terrible war is fought in Kalinga. The Maurya army inflicts a crushing defeat on Kalinga. Not content with mere victory, Maurya soldiers butcher everyone in sight. General Bheema is slain and Kaurwaki is wounded. Asoka later visits the battlefield, where he discovers his horse, who was supposed to be in Kaurwaki’s possession. With a surge of hope, he frantically searches for Kaurwaki and finds her. They have a heart-to-heart talk and he apologises deeply for his actions. He is interrupted by Arya, who is dying after being pierced with arrows. With Arya dying in his arms, Asoka suddenly realises that his enemies, his family, and even Arya, are all dead because of him. His grandfather’s advice about the sword had been right.

    The film ends with Asoka throwing the sword at the same spot his grandfather had thrown it and embracing Buddhism. The final narrative describes how Asoka not only built a large empire, but spread Buddhism and the winds of peace through it.

    Guys i took this from the movie Ashoka………..

  3. Mr.wellwisher the plot u have posted is of ashoka film……not the true story

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