Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 30th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 30th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ashok is distraught to see chanakya dead. he puts Chanakya’s body on trolley and starts moving it, he recalls how Chanakya said that Ashok will become Samrat of whole India as his last words.
Ashok is taking Chanakya’s body on trolley, he is passing from market, all men are shocked seeing Chanakya dead.
Solddier informs Radha that Chanakya died, Radha is shocked and cries. Dharma gets to know about it too and says no, she drops aarti plate in shock. Khalatak says this news cant be true, i wont believe it till i dont see it with my eyes.
Sushim and Charu acts like being sad listening to news, Charu says we are orphans now, she then laughs on his death.
Helela says to Justin’s picture that i finally killed him, he is dead, she smiles

Ashok brings Chanakya’s deadbody in palace, all men follow him. Radha supports trolley and brings it in ground of palace.
Siamak says i killed him? he gets tensed and thinks where to hid dagger, Helena comes there and takes dagger from him, she makes him and says you have taken revenge for your mother and Justin’s death, it was your duty and you didnt do anything, she makes him drink something and says i will sooth you, siamak drinks it and sleeps, Helena says when he will wake up, his bright future will be standing infront of him, she smirks.

Scene 2
Bindu comes in court and finds Chanakya’s deadbody there, he is distraught to see that, Radha is sitting in Chanakya’s feet, Bindu sit down near Chanakya’s body and caresses his face, he is angered to see his state, he looks at Ashok who is on verge of breaking down.
siamak wakes up and says to Helena that if Bindu gets to know about it then he will call me betrayer and will give me death sentence, Helena says no one will know anything, you cant become weak as it will not justify your mother’s death revenge, i have taken so much risk only for you, Helena says to siamak that you have taken revenge from one enemy till now, you have to take revenge from your other enemy too that is Ashok, your mother’s dream was to see you as Samrat and you have to fulfill that dream, these people have never accepted Greek and Khurasani blood, what you have to achieve you will have to get it by hook or crook, you will have to snatch your right, you will have to cheat and violent, the one who will distract you from achieving your dream is your enemy, if you will not kill him then he will kill you, in this race of getting throne, this is only rule that is followed which is to kill your enemy.

Scene 3
Bindu gets up and is about to fall down being in sad state but Ashok supports him, Bindu looks at Chanakya’s body and says today Magadh have lost most talented son, today Magadh will cry to lose son like him. everyone in Magadh is sad.
Mir Khurasan and Dastan gets to know about Chanakya’s death in jail. Dastan says there is opportunity lying in every news.
Bindu ask Ashok how this incident happened? Ashok says he didnt die on his own, it wasnt incident, it was conspiracy to kill him, he was murdered, i met him, he was in some hut which was set on fire by someone, Chanakya got burned in that hut, Khalatak ask if he saw anyone setting hut on fire to burn Chanakya? Ashok says no, sushim says dont start blame game rightnow, Ashok says i am sure because someone tried to hurt my mother too by using black magic, Charu says but black magic is not allowed in Magadh, its not true, Bindu says Ashok is saying truth, dharma’s changed behavior was because of black magic that was done on he, Chanakya saved Dharma from black magic. Ashok says chanakya went to find the person who did black magic on my mother. I met women who knew who was doing black magic on Dharma but she was killed, i think the person who killed that women also killed chanakya, when i reached to Chanakya, there was no one there but i found letter there in which chanakya was called in hut which was later set on fire by someone to burn Chanakya in it, Khalatak ask what more was written in that letter? Ashok says that letter was wet so all other words were erased, Khalatak says it was only proof to get killer but its lost too, Radha says it was not only proof, there is one more, he tells Bindu that Chanakya had doubt that someone is involved in all this happening so alerted all secret agents of his, i wanna call one secret agent who met Chanakya, he calls agent Badarbhat, Badarbhat says Chanakya asked me find proofs against person who is behind all this but before i could do anything, this incident happened and chanakya died, Khalatak recalls flashback how he bribed Badarbhat and said he will be promoted if he takes his side infront of Bindu, fb ends. Bindu says Chanakya was leader of everyone, he protected everyone of us but nobody is able to tell what happened to Chanakya, doctor checks Chanakya’s body and says his body is so much burned that no proof can be found from his body, Ashok says someone must have burned him,Bindu orders to send investigators on sight where Chanaky died and inspect that to get proofs against killer, Khalatak says i will investigate matter, Bindu ask Ashok if Chanakya told him anything about who he doubts? Helena ask if Chanakya told name of killer to him? Ashok says no he didnt, he just asked me to do his last ceremonies, before he could tell me anything, he died, Ashok cries, soldier comes there and informs that Mir Khurasan and Dastan have ranaway from jail, Bindu is confused.

PRECAP- Khalatak shows some proof to Bindu and says its proved that Chanakya was killed by Dastan(or his men) as his tattoo was found near the sigh of killing, Bindu says announce that whoever will bring head of Chanakya’s killer will be rewarded by me. Ashok says Dastan have attacked Maurya’s loyalist and a Mauryian will be bring him only, he ask Bindu to bless to bring Dastan in his feet, he promises to find Dastan.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. How is this possible how can chanakya die

  2. Is Chanakya died really????

  3. Tum jaise kamino per case file krna chaeye ……first of all you read the history not play a saas bahu serial drama….chanakya live 110 years n he died by santhali pratha himself….ye kyaaa drama h tum logo ka ashoka ki age 21 years thi tb…..

    Wana slapped you 100 times stupid….. Mujhe nhe dekhni ye manghadat khaniyan

    1. yeah u are right Ria ji..chanakya was never killed and that too like this..
      Writers,Why do u want to insult a great man who gave us Arthasashthra, for ur cheap storyline..if u can’t make story close to history..stop it idiots…remember evryone wud watch this and why do u lie to people…senseless writers…better stop it and make masala serials

    2. This is colors tv ria..;) simar cn fall from a 1000 feet n still chanakya has to die..coz the sas bahu epic theme will vanish if they follow history books..stupid f**kin ppl


      Are meri ma ye chankya kr ashok ka plan he isiliye to ashok ne kaha ke chankya ne mujhe ye kaha tume agni daan karoge iska matlab chankya jinda he or ye trap he all vilans ke liye.

    4. Or tog or kha jale the chanakya….. Jo vaidya ne bol diya ke body etni jal gye ke kuch pta lga pana muskil h…… Tooo much funny yaaar…. Ek akhand bharat ki sthapna krne wala dushmano se aise maar jaye….never he was the mastermind of India

      1. Ritik hope ke wo jinda ho jaye because ye colour drama h….. Patak lok ki kahaniya……agar jinda hote h toh serial dekhne ka fayda h kyuki humne sirf history padhi h or jo pdha ho use dekhne ki echa hoti he h hope ke kuch new ho wrna koi fayda nhe ye saas bahu or unlimited track khichne ka……..essse acha m books he pdh lu kam se kam mind or mood happy toh rhege

  4. Chankya’s role ended..and joshi has also confirmed this and has stop shooting

  5. Joshi. ….wo sab theek h salo kha se liya ye step B.C. Chu…..ya samjha h ka jo dikhao wo mann le

  6. Really sad

  7. Ohhhhhh nooooooo

  8. Wat a crap

  9. In History says ,chankya not dead upto the ashok age 21years old, and also not dead these type of death,the serial shows foolish, foolish the people s.

  10. dont worry guyz….chankaya will come back………just think if chankaya died..there is no hero in serial except ashoka.

  11. Maine pehle hi kaha tha na wo unwanted stories dalke drag karenge serial to find the real culprit of chanakya ‘s death

  12. Miss u chankya…….

  13. At least kisi aur se to chankya ka role play karva sakte the


    Poora intrest hi khatm kar daala

  14. I think chanakya is the hero of the serial nd he will come back

  15. Yaar vhp iske producer k against kab rally nilalegi? they changed history… omg… pehli baar kissi ney itihaas badal daala… salute colors… for showing wrong history to our generation

  16. Cheap writters tum logo ne India Ki ek great personalnality kA apne TRP profit k lie bina history Jane mar dis or unki insult Ki .. Inta intelegent person ese foolishness se Ni mar skta .. Jisko aj tk 1000 logo ne Marne kA try Kia unsuccessful rahe usko bina story k mar dia ..

  17. the both writer Akash banker and the director are mad. I really wish to slap both. If they cannot show the real history then why they opened a historical series.. They are better to make a melodrama rather than such a epic story.. I feared that if someday such writer would going to give marriage between Sita ma and ravan to increase TRP, such like the saas bahu serial, two compulsory marriage.. F##k.

    Chanayanka is the most cleaver brain of all time, and those stupid illiterate director and the writer make HIM as their category. And it is so ridiculous to see such a stupid joke that, the person who always manipulated others and played all the games according to him, without let anybody know, trapped so easily and JUST died by conspiracy… another F**k. He is the legend of the conspiracy and how ridiculous it is????

    Please, I am requesting the executors to read the history, and stop making such jokes. are you not going to make another ridiculous step by getting back Chanayaka from death like Magic….?????????????????????????????????? with a tag like, He faked his death to exposed the traitors….. please, that gone be another shit….

    please than it si better to make Asoka ‘chada Ashoka’ as soon as possible. if you cannot carry on the good things, the make Ashoka, what he was at his youth. the brutal king. that should be perfect for your bad based storyline…

  18. uska face nhi dikh raha mtlb wo chanyka nhi he

  19. Bewkuf pe bewkuf banae ja rhe ho yar

    1. Chanakya…. The mastermind…….unhone apni marzi se praan tyage the……na ke gire hue ghatiya logo ke hatho mare the

  20. Hi. Guys. Dont mind . Chanakya come back .

  21. Why King Bindusara is being shown like a clown in the serial? He is a king and he is having all wherewithal to know what is happening in his country and take action?

  22. Wanna slap hardly….. Writer you are a illiterate person

  23. Plz present all the criminals i know ashok is capable of doing it hmm must be a fake death of acharya chanakya

  24. This show ahould be banned now….its nore than enough..

    1. Chanakya had Yog shakti to stop his breath or lie down dead. He will come back by chanting mrutunjay mantra.

  25. Its upto ashok and radhagupt to save the future of magadh now…..Hope they succeed in finding the murderers..


    Case file krdo colors k against…bakwas ho gaya hai show ab…

  27. Chanakya was not a fool to meet khalnatak alone at a secluded place when he knew that he was an evil person.
    Also, while dying why didnt he tell Ashok about his murderers?
    This is too much… hajam nahi hota ye sab..

  28. Since this serial is based on history, it should be have been presented as close to the historical facts, as possible. With Chanakaya’s death, the serial is not worth to watch anymore.
    Wrong history presented to coming generations,
    The serial show that a big win is of the evil and the person who stands against evil has to die.
    It is Making Kids scared to stand against odds, looking at how cruelly Chanakaya got killed they would never want to fight against odds anymore.
    Look at Ramayana and Mahabharta, both were really close to truth, whereas in Ashoka Samrat, the authors are playing with the historical facts and presenting them falsely.
    Not worth to watch this serial anymore….

  29. relex guyes
    chanakya will definatly come again without him story can’t be sucseed.

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