Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 30th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 30th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mahamatya asks Chand to greet Samrat with a bowed head. Ashoka refuses. This head does not bend. Everyone is shocked. Acharya thinks Chand will ruin their plans this way. A guy talks about his daring to bow down before Samrat. Bindu gets up and walks up to Ashoka. The same guy tells Ashoka that Samrat is coming. You still have time. Bend your head before him. Ashoka stays put. Samrat stands before Ashoka now. The man says maybe you hear things loud only. He speaks louder for Ashoka. Ashoka replies that he can hear him but he does not understand him. This head wont bend. Bindu asks him why he is not doing it. Ashoka replies that he bows his head only before his mother, motherland and his Guru only. Mahamatya says you should be punished. You are being asked to respect Samrat while you are

disrespecting him. Bindu stops him. You don’t gain respect by asking for it. He turns to Ashoka. Who is your Guru? What is his name? Ashoka replies that he is above all. Bindu asks Ashoka if he does not bend his head before his father also. Don’t you respect him? Where is he? Ashoka thinks of how his father has banished him from his home. He replies that his father is dead. Everyone is stunned. Ashoka walks away while Bindu keeps looking at him. I have met someone after years who is like him!

Vit confronts his mother. Who is Bindusar? Dharma looks at him in shock. Why this question suddenly? He says question is not answered by another question. You have hidden a lot from me. It is time that I should know the truth. Who are Bindusar and Sushim? What’s their relation with Bhaiya? Dharma replies that Samrat Bindusar is your father. Rajkumar Sushim is your step brother. Your brother isn’t Chand but Rajkumar Ashoka. Vit is stunned. To know and understand their relation with Ashoka you will have to first know the truth because of which you have been deprived from your father’s love even though he was very much alive; why Ashoka and I was forced to hide our identity and keep travelling here and there; and for the same reason I dint want Ashoka and Sushim to come face to face.

Charu is doing black magic. Her Daasi (Rupa) enters. We have trapped our prey. Charu says I will leave just now. I felt something wrong is going to happen. Make preps. Rupa leaves.

Dharma has told everything to Vit. Your father couldn’t see the truth because of an illusion. Ashoka and I knew the truth of Acharya Chanakya’s death that he couldn’t see. Vit is pained to know that his brother was right yet he was banished and disrespected by his own father and family. The one who was always ready to risk his life for Magadh, motherland was misunderstood and banished from his own land. Such wrong happened with him! Don’t you want bhaiya to punish the culprits? Why do you stop him from killing the evil people who did so wrong to you and him? She says no mother would like to see her son in this condition. I did what any mother would do to save her son. When you were born I saw a bad dream. Ashoka wouldn’t have agreed if I had told him. I have borne more than both of you. Anger only makes you weak. I dint want him to be weak so I bound him with a swear. I dint do anything wrong. He asks her if how long it will go on for. She replies that till Ashoka gets a control over his anger and wins over it, I will not allow him to go to Patliputra. Don’t say this to anyone including Ashoka. He nods. She hugs him.

Charu is on her way to Nalanda. She tells the servants to hurry up. I have to be there soon. I am sure it is Ashoka only. I don’t know what will happen if Sushim and Ashoka come face to face and fight.

Siamak comes to meet an old lady. Someone has come in Nalanda who won the fight yet dint bow his head before Samrat. He tells her about the person (Ashoka / Chand). He has surprised everyone by winning over the undefeatable Mallu and dint even bend his head before Bindusar. When Bindusar asked him about it he said that he only bows his head before mother, motherland and Guru. She throws the Supari cutter at him. Helena stands up and goes to him. I was searching for him since years. You praise him as soon you found him. You should be here right now so you can do what is right as soon as you get a chance. I am fooling Yamraj since years only because I want to make you meet your destiny. I wont be able to do it alone though. You will also have to try. Nothing will happen if you will just look on from far. Find a chance and do what is expected from you. She begins to cough. He worries for her but she stops him. Don’t worry about me. Do what I have asked you to. He leaves reluctantly. Helena laughs. Yamraj, I am not going to die so soon. Not at all before seeing Ashoka’s dead body.

Sushim is playing with a scorpion (it is walking all over his body). Mahamatya is rooted to his place as soon as he notices the scene. Sushim shakes him out of his reverie. Mahamatya tells Sushim he is here. He calls himself Chakravarti Chand. He refused to bow his head before Samrat. He says he bows his head only before his mother, motherland and his Guru only. Sushim says if he is here then why the delay. Let us kill him right now in the wrestling wing. Mahamatya advises him to use the golden chance. he will die like a fighter if he dies in the wrestling wing. But if we blame him for disrespecting Samrat and kill him then he will be disrespected for life. You only need Samrat’s permission for it! Sushim says your mind isn’t as old as you. He thinks he will end all the obstacles that will come in his way to the throne.

Acharya RG is sure Ashoka has completely turned into Chand. He hasn’t changed in this decade. He came before everyone’s eyes like always. We tried so much to hide it but. Ashoka says I spoiled all your plans. Acharya RG, Acharya and Nayak are shocked to see him.

Precap: Ashoka says I only see the four people in Patliputr who hurt my Guru, my mother and my little brother. Bindu warns Sushim not to hurt Chand. Sushim stays put. Your saying yes or no wont change anything. Bindu slaps him. Sushim still sticks to his plan to kill Chand aka Ashoka. Ashoka is walking somewhere.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. superb episode and thanks poojadi for the quick update.

  2. soumya is going to be replaced in the role of kvk

    1. Vanshika crazy for skr

      Wat????? Y??? N wid whom???? B4 ashoka meet her she’ll get changed eh??

  3. It seems director will take few more days to make chand and sushim cum face to face.

  4. Yet another useless dragging

  5. Vanshika crazy for skr

    Ohmg… Ashoka kill this Sushim.. Show him who u r., no kvk and Devi today., wat happened to them??? It’s gud Bindu slap Sushim… He deserves it.. Oh god.. Bhishm pitamah wouldn’t hv been alive for as long this Helena is.. She’s irritating yaaaaar.. Stop ✋ her.

  6. ” Bindu warns shushim to not hurt chand ” what the hell happening now? wasn’t ashoka’s practice, power,anger defeat shushim at one shot ? :/

  7. hahaha …..ashok will not kill sushim now ,,,,,it will y=take time dont be excited man…..

  8. ashoka will not kill sushim now…drama abhi baki hai …wait and see.

  9. Vanshika crazy for skr

    Wen will Ashoka kill this Sushim…. Thnx alot pooja di for updates.. Ur updates always help me

  10. Waiting for the best scene
    When chand aka ashoka will be face to face. Oh god! Waiting for that moment
    Hey guys what is the meaning of aka- just like chand aka ashoka

    1. Vanshika crazy for skr

      Aka is also known as. Chand also known as Ashoka

    2. Also known as – aka

  11. dear frnds.see spoiler alerts sushim insert poision pin to ashoka when they hug b4 fight and beaten asoka hardely bt due to asokas shiva ….,(thread,or smting i cnt remember extract word sry) due to that uncosious ashoka gain concious.THE STORY IS DRAGGING LIKE OTHER TELYDRAMAS LIKE DIRA BUTI HUM,ME HAR MOHABATIN DN’T DRAG THIS INTERESTIN HISTORICAL DRAMA LIKE THIS IT WIL BECMING BORING DIRECTOR!!Plz End Ths Wrestling Game Soon And Gve Respect To Ashoka As Previous.

    1. Vanshika crazy for skr

      Wat d hell???? Poisonous pin ?..,oosh.. Dragging.. I think writers wrote script in a a notebook ? made of elasticity paper ?.,

      1. Haha…elastic paper…….

  12. Ankit arora could have given a reaction of deep shock when mahamatya told that ashoka is here but he didn’t
    He just smirked and started speaking to mahamatya as if nothing new has happened.He could have acted surprised.
    Ankit arora is good with his physique but the problem is his acting is not to the level of sumedh mudgalkar while Mohit raina is excellent in acting but we have a problem with his physique. He not at all resembles siddharth.His body is too bulky.Anyways, soon Mohit Raina will rock as ashoka.We don’t like him now coz we have addicted to siddharth but as the time passes he (mohit) will prove himself.
    I read somewhere that soumya seth will be replaced for the role of kaurwaki. Is it true? I hope it comes true.

  13. nice epidode …..
    but it is taking lot of time …..
    roj . roj . kar khich rahe h ….
    isliye kabhi kabhi badi nautanki lagti h inki…..

    1. Vanshika crazy for skr

      Sahi kaha.. Na Jane itne khich kar kya milte hogi inhe.. Trp to nahi


  15. very nice

  16. Thanx guys for the meaning of aka.
    Best wishes to Miss Pooja
    The episode is stretching making suspence

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