Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 30th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 30th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Courtroom
Bindu asks ashoka to present the allegations against nirankush. ashoka says that before doing that, just like nirankush presented him a gift, he too wishes to do the same, and begs for permission to present it. bindu complies. ashoka summons for the present to be brought. acharya walks in with bid stacks of boxes, aided by servants. all are boggled, and surprised as to whats all this. they are tensed, as it reveals loads of money and jewellery items. nirankush stands flustered. bindu asks where he found it, and whose is this. ashoka says that before doing so, he wishes to apologise, for the lie that he presented, that he got a secret of gondna, as he hadnt, but had a doubt, that it only posisble for the gondna to be so powerful, only when someone

from their administrative council sides with him, and hence he told him, so that someone can alert him, and gondna is forced to react. he narrates everything, hinting that shotting and hunting was never his motive. ashoka says that before he could take in the person attacking him, as there was the accident with Padmavati, he had to rush to her. he then narrates everything what happened, and how he linked with the statements given by previous gondna tax workers, who were arrested earlier. he points out how dakshin had relations with nirankush. Nirankush vehemently denies all the allegations and cites them baseless, saying that he doesnt know anything about gondna, and asks ashoka not to misuse his princely status. ashoka stands surprised and tensed, and again points out that its impossible that he had no clue about this. siamak says that its possible since even he had no clue. then ashoka reminds the week afore incident, wherein he himself confronted niranksuh, and freed his bonded labours. he also presents devi to cite witness to the same. devi says that she along with her father, and many others, were to be submitted to gondna, by nirankush, and that she is thankful to ashoka for having saved her and many others. nirankush says that she is with ashoka, and is lying. kaurvaki says that devi is her friend, and if anything, she wont lie. ashoka says that they need to believe so many evidence, as witnesses. sushim says that noone needs to be called, as noone would lie in the name of the lord. ashoka says that those who fear the lord, wouldnt torture the innocent, which nirankush does, and its an easy, conniving way to get rid of the accusations, and presents himself as a witness, to the atrocities that nirankush had put everyone through, including even his family. nirankush says that at the time, that ashoka mentions, he wasnt even where ashoka claims him to be. ashoka asks why he came here then, to present and justify himself. he reminds all the atrocities. nirankush again denies. vit too affirms this. nirankush denies knowing anything about gondna. sushim too sides with him, and asks ashoka if they have any solid evidence, so that they can believe ashoka. bindu is set to thinking. Bindu says that after nirankush denies the allegations made against him, they need more solid evidence. ashoka hollers that they need evidence and so evidence shall be given. he asks for the lord not being visible, but they still believe and dont demand evidence for that. he screams, and a sack falls on the ground, with the body of dakshin, mutilated and blood covered. all are shocked and aghast to see this. nirankush blurts out that its dakshin. ashoka asks him who is this. nirankush blurts out that this is Dakshin, gondna’s aide and then realises what he just did. bindu is enraged. ashoka and kaurvaki feel victorious. sushim and siamak are tensed. he says that he had lied about the attacker being alive, just so he could take nirankush by surprise. he says that he was disappointed after he lost dakshin but then there was a new hope. he narrates how he met acharya in the forest, while he is with kaurvaki. acharya asks him to come along, as all are waiting for him. ashoka complies, and then he asks his horse to reach her safely. she boards atop the horse, and rides off. acharya tells him about his next move now. ashoka says that he lost direction afore, not knowing what to do next, having lost dakshin, but now he has an idea and that his dead body shall help him, to unravel the truth, but by some arrangements with the help of acharya. ashoka tells bindu that he had to do this drama, so that bindu can see for himself that nirankush didnt say a word of truth. bindu asks how dare he do this, and betrayed them, by siding with gondna. nirankush is distraught. bindu says that he knows whats the punishment for betrayal. nirankush apologises profusely, saying that he knew, but dakshin petrified them, and he was too scared to report, but he has no clue of who, or where gondna lives. ashoka then asks his brothers to side with him now too, and their silence can mean only two things, that either they too are with nirankush or else they were idiots. sushim says that they misunderstood him, and that nirankush should be sentenced to capital punishment for betrayal. nirankush is scared and apologises. bindu asks for him to be taken away immediately. he tells nirankush that he is being kept alive, only so that he can lead to gondna later on, and if he doesnt comply, then his death is certain. nirankush keeps pleading while he is taken away. then bindu tells acharya to take all fht taxes in form of money and valuables. ashoka then requests for one way of rectifying mistakes, that he made ten years back, and asks for half of this money to security establishments, and the rest towards the state wealth as taxes, and keep the people of Magadh tax free this year. bindu declares what ashoka wants. all join in unison, celebrating this decision, and praise and hail ashoka. bindu descends down the throne, qand hugs ashoka, while dharma is overwhelmed. bindu tells ashoka that he is proud of him, as he is the most capable son of his. he is shocked, but then ashoka realises that he was merely hallucinating. he finds Bindu actually coming down, and awaits him. but instead of hugging, he says that he must have made gondna weak by this attack, and he is sure that he shall find godnna soon enough. he then leaves the courtroom, while ashoka eyes him overwhelmed. siamak and sushim are enraged.

While nirankush is carried out, mahamatya tells him not to even think about spilling the truth about siamak and sushim, or else be prepared for the cnsequences. he is scared. then Ashoka confronts nirankush and asks him to spill out everything that he knows about Gondna since that would benefit him only, as today or tomorrow, he shall ultimately reach Gondna. after ashoka leaves, Nirankush is taken away, as he is distraught and in a dilemma what to do.

While ashoka walks in the corridor, Kauravaki comes upto him, asking why he did what he did, showing him the kavach on her hands. ashoka says that he has no clue what she is talking about. Kaurvaki confronts ashoka that she remembers partially. she tells him that she was addressed by her name, by him. he pretends to be extremely casual, and says that he does know her name. she is hopeful that he finally recognised her, and waits for him to speak up. The screen freezes on his face.

Precap: Meanwhile, siamak in front of helen, burns with fury and rage, and tells helena, that he wouldnt let his father’s sacrifice go in vain, and that he shall avenge his death and kill ashoka, and not spare or leave anyone alive. she eyes him shrewdly.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. thank you soo much Rimjhim for the fast update!

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  6. Rimzhim precap is of last episode please change it

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  8. Director Wht Hapen To Sawaymwar?I Hve One Doudt Does Princess Parents Are Nt Find Details Abt Theire Daughter After Sending Them To Onther Kingdom?So Stupid And Sily Points Director If They Send Daugher & Mother Dont King(husbands)find Abt There Informtn Their Securty And Hw Lng This Swanwara Nw?No Cmpetin Only Gving Advices.And In History Girls Do Swarnwaraya(budhist Lit.It Show Prince Sidartha Do It To Show His Talents B4 Marying To Yasodara Devi)so Director Dnt Drag The Episode By Showing Unnesesary Thngs & Fictional Parts And Showng Same Story For Several 13,16dyr,it Wil Becming Boring As Taxila Episode.Plz Cncrn Abt This.

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  11. Dragng So Much

  12. Ur Corect Dhananjaya & I Agre With U

  13. S. Ravi prakash

    Thanks again ? for the update.. Whatever happened to the Bad ? smell(badboo) emanating from Nirankush ?. Has the director forgotten about it? Hope tomorrow Friday ‘s 9pm 1Hr. episode will be very interesting and the story moves fast forward & compensate for the “dragging” feeling.. All the best ? to all of you ?.

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  14. @ Director Pleare Dnt Drag The Episode

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  17. nice epi.iam happy bcz pooja di coming on oun job.and tomorro epi. is mhaepi.good night ashoka fans.iam waiting for tomooro epi.


    I think Director will make Ashoka Chakravati Samrat till 2000th episode…. ??????????

    They are dragging d serial a lot….

  19. Ashoka wisher

    Yar ashoka chakravarti samrat kb banega . 2020 Me kya ? Ye helena kb tk jinda rahegi !
    Or mahamatya bhi kb marega .

    1. i agree with u ashoka wisher……lekin kya hai na ki bhagwan bure logon ko bhi to tadpaayega na isiliye helena aur mahamatya ko ab tak zinda rakha hua hai………….i’m waiting for the episode when these two and charumitra , sushim and siamak will die.

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    Ashoka has lost its charm.Mohit raina is a good actor but…… what to say???. In some episodes he looks agressive and belligerent but in few episodes he don’t.

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    please start 2nd broadcasting as sometimes we have to miss it and we cannot watch it.repeat telecast is must

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    To Madam pratibha, since there’s no repeat telecast, one can download the app. on voot & see the episode. Please try.

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    please update todays episode (1/7/2016)

    1. If someone missedd the mahaepisode, they r the luck ones. It was a bakwas episode. I felt that i was watching master chef .

  27. plz some update todays episode

  28. Can someone summarize what happened

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    I thank you for your prompt updates.I would humbly suggest a few substitute words.
    boggled- confused or astounded.

    tensed– perturbed.
    Devaki Ganesan

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    The whole 55 min is wasted in preparing food
    N in last 5 min sushim eates the and collapse.
    Siamak instigated bindusara against ashoka and so bindusara points sword at ashoka’s neck.
    Thank u

  38. Next episode is gonna be interesting as Ashok will be framed for poisoning sushim. I wish devi had seen siamak in the kitchen, because now it’ll be difficult in proving Ashok innocent. I think devi might take the whole blame as she was cooking food. But I guess if she does this then dharma will save her. And if devi tells about someone in the kitchen then also Ashok will be doubted because bindu won’t doubt siamak as he loves siamak blindly. Now only radhagupta can save Ashok. Only he can connect all the dots, find out the truth and prove the latter innocent.

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