Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 30th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 30th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jagannath says both father and son are exemplary.Family should be like this only. Ashoka reminds him he has crossed his limits already. Don’t force me to take some action which you wouldn’t like. Jagannath tells him not to talk to him like this. you are in situation not because of me but because of your father! He couldn’t do anything in life. He has only cheated his citizens. Don’t be surprised. This is what he has done all his life! He has cheated his loved ones. He dint have the strength to take a right decision. He wouldn’t have punished you and your mother for every little thing till date otherwise. You did so much yet you were always insulted and looked down. Bindu took another decision for the very same reason. He wanted my daughter to marry you for his selfish

reasons. He dint even think before putting his state at stake. I never realised why my daughter wants to marry in this family. kaurvaki asks him to stop it but he does not. Maurya-vanshi’s couldn’t be of their loved ones. How will they accept you then? Bindu will use you to get Kalinga which is why he is said yes for this wedding. This is the reason he is so anxious for this wedding. Bindu blames him for using his daughter for political reasons. I have never done it with my son and will never do in future. I made a very big mistake by leaving you alive. I will just now rectify it. Jagannath uses this against them only. You are only looking for a chance to kill me. Ashoka reasons that they don’t backstab. Jagannath calls him Daasi-putra which angers Bindu but Jagannath repeats it all the more loudly and angrily. Bindu angrily draws his sword. Kaurvaki steps in Bindu’s way just when Bindu is about to attack Jagannath.

Kaurvaki begs Bindu to let her father live. I cannot see you all being insulted because of me. We will leave right away. She begins to go with her father but Ashoka tells her to stop. You aren’t to be blamed on it. Your father is at fault here. It would be wrong if you are punished for it. I will marry you. Jagannath is panicked to see Ashoka extending his hand towards Kaurvaki. He tells Kaurvaki not to trust them. They can use you for their own good. Ashoka says don’t trust him. I will marry you after making sure your father apologizes to my father. He asks Jagananth to do it. Jagannath refuses to let the respect of
I can even sacrifice my daughter for my state if I have to. I will sacrifice many such daughter’s happily if I have to! Ashoka looks angry.

Devi gains conscious. Why is it so quiet? Kaki dint want the marriage to happen. Did they separate? I will go and check.

Jagannath continues to speak ill about Maurya’s and Bindu’s family. they don’t accept their own loved ones here. You think you will be accepted here? He lists down all the wrong that has happened so far. What example have they set for the citizens in their tenure? These are a bunch of wrong people. The mother and son made Samrat dance on their tunes and he is unable to do anything. It is surprising that a normal woman like Dharma married a Samrat and got so much love in his heart to make sure he loves Ashoka and makes him his heir. Your mother would have done so much more to make your father feel so much loved. Ashoka stabs Jagannath in fury. Soldiers take Jagannath away.

Kaurvaki slaps Ashoka. I can see everything clearly. I understand why my father is against this marriage. If my father is mistaken then you are also somewhat wrong here. How the man, who cannot control his anger, will build United India? Kill me too as it would be better than marrying you! I was blind in your love. Any girl who has a little sense and brain in this world will never marry you otherwise. You might be a great warrior but your anger will destroy everything. Years ago, you lost everything because of your anger yet you dint learn anything. You were, are and will always be a Chand! No woman would like to marry you. Bring her here if there is one. Ashoka agrees to give her the proof of the same. The wedding, for which my parents put everything at risk, will surely happen. Ashoka walks up to Devi. Will you marry me? Everyone looks on stunned. Ashoka promises Devi to protect her always, to keep her happy and be with her always. Devi thinks of Dharma’s words and her promise to Dharma. Kaurvaki speaks up. Devi will die but wont marry you. Devi is in a dilemma. Ashoka holds out his hand towards Devi and asks her again. Devi says how I can. You love Kaurvaki! Ashoka holds her hand and brings her to mandap. Kaurvaki looks on in shock as they both sit down for pheras. Dharma is relieved. She asks pundit ji to start the ritual. Bindu is shocked and so is everyone else.

Ashoka and Devi together follow all the rituals while BIndu also joins Dharma. Kaurvaki is drawn back to her father’s words. She stands rooted to her place in shock. Dharma does gathbandhan of Devi and Ashoka. She also makes Devi wear the chunri that she had earlier made for Kaurvaki. Bindu isn’t much pleased but says nothing. Kaurvaki thinks of her memories with Devi praising Ashoka and of their little joke on the day of haldi; of Devi hugging Ashoka when the marriage was fixed. Devi and Ashoka exchange garlands. Everyone showers flower petals on them as they take pheras around the holy fire. Ashoka’s enemies look happy.

Precap: Kaurvaki says you (Ashoka) dint think even for a second to leave the girl who left her everything for your love. Till today I lived as your lover but after today I will only live as my father’s daughter. Devi looks stunned at Kaurvaki as she walks away angrily. Ashoka too turns and leaves from there. The gathbandhan comes off. Devi turns to look at him.

Update Credit to: Pooja


  1. Dhananjaya

    thank u mis pnja ur so fast like blck stalion.super epi director,mis,pooja cn u say me is there is a wrten epis on bal veer drama?

  2. Dhruv

    What an episode! By far the best episode in recent times, best way of explaining this incident. Mohit raina just proved why he is such special actor! The anger in his eyes looked real, absolutely real!

  3. surya

    ithni dinom se kis pal indsar tha vo poora hogaya. ASVI MARRIAGE……..! now kvk will become the enemy of ashoka. OMG!!! Thank you for the update pooja di. you are soooo fast!

  4. mihika

    Wow!!this is intresting now there’s hatred between ashwakii…….it will be very intresting to see how the writers will bring these two together once again

  5. bella

    Dear history lover, the fishermen folk narrated this legend telling it is true and it has passed to generation to generation.
    It is not possible for me to write the story in this one post. I ll post daily in serials.

    The legend of Karuvaki:
    Ashoka was sent to Kalinga on an exile. On reaching kalinga he took shelter in the chieftain of fishermen community even disclosing who he was. The chieftain did not react to this but told him to stay as long as he wanted and nobody will bother him on a condition he doesn’t create any havoc in the fishermens’ community. Ashoka agreed to it and stayed there. He used to watch fishermen waking up early for their work. He watch women selling fish , the vast agricultural fields and came to know about kalinga’s trade relations. All these made him greedy and he saw himself being morr powerful by capturing Kalinga. One day, while watching the people busy in their work he saw a young maiden standing and silently observing people occasionally helping them.
    Dear history lover, this much for today. Will post it daily.

  6. Sachin41


    |Registered Member

    nice to see the Asvi marriage but not in this way.. anyway hoping that they will be happy.. thus is why i hate kaurvaki.. she is with her father even after her father insulted Bindu, Dharma and Ashoka.. she forgot whatever Ashoka has done for her and her father.. Selfish lady every time thinks about her love only.. now she is against Ashoka.. will see you in war kaurvaki (from Ashoka)

  7. Murthy

    Thank u very much for the fast and detailed update. I have an request for u.Would u possibly put some important stills (pics) from the scene so that we can visualize it? It would the update more dazzling.

  8. bella

    Dear tiyasa referring to your reply to angelk1, do you think questions are asked like whom did Emperor Ashoka love the most? With whom he had two children? Why kalinga war happened? How Ashoka became the Emperor?
    Seriously Ridiculous please do tell me in which school these TYPE of questions are asked because these questions have multiple answers

    • Tiyasa


      |Registered Member

      If u read in details about Ashoka’s life then u may get it….
      I just wanted to say her that Cas is showing many wrong things….

  9. Angelk1


    |Registered Member

    Imany girl would be upset to see the love of their life marries someone in their face. People who cant even sympothis with her in this situation is hust cold hearted. History will always be history…. But put history aside and put yourself in her shoes. Picture yourself in love with a men…his mother asks you to be with him his whole life and protect him. Then he let you go, but you never gave up loving him. Then. When you finally about to marry him your dad reject this union… And the mother in law you thought loves and agree to this happily gave the men you love to someone else and she didnt even hesitate when the men you love grab another girl to marry in your face. Wouldnt you feel betrayed and cry….. But people are so selfish they even laugh with joy by the fact the girl was hurt and betrayed. Yes history will always be history… But remove history from your mind for a second and picture this. Its kinda cruel foreven ashok. This is one of his sign of becoming chand…. His anger is uncontrollable.

    I dont like dharma anymore because she. She didnt think about both girls feeling…. She didnt even talk to kaurvaki about her vision …but instead devi who wasnt the bride. Kaurvaki would have gone and help her if she had actually talk to her. This of course brought me back to what acharya said long ago.Acharya RG says the one who you think to be the destruction may turn out to be the shade that Magadh needs, its foreshadowing. I thought he was talking about ashok…. I beleive we all did, but now i think he was refering to kaurvaki… Because dharma thinks if ashok marriies her … Ashok becomes chand. But what if she got it wrong, but instead she was the shade that he was talking about to calm ashok. I willlaugh if i see her beg kaurvaki to come back when ashok becomes chand.
    Kaurvaki doesnt deserve this disrespect… She should leave him and her father and go somewhere far, devi is not at fault here…but at the same time shes not perfect either…. She should have told kaurvaki her desire and should have rejected ashok if they were true friends. But she didnt, and in the upcoming episode she wishes for ashok love. But i dont blame her…. After all she was never ment to be kaurvaki friend… So this was good too.

    • Angelk1


      |Registered Member

      It shows that even though she love ashok her parents comes first… Just like ashok puts his mom and motherland first. She might seem selfish because of her love… But she values family. Wouldnt you have done the same defend your parents even though their wrong. She knows her dad at fault, but she still chose family over her love in this eps… Does that make her selfish. Her father was stabbed …but you want her to just agree with ashok and keep quiet, thats selfish. No matter what happen in life your parents will always be your parent. You cant help but to defend them even when they do wrong.

      • Darshi

        I totally agree with you dr. I’m feeling sad to see kvki like this. I liked dharma and devi but not anymore. I always wanted to see ashok n kvki together. So sad to hear that devi will ask love from ashoka… I don’t like devi at all. Kvki got nothing even after sacrificed a lot to get ashoka. But what did ashoka do? He also lost kvki bcz of his ego n anger. Kvki is all alone… kvki is right. And I like her. But what to do . History will be history. sad

      • Sachin41


        |Registered Member

        I don’t know what kvk sacrificed..
        Her life?? Her parents?? Her Kingdom??
        Don’t know..
        She is with her parents only now.. she is defending her father after Jaggu did so many things wrong.
        She is against Ashoka now.. She calls him Chand, And telling that he will be chand always.. This is what kvk understand about Ashoka?? Is this called pure love??

        At that moment she forgot what Ashoka did to her and her family and her Kingdom..
        He saved her life so many times in childhood, He saved his father’s life twice, once in childhood and once at treasury looting time, He gave back Jaggu kalinga.. He fought with Bindu bcz of kvk and Jaggu.. and the list continues..

        Still you hating Ashoka for what he did?? God bless you

    • Zannat

      I agree with you 100 % angel… And I think u n I only stand up for kvk here… As we understand her.. N her point of view.. People wn will place themselves in her position dn will only understand how tough it is for her..
      I love ashwaki a lot n want them back but after some time as I am very much eagerly waiting to see their emotions of pain n anger together…

      • Angelk1


        |Registered Member

        Me too i want to see kaurwaki political side… And how shes an equal to ashok. Show her mature side lol…. I’m eagerly waiting

    • Aisha

      Ashoka did the right thing by marrying Devi after what Khorvakis father said about Ashokas parents specially his mother refferin to ashoka as daasi putra

      • Angelk1


        |Registered Member

        Aisha , He was not in his sense when he married her. He married her out of anger, and when he calm down he will regret it. Ashok could have told them he wont marry anyone and dont fall for kaurvaki taunt. But he didnt even give devi a chance to respond. All he wanted to do was proove a point.

        He knew by choosing devi of all people it would hurt kaurvaki just like how her words hurt him. They should have let ashok say he wont marry anyone then devi with no where else to go stay in the palace and ashok took comfort in her and fell in love. But forcefully marrying devi was not doing the right thing. Anyway… You know how many people called him desi putra… So i dont understand your point there.

      • rekha vaghela

        Angel it was the last sentence that angered ashok more. About what his mother would have done to control bindu.

    • Sachin41


      |Registered Member

      If she loves her parents and care for parents that much then she could have left Ashoka when Jaggu stole the treasury and betrayed kvk and Ashoka as he agreed for marriage.. in that situation also Ashoka was with kvk and he kept his words by not telling the culprit’s name eventually he had to fight with his own father..

      According to your theory only the parents comes first, and no one can keep calm if someone is insulting his parents in front of his eyes, that’s what Ashoka did when Jaggu was insulting his father and dharma too.. the words used by Jaggu were too odious. And Ashoka already warned Jaggu not to speak anything.
      So what can a son do in that situation??? Should he keep calm and listen whatever they say?? And Ashoka will not whateany words regarding his moth and motherland.. so his anger in that situation is natural. that shows how much he loves his mother and motherland.

      still I have lot to say.. but no battery.. LoL..😂😂

      • Angelk1


        |Registered Member

        Ashok anger is understandable , so is kaurvaki. They both gave up a lot to be with each other, but at the end someone ended upgetting hurt. Insults are nothing… People can always get over it… But ashok stabbing her father was totally wrong. He was to quick to raise a finger…. He could have died leaving kaurvaki broken.

        Yes jaga was wrong… But you cant tell me… He was worse then bindu when it came down to raising a family. Anyway… I agree she could have left, but fear is a strong thing. She feared for her love and father.

        Thats one reason why she told ashok not to tell because she knew something would happen to her father….after all this was the girl who never gave up to look for her father since they were young until he was saved. You could tell how much her father ment to her just like how dharma ment to ashok.

        But You made a valuable point about the treasure and how if she cared for her family she would have left with her dad. But what about now, she reedeemed her self by telling bindu to spare her father and that she will leave … That shows how much she value her family. Also you clearly didnt understand what i was saying. I said no matter what happen in life your parents will always be your parent. You cant help but to defend them even when they are wrong. Not once did i said ashok should keep calm when his parents are being disrespected. I said i understood kaurvaki anger… I mean ashok freaking stab her father. I would have slap him too if that was me. Your own lover attempt on killing your parent… Who wants to see that.

      • Darshi

        Hi sachin… it’s ur opinion. ..and this is mine. Everyone has the right to tell their own opinion. If u don’t like it you better stay out of it. Maybe u like to see ashoka and devi together. But I like to see kvki and ashoka together. So that’s all. No more argument. I just said my opinion. Stay blessed. …

    • Sachin41


      |Registered Member

      what’s the point in defending the wrong things?? what if even they are your parents.. where is dharm and satya Nishta?? This is the situation where kvk fails to stand compared with Ashoka.. Ashoka can do anything for dharm and satya nishta.. Even if they are within family or outsiders he doesn’t care.. He stand with truth and dharm..

      And I promote the same thing, what’s the point in defending your parents and forgetting your duty, forgetting dharm when they are wrong.. you have to face the truth, you shouldn’t care about family when you are counting as princess of one kingdom, it reflects on the duties and mindset of people.. you have to be role model for the people..
      And I don’t think she can be like that.. if she continues doing same thing (that is defending Jaggu) then she will also follow jaggu’s path only..

      • Angelk1


        |Registered Member

        If he had stand with truth and dharm why did he become chand and kill so many innocent people in the kalinga war… Second she did face the truth she acted properly by apologizing and saying they will leave. She was a daughter first before a princess.. She knew her parents were wrong she never said they were right, i can understand if she snobishly walk away without apologizing… But she didnt. Think back to the time your parent helped you a lot when you were younger until now. Would you still say you wouldnt defend them even when their at fault. Your not greatful to them because they brought you up…. I can understand if they didnt … But they did. Thats something a person should never forget… Or think twice about doing. I would give my life for my parents…even if they did wrong. So whats the point … The point is … Its not up to us to judge them but instead god.

      • Sachin41


        |Registered Member

        And your logic here is LoL..
        why did she left her parents for love if she care her parents that much?? They brought her up know.. she left her parents for love and she is thinks that her love is pure and no one can love Luke her.. ROFL..
        And now she rejects Ashoka and go with parents.. what’s this swing???

        She was not right at both times..
        First she should not leave parents if she loves her parents that much, she co have sacrificed her love for parents..
        Second thing is if she left everything to get Ashoka then why to lo back?? Then what’s the point in calling that as sacrifice?? She could Stan with Ashoka in all situations..
        Totally she is scrap.. don’t know what to do when..

        And don’t come with another ROFL lpgic..😂

      • Sachin41


        |Registered Member

        If terrorists brought you up then you will also follow the same path?? what the hell.. don’t you have sense to differentiate between right and wrong?
        This is why Mahabharata happened.. referring to Karna, Bhishma, Dritarashtra, Dronacharya..
        they didn’t protest against all the adharma by duryodhan and they had paid for that..
        It’s an illustration of what can happen by supporting adharma

      • Angelk1


        |Registered Member

        Your laughing now, but you will see what I’m talking about some day. Anyway, when she left her father for love… Didnt she turn back when she saw her father in tears crying for her…. Didnt she run calling for her father… Saying she wasnt dead. Who was it that stopped her from going back…. Who told her that she cant back down now since shes almost to her goal. Once again your not understanding, i can defend them because their my parents, but that doesnt mean i agree with them. No matter what happens their blood will always run through my vein. Reminding me that i am part of them. Kaurvaki had hope that her dad was the loving father she remember as a child. She was happy he accepted the their marriage. When she found out her father betrayed her once again ..she remind her father about , kalinga respect , dignity. She even said she would bare its punishment, for what her father will do. When her father betrayed her the third time she was in shock, she was hurt, she beg bindu out of respect to spare her father then when ashok stabs him. She became angry because she didnt expect that… He might be evil but that was still her father. So her anger was justible.

        I say, Both of them were at fault… If ashok didnt stop her when she was leaving with her father … It wouldnt had led to jaga insulting them angering ashok. Leading him to stab jaga, and kaurvaki anger. Making him marry devi. Seriously if you yourself can say ashok anger was justible then why cant you see kauvaki.

        She said it out of anger… If she had actually felt that way about ashok … She wouldnt have agreed to marry him in the first place. After all she had supported him when everyone else was against him, dharma even acknowledge that.

        But anyway keep laughing … And continue your hate towards kaurvaki… Because at the end you will see her face again… And she will proove that she wasnt the cause of ashok being chand… And that dharma needs to realize messing with fate will lead to something far greater. She can stop it now, but will find a different way for ashok to be chand.

        She probably c a nt see her own death being the cause of ashok change.

      • rekha vaghela

        Actually both r wrong in a way. But at according to laws if a crime is done under provocation its not a crime. So ashok is actually forgiven for jaggu’s murder. Kaurvaki still provoked him telling him that no one marry to him and she could see why his father not wanted her to marry ashok and wat not!! In a way she was finishing jaggu’s sentence. Again any crime done under provocation is not a crime. So ashok marriage to devi.

        So finally verdict is ashok is not guilty. Kaurvaki can b angry but this is the truth. And wat ever is wrong will always stay wrong. One thing that Mahabharata taught us is this. And even if its Ur own family u need to punish them for their deeds. Kaurvaki should have asked jaggu to leave when he stole the rajkosh in the first place. She should have broken her relation with him. U can’t accept anyone’s mistakes even when they r Ur parents. Gita says this.
        I rest my case now.

      • Sachin41


        |Registered Member

        Just useless theory to defend kvk.. great..

        kvk knew everything about her father, even she knew that Jaggu will never accept Ashoka, then also she was ready for marriage.. didn’t she imagine the consequences?? what can her father do in revenge?? why didn’t she thought about that??? Then also she was ready with marriage.. and suddenly when Ashoka stab her father she is like her father is her life, nothing is more than her father, even Ashoka and his love is nothing in front of her father.. what a logic???
        where was this love all these days when Jaggu opposed marriage?? She could have left Ashoka and listened to her father.. one thing I want to clear is she could be in one side permanently either with Ashoka or Jaggu.. when she knew her father won’t accept Jaggu then she shouldn’t break her father’s rule.. once she broken the rule and ready for marriage then she shouldn’t go back to her father.. this is like cheating Ashoka, she broke all the faith and love of Ashoka with slap and calling him Chand again..

        And I know you will come up with new theory to defend kvk.. I don’t want to here please gods sake…

        And defending wrong ones I never accept it.. whoever it may be.. even parents also.. It depends on your morals and ethics..
        when your parents give you so much love its your duty to give the same amount of love and respect.. But when they are doing wrong things (not with respect to you but with respect to society) then it’s your duty to protest against it..

        And I said it depends on your morals ethics..

      • Angelk1


        |Registered Member

        This is where our belief is two different things. Kaurvaki had hope that her father would come around… If she had known everything about her father… Why is it now shes finding out about his plan. I’m pretty sure she would have told ashok if she knew. Second through out my whole argument i said she wasnt selfish for doing what she did and say at that time. She was angry, and also how she was right to defend her parents after ashok stab him…. But you have a valuable point and i will admit to it.

        To get so much reaction from people because of her character makes me come to like her even more. Shes different from other princess and strong minded, you dont know what she will do next…. That makes her a powerful person to me, but i will let you keep hating, after all i edmit my defeat on this argument.

        That still doesnt mean i wont try to defend her when i see the chance. I could have talked about many other chacters in ashoka who are worse then kaurvaki… But i wont. When you see her again after ashok becomes chand , and devi leaves him.

        I will be enjoying people comment…especially yourse.

  10. S.Ravi Prakash

    Excellent episode & written update, Oh ! The story went off very well. (off course, it was according to the spoiler written y’day). Action; Direction all ok 👌. Eagerly awaiting tomorrow’s episode / update……thanks pooja di.

  11. aashi

    The love story of Samrat Ashoka and Devi is widely mentioned in the Ceylonese chronicles. She is said to be the daughter of a merchant who actually belonged to the Sakya clan – the same as that of Gautam Buddha.
    Ashoka met Devi during his first visit in Ujjain and it was love at first sight for him. Though Ashoka was high impressed by Devi, the merchant’s daughter, she didn’t like him as he was famous for his arrogance. When Ashoka asked Devi’s hand in marriage, her father readily agreed but she declined the offer and made a strange demand. Devi insisted that she would marry Ashoka if and only he would resolve the issue of rebellions in Ujjain without any bloodshed.
    Hearing this Ashoka left the place. When he didn’t return after two days, Devi thought the prince tricked them. However, when she was attending to the sick and hurt people she came across a wounded Ashoka. She took great care of him until he recovered. Post the recovery, Ashoka proposed Devi as he could resolve the Ujjain issue without bloodshed. Devi was happy and they married. Ashoka was 18 then. So, Devi was indeed Samrat Ashoka’s first love and it was an unconditional love.
    Now let us discuss the story of Ashoka Samrat with Kaurwaki.
    Samrat Ashoka and Queen Kaurwaki
    The name of Queen Kaurwaki is found on the Asokan edicts. Based on this, it is widely believed that the position of Queen Kaurwaki must be high as she is the only queen whose name has been immortalized in the edicts. The importance of Kaurwaki has been concluded from these edicts only.
    While, historian M.N. Das states that Kaurwaki was the daughter of a fisherman whom Samrat Ashoka married, there is no instances that prove that there was a proper love story between them. It is only in the film, TV serial and popular culture that we see a die-hard love story between them.
    So going by the historical data, it appears that, though both Devi and Kaurwaki was Emperor Ashoka’s wife, his first love was Devi with whom he had a love angle before their marriage. He did marry Kaurwaki but all those stories of their love before marriage is considered as highly fictional.

    • buddhi ranaweera

      Thanks a as hi u r doing good job it’s supposed to be history of legendary kings and Queens no director can play with such history he’s depicting a completely wrong picture about the great Queens of great king a shot a this is not a mere Indian drama I have stopped watching the drama

    • rekha vaghela

      Ashok and devi. While ashok was in Ujjain send by bindu to suppress rebellion he stayed at devi’s house for which the rebellion leader killed her father. After ashok had crushed the rebellion, he married devi so as secure her and her family’s future as after her father’s death rebellion had destroyed all their asset.
      Devi belonged to shakya clan. And back those days kshyatriya’s were only supposed to rule. Any ruler who is born in other clans doesn’t get equal respect except brahim

  12. Anshuman sharma

    Wow, nice, devi and Ashoka got married. Now it’s time for the kalinga war. Eagerly waiting for the same. But I want to know where is kaurvaki’s brother virat.And the reaction of the Ashoka when he will realise the kaurvaki is not a princess but a fisherman’s daughter.

  13. Barbarian

    Hey Angelk 1, compelling points you put forth in favour of KVk. She never stopped her father’s rant, she waited till Ash was pushed over the line. She never chided her dad for fooling Bindu into an agreement. She doesn’t come from a noble and moral family either. Her uncle stole the throne from Jaggu , didn’t he? She taunts Ash and dares him, so what option does he have? I suppose bottom line is KVk is irritating but this way to marry a woman is insane. The writer has made Ash uncontrollable, kvk irritating, Devi a scapegoat, dharma an indecisive lady, Bindu a fool. Strong characters ironically are Sushim, charu, Mahamatya and of course Helena

  14. devaki ganesan

    Thanks, Poojaji. I am enjoying every bit of it. Mohit is an excellent actor. He lives the character. His whole life is dedicated Matrubhumi. His decisions are very understandable.

  15. Lord7Naruto

    If anyone knows when Dharma’s Death is at by Sushim’s henchmen cause I wanna see Bindusara’s reaction 😢

  16. History lover

    Thank you dear Bella educating us a side we completely do not know, and I am eagerly waiting for your next part of the legend of kaurvaki.
    And asshi, it seems that you are also interested in the true history , and you have a vast knowledge relating history, waiting for your comments also.
    what happened to Pradeep? Are there ay fans from taxila ( Punjab)? What are the legends of asoka there in the Punjab?

  17. devaki ganesan

    Ashoka’s reactions in the light of his life goals, teachings, prorities and sense of duties to motherland is totally understandable. His mind set at these events and his mother’s anxieties
    are and to fulfill his parents wishes is totally understandable. He has a big heart and wants to please his parents. Bindusara has made a big mistake. Probably Bindu expected Kalinga to be defeated by Ashoka. Competing goals of the participants, selfish motives and agendas are tearing honest relationships apart!

  18. Sabrina

    Hi I kinda recently started watching this serial can someone explain why Ashoka parents don’t want him to marry kuurvaki? What was the agreement about?

  19. Vicky

    Excellent Episode…..Thanks directors….
    Waiting for the next episode…..

    Nice word Aisha….baldie…hahahahaah

  20. rekha vaghela

    Ashok and his marriage:
    Ashok was not a yuvraj. Back then a princess only marries a yuvraj(a to be king) or a king. As ashok was not a yuvraj nor a king but an army general he was supposed to b married to any chieftains daughter or a merchants daughter.

  21. rekha vaghela

    Ashok and kaurvaki:
    When ashok went to win kaling. When their king had died of falling prey to plotting of his own family. He had war. Topprotect their mother land. Army general kaurvaki came forward. Who was so called daughter to late king. And a daughter of fishermen chief. Kaling lost to ashok. Kaurvaki understood ashok that kaling won’t b safe till their is plotting from late kings relatives . people of kaling were loyal to kaurvaki and trusted her. So ashok and kaurvaki decide to marry. As this would safe guard kaling throne and people won’t rebel against kaurvaki. And all greedy relatives would b step aside. Ashok attacked kaling when he found that their was political

  22. rekha vaghela

    Ashok attacked kaling when their was a political gap. And kaling was a trade rout to India if it had political gap then any foreigners could easily gain access to India. So it was required that both routes fall in ashok territories as he was the onlyon at tthat time who could protect it. He never bother to explore in the south much but had takshshashila and kaling sealed.

  23. rekha vaghela

    Ashok and his expectance by other king:
    Ashok was dharma’s son. And she was not a queen or princess by birth. So all the kings of small country didn’t accept ashok as their king. Radhagupt had foreseen that this would continue if devi’s son mahendra ascends the throne as his mother is also not a princess. So he advised ashok to marry princess asandhmitra. All the king realized that even after ashoks death the magadh would have a Royal heir from asandhmitra and decided to b loyal and with ashok rather than against him.

  24. Mahamatya Khallyatak

    what Jaggu told to Bindu was correct, and even m sure most of the readers would feel tham same that he was an idiot and useless king, he did not have any thinking of his own, never indulged in any brave acts, lot of things were happening in his kingdom since many years but he was unaware. Always believed in what anyone would say, like a foolish king. he had only 2 work – either sit if courtroom to give judgement or romance with dhaarma. Though, what thesse people are showing is not the actual history, but what happened to kvK love for her parents when jaggu was doing “aatma shanti” puja. Inspite of such crisis, everyone is only thinking of marriage…. KvK is standing so long to watch the marriage… good atleast i hope she returns to Kalinga (so that we cant see her irritating face), else dont know whether she will continue to stay in magadh, till milan raaat. Though I dont see any justification, why she should stay..

  25. rekha vaghela

    Asandhmitra and ashok’s plight:
    All thought that princess asandhmitra would bear a royal heir to the throne but she remained childless now the question was again the same. But asandhmitra by her intelligence and political efficences earned ashok some good friends(kings). Asandhmitra became his advisor and supporter and became his chief and most respected wife. She was so much loved by ashok that ashok gave her responsibility of all his children’s upbringing, as she wouldn’t feel she is child less. But as all good things comes to an end. Asandhmitra died at young age

  26. Priya

    Can someone clear cinfusing about Kaurvaki’s origin. though most historians beleive that Kaurvaki was a fisherman’s daughter and not a princess. while some beleive she was in fact the princess but she got seprated by her family then she was adopted by fisherman. can someone tell me the real legend about Kaurvaki

  27. rekha vaghela

    Ashok had married padmavati a daughter if chieftain and partly royal by her blood. When ashok lost asandhmitra her lady in waiting sort, trishyaraksha came close to ashok. Ashok married her. But she betrayed him. Ashok then ordered her killing as her punishment

  28. rekha vaghela

    About the serial, I think wat ashok did was in fit of anger. But kaurvaki proved she is jagannath’s daughter. By speaking like that to ashok. Instead asking that wat has he done? She called him Chand. When u can’t keep Ur father’s mouth shut how can u call ashok chand. If he was not Ur love and was some other king. And Ur father would have been insulting him like this they would have killed him long before. So shut up kaurvaki and leave. U ran away from Ur parents. And Ur parents didn’t leave a single chance to break Ur relationship with ashok. At that time u had ran away for Ur love. If u had so much for Ur parents u should have listened to them. And forgotten ashok. U wanted both milk and curd. And u knew u can’t have both as Jagannath would never accept ashok and his family. Still u broke all Ur relationship with Ur father to marryashok
    When bindu and ashok tried to persuade jJagannath and when Jagannath was being a bastard u couldn’t do any thing or say anything to him
    Now how can u blame ashok?? Better u b a daughter first and then try to b a wife.

    • Sachin41


      |Registered Member

      well said..
      I m supporting the same thing..
      If you love your parents so much even if they are wrong then why did leave your love and listen to your parents in the past..

      The point I liked is she proved that she is Jaggu’s daughter

  29. History lover

    Dear Bella and zannat I like to see your opinion on rekha veghela’s opinion relating to political status of kalinga.

  30. rekha vaghela

    And I must add that kaurvaki had got proud for her love and sacrifice for ashok. The way she spoke to him that no girl would like to marry him as he is Chand. And implied he was luckily that she was marrying him.
    But she forgot Chanda’s words that their can b many kaurvaki for ashok. But only a single chanda for sushim.
    Kaurvaki had impression that as she suffered ashok was her. And only her love is pure but that pure love got adultrated by proud for that love.

      • rekha vaghela

        If u get proud then that’s not love. Love is sacrifice and if u keep counting Ur sacrifice then u just want to b mahan and don’t love that person.

  31. rekha vaghela

    I think the nephew who gave ashok buddha’s preaching will b chanda’s son. Chanda will remain childless(as it is said that sushi had fail to produce a heir while ashok had mahendra at nearly 20) so all of them ill treated his wife.

    • Hersheys

      U cant blame her. What would you do if somebody stabbed your father? Even though he said bad stuff it does not give ashok the right to stab him.

      • rekha vaghela

        Actually Hershey u r right that ashok can’t stab her father. But according to current law ashok would b charged with culpable homicide” not amounting to murdermurder”. Because jaggu provoked him to do it. And jaggu did it purposefully as he knew that if he gets killed then only kaurvaki won’t marry ashok that too by ashok’s hand. Ashok was even ready to marry and not let kaurvaki suffer for her fathers mistake. But jaggu still did that. And within seconds she took the topic of ashok stabbing her father to how inappropriate he was!! (Where did that come in the middle of that) and also that he won’t get married and no girl would accept him( yar Ur father is stabbed and u still worry about whom ashok will marry or will he b married or not!!really is that’s the question u should b asking him while Ur father is on death bed.) And she still stood their to watch marriage where was her daughterly love?? She should b at jaggu’s side and not stay back to answer ashok. She just wanted to prove that ashok did wrong with her. But actually she had it coming. Since the day she ran away

      • Hersheys

        I know rekha, both are at fault but ashok should not have stabbed jaggu, thats all im trying to say.

      • rekha vaghela

        But ashok can b forgiven as the circumstances were not normal. And now kaurvaki can also b forgiven for wat she said. As ashok married devi. But if kaurvaki does something foolish like blaming devi or insulting ashok and his family then she would probably deserve a much worse outcome

  32. Abhishek Maurya

    Sachin 41 your logical reasoning is great.You win the debate.If its like that that every kid should defend their parents even if they are doing unethical stuffs then it’s undoubtedly wrong.Also then sushim and kaurwaki have no difference coz both listen to their parents even if they are wrong.I agree that kaurwaki is not evil like sushim but after knowing that her father has done so many sins earlier she should have left pataliputra leaving ashok.This shows that she has no prestige.At the time when she witnessed that her father had stolen all the treasury she should have left magadha at that time itself.By staying there she was lowering the status of kalinga.And i would also like to remind that ashoka once told her to leave magadha coz the circumstances are not in their favor so she should leave.

  33. surya

    kvk thinks that her love is great in the world and no one can love a man like her. chanda loved sushim even after she knew that he is very cruel. according to me chanda’s love is greater than kvk. I don’t have any problem with kvk. ashoka is a son and I don’t think that nobody can silent when their parents is insulted. jaggu provoked ashoka so he stabbed jaggu. kvk is also a daughter, but she didn’t went to know her father’s condition. she stood there for watching the wedding. she called ashoka CHAND, she forgot every thing. She also thinks that she is the only woman perfect for ashoka. it is her over confidence. she must realise that.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.