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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 2nd September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Daasi’s help Devi in getting ready. Devi smiles at her reflection.

Kaurvaki looks in the mirror. She hears someone asking servants to pack everything. We will leave in the morning. Kaurvaki picks up a dagger and touches it to her wrist. She cuts off something. Her parents rush to her but are confused to see her hand all fine. Kaurvaki shows the Raksha-Sutra. You have given birth to a brave woman. She shows the cut Raksha-Sutra. I was breaking my last ties with Ashoka. She throws it.

On the other hand, Ashoka too cuts the Raksha-Sutra and throws it on the floor. He notices Garud looking at him. He offers dry grass to Garud but he turns his face away. Ashoka pats at his hand and goes. Two servants are talking about the plight of Raj-vanshi’s. We atleast have a right

to take our own decisions. We dint get royal food but we can make use of this liquor. They apologize as soon as they notice Ashoka. Ashoka walks away after gulping down the pot of liquor.

Ashoka comes to his room. It is all decorated. Devi is sitting on the bed with her head / face covered with a veil. Ashoka smiles as he imagines Kaurvaki. He sits down near her feet and keeps
When I saw you for the first time I had no idea we will come to such a sweet end. We used to fight so much earlier. Devi smiles at the memory of their fights. Ashoka says I wasn’t sure if we will meet again when we parted ways. He removes the heavy necklace from around Devi’s neck. He lifts her veil but only sees Kaurvaki. Maybe it is fate only that Ashoka will make you his tonight. You only said that it will be after wedding. We are married now. Right, Kaurvaki? Shock registers on Devi’s face. Ashoka says you are my wife now. I have full right on you. He keeps his head on her shoulder. No one can stop us from becoming one now. Not even you Kaurvaki. My Kaurvaki! Devi walks aside and little and cries. Ashoka hugs her from behind and repeats. You are mine for forever, only mine. My Kaurvaki! She pushes him. Not Kaurvaki but Devi! Ashoka is jolted back to reality. Devi is in tears. Ashoka wears his cloth around him. Forgive me. No man is allowed to behave like this with a woman, no husband is allowed to do this with his wife. I am sorry. Devi thinks of Dharma’s words and calms down. Past cannot be changed. We cannot change the fact also that we were and will always be friends. I understand Kaurvaki is your first love and will always be. It isn’t easy to forget your first love. I have already told you, you don’t need to follow any formalities of this wedding. He thanks her and leaves,

Dharma sees Ashoka coming out of his room and walking absentmindedly / lost. She begins to go after him when Charu says one is punished for his or her deeds always. Dharma is confused. Charu says you would remember how much I love my husband. I had faith he will love me one day but then you came in between and ruined my home. You snatched the love which was mine. You snatched everything from me. You wont realise it. When a lover does not get love then he dies not once but many times. This time you will feel my pain through your beloved son’s pain. Your son Ashoka will never get the love of his life. You will yearn for it all your life. His love will be just a formality, a namesake. You are the culprit here. You will yearn for him for life. You ruined your son’s life with your own hands. Dharma shouts Ashoka and passes out holding her chest. Charu leaves from there. Ashoka comes running to his mother and lifts her up. Vit and Bindu come as well. Vit goes to call Raj Vaid. Bindu holds Dharma worried. Please open eyes. He takes Dharma in their room. Charu looks on from far. Samrat cares so much for this Dharma. Will Samrat be even a little worried for me when I am gone?

Raj Vaid tells that Dharma was stressed which is why she fell unconscious. She only needs rest and is better now. Dharma assures Vit she is fine. Take rest. He denies but Bindu tells him to go. Vit promises his mother he will never bother her. Dharma speaks well about him. You are braver than you think of yourself and smart than what you think. He tells her to take care of himself and leaves. Bindu sits down next to Dharma. I am sorry that you were so stressed because of me. Dharma denies. I am the one who is wrong here. Any father would have reciprocated in the same manner. I am only bearing the brunt of my deeds. Ashoka asks her what she is talking about. Dharma and BIndu go quiet. Dharma says I kept your name Ashoka. Since childhood you have lived up to it. You always kept me away from pain but I couldn’t give you anything but tears. I wasn’t Raj-vanshi so you were not with your father in childhood and not much changed as you grew up. And now this wedding without love! I am sorry. It must be sudden for you but it wasn’t the case for me. I knew it well that you and Kaurvaki can never be together and that you will marry Devi. People think Ashoka married Devi in his anger, revenge and when Kaurvaki instigated him. It isn’t the truth. It was already destined to happen. I had already started to make Devi understand. I only helped fate do its job. Ashoka is confused. What do you mean? She tells him Sage’s prophecy. Ashoka is surprised. So much happened and I get to know now? You were living with such a burden since so many days? Since when did I become such a stranger for you? What had to happen has happened. You only have taught me to fight every obstacle. Your strength, your blessing has helped me in every thing. My Guru’s death was the biggest jolt for me. This is nothing in front of it. You could have told me once. I would have even married stone for you! Devi walks inside and they all go quiet.

Precap: Siamak asks for the royal stamp from someone. I want to use it to get what I want. He comes in a room to steal it. Dharma notices Siamak trying to steal the royal stamp. What are you doing here? Sushim pulls her down from behind and begins to suffocate her. You can try as much as you want but you wont be able to tell anyone anything this time! Sushim tries to strangle her whereas Siamak holds her feet.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Dharma going to die no!!!! And don’t show ashoka as drunkard please and waiting for next week eagerly. And dharma ko mat maro

    1. She won’t die she will die when She saves Devi and Ashoka and her unborn child

      1. Yes lord7 ialso studied in wiki but is Director ka kya barosha kuch bhi kar sakta hain jaise ishone chanakya ko mar diya ha toh just hope for the best

    2. If it happens then Ashoka will find out the truth as always and become Chand go off Kill Sushim and Siamak And become Samrat and complete the dream of Chamakya Chandragupta Maurya and her mothers dream
      But i don’t get shouldn’t Bindusara be there it’s his Chamber also he should be with her in this situation right

    3. You know Hero’s always show at the Last minute in thinking Ashoka or Bindusara or maybe Vit could come cause I mean Someone should have heard Dharma scream we’ll see on the 5th a lot is gonna happen on 5th Sep

      1. Yes I agree with yiu lord7naruto 5ko bahut saara high voltage drama dekhne ko milega.and 5ko toh teachers day bhi hain patha nahi kya hoga.we can only wait till than

      2. Hey guys i m also a very big fan of dharma n sid? but i read in telly dhamal tht dharma will die n ashoka comes to end in October or nearly in November… very sad?? i m really much

      3. Hey guys..dharma will die n ashoka comes to end in October or nearly in November tht i read in telly dhamal..i m also a very big fan of her n sid also? but very very sad abt ending of ashoka news n dharma’s character ??

    4. Oct 5th Is teachers day in London
      And my school starts On 5th
      And God know what will happen we will wait till then
      We’ll see if I’m right or wrong

      1. Alinia I read that on Twitter some said that too it’s sad there ending it very sad cause I want more we all want more ?
        I have no idea how but I knew this was gonna happen I’m not lieing Where’s Bindusara or Ashoka when ya need them

    5. No alina dharma can’t die if dharma what will happen to asvi very really said right bindusar aur Ashoka kha hain jab jarurat hain.loved acting of pallavi mam .please don’t make her die.vapis SE Ashoka chand roop dharan kar lega.???

    6. Guys u heard that Ashoka is going to be off air soon.may be in mid October or November

      1. Yes I read in on the same Website as Alina it’s so sad But can’t wait tommorow

      2. The whole show is gonna end if Ashoka ends Show ends ?????

      3. I seriously can’t wait

      4. I was just thinking what if was a Dharma’s dream that she had been Killed my Sushim and Siamak but when she wakes up Its going to happen in reality But there gonna show it tommorow the director is gonna drag it like Chanakya
        What if that happenes

  2. Thanks pooja for the fast update nice


    history lover u askd genetics of bengali.yes sm indian scientists did experimnt & found mr thn 60% of DNA of sinhalaese & bengalis ar mtching.

    1. Abhishek Maurya

      I think the reason behind this is that the king vijaya alongwith a group of 700 people migrated to sri lanka.Actually he was exiled by his father sinhabahu.It is written in mahavamsa.

  4. Abhishek Maurya

    No,this can’t be true.Such a talented actress can’t have a sudden exit.Dharma was one of the reason for me watching the show. Although the history has been distorted ,the story has been messed up but we all had a deep love for this serial even when the serial reached heights of stupidity insulting history of ashok.This is weird that many of us were against the wrong portrayal of the history of ashok shown in the serial but all of us watched it with great interest and excitement.I read that the serial will end in november or last week of october.This stupid producer have shown all the things related to ashok in 1 and a 1/2 year except his real history.Now when the time has come to show his real history he (producer) is eager to shoot the climax scene.

    1. Sachin41

      can’t end story when main plot have to be shown… still lot to cover as per history.. but anyhow they are not following history.. if this is going to be end in November then we will surely miss this fictional extravaganza..!!!


    evn the origin story of sinhalese ar depicted in sanchi.evn smwhere i hv hrd emperor bindusara hd sm son calld siamak.bella its upto u to find abt.amatya khallatak actually apoint ashok as emperore evntho he support sushim dz drama.monk nigrodha is son of one da brothers of ashok.but cnt say whose.mahavansa says bindusara hd 16 wives & 101 sons.mny historians do nt accept it.may i rmind thm there was chinese emperore vth 2000 odd wives with almst 800 odd sons!!

    1. And who can forget the mughals? Surely they had numerous wives

  6. hi pls change the cover page

  7. thnks pooja.i agre with u samakuta.dnt show drunken asoka.& torchng darma

  8. Dear rekha you know your business well and I know mine. What you say is kalinga is modern day andhra Pradesh. From where did you come to know this? Odisha was earlier called kalinga, then utkala , then Odra, then Orissa and last odisha. And don’t steal my line . I am the one who had earlier written to avoid content on internet. And please i am not intimidated my your degrees. And certainly I don’t need certificate from you. It shows you have worked for earning degrees. I do not want that all honours and other things what I want is to dedicate my life for betterment for the people of world which I will do my becoming scientist in modern physics.
    And lastly learn to respect the backward and tribes. We are literate but we are illiterate towards our earth. We are reading how to save environment but we are still illiterate. But they are illiterate yet literate. They are volunteers in protecting the nature , they worship nature. I hope you know what is JFM ( joint forest management). I think you know what is chipko movement and Narmada bachao Andolan. The tribes and backward people are more literate than us
    Today’s thought of the day
    Playing a banjo to buffaloes
    Describing curd to a blind
    Thank you

    1. rekha vaghela

      Bella my self and sc as well. So don’t give this backward bullshit to me. But folklore where meant for that only. If y consult a folklorist sandhu Sir or any one else they will say the same about it. And about u muskan I don’t need to waste time to explain to u. That wat sort of port I m talking about. One can only know this things by visiting the places. If u visit some similar time city u might had an idea but I think u haven’t so u definitely.

      Above all me and my husband had dealing with buddha and his relic. Kalinga which u r making so much big issue was not over prime subject. But one of our student has been trying to decline the previous hypothesis. And if u think that odisha could handle a port well I too thought of mahanadi port. But after a lot of discussion and the proof of other cities that he showed me and some of the description. Of the town and the river it seems more like godavri mouth then Mahanadi. And then only I was convinced. And dear Bella I don’t need this history degrees to feed my self I could earn well even before. And for Ur information let me tell u that prathibha aastha and many of the sc organization right working for sc better have honoured me for my previous degree before I even came into history researches.
      My real name would have been enough. But u all shall continue. Feel like laughing after seeing Ur anger on me!!!
      A mugger is a person who mugs history, a lover is one who loves every stupid story told to them. A knowledgable person reads everything book on that subject and a researcher applies logic. Afterall they were also people how cant u apply logic in history. For below 10 grade u need to mug ut up. And even in phd too. The research works r not that acceptable in India and I can see why. As they would stick to wat had been fed to them since childhood. But with my time in other communities I learned to question and apply logic to everything.
      Coming to kalinga topic. Recently the man and his time who had been doing this research have their hypothesis excepted and will soon b writtting it in his book. Enjoy!! Lovely people!! Shukran for Ur time

  9. Finally dharma will die I am so happy she is a boring character

    1. Tiyasa

      You are disgustinggggggggg

    2. I agree with you Venkat. I absolutely can’t stand her and it’s always one expression on her face.

      And to that person calling Venkat disgusting, everyone is entitled to their opinions. You don’t need to bash someone if they don’t like a character that you like. This is the same reason I stopped commenting here.

  10. Dear muskaan , how will she answer your question? The way she has answered much of it can’t be understood . Talking of the council please do give proof of it, rekha.
    Pradeep , talking about siamak I will contact my seniors. Of all the sons bindusar had only sushim, ashoka and vitashoka are mentioned. Will try my best to know

    1. rekha vaghela

      Bella dear if u know the traditions followed in ancient India a kingdom has its council. A kingdom as big as magadh ad kaling were without council no historians would believe that(council r the ministers of the kingdom that deal with various department to keep the kingdom intact, I know u don’t believe this that kaling had king or council and could go on without any rule by brotherhood thing, but when a place has an international port their will b need to check wat they r importing and wat they r exporting. Ancient India also had people and no gods that they would allow a foreigner to take all the riches without any taxation!! Now if u understood till now wat I have said then pls explain to me who would b collecting that tax??? And where it would b going??
      Also whenever a king fought with a national and then came to some sort of sandhi after even war(a war didn’t always guaranteed a complete rule) always some policy were raised as to the winner king must follow so that the people won’t revolt. However despite those conditions being followed their were revolts. So the council always came up with a better plan to marry a local princess to the winner king and then giving the political matter in that queens hand and she has to consult the king before giving any decision. So in a way they make her prantpalak under the king. A wife wouldnt betray her husband. The people won’t betray their own leader and thins would go smooth. Regarding kaling another theory suggested that kaurvaki was prantpalak of it after marriage with ashok. I know u won’t believe it either. But this were some common tradition followed back then. If a council never gave their decision then any general like kaurvaki would prefer to die rather than to marry a king that defeated her.(a Greek tale I remember had similar ending were the queen had all male heir and male council member murder but when she fought and the king asked her to marry him as she was the Aphrodite like she killed herself)

      1. radhakrushna nayak

        Ms Rekha u r always citing bulshit reply and without knowing the fact. If u and ur hubby are true research fellow then u should have gone in to the deep of Kalinga war which was fought near Bhubaneswar & the remains of which are still there and should have gone through the Odisha History. Don’t think ur self and other Historians and the most learned and other as illeterate. Actually u people r half knowledged and preconcieved like the historians of India who had written the Indian History earlier and now those always trying to object everything concrete. ainstead of citing ur foreign reasewrch if u have a reasearch inside India that might have improved ur knowledge so also ur hubby’s. Thank u.

      2. rekha vaghela

        Dearie read all the comments. And I think I didn’t need to acknowledge u about which places I have been too. Though I think I have mentioned in my one of the comments which places that I had been too. But believe this newer fact develops in research at present this hypothesis is more accepted if it would b proven otherwise in a few yrs or so. I gave enough examples of net blunders but thing is net sometimes doesn’t show newer researches. If u go to net geo website all the researches funded by them will b available to u their. We were funded by Japan. And the professor studying about kaling hasnt disclosed his funding status. Another of our friend is working for the lost edicts and pillars of ashok as it is claimed that they were more then what they have been found. And after the truth behind a stupa found recently much things will b changed. As now everyone r back to their dug site with rad carbon dating as if they don’t correct their hypothesis all the hypothesis that were laid during mauryian period will b changed.

      3. rekha vaghela

        And dearie bhuwaneshwar has a stupa went their too. And the war was fought their. That can b also true. But thing is the story in near by region if u enquire they r highly unlikely to b true. War didn’t happen in the city. They happened in plains. Like panipat and all such that both army would assemble against each other. Gorilla warfare were common thing in northwest and that to after mauryian period. Do u know about another version of ashok story that a monk declined to see the emperor face when he went to meet him saying that he has seen endless people suffer because of him and wanted him to built 84000 stupa as repentance. Ashok heart changed during this period when he came close to Buddhist monk. I hadsaid another version as well. I just want to show u how much changes r their in two tthings of which written proofs r available. The legend of kaurvaki changing him is more prevelent in India due to folk lore. (Everything has politics in it) but that OK.

  11. Noooooooooo Dharma can’t die

  12. Tiyasa

    Nooooooooooooooooo Dharma can’t die like this way……She can’t leave us soooooo soon…..
    Thanks Pooja di for update…….

    1. oh dear why d everyonebe influenced so much to this, just enjoy to watch the story, cause director has his right to make evrything about his story

  13. Dear history lover
    Legend of Karuvaki 3:
    Ashoka started early. He wanted to see the whole village. As nearing a mango grove he saw karuvaki plucking mangoes and giving to a little crowd of children. After distributing , she took the remaining mangoes and started to go out of the village . Ashoka followed her and he saw rajesvari throwing daggers at a tree. Karuvaki walks at the tree and takes out all the daggers from the tree. ” Don’t hurt the tree” she said ” I have got something for you to eat” she gives her the two mangoes left. And have you eat?” Asked rajesvari. ” Yes I have brought this for you”. Ashoka comes in front of them ” please give me something to eat” ashoka requested. ” I am sorry I don’t have anything to offer you” rajesvari rejects him and ate the mangoes in front of him. Karuvaki looked at ashoka and said” Kumar , please follow me I will give you food” . Rajesvari stood dumbstruck. Karuvaki leads ashoka to her cottage and offers him fruits. ” Kumar , I apologize but this is what I have to offer. Please accept my offering”
    “Of course, it will do,” Ashoka said amused and impressed by her behaviour
    Thank you

    1. History lover

      Thanks dear Bella, waiting for the next , eagerly !

  14. Tiyasa

    Without Dharma CAS is incomplete
    I hope bindu or Ashoka sees everything and saves her

  15. Tiyasa

    Without Dharma CAS is incomplete
    I hope bindu or Ashoka sees everything and saves her…….

  16. Tiyasa

    Without Dharma CAS is not complete……she can’t leave this show so early…….
    I hope Bindu or Ashoka sees every thing and saves Dharma….

    1. Yes tiyasa I agree with u completely

  17. Everyone Dharma won’t Die she gonna die saving Devi and her and Ashoka’s unborn child she was killed by Sushim’s henchmen in Ujjan not in Patliputra
    I knew this was gonna happen in not lieing I thought this is going to happen
    I wanna see Bindusara’s reaction and that is Bindusara’s Chamber where is he?? Shouldn’t e be there

    1. If Dharma dies and Ashoka finds out Sushim killed her then Ashoka will become Chand he will kill Sushim I wanna see that but not Dharma Dead

  18. Truly a gripping episode; sure the histrionics were there but Ashok’s reaction to Dharma’s confession depicts incredible devotion ! The pre cap is in sharp contrast to the tenderness of this episode.
    Bella – you need to pipe down and stop spewing venom against Rekha and others. Everyone wishes you the best for your physicist ambitions- learning tolerance for another view point will only make you a greater physicist and not a weaker one! There are view points and realities beyond what you pig headedly believe! 500 years ago everyone thought the earth was the centre of the universe and that appears ridiculous now. In this age you believing you are the epi centre of all knowledge is a tad baffling ! You need to shove your snobbish superiority complex you know where …

    1. Epicentre? Now now touchy! You say where is present day kalinga? Dear learning without thinking is dangerous. Thank you for your wishes ( certainly ). Just want the proof if this a crime then you can go to where you know I mean. Accepting another’s point of view is good only if that person gives good reason as to why he or she claims it. Applicable for all fields . Okay i don’t want to play my banjo to buffaloes or waste my time describing curd to a blind
      Okay, I am not interested to play my banjo to buffaloes and cannot waste my time in describing curd to a blind
      Thank you
      P.S : search the m

  19. Hey so called history lovers, none of us can predict what actually happened in BC period. So, stop commenting regarding the realism of this story because what we all know is all a cooked up story from here and there. How can anyone know how dharma died? No evidences! The only thing written on wikipedia is dharma was wige of bindusara and was low ranked woman. So, in order to complete the story there has to be some fiction in between. Enjoy the show and if you want see the real history, invent a time machine and see the actual one and don’t comment whats written on other sites. Your own stories are cooked up.

  20. I take that back Bella with an unconditional apology! I had no business … Some sub conscious response to a perception or style I guess! I am here to enjoy the serial and all perspectives on distant historic origins are and should be welcome. I seek your forgiveness and encourage the debates to continue

  21. Miss rekha let me tell u your geographic knowledge is damn poor…
    If wiki can be changed by everyone then why don’t you do 1 thing you yourself change it… By your so called research proofs so that not us but all world will be enlightened by your knowledge…

    OR do 1 thing you can show proofs to Indian historical department and patent it on your name.. It will be a tribute to your hubby…

    Where were you before?
    This serial had started 2 years ago n u just jumped from somewhere 2 days before n started claiming things…

    Kalinga is modern days andhra pradesh ?
    I mean seriously… Even a 4 yrs kid knows dat kalinga is modern days odisha…
    N u also didn’t answer my 2 question… In the previous episode comments… May be
    u don’t have one…

    “Odisha doesn’t have ports”…
    I mean seriously den what is paradip port where even army ships are parked…
    And the logic of kvk n ASHOK’s council after the war is ridiculous… They could have done it before war also n dn many lives would have been saved…
    Seriously I think u r just making up…

    Sry if it hurt..
    But I needed to tell this to you…

  22. Miss rekha let me tell u your geographic knowledge is damn poor…
    If wiki can be changed by everyone then why don’t you do 1 thing you yourself change it… By your so called research proofs so that not us but all world will be enlightened by your knowledge…

    OR do 1 thing you can show proofs to Indian historical department and patent it on your name.. It will be a tribute to your hubby…

    Where were you before?
    This serial had started 2 years ago n u just jumped from somewhere 2 days before n started claiming things…

    Kalinga is modern days andhra pradesh ?
    I mean seriously… Even a 4 yrs kid knows dat kalinga is modern days odisha…
    N u also didn’t answer my 2 question… In the previous episode comments… May be
    u don’t have one…

    “Odisha doesn’t have ports”…
    I mean seriously den what is paradip port where even army ships are parked…
    And the logic of kvk n ASHOK’s council after the war is ridiculous… They could have done it before war also n dn many lives would have been saved…
    Seriously I think u r just making up…

    Sry if it hurt..
    But I needed to tell this to you

    1. rekha vaghela

      The council thing I again tell u all the kingdom had council and the reason why the war actually happened is also stated by me. Its something that u don’t want to accept. I can’t come and feed u that dearie..

    2. rekha vaghela

      About the port thing I explained their and again in someone’s comment in today’s page. U can look for it. I also explained who ports of today r different from ancient times. Pls go back and read that portion. Shukran

  23. Now Its chandal time……

  24. Devi

    Oh no…what will happen to Dharma now 🙁

    1. rekha vaghela

      Hi!!! Can u teach me how to add this faces in text??

  25. rekha vaghela

    People some times in research the old hypothesis r challenged and rejected. Like today earth is round. But before it was a cube. So I think u would oppose me right now. Its OK for me. I can take rejection very well except when it goes to my caste religion or my nation. But their was also a day when people that thought earth to b flat accepted it to b round. With the upcoming book that my dear fella is writting all the things will change( I know wat it is to go through to prove a long accepted hypothesis to disapprove by others and make it acceptable to others) and most of the history n the blogs r much rubbish as they all appear once a film or serial starts in India before that it is even not their.(mariam us zamani blog) I was reacting to the jodha Akbar love story their too. But their also most of them were adamant to their version of history. So they can keep it. History won’t change. But we who don’t know exactly wat happened back then try to make it through various description in ancient text and ruins and by newer scientific methods.

  26. bina siddhard nigam ke serial me jaan nhi aur bina dharma (pallavi subhas) ke serial ka shaan nhi…ohe iam very sad…

  27. rekha vaghela

    As all of the googlers were chanting about wikipedia wikipedia. I searched one fact on it which can’t b wrong as I was closedly involved in the matter. I just wanted to know how much authenticity does it has. Does they show the new discovery or not??

    So I searched the year of buddha’s birth. And it is the same old thing that was believed. And the new facts that surfaced that Buddha was in 6th century is never added they still show his birth in 500-400 BC. While the shrine available in Nepal indicated that it was already built in 600 BC so how could Buddha b born after Buddhism was established.
    Wikipedia is not adding any new researchin the field. And even this fact of bBuddha’s birth will take a few yes to get printed and then till it comes to India it will b a decade gone.

  28. Vanshika

    Shit.,….. The director had gone mad ? bt now I feel he’s gone blown off.. Hw cn he kill dharma like that?? Totally unfair…she’s soo nice… That’s completely vad.. Cos dharma dies while saving Devi n her son, m I ryt??

    1. rekha vaghela

      No Dr their is no proof about that. It might b that she died of some natural cause or may b something else but nothing is available for it.
      Two theory r more common for it.
      1. Bindu and dharma died from some natural cause. (Dyssentry a vital disease that was very common back in those time and many kings have died from it or may b some other illness)
      2. They were killed due to the plotting between the two brothers and father dharma’s death ashok might not come back to reclaim the throne. (However this theory is very debatable and not that accepted)


    since history z past it rails on facts & legends.rekha there many legends related to king ravana in SL.many didnt accept.but recent discoveries & excavations dn by sm prof.found tht many legends were historically crrct.evn it ws da case for mahavansa.many didnt accept stories in it.then two professors did excavation almst ,10 yrs & found mahavansa z vry accurate & evn numbers it gives
    Rekha i agree totally vth u tht each ancient state hd a council of ministers to appoint & advise da nxt practice was there among koliyans,sakyans,vajji,bulis & anthr 6 state during Buddha’s tym.
    bella,rekha,history lover and for is our duty to uncover da mask which blurr da history of ashok & pass da truth to nxt generation

    1. rekha vaghela

      Yes Dr aware of the legends of king ravana. And if u go to srilanka their r various restricted site were still people r working. The thing is due to a more secluded environment available in srilanka one can find more accurate facts then wat is available in India. As India faced so many invasions and rulers who vandalized the previous structure and even shifted them for their own purpose. While working with sangh bhikuni I was very enlightened. And the beauty of srilanka is also unmatched. One get mesmerized by the structures their and their natural beauty.

  30. hey,can anyone tell me what’ll happen wid Kaurwaki?
    I haven’t seen some i don’t know anything.. is it a misunderstanding or plot?
    ?? i m feeling bad for kaurwaki n i can’t stand Devi…

  31. achcha hua , show bnd ho rha h ……….pr mujhe ye fake news lg rhi h…..achcha hoga agr sch me bnd ho jaye …….history ke alawa Sb kuch dikhaya ja rha h , mere favorite characters (devi, chankya)ki dhajjiyya uda di

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