Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 2nd October 2015 Written Episode Update


Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 2nd October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sushim comes in court with Khalatak, he sits on throne and orders to present criminal, Ashok is brought there in chains, dharma and Radha are with him, Charu ask Dharma to sit with queens, Ashok nods to Dharma, she goes and sit with Charu, Charu says to dharma that i didnt though this thing will go that further, i still think we can solve it with peace, sushim says to Khalatak that i will punish him so hard that he will know why there is space inbetween us and how much is that, Khalatak says you cant decide his punishment alone as per rules when Samrat is involved in any case then neutral judges come to listen case and with them you have to decide punishment, sushim fumes in anger listening this, two Acharayas come there as judges, they take oath that they will listen case

intently and will do justice as its about humanity and we have duty given by God, Khalatak says Situation is tensed and weird things are happening, Samrat has been attacked and punishment for that is death sentence, i ask judges to listen everything, judges says we need to listen situation in which this crime happened, sushim thinks that if they get to know abotu whole scene then they wil not punish Ashok, i have to do something, Khalatak says Ashok punched Samrat Sushim, he had intention to kill him, Ashok says this is not true, i did attack him but my intention was not to kill him, my mother was being insulted and i got angered because of that, Sushim says Ashok is right, all are stunned listening, Radha says what game Sushim is playing?
Bindu and Chanakya are making poor eat food, the mysterious girl is also sitting in line, she has veil on her face, priest says to Bindu that you are great as you have kept dream of Chandragupt that was to make peace in this land, Bindu says pray that next generations should follow it too and takes Mauryas name to greater heights, Priest says that time will decide.
Charu says in court that i was present there, Ashok attacked Sushim, i thought my son will not remain alive, judge ask why did Ashok take such step? what was the situation? Charu says i just wanna say that sushim was just telling about his perception, it was same like a brother was sharing his thoughts with his brother, i know ashok didnt like few things said about his mother but that doesnt mean he will take life of that person, i am afraid if Ashok is jealous of Sushim as sushim won over him in verbal competition, after Justin’s case anything is possible, Khalatak says i am witness too, Radha says Ashok should be given chance to tell his side of story, judge says in extreme case of trying to kill Samrat, we take every right of explanation from criminal, Sushim says Radha is right, Ashok should be given chance to explain but if he is criminal and cant explain then someone else can speak on his behalf and i know who can do that, its Maa Dharma who will talk on Ashoks’ behalf, she is stunned, he ask her to speak up, Dharma says i couldnt see anything clearly as i was standing in last, Charu says you have got habituated to being dasi thats why you stand in last everytime but you were with me, you saw what i have said her, you have listened what i have listened, Ashok thinks that they will insult my mother and there is only way to stop this, Ashok says i accept that i have done this crime, they are saying truth, judge says do you know you can be given strict punishment, Ashok nods, Dharma says dont do that, Sushim says its my request too that dont give him strict punishment, he has done mistake this time but he will not do anything next time, Judge says to Ashok that learn from your brother, he has no ego, a Samrat like him is needed for future, as Samrat has requested us so we will give you less punishment, if you have any wish then you can tell us now as if once your punishment is finalized and you wish for anything then your punishment will be increased 10times, Ashok says i have no wish, Sushim thinks now Ashok’s truth will become danger for him, judges discuss and says least punishment is that Ashok will be beatenn by hunter for 10times, dharma says this not good, Sushim says dont worry i wont let anything happen to my brother, he ask Ashok to come forward for punishment, Ashok sit on his knees, soldier comes with hunter and hits him but it hits someone else, Ashok turns to find some ordinary kid sitting behind him, Ashok ask why you are beating him? Sushim says punishment has been decided, AShok says punishment is for me not for this kid, Sushim says you dont know that if royal family is given punishment to be beaten by hunter then ordinary kid follows it, he will get reward for it too, Ashok says i dont accept such rules, Sushim says you are going against rules, judge says he is being soft towards you and you are.. Ashok says i dont know anything, i am criminal so i should be given punishment not anyone else, judge says if Ashok has wish then his punishment will be increased to 10times, Sushim says then Ashok will have to bear 100hunter’s hit, Ashok says i accept that, judge says you will be punished infront of whole Madgh so they will also know what it is to go against rules, Sushim ask Ashok to leave, Ashok is taken by soldiers, Dharma screams Ashok to say sorry and end this matter, she cries.

Scene 2
Ashok is brought to ground, all are there, soldier is about to hit Ashok with hunter, Sushim says stop, he ask who will count his hits? he says my would be wife Ahenkara will count it, he ask her to come forward, she is worried and comes to him, he ask her to count precisely, if you do any mistake then punishment will increase for Ashok, he ask to start, soldier hits Ashok with hunter, he winces in pain, Dharma, Ahenkara and Radha are hurt.

PRECAP- Voiceover says magdh is burning inbetweeen Sushim’s hatred and Ashok’s helplessness, Magdh’s savior(Ashok) will come to save it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Evil never has won and will never win over good. Waiting to watch tmr’s episode.

  2. Its my last comment.
    By atiba hoping u have
    learnt something from my comments.
    Atiba mind it that sushim
    is devil and devil never wins. Follow ashoks path u will get succes
    bye bye bye_

  3. Omggggg… its sooo painfull to watch ashoka like dis….. sushim is a brat …. felt like Killing him…… bechari ahenkara….. if sushim gets to know dat ahenkara likes ashoka… both ashara will be in deep trouble…. wish chankya was hereT_T:'(

  4. Wish that samrat bindusara and chankya comes there and see the terror of sushim. I wish only that this khlatak charu helena and sushim will have death penalty!!!

  5. have hopes
    eagerly await next week episodes.

    i am sure ashoka will bounce back and proved innocent.
    this is also the behginninh of rivalry between ashoka and sushima.

    Mauryan Emperor Asoka Killed 99 brothers to get the Throne | Fact or Myth ? And other Questions

    1. Did Asoka kill Susima? If yes, then why and how ?
    2. Was Asoka extremely ruthless and highly ambitious in his early youth ?
    3. Who did Bindusara want to succeed him to the throne – Asoka or Susima ?
    4. Who was Rani Dharma? Was she a commoner or a royal princess ?

    ashoka sons .. grandsons and family


    ashoka dharma bindu

  6. What is this shit now. Why is ashok always in trouble.. hate dat pig sushim. Dun wish to see ashok being helpless …. too much

  7. This episode was full of disaster, I really hate Sushim, I hate the way his doing with Ashoka, its time for Samrat Bindusara and Chanakya to come, its getting intense ??

  8. Ashoka is going 2 much interesting i like it

  9. now ashoka is going 2became too interesting i like it

  10. the plot is a real interesting one….want that bindu sees the terror of sushim……but i dont understand why r they showing ahenkara and ashoka love story when their exists no realationship btw them in history….if its there plz tell me..

    1. Yes in history there is a relation between ahankara and ashok, and that relation is of husband wife. She was the chief queen of ashok and best companion. Her name is mentioned as Asandhimitra in wikipedia but she’s also known as ahankara. Asandhimitra or ahankara was the most beloved queen of ashok although she never bore him a child. I don’t know what this serial will show. But I just hope they go

    2. If you want to know more about asandhimitra you can find all the details in wikipedia.

  11. I think this incident is very important so that ashok will realise that it is more important for him to become king than anyone else. Also chanakya wish that ashok should face these things thats why he didn’t care about ashok’s win or loose few days back.

  12. 4th october 1 hr episode of ashoka

  13. Put also full dialogue(conversation) please, so we know what they are talking about.

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