Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 2nd June 2016 Written Episode Update

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 2nd June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sushim says would you let me stand here only or call me inside brother. Ashoka moves aside. Sushim walks in and looks at the plate of food. Who will say that the Maha Yodha and heir of Magadh, holding Chanragupta Maurya’s sword will come down to this one day! Anyways, useless people will live like one. Ashoka tells him to come straight to the point. Sushim appreciates it. You still talk to the point. He claps after which a few servants walk in. I have brought this nutritious food for you so you can stand before me for a while tomorrow in the ring. I wont enjoy it if the wait of 10 years will end in a few minutes only. I want to enjoy killing you. My thirst wont be quenched otherwise. I want to kill you but I want to enjoy it. Ashoka says this has been your problem since always. You waste

your energy in useless stuff. Sushim advises him to eat this stuff. It will give you energy. I knew that you like food made with milk and that is vegetarian. I have brought it all for you. They will keep you active tomorrow. It is very much needed. The servants keep the food down and leave. Ashoka walks closer. So you came to feed your Kaal. It is understandable if someone makes a mistake once but he is called a fool if he repeats it again and again. You are still the same way today. You mistake your enemy to be weak. I will respect this food if it is your wish. I will surely eat it.

Ashoka sits down to eat. He prays first of all while Sushim looks on. Ashoka burps in the end. Sushim says you prayed before eating. Pray again to your God that you are able to stand before your brother tomorrow. Don’t be worried if you cannot sleep tonight because of stress as I will make you sleep for forever tomorrow. You will come face to face with such a Shakti tomorrow that you wont be able to withstand it. Ashoka replies that Shakti is not in body but heart and determination. Your motto is nothing before mine. You are weak here.

Kaurvaki says I will go but what about you. Bela says we have done it in the past also. Kaurvaki says father forgave in the past as we were kids and Ma told him so. He can do so much against me. He can harm you too. Bela tells her not to worry about her. I will go far away as soon as I get a chance. Kaurvaki hugs her. I feel something is going to go wrong. Bela tells her not to think like that. End the wait of 10 years finally! Kaurvaki leaves.

Dharma is making Vit eat food when they hear a knock at the door. Dharma is surprised to see Nayak at this hour. He takes Ashoka’s name which worries her. What happened to Ashoka? He shares that the competition for which Ashoka has gone will bring him face to face with Sushim in the last round. Dharma is stunned. He says no one but you can stop this from happening. You will have to come with me. Vit asks his mother what happened. Dharma and Vit go with Nayak. Nayak thinks forgive me Rani Dharma. We have no other option but you to fulfil the dream of united India and to stop Ashoka. Dharma says we have to reach Nalanda before sunrise. It will be a big problem if Ashoka and Sushim come face to face.

Kaurvaki has covered her face and is going out of the camp site when Jagannath stops her. Where are you headed to at this hour? How is Kaurvaki? Kaurvaki replies that she got upset with me. She has dismissed me from my duties. She does not want to see my face and has banished me so I am leaving. He says where you will go at this hour. She replies that it will be up to Shiv Shambhu. He asks her why she has covered her face. Bela sees them. Jagannath hears some sound and rushes to ask his soldiers to tighten the security. Bela pours kerosene over her head. Forgive me for hiding another truth from you Rajkumari ji. Rajkumar Ashoka and Rajkumari Kaurvaki were separated in the past but will be united again. You will have to do it Mahadev. Don’t let my sacrifice go in vain. She picks up a diya. Jagannath tells his soldiers that they will leave as soon as sun comes out. He hears shouts and is shocked to see the room on fire. He breaks down. How could you punish your father this way! What did you do daughter! Soldiers hold him.

Dharma tells Nayak to increase speed. We have to reach there before Ashoka goes for the fight.

Ashoka is praying.

Charu says everything has happened as per our plan till now. Ashoka is walking in the mouth of death on his own. I am eager to see you killing Ashoka with your hands now. Magadh’s throne will be yours afterwards. She does his tilak with black ash.

Acharya RG does Ashoka’s tilak. Ashoka touches his feet to seek his blessings. Acharya RG says I am sure you will listen to your heart. Truth will win!

Everyone gathers to see the fight. Another Acharya (who has come to see the fight) remarks that people are so excited. It reminds of the fight between Rajkumar SUshim and Rajkumar Ashoka in the past. Some other Acharya agrees with him. The first Acharya says no one can determine who will emerge victorious out of Rajkumar Sushim and the ordinary Chand but it will be memorable for sure.

The cart gets stuck. Nayak gets down to pull it out safely.

Bindu holds a lady who was about to fall. Be careful Maate! She nods quietly. Bindu and Charu head inside. It is Helena. Bindu asks SIamak when he came. Bindu says you came late but you did. I have seen both my sons together after so long.

Mahamatya announces the fight between Sushim and Chakravarti Chand. Helena stands in the group and looks at both the contenders. Sushim and Ashoka stand face to face. Ashoka touches dirt on his head before starting the fight. Jai Janani!

Precap: Sushim and Ashoka fight. Mahamatya says one of them will lose. One only will win. We will see who loses. Dharma and Vit come there just then. Dharma says Ashoka. The fight comes to a halt. Bindu is stunned to see her. Everyone looks at them in surprise.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Waiting for tomorrow episode thanks pooja

  2. thanks for update…

  3. Pooja Wht The Meaning Of Burp ?Thnks For Quick Updates Mis Pooja.Drector Dn’t Drag The Episode To Mndy Its A Request.Finish The Fight Betewen Sushim And Ashoka Tomarow Itself.

    1. It’s the sound you get from your throat after your stomach gets full.

    2. Vishal Kumar

      In Hindi Burp is called “Dakar lena” after earting

  4. Boring boring boring fool story making long long pls stop it and make farword the show only one fight taking three weeks mr director what are you doing just making people’s borings to this show

  5. Again the same precap?

  6. Thnx fr the comments updates.
    Reading the comments is just like watching a video
    But the thing is just to come face to face btw sushim and ashok it took two mnths still it is incmplete.
    Nw a days its becoming boring episode..

    Miss u siddharth ..

  7. The story is supposed to go as per ydays mentioned precap. ydays precap is again mentioned here at the end. It is unfair to mention such precap when the same is not been shown in the following episode. Such situations has been repeated many times and making fool of the viewers. This is a historical epic and not a saas bahu serial to be dragged so much.

    1. Yesterday’s Precap showes what will be shown in today’s Precap?
      This also reminds me so many episodes it took when Justin was being killed. Similar dragging is going on.

  8. ashoka samrat

    thanks pooja 4 quick update

  9. ashoka samrat

    what the hell this director doing? why are u dragging this so much???????????????????? the people who are watching CAS is reduced day by day. same precap 4 2 days. show this precap tomorrow itself, director. don’t measure our patience this way. no one will waste their time by watching the same thing everyday. without watching this CAS daily, if we watch this once a week, we can understand the serial very well. pls pls pls make it short and sweet.

  10. it is really tiring now

  11. Same precap between breaka and at the end of episode makes thongs mundane. Episode Telecast guy shouldn’t feed the same stuff to make gullible ones glued to tv and make them understand like parrots !

  12. ashoka samrat

    wish to have u again in CAS sidd.
    u are superb and awesome.
    miss u a lot sidd
    sidd fans 4ever

  13. Thanks Pooja Man for updates
    It would be better if story is move quickly instead of dragging unwanted scane
    Miss you Siddhartha Nigam

  14. When I saw Helena’s death !! I took a long breath of relief! !! At last the torture ends!!
    But no !! Torture continues! !! What the he’ll it is! !!
    I don’t think anybody like this character! ! It’s just boring! !!

  15. thanks a lot for the almost visualized update of the episodes daily.! we are very eager to see the conquest of sushim nd charu as well as siamak,please,don make the viewers skip seeing the serial,! otherwise everything is just awesome 🙂

  16. S.Ravi Prakash

    Thanks for the update ?. I can understand the episode clearly only after going through your written updates.

  17. Helena is not looking like old lady, I dont think that apart from 20-30 Tv sets no one likes her part. She doesnt properly acted!
    Siamak looks dull. Neither have had a proper dialogue delivery. Where all the brothers gone?
    Where is Devi?
    Director sahab today is the worst episode. If I were a Asoka, then Sushim couldnt take his leg on my room, I will fight immediately, instead both are having normal conversation.
    Weakest storyline ever.
    Mohit should have anger voice while talking with Sushim, but his voice seems to be low and unable to interpret.
    People doesnt talk all about Bela sacrifice because they are not connected to it.
    Just kick all the writers right away, and retain all the writers of Chanakya episode with sharp editor.
    Dragging means TRP lose, and then show will end right away. Fast and forward story retains goodhold of TRP just like Nagin. Eg. If somebody doesnt watch today’s episode, he doesnt have problem watching tomorrow episode.

    1. Very true bro.Mohit could have acted more exasperated.There was no anger in his face.

  18. Nice eps

  19. Vanshika crazy for skr

    Oooo god kill Helena ourselves if she doesn’t die.. Chanakya was Killed when he shouldn’t have and Helena needs to b killed n is still alive… Scriptwriters do somethin else which is nyc..

  20. Ashok and susim having conversation in ashoka’s room. This was worst . The story writer has gone mad. dragging it again. Friends,instead watch Naagarjun

  21. please don’t make it boring by showing this slow motion for 5-5 times and damn increase some pace in the story……

    mahamatya will be comentrator for next ipl

    1. Well said bro
      He is giving his best as commenter rather than mahamatya

  22. Ohhh shit sushim ashok hvng convo in ashok’s room???Mohit Raina’s hair must be straightened as soon as possible.I think precap will be shown next week

  23. Now the epic serial become boring
    Director has to change the path.

  24. Sheila kaschner

    Borring……borring……and borring…..

  25. Vishal Kumar

    Yes It was interesting, the person who killed Ashoka Guru, even hit on his mother. Ashoka talking him with respect. Anything can happen in the world. ?

    Director Shahab how wlll you talk with a person who kicked on your mother and killed your loving? Apply some common sense.

  26. Khoda pahad nikli chuhiya … Most hyped fight ….suspensed precaps … End result no fight between Ashok n Sushimn….. Script writer Kuch naya Lao….


    perfect update congrat POOJA, Please do not repeat today is shown two to four times is really wastage of time and destroy the running

  28. DevI kaha gayi… Helen ko kyu tang rahe hö abtak…

  29. 10 years back….radhagupta sirf ek mamuli admi jaisa tha jisko koyi nahi manta tha aur nayak sabse powerful yodha tha jo akele aisa tha jisne ashoka ko 1 on 1 fight me haraya tha…pat ab aisa lag raha hain ki nayak 70 years ka buddha hain aur radhagupta uska malik hain….radhagupta kab se nayak ko order dene lag gaye? woh bhi aap nahi tum pukarta hain….

  30. Yes SANKET u right must give mhamatiya a chance to comentry in ipl hahaha nice

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