Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 2nd February 2016 Written Episode Update

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 2nd February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dhananjay happily shares Ashoka’s situation at the fight. He was stunned and lost so many people in it. Kichak’s sister appreciates his brother’s move. Kichak says till the time I see his dead body I wont believe it he is dead! A rumour about his death has floated once as well. Amatya says his family is in deep grief after hearing the rumour about Ashoka’s death. We will kill them after killing Ashoka. Kichak wants to hold a celebration.

Kaurvaki enters. Kichak appreciates her for all that she has done. You will be given a prize for this victory.

Ashoka thinks of his mother’s words and of his promise to his mother (no innocent person will die in the process). He angrily picks up a spear. Acharya Devrath calls out for him. Feelings cannot be the reason behind

a decision. He sends a few people after him to stop him.

Kaurvaki is brought where Jagannath is kept. Kichak remarks she did make them reach Ashoka yet they were cheated by her. Tomorrow, we will punish you and your father in front of everyone. Everyone should understand no one can defeat or cheat Kichak. Ashoka loudly calls out for Kichak. Everyone goes out to see except Kaurvaki. She hugs her father but the soldiers take her away.

A bloodied spear waits for Kichak and his allies. Kichak pulls out the note attached to it. Your negative countdown has begun. I told you I am your death. You can run away from me but cannot save yourself from me. Kichak heads outside. Ashoka is still standing there. Kichak and Ashoka glare at each other.

Ashoka says I could have killed you today only if I wanted. I could have hurt you with the spear only. But I wont give you easy death. I will defeat you first. From today onwards you will fear your death. You used Dhananjay against me and to kill so many innocent people. I will kill him first. You will realise how much my people mean to me. I vow to kill him by tomorrow evening. I will kill myself if I fail in doing so! Dhananjay looks scared. Kichak orders his soldiers to catch Ashoka. He beats them and leaves on his horse. A few soldiers chase him but in vain.

Kichak looks at the bloodied spear. I cannot bear this anymore! His sister tries to stop him but in vain. Amatay steps forward. He refuses to move aside. Destruction is complete when the timing for lightning in right!

Acharya Devrath says you took this decision in anger but it could mean a big danger to everyone. Ashoka says I could not sit back and see everything. You were not there. I saw Arjun dying before my eyes. Everyone’s bodies are asking me to take revenge. Acharya Devrath reasons they will do it with patience. Ashoka replies he could not

Amatya remarks feelings are the biggest mistake of any warrior. Ashoka is doing the same mistake. Chanakya is no more. Ashoka cannot see anything without any guidance. Kichak points out that Ashoka is not weak. He reached here without any support. Amataya reminds him that Ashoka has vowed to kill Dhananjay at any cost. We should not to attack Ashoka. He himself said he will kill himself if he fails in killing Dhananjay by the end of the day.

Acharya Devrath has no idea how to find out what Kichak is doing to protect Dhananjay. He must have appointed his best soldiers. Ashoka says it isn’t about my life today but of the trust everyone das on me. Another Ashoka can replace me tomorrow but their trust will never be replaced if I back down now.

Kichak talks about hiding Dhananjay in the most secretive room of his house. There is only one entry and exit point of that particular room.

Acharya Devrath says Bhami came last time after lot of difficulty. We cannot exactly figure out what Kichak will do to protect Dhananjay.

Kaurvaki listens to Kichak and Amatya’s convo.

People wonder how Ashoka will reach Dhananjay by the end of today. A lady shares she is sad she does not have another son who can die for Ashoka. Every mother of Takshshila is feeling a similar emotion today. She blesses Ashoka. He decides to use Kichak’s method against him only. They used Kaurvaki. We too have to find the weakest link of Kichak. I know who that person is!

Agnibahu exaggerates his meeting with Ashoka before the ladies. He panics as soon as a man walks inside his room with a sword. His face is blocked by the shade. The ladies run for safety. Agnibahu tries to hide but in vain. Agnibahu falls on the floor as Ashoka (dressed in disguise of a soldier) pulls him by putting a rope around his neck. Ashoka calls himself Yamraj. Your survival will depend on the fact if you help me. Where is Dhananjay? Agnibahu deduces it is Ashoka. He declines knowing anything about Dhananjay.

Kichak says this secret will come out after everyone after sunset. I want you (Amatya) to be with me all the time. Amatya asks him if he doubts him. What will I gain by cheating you? Kichak calls it a precaution. Kaurvaki thinks to tell Ashoka before Kichak reaches for her.

Ashoka tells Agnibahu to find out if he does not know. You have no other option if you wish to live. We don’t have much time. Be quick. Agnibahu agrees. Ashoka says I will also accompany you. Agnibahu thinks Ashoka is too anxious to die. He will die before sunset itself this way!

Precap: Kichak advises Agnibahu to tie something on Dhananjay. Ashoka is there only, dressed as a soldier. KIchak asks him if they have met previously as well. Ashoka replies he is not that important that he will remember him.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  5. Plz complete this kichaks chapter as fast as possible because ashok has to return magadh to show the true colours of chanakyas killers amadhya should be alive to show the true colours of helena

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