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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 29th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sushim asks Jagannath to tell truth. Jagannath reminds them how Kaurvaki broke all her ties with Ashoka while leaving. But Ashoka had a plan in his mind. He made his mother’s death an excuse and sent Devi to meet Kaurvaki. Devi declines. Ashoka dint even know I went to meet Kaurvaki. Sushim says we can understand you will support Ashoka. You are his wife after all and it is your dharma. We don’t accept it though. Jagannath says my daughter was pious like Ganga. She could forgive anyone. This is why she went to Takshshila hearing his truth. She only saved Ashoka’s life from Siamak and Sushim’s hands. Am I saying truth Ashoka? Ashoka accepts it. Jagannath does not let him say anything further. You should have first thanked my daughter but you called your wife at that place

where my daughter was already waiting for you. He knew it will hurt my daughter. Ashoka says will I hurt the one I love so much. I can never hurt her. I went there to meet her only. I dint know Devi will come there. I dint imagine Devi coming there. Jagannath says no one knows it better than me as to what you can do. You have always cheated and backstabbed everyone. You know it as you are Chanakya’s disciple after all! Ashoka warns him not to drag his Guru’s name in all this.

Jagannath says you have misguided Magadh by saying well about your Guru, motherland and mother. Ashoka angrily holds his collar. Sushim warns Ashoka to stop. Ashoka stops as the soldiers point their swords at Vit. Ashoka lets go of Jagannath. Jagannath says Ashoka knew my daughter will be hurt and wont be able to bear it. His actions upset her. She went to the gorge and he pushed her. Ashoka says it was you who informed me about Kaurvaki jumping in gorge. Jagannath calls him a liar. You did what I told just now. You pushed my daughter and then defeated me. you wanted to make sure nothing goes against you. You acted to save Kaurvaki. Ashoka says I dint act. I saved Kaurvaki. This is truth! Sushim laughs. I very well know what you can do to gain something. 14 years ago, you came in this palace with your mother and took our father to your side.

Ashoka questions his father as to why he is quiet today. Such things used to boil your blood. Everyone is bad mouthing Mata Dharma. She was your beloved wife. I dedicated my life to you. These people are calling me culprit today! They want to snatch Magadh from us. Why are you quiet today? Sushim says who will be able to say something who has a son like you! I have decided to give you death penalty. Vit and Devi are shocked. Vit requests his father to stop Sushim. Do something. Sushim insists to punish Ashoka today itself. Vit asks his father to stop Sushim. You cannot allow this. Say once that this cannot happen. Bindu says no one will be hanged today. Sushim is taken aback. Acharya RG stops him from intervening. You maybe the future king but right now Bindu is Samrat. His word will be final. Sushim thinks it is dangerous to give another day’s time to Ashoka. I dint want him to get even a minute’s time. He announces that Ashoka will be punished tomorrow. I will make sure a father get justice for his daughter’s death. I have decided that Ashoka will be set afire while he is still alive. Ashoka says I have to die one day anyways but only after killing you. If I have to be punished before everyone then why don’t I kill you first? He attacks Sushim. They engage in a sword fight. Bindu tells Sushim to hit Ashoka shocking everyone. Sushim points sword at Ashoka’s neck. Acharya RG reminds him of Samrat’s decision. Sushim orders the soldiers to arrest Ashoka. They comply and take Ashoka to the jail. VIt and Devi cry. Bindu leaves from there followed by other members of royal family.

Devi breaks down. Vit goes to her. Woman is symbol of patience. She never cries. She encourages people. You will have to be strong like mother. Whenever I feel weak I think of Ma’s words and I feel all positive. Ma would have also said the same to you if she was here. You are not just Ashoka Bhaiya’s wife but his guide. You have to be with him. You are the only one who can get him out of this situation. Devi thinks of Kaurvaki. Ashoka’s life is connected to someone else. Now she only will save him. She runs out of the courtroom. Vit shouts after her. Please stop. Where are you going?

Devi comes to Kaurvaki. You heard how unjust everyone is being towards Ashoka. You have to get up. Wake up Kaurvaki. I am Ashoka’s wife but I know you are his first love. you have more right on him than me. Your hearts were joined in childhood only. There is no selfishness in it. I accept my mistake. I got selfish in Ashoka’s love. we cannot change what’s written in fate. I only know it is only you who can save Ashoka. Wake up please. To her surprise, Kaurvaki opens her eyes. Devi says I knew you can come back for Ashoka. You will defeat death. Ashoka’s life is connected to yours. Please wake up. Jagannath hits at her head from behind. Devi falls unconscious. Jagannath thinks not to be defeated because of Kaurvaki this time. He covers her up and is about to stab her when he hears the sound of footsteps. He picks Devi and takes her away.

Sushim walks in. Fate has been on Ashoka’s side too many times but not this time. I have vowed to take anything and anyone away from Ashoka that’s close to him. I will kill you today. He stabs her again and again. She screams once but then there is no sound. There is blood in the duvet. Sushim leaves.

Jagannath notices soldiers running. Maybe everyone is alert as Devi is missing. I should avoid going in my room for now. It can create a doubt in someone’s mind.

Ashoka is locked in jail. He thinks of his Guru’s words. Biggest and most bitter truth of life is you get cheated where you trust someone. He thinks of his parents’ words and of the change in Bindu now. Acharya RG comes to meet him. Ashoka asks him why he cheated him. Acharya says I did what was right at that time. We should still do what’s good for Magadh. Ashoka gives up. Nothing can happen now. Father gave all rights to Sushim. Seems like destiny has some other plans. This is how I am appreciated for all my efforts. I am tired. I only have one request from you. Please take Vit and Devi to a safe place after my death, away from plans and conspiracies. In the path of truth I have seen what all one has to go through. It is very easy to fight with outsiders and equally tough to fight with your loved ones. It isn’t safe to be here anymore. Vit will adjust in time. I want him to be at a peaceful place, where they are away from Patliputra’s shadow too. do this last favour on me please.

Precap: Ashoka is brought to the place where he is to be set afire. Fire lights up.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Ashoka chakravatin tha not the maf lover of kvk.blavk magic ufff but than thanks for the update.but kalinga war hoga ye nahi

    1. blo*dy crazy director. He thinks people at that does not stand by their opinions.

  2. Tiyasa

    Who was that who was killed by susim ????
    Why all good people r being killed by the director…..

  3. Tiyasa

    I just want to kill the director……. hate him

    1. yesss; kill im

      1. Tiyasa

        If I could then I would have done……but sorry I can’t

    2. Mona146

      do it. rather than showing how ashoka became king or how he adopted buddhism this director is hellbent on showing nonsense.

      1. Tiyasa

        If I could then I would have done……but sorry I can’t

  4. This Epic
    Thanks for the update
    Can’t wait for tommrow episode

    1. Pooja

      You’re most welcome 🙂

  5. i hope the woman whom sushim stabbed should be charumitra only i hope it should not be kaurwaki and devi and yes one request please give maha episode of this serial as it is going to end soon

    1. Pooja

      Good thought…I too hope of the same.

    2. I also want that

    3. Well the girl Sushim stabbed is actually Devi

    4. i think so, , may be its a daasi

    5. The woman sushim stabbed cant be kaurvaki because ashoka and kaurvaki have to marry first.

  6. What the hell is this crap. Kwk gets killed really?! really?! So much for reminiscing history -.- how can there be history when the one of the most important is dead. and every time it is shown that the evil side wins. If the evil had always won, would Ashoka be someone who all of India looked up too proudly. Chandragupta maurya and the chakruvya (Cant spl that) symbol wouldnt have held any importance if no one ever succeeded.

  7. In the upcoming episodes sushim will captivate kaurwaki devi and vit and will challenge ashoka to save his loved ones this jagannath is the worst father in the world who has used his own daughter to take revenge from ashok I wish ashoka should have killed him only on.the day of marriage at least bindusar is a better father than him

  8. Oh god!! Who did Sushim murdered??? And where is Devi!??? And how could ashoka be soooo weak?? The precap is ……
    A big ?????
    Thanks pooja dii..and waiting for next..!!!?

    1. Pooja

      Anytime dear…and I too am waiting!

    2. Acharya Radhagupt probably made a trapdoor or something so ashoka will fall inside as soon as the thing catches fire

  9. Aditi

    I think there might be some Duran near the place Ashok would be burnt and he might escape from that place

    1. Mahamatya Khallyatak

      that also, i think KvK will do it… according to spoiler, KvK is alive, and sushim will be shocked to see her alive. She may come and save ashok…

  10. This director and writter are insulting the great king Ashok. Can he become so much weak? These idiots are corrupting the history. India has to take an action on

  11. The worst ever serial story I have ever seen. Thanks to the most useless minds.

  12. The stupid director has given the history a total new outlook , although its a daily soap but some reality must be shown there he has changed the whole history as and when he likes. Not even a single stage of ashoka’s life has been shown real from the time he grew up. Just creating fictituos characters as he lykess #director sucks

    1. Mahamatya Khallyatak

      director is stuipd, but actors are equally stupid to be a part of disgracing serial

      1. Mona146

        they work for money sir. We live in a country where we shower our affection on undeserving actors for no reason other than doing their job for money more than hero’s of real life. We live where people are crazy for sunny leon but so the same in her absence as well.

      2. Mahamatya Khallyatak

        Mona – money is ok, but they could have guided the director what he is trying to show

  13. Thanks Pooja. Namastey from Indonesia

  14. The director is under black magic I think. Like Bindu, he must have woken up and first seen some idiot screen writer. This cannot be the same director who created such gripping episodes some months ago. Ashok is reduced to nothing more than a weak , roadside Romeo who can only rave and rant like s drunk lunatic. Where is that sharp brave mind? They should throw these actors into modern clothes and rename the serial ‘ kyon ki viewers bhi maha bevakoof Hain’ Ashok can become Rahul , kvk Preeti and then run a few sequels for a few years. Murderers of history and mockers if the public


    No it was not devi its someone else hw. Could devi die according to history devi help.ashoka after kalinga war and she was mother of mahendra and sangmitra its nt devi

    1. Mahamatya Khallyatak

      it must be daasi…

      1. I wish it’s the director

  16. PRECAP
    ashoka is bought by soldiers. He is seated by them at a platform which is then surrounded by long wooden rods. Which is then set fire by sushil by a fired arrow. And then fire starts blowing.

  17. Mahamatya Khallyatak

    feel really pity on the actors, who are all acting as puppets on directors guidance.. they also dont realize where is the story moving, and just acting blindly, without knowing the exact history.. Its a disgrace for entire unit, who are working for such stupid serial

  18. Pooja Rajawasam

    All these years I have been heard that in history latterly Ashoka became the Samrat but this story makes us laugh and ruins Samrat Ashoka’s life story
    I don’t know why the directors and writers of the story does these kind of silly things to make people laugh

  19. Mahamatya Khallyatak

    1. Feel pity for poor director and actors, who dont know what they are depicting.. they all feel this is a family feud and lover story serial
    2. Irritated with devi, jab dekho naak utha kar hasti rehti hai, ya rooti rehti hai. she doesnt have any more expression
    3. Mohit acting totally bakwaas… overacting ki dukaan
    4. Bindu, how long will he be under influence of black magic… when is the second dose
    5. whay jaggu is so much interested in magadh.. he is not bothered about Kalinga… and is more interested what is happening in magadh.. always seen roaming around
    6. Duck faced KvK alive is much bigger than a miracle.. survived a steep waterfall, washed away, almost declared dead by monks, ashok curing her by cutting veins, Ashok bringing her on wheel barrow travelling more than 2K kms (must have taken around 1 year to run and pull the wheel barrow, all alone), its a new invention technique to save a life
    7. Where did mahamatya run away
    8. Sushim should kill everybody and become king… he really deserves to be king. Ashok jst chanting KvK name, an d dreaming of “Akhand Bharat ka nirmaan”, ghantaa “akhand bharat”… Magadh ka nirmaan kar lo bahut hai

    1. Mona146

      superb.but i dont agree that sushim should ever be the king in any case.

      1. Mahamatya Khallyatak

        see, considering the serial i give you reasons why sushim deserves to be king:

        Sushim – smart, cunning, calculative, takes risk, has good networks, brave, doesnt believe anyone, brave, thinks from brain, knows how to dominate and rule, thinks praactically, strong voice, good personality, has guta, kingdom first.

        Ashok – mentally weak, chanting KvK name always, thinks from heart, emotional, brainless Bull, doesnt reason anything, love first then kingdom (atleast as shown)

        Though sushim is more deserving for becoming king, but yes he only wants to make Ashok feel low always; but thinks good for his kingdom. He is much able ruler than Bindu, who doesnt know anything what is happening in his own kingdom. He is only there to sit in courtroom or romance dharma..

        Though everyone knows what is there in actual history, but I am favouring Sushim as per the charaacter in the family serial

      2. yes, sushime lives by brain, and ashok by gods

    2. Totally agree with u. Bakeas serial. The director had crossed all limits. Ye to ssmrat Ashoka ka apman ho raha hai. Whr r bajrang dal fellows? Band karwa do ye serial. Total crap.

    3. Aditi

      I still don’t know why didn’t ashoka at least carry kvk and bring her and where do he get that cart and above all how did Devi come down if there was no was no way to come down that jumping????

      1. Mahamatya Khallyatak

        Taxasila is a established town, he could have treated her there only. As a ruler son/ prince, he could have availed all the best facilities and medicines (herbs) for treating duck faced KvK. Even local villagers would have helped him, instead he was seen running holding a wheel barrrow, seemed like bhooka nangaa, gareeb, running madly…

    4. Isn’t it amazing that ashoka took atleast 1 month to reach taxishilla! And he took just a few minutes to reach patliputra from taxishilla and that too on a wooden Boogey!! Running like a bail gadi..!?
      And what did ashoka say jab tak meri shwas h tab tak kvk ki shwas Hai!! Maa ki shwas raat ko ruk gyi thi tab to ashok ko pata nhi chala tha and he was saying”maa so rahi”??
      Height of stupidity!!

      This show should end start afresh; starring Siddharth nigam as ashok’s son!! And showing all his works with real facts!!
      It was a wonderful show in the beginning till chanakya was alive but now it has become shit! I pity the director for spoiling such a wonderful show!!

      And show will never gain trp until that duckyy kvk isn’t removed from CAS!

      1. I mean to say taxishilla with ship 1st

      2. Mahamatya Khallyatak

        not again, atleast with same director…. just wnt this drama to end asap

    5. couldnt help laughing reading ur comments….. poor director….. a big mistake by bringing mohit to the show……
      the greatest emperor of india is shown as a majnu……
      devi was his first wife n she has been shown to be a pityful actor..
      kaurwaki doesn’t have any work except going after ashoka…. she is the princess( … which she should not have been as she was the daughter of fisherman….) and princess should be royal, responsible

    6. Abhishek Maurya

      Agree mahamtya khallatak,according to the story sushim is best choice for throne,wo chutiya ashoka agar sinhasan par baithegaa to magadha aur weak ho jaaega.Aur mujhe samajh nahi aata ki madarchod,bhosdikaa bindusaar bhi toh akhand bharat ka nirmaan kar sakta hai.Agar use realize ho gaya tha ki ashoka hi perfect heir hai throne ke liye toh haramkhor,chutiye ne pehle hi announce kyon nahi kar diya ki ashoka hi mera uttaradhikaari banega,waise bhi ashoka ko ministers,praja ka support tha
      Waise toh ye sab madarchod writer ka kamaal hai.Saale ko maar kar beech chaurahe par latka dena chahiye.

    7. Tiyasa

      Agreed to some of ur pts but not all

  20. Vanshika

    OMGggg.. Seriously now I’m feelin that director should start a comedy show he’ll get more trp in doing that. I feel that director has eaten the same herb he feed to Bindu. That’s y he’s doing insult of ashoka lyk Bindu is doing.. Devi, RG, ashoka all were looking fools in today’s episode.. N Sushim may have sttabed either Devi or kvk.. Wish it was Charu.. Lol..

    1. Lol…true? I wish the stabbed person is none other than the foolish director??

    2. This director has gone mad!! He has shown bindu a total ‘dumb donkey!! …mahamatya was a very important position at that time! And mahamatya khallatak is roaming in the whole world except magdha and the emperor is not even bothered!???
      He must have ran away from there to reach on Chandra nandhini set on time…?lol

  21. the show is totally nonsense. siddhath did a great job as ashoka in the seriel. bt after leap show is like a bollywood movie.its nice and interesting bt not the real history.they mainly focusing to ashok-kvk love story only.According to the history Devi is a buddhist girl and ashok-devi marriege is a love marriage not a one based on anger.Devi is the mother of ashoka’s two great children Mahendra and Sanghmitra.they played extremely important characters in history.and also Bindusar is must be a intelligent.they are insulting to the real history and the great emperor ashoka.i heard that show is going to off air.its good without showing nonsense.

    1. Anything can happen in this show the mahan director of CAS can even make ashok run a wooden Boogey like a mad bull carrying kvk!!

  22. Vanshika

    The director had gt a magic wand.. He handed over that magic wand to Ashoka. Nw ashoka created a magic potion n feed that to kvk. Nw kvk cn escape a waterfall n all wat happened.. I’m having a feeling Sushim stabbed her only n now still she’ll b alive n save ashoka.. Kvk should become Magadha’s new queen instead.. Immortal queen..

  23. God we know he loved kwk but directors r dragging too much. Show making war plzzzz….

  24. If anyone het to know the facts frm spoilers plz don’t spoil it fr others

  25. what’s that Phir wahi bakwas Black magic! I wanna to kill director.Itna toh
    samrat ashoka ke pass time bhi nhi tha ki woh Kaurvaki Kaurvaki karta rahein.History ko love story mein change kar diya

  26. OMG!! Will there be mahaepi on Sunday???hope it is..n only 1 weeek left no emperor?? No kalinga war?? No maha epis?? What’s gonna happen next..?? Plzzz can any 1 tell??? And also confirm as there is any maha epi on Sunday..plzzz inform…!!? scared!!!

  27. mahima pandit

    khallatak ka kya hua

  28. stop this utter nonsense . director has become insane. he is distorting history, i am unable to understand what colors channel officials are doing, stop this idiot director from distorting history

  29. i do not understand what buddists & other nationlists are doing allowing this director to distort history

  30. This imaginary story is ruining the interest of CAS.
    Pls Mr Director, show us the real history and stop showing all your self made BAWWAAS

    1. Mahamatya Khallyatak

      show is about to end in 1-2 weeks, where is time to show real history

  31. The director has made CAS a fantasy starring duck faced kvk as a princess (actually she should be made a witch flying on a broomstick behind ashok)? ashok as his crazy bull looking lover…and charu a witch making magic potion by doing silly experiments (witch flying on broomstick which actually kvk should play)? and jaggu a magician who can reach anywhere at any time!!(except kalinga)?

    1. Tiyasa

      I totally agree with u…

  32. Sincere request , plz don’t spoil image l. Legendary king, shameful that director is directing like a moron without verifying historical facts, first he should study and than make serial, be Indian Act Indian

  33. kvk aaj sabko sabko surprise karne wali he vo marne ka act ki he vo mari nhi. Vo sab janti he ab to apne pita ke bare me bhi..

  34. S.Ravi Prakash

    Nauseating episode, Good update, Excellent Comments! We all know, the hero never dies nor is ever defeated. So Ashoka will become CAS. Neither can kaurvaki or Devi die. But the story script / direction is simply horrible, especially for the last week… we shall put up with this Antim Adhyay!

  35. This serial has seriously created a comedy out of a great emperors life. Am wondering about the reactions of some political organisations where a writer is not allowed to post any bakwaas about a politician but is allowed to bullshit about the greatest emperor ever.
    What are the writers showing!!!
    Was the emperor stupid enough that he allowed black magic stuff in his kingdom.?
    What are you showing the world that emperors of India were the greatest fools ever and they became so not because of the ability but because of fate .
    It looks that the director is not bothered about his work.
    But lets look at the positive part – everyone knows now that this is not reality ?
    I have stopped watching this serial since a year now and just read telly updates.
    Thanks pooja .
    Good job.

  36. Thank you so much director for ruining the image odf a lagendry king of India. I stopped watching this show after Sid’s exit. I only come here to read other oeople’s comments

  37. 30 Sept epi is the epic 1!! Cant speak abt it !! Its awesome!! Am speechless!! Omg!!atlast the director hv some sense doing the 30 Sept epi!! Must see guyzz!!

  38. only 20% is reality in this serial other concepts is same as other daily sopa.
    In future, I will not going to watch the serial of this director. LOL UFF Director !

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