Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 29th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 29th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vit is with Devi. Please wake up Didi. How can you leave me alone? You promised you would help me in uniting Bhaiya with Kaurvaki. Please get up before it gets too late. Devi writhes in pain.

Sushim and Chanda’s marriage rituals are going on. Kaurvaki begins to cough badly. Ashoka and everyone go to her side. Sushim and Chanda take pheras. Charu wonders where Dharma is. She would have seen her world breaking apart if she was here.

Acharya RG asks Dharma to come fast. Kaurvaki isn’t feeling too good.

Ashoka tells Kaurvaki this isn’t the right time to tease him. She accidentally holds onto his Shiv necklace because of which she calms down. Dharma reaches just then. She is relieved to see Kaurvaki all fine.

Sushim and Chanda’s wedding is complete.

They seek blessings of their elders. It is Ashoka’s turn now. Pundit ji asks him to come in mandap area with his parents. Acharya RG too asks Ashoka to come. Kaurvaki is fine now. Ashoka nods. He asks about Vit. Dharma tells them that he is with Devi. Kaurvaki says she should have been here with me. Bindu says they must be up to something. Don’t worry, they will be here on time. Dharma tells Ashoka she wants to tell him something. He tells her to say it but she is hesitant.

Jagannath comes in Devi’s room.

Dharma is unable to say anything. She puts a kala teeka behind her son’s ear. I was scared that your happiness can get spoiled. As a mother, I want this wedding to happen as it will give you the strength to deal with every obstacle and to build a united India. Ashoka nods. I have your blessings. Kaurvaki goes with her mother.

Jagannath tells Vit it is good to look after people. You, your mother, your parents have to do this only after this wedding. He tells Vit about his pact with Bindu. My wife said I should keep you all locked in one jail. That only will happen! I will rule on Magadh’s throne and you all will be my servants.

Sushim tells Charu she disappointed him yet again (as Kaurvaki is still alive). She suggests him to calm his anger of he will regret it later. Don’t react or Samrat will doubt us for whatever happened. Ashoka and Kaurvaki sit down in the mandap. Ashoka asks about Jagannath. Kewalnath tell shim not to think anything. IF he dint support this wedding then he wouldn’t have let you reach up till here.

Vit refuses to believe Jagannath but he tells him to ask his father instead. He wont be able to lie before everyone at this moment. It is in your blood to be servant. Your mother was a servant of Samrat Bindu and your brother is a Daasi-putra. You too will end up the same way. Vit is in a fix as he thinks of his mother’s instructions. He leaves Devi in Jagannath’s care. Jagannath smirks. This wedding wont happen now.

Purohit ji asks Dharma to do Ashoka and Kaurvaki’s gathbandhan. Dharma recalls Sage’s words and how she had requested Devi to become Ashoka’s wife but she drank poison instead. She does Ashoka and Kaurvaki’s gathbandhan with a heavy heart. Right then Vit comes running and shouts, asking his brother to stop. Don’t marry or we will all become servants of Kaurvaki Bhabhi’s father! Everyone is startled and confused. Ashoka and Kaurvaki stand up. Ashoka walks up to Vit because of which his gathbandhan comes off. Kaurvaki looks tensed. Jagannath walks in as well. Vit did what I wanted. Ashoka asks his brother what he is saying. Who said so? Vit takes Jagannath’s name. Bindu tells Jagannath he dint do right. You used a kid to fulfil your evil plain. You used my son! Ashoka asks Jagannath how he could even think of this. our motherland is our soul. We don’t do any deal about it. Jagannath replies that it might be the case with him but it isn’t with his father. Bindu angrily warns him not to back off from his words. You are ruining my son’s life as well! He takes out his sword but Dharma stops him. Jagannath asks him if he cannot face truth. Ashoka reminds him he is in Magadh right now. You are standing before Magadh’s king. We wont accept it. You wouldn’t have been alive if you were somewhere else than here. Please choose your words wisely. Jagannath does not care. Even if I die today I will show the truth of this family to my daughter before dying! Why are you pointing fingers at me? Don’t forget three fingers point back at you when you raise one at me! He shows the pact signed by Bindu to Ashoka. Ask your mother. She was there too. She dint say no to it. Ashoka looks at his parents in shock. Is it true that you risked Magadh for my happiness? Bindu looks away. I thought once the wedding happens then I will. Jagannath asks him about his plans on stealing his daughter from him. Ashoka repeats his question to his father. Bindu ends up saying yes which leaves everyone in shock. Ashoka turns to his mother. You knew everything which is why you were tensed. I asked you so many times but you dint say anything. She says I wanted to but. He says dint you know there is nothing greater than motherland for him. I can do anything for mother and motherland. Kaurvaki questions her father how he could do this. Dint you think once before ruining your daughter’s happiness? Ashoka says it isn’t between a daughter and father anymore now. No ruler has a right to risk lives of many people for his personal good. Your father must have forgotten it but I haven’t. I cannot risk so many lives for my own selfish reasons. The motherland, for which my Guru sacrificed his life, for which my ancestors made so many sacrifices for our motherland, I wont back off for even a second if I only have to sacrifice my love for my motherland. This marriage wont happen! It will never happen! Everyone is stunned. He throws his turban away. His allies are shocked whereas his enemies are pleased.

Precap: Ashoka kills Jagannath. Kaurvaki slaps Ashoka. I was blind in your love. Any girl who has a little sense and brain in this world will never marry you otherwise. Ashoka brings Devi in the mandap area. The wedding, for which my parents put everything at risk, will surely happen. He walks till the mandap holding Devi’s hand.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. This whole week will go in there marriage and separation

  2. Tiyasa

    Finally Ashoka will marry Devi…….

  3. Tiyasa

    Thanks Pooja di……what happened to u last day ?????

    1. Pooja

      had some work dear..

      1. Tiyasa

        Its OK…….Are u happy that Asvi marriage is happening or sad as Aswaki is separating……
        For me, I am very happy for Asvi marriage…….

  4. Thank you for the update pooja di . Nice episode. ashoka will become chand again. WOW! !!!!! Asvi marriage! !!!!! I am eagerly waiting for the next episode.

    1. Pooja

      Thanks a ton Surya 🙂 Me too waiting waiting..

  5. Nice and swift update pooja. Naration was good and episode was also good.

    1. Pooja

      Thank you Tej 🙂

  6. Devi

    Thx Pooja di 😀 for the fabulous written update. So will the war of Kalinga happen because Ashoka killed Kvk’s dad? History says something else… well, at least Devi will get married to Ashoka now.

    1. History is being changed don’t go in depth just enjoy the fiction Devi.

      1. Devi

        I am Samyukta 😀 I’m just questioning

      2. Ok but I’m really happy with the marriage of asvi

      3. And I’m also samyukta

  7. Sachin41

    Wow!! Precap was awesome.. I was fed up with kaurwaki.. it’s nice to see aswki breaking up..!! yaay! Finally asvi marriage.. eagerly waiting tomorrow’s episode…

    am I the only one who hate Aswki pair and love Asvi pair?

    1. Tiyasa

      Nooooooo many are there…….
      I too love Asvi but I don’t hate Aswaki….

  8. Devi

    These are the spoilers for this week!

    Episode – 416
    09:00 PM – 09:30 PM, 30 Aug Set Alert
    Ashoka agrees to wed Kaurwaki provided that Jaggannath bows down to Bindusara. This enrages Jaggannath who starts profaning Ashoka and his family. Ashoka then attacks Jaggannath with a sword.
    Episode – 417
    09:00 PM – 09:30 PM, 31 Aug Set Alert
    When Ashoka gets married to Devi, Kaurwaki is stunned. Ashoka and Kaurwaki think about what has happened in their respective lives. Dharma tries to convince Kaurwaki to accept the truth.
    Episode – 418
    09:00 PM – 09:30 PM, 01 Sep Set Alert
    Devi who readies herself for the ‘milan raat’ is saddened when she realises that Kaurwaki still occupies a special place in Ashoka’s heart and mind.
    Episode – 419
    09:00 PM – 09:30 PM, 02 Sep Set Alert
    When Dharma comes back to her senses, everyone feels relieved. As Kaurwaki leaves the royal palace, Ashoka tells Devi that he will give her everything she deserves.

    1. Mahamatya Khallyatak

      thank you for the spoiler, was curious to know what next was in the story

  9. Sachin41


    Episode – 416
    09:00 PM – 09:30 PM

    Ashoka agrees to wed Kaurwaki provided that Jaggannath bows down to Bindusara. This enrages Jaggannath who starts profaning Ashoka and his family. Ashoka then attacks Jaggannath with a sword.

    Episode – 417
    09:00 PM – 09:30 PM

    When Ashoka gets married to Devi, Kaurwaki is stunned. Ashoka and Kaurwaki think about what has happened in their respective lives. Dharma tries to convince Kaurwaki to accept the truth.

    Episode – 418
    09:00 PM – 09:30 PM

    Devi who readies herself for the ‘milan raat’ is saddened when she realises that Kaurwaki still occupies a special place in Ashoka’s heart and mind.

    Episode – 419
    09:00 PM – 09:30 PM

    When Dharma comes back to her senses, everyone feels relieved. As Kaurwaki leaves the royal palace, Ashoka tells Devi that he will give her everything she deserves.

    1. Mahamatya Khallyatak

      Surprised as everyone is thinking of marriage only. So many things are happening internally, and marriage is in everyones mind. Dharma is taking this too far. to act as a sole hero to save human mankind from “pralaya/vinash”. Bindu (dumb king) seems to be worried about nothing (though as usual he doesnt know what is happening in his kingdom) and enjoying the marriage. Good finally KvK will go back to Kalinga, probably by next week.

      1. agree

    2. Where did you get spoilers from?

  10. Angelk1

    This is just dumn…. Ashok out of anger marries devi instead of out of love. He will still be hurt which will turn him into chand. Kaurvaki will be hurt as well…. But i wonder how they will try to get them back together. Their both to stubborn for their own good. I think kaurvaki will come to hate ashok and devi, and will probably help kalinga with its ruling. And fight ashok in battle, i really want to see that.

    But I dont think jagannath is dead…. Maybe their just doing that to surprise us… I think he’s badly injured. I hope they dont make jaga start the kalinga war.

    1. Tiyasa

      According to history Ashoka loved Devi very much…….
      Just don’t only watch CAS, read the real history also otherwise u will fail in history exams…..

      1. Angelk1

        I’ve done my research… It said he also love kaurvaki and care for asandramitra very much. Of course devi was his first and she gave him two children…. But your giving her too much credit. Your making it seem like he only loved her like she was his only favorite one. Overlooking the fact that history said he loved two women in his life. If kaurvaki son hadent died young I’m sure he would have done something just as memorable as devi children. He probably did … But its not written just like how kaurvaki full life was not written.

    2. Tiyasa

      Yes I am giving importance to Devi as she was equally (may be more) important as kvk……
      U too are giving extra importance to kvk…….
      Well……I just don’t any more quarreling…….both were Ashoka’s love and we don’t have any right to say who was more important in his life……So that’s all………

  11. Thanks pooja for the fast update finally Ashoka is marrying Devi yipeee.

  12. Eagerly waiting for next episode eagerly

  13. Nice speedy updates for ashoka lover like me…..Thank u puja

  14. As an episode, it was brilliant; truly gripping! It’s a pity that in the process they murder history. Kalinga war on account of a frivolous love story is an insult to humanity. That said, as an entertainer, this is a great storyline with all the masala we all relish. Don’t view this as a documentary but as a thriller and all is ok. Ashoka’s greatness and his place in the national psyche won’t wane coz of one serial. Devi being dragged in as revenge isn’t a great depiction though and I only hope they don’t ruin her upright character that endeared her to all of us

  15. S.Ravi Prakash

    At last the story has picked up & there’s no more of drag. It’s always interesting when the story is fast paced. Good episode & thanks pooja di for the updates.

  16. devaki ganesan

    I am saddened by break up with Karuwaki. Hope they reconcile. Both are stubborn and are like stone. It is right that Ashoka cannot marry Kaurwaki under these circumstances. Very intriguing!


    1. Mahamatya Khallyatak

      dont be saddened, Ashok and KvK will separate and that is the actual history, and will fight against each other in kalinga war

  17. I want to karuwaki and Ashola marrige but it not happen but i am happy karuwaki break her martige because how can a girl marry with who kill her father rven father is wrong but i am very sad fo karuwaki and ashoka

  18. I want to karuwaki and Ashola marrige but it not happen but i am happy karuwaki break her martige because how can a girl marry with who kill her father rven father is wrong but i am very sad fo karuwaki and ashoka i am sad

  19. Finally Asvi marriage is happening, although they should’ve shown it earlier. I really can’t tolerate this karuvaki. She has to poke her nose everywhere. Its good that Ashok killed jaggu. He deserves it. I guess now we’ll get to see the kalinga war. Glad to see the story is progressing.

    1. yes, at last …… no dragging

  20. wow,It is nice epi.waiting for next epi.Iam very happy for ashvi marrige and milan rat..

  21. Good episode and nice update as always.

    I’m very happy that it’s Ashoka who takes the decision to marry Devi. I felt the writers could have showed that Ashoka marries Devi to be able to take the responsibility for her proper safety(as she was his friend, and he off course cared for her … least a bit), when Nirankush tried to molest Devi and tortured her father, and all of a sudden Ashoka appeared and saved them.

    Anyways the main thing is I’m happy that Ashoka decides to marry Devi. It couldn’t have got more irritating if the writers had showed that Devi is sent to the marriage hall with a long ghunghat and Ashoka gets married to her unknowingly and then insults Devi for weeks of episodes to come. Thank goodness, they avoided this daily soap bullshit.

    So Sushim and Siamak is aware about Bindu’s plans to punish them, I hope the story shapes up now like :
    1. Sushim, Siamak, Khallatak, Charumitra all kill Dharma and Bindu out of shock reaches his death bed ………or something similar – just to make sure Bindu won’t really be able to help Ashoka kill them.
    2. Now that Ashoka is helpless to some extent from the Central Government, he still fights his way as the Viceroy of Ujjaini, towards the throne of Pataliputra.
    3. Now that he is upset that his mom-dad has been killed or are in danger ………he gets ruthless and starts becoming Chand again.
    4. I love that dialogue – ‘Kisiko nahi chorega ye Chand’, and wanna hear it again ………the main thing is I don’t want to see at all that arguably the greatest emperor of all time, gets affected to change his personality to ruthless or merciless just because of the fact that he and her fiance broke up. Showing so would sort of be an insult to the greatness of a significant emperor of such a collosal empire.

  22. Every1 who’s watchin dz serial shud b aware of dz facts

    Queen Devi Was Not a Daasi Who Served Kaurwaki

    Devi was not just Ashoka’s first love but also his first wife and also the mother of his first child. The couple married when Ashoka was 18. However, here Ashoka is 24 (14 + 10 Year Leap), yet he is unmarried. Also, it is sad to see that the Devi who had a very important place in Ashoka’s life is merely a daasi to Kaurwaki. Interestingly, back then, Kaurwaki didn’t even existed in Ashoka and Devi’s life and here she is serving them both like a servant.

    Yes, here in the serial, Devi has been given the position of a naukrani who is not only attending to Kaurwaki but also ensuring that she marries her love Ashoka.

    Maharani Devi Wasn’t Dumb, She was Bright and Intelligent

    In Ashoka serial, Devi was introduced as a talkative dumb girl who is more like today’s bimbo. However, going by the texts and incidents in the history, it is quite a known thing that Maharani Devi was intelligent. It was her intelligence that bowled AShoka in the very first meeting when he saw her in Ujjain.

    It was Ashoka Who Fell for Devi, not the Other Way Round

    In the serial it is shown that Devi has hots for Ashoka while Ashoka loves Kaurwaki. He likes Devi but only as a well-wisher and a friend. However, in reality it was Ashoka who drooled over her beauty and intelligence. In fact, he was so mesmerized that he asked her hand for marriage from her father. Devi, however, declined, and kept a strange demand. The demand was to end the turbulence of Ujjain without violence. Later, Ashoka succeeded and the two married eventually.

    Rani Devi Never Came to Patliaputra Before or After Marriage

    While, here, we see Devi roaming, dancing and doing all sort of things, in reality Queen Devi never came to Patliaputra at all to stay even after marriage forget before the marriage. The entire thing that has been showed about Devi is fictional with zero resemblance with the real Devi. Yes, her character has been assassinated and that too very brutally.

    Maharani Devi Was Not Ashoka’s Landlady/Neighbor When He was in Exile

    In Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat it was shown that Ashoka and his mother stayed in exile and the person who gave them a place to stay was none other than Devi’s father. However, this story has zero connection with history. Ashoka met Devi only when he was sent to Ujjain to curb a revolt.

    1. Can u please tell from where you got to know this?
      Bcz neither it’s written in wiki nor in ashokvandana …

    2. Actually I stopped watching drama..But sometimes look at the written episode to know whether there is something important happens.. Thanks aashi for mentioning the real history that I was expected to know. Please give some sources I could learn about Ashoka.. It’s shameful the way of series goes as a bull without knowing ahead.. Thanks again aashi

      1. Hay aashi your research on Maharani Devi is good. This show only wants to give importence to Kaurvaki. I think the real Kaurvaki was good Queen and a great woman. but her interpretation in show is just irritating. After watching Kauravki in show, only Queens I want to know about are Maharani Devi and Samragi Asandhimitra

    3. Aashi we don’t know what were the human traits of Devi. Whether she was bubbly or intelligent u must have got information from internet, am I correct? Devi was beautiful , ashoka had lust for Devi. Ashoka loved all his queens equally and even tishyaraksha even she committed mistake but she exceeded her limit by making Kuala blind and hence was executed. Try to take everything from positive aspect

  23. History lover

    Yes, aashi the coming episodes are insult to Devi, her importance in Ashoka’s life is not considered by director. Further , ashoka was the pranthapal of ujjaini when he begged her hand, on the other hand in the future there going to say Kaurvaki married to her father’s killer, that is also an insult to her . Finally, The history has been messed up by the serial, with out considering the importance of Ashoka the great for bharath.
    Bella, I am eagerly waiting for your response relating to legends of kaurvaki in Odissa

    1. buddhi ranaweera

      Me too I also feel the story is no where near reality sad it turned out to be like that I really liked the story now it’s just so many fake things

  24. Good Epi,at Last Director Enter To Real Hstry.Nice To C That Kauvaki Leave Frm Asokas Life For Temperorly.

  25. Sab paagal ho gaye hai iss serial ke makers. Devi had two childrens with ashoka this indicates he loved her more. Do research. he didnt marry her out of anger!!

    1. Ds serial is showin rubbish things regrdin devi…dstryd d chrctr of devi totly

    2. Hi niharika..
      Sry to say UR logic is baseless…
      Because bajirao had 4 kids with his 1st wife n only 1kid with mastani ..
      N all world knows dat bajirao loved mastani more..
      So no one should compare love with no. Of children his wife gave to him..

      Coming to ASHOK no one knows whom he loved more.. Probably he may had loved them equally…
      So I suggest stop competating in this useless games…

    3. And also if we consider UR logic dat love is directly proportional to no. Of children a wife bores to her husband den ASHOK ‘s chief Queen asandhamitra had no kid with ASHOK den ASHOK should not love her at all…
      But in wiki it clearly has been said ASHOK loved asandhimitra so much dat he mourned for 4days after death of asandhimitra and had not touched food..
      He even married asandhimitra ‘s dasi … After dat… As asandhimitra loved dat dasi a lot..

  26. Kaurwaki’s bame being inscripted in queens edict doesnt mean she was his first luv….in queens edict..der’z nowhere mntnd she was his 1st luv

  27. Hello Friends this is the first time I am writing, I am a true follower of Ashoka, But think the only follower who want to see Ashok and Kaurvaki married. This is serial far way from history.

    After seeing the Precap felt very sad for both of them. They fell in love at the age of 14 and Ashok had the dream for his mother land, kaurvaki lived only to fulfill his wish. They met together after so much difficulty and now everything came crashing down. I just remember what Kwk said “why every time she and ashok has to prove the test of love”. I know it is not Ahsok Love story. But still.

    As far as hating Kwk character, all are not same. Few of the reader in the forum are irritated and do hate the character shown in the serial. But she always stood for Ashok, By Ashok and With Ashok what else is expected from a life partner.

    So I will always support look for Ashok and Kaurvaki marriage hope it will happen soon, Devi will become his first queen and will get every but not his LOVE.

    1. U r not alone dear..
      I also love ASHOK and kaurvaki a lot..
      Especially kvk as everyone thinks her only dream is to marry ASHOK but dats not true.. Her dream is to fulfil ASHOK ‘s dream.. N for dat she has to be with him..
      She had made a lot of sacrifices not only for her love but also for own state..
      As I think she knows dat d only way to get kalinga and magadha together peacefully is by this marriage..
      N by getting together it will not just help magadha people but also kalinga people in every aspects let it be defence or prosperity..
      N dats y chanakya dreamt of akhand bharat…

      I know dis show is way opposite of history.. But still I like it’s twist n turns..

      N let me tell this show never showed devi as kvk’s dasi…
      It’s the misconception of people..
      Devi consider’s kvk as her sister…
      N if a sister does something for her younger sister out of love we cannot tell her that she is being portrayed as dasi…

      Even dharma used to prepare ASHOK’s bath tub.. When he was small.. It was shown in one episode den can we tell dat she was been portrayed as dasi of ashoka…

      I don’t know y people think dat dis show shows devi to be kvk’s dasi..
      As everytime it says dat dey consider themselves to be sisters…

    2. Angelk1

      I agree.. Baste on what i read the only two queen who was more important. In my book was kaurvaki and the chief queen. I want to see kaurvaki son… I’m curious about him because it is said that he would have surpassed his father or was it next in line for the thrown… But died young. That made me curious, he must have been strong like ashok. I also want to know why she could only give ashok one child…. Theirs not much about Kaurvaki, which made me wonder if someone in the kingdom purposely erase everything about her except her good deed which was kept. It could happen after all they did that to king tut until years later they found something.

      Lastly, it says ashok was also in love with kaurvaki…. It wasnt nust devi, so i wonder why people are so obsess with devi on here… When asandramitra if that was her name was way important. She didnt have kids that spread budism , but she did more then devi did as a queen, baste on what i read. Thats why shes one of my favorite. Ashok queens.

  28. Thanks .kaveki is acting not looks like karvaki as well.

  29. Hi,

    I am also first time writing in this forum..Honestly i am dying to see Ashok & Kurwaki Marriage. You are not alone shetti who wants them together. In history this marriage happened so i am expecting to see their marriage in upcoming episodes.

    Kurwaki character is really interesting..I don’t understand why people are hating her..take a stand for everything is not a bad thing..she is clever warrior Princess..

  30. Hey Bella..
    How r u..
    U know I am little surprised when I heard dat U R preparing for nest..
    Bcz usually in odisha wn a kid has science is asked what is his dream (to be a doctor or an engineer )…
    But I was taken aback wn u told u want to go in research field n want to be a scientist..
    Dat doesn’t mean people don’t give nest..
    They give but probably because they consider it to be there last option n some just give it just casually like me..

    Yes I gave nest 2 years back wn I passed my boards n secured 50 marks.. N that also bcz of G.K.! G.K. questions were really good n interesting..
    N coming to other sections..
    There was 4 n u have to choose 3…
    Students usually choose PCM or PCB..
    but I think I am the only one to choose MCB… as I hate physics…
    The question of these sections were more tricky Dan tough..
    Hats off to your guts as you select nest to be your aim..
    As there r only 2 colleges all over India for niser.. 1 at bbsr n 2nd at Mumbai.. Seats are less and aspirants are present all over India… Competition is tough but that only brings d best out of u… Even cut off goes very high…
    All the best dear..
    U have already won my heart by saying u want to read at niser…

    Well I am doing my 2nd year mbbs at Cuttack…
    May God bless you..

    1. Hi, zannat. PCM is fun especially I love physics. I want to do research in modern physics. Chemistry is my weakness I am practising hard for chemistry. I first took biology then I came to know biology is not my type and took up maths. I am confident of cracking NEST . My dream is to get into the MIT or Harvard university to do research in modern physics

      1. Yes zannat . Unlike IIT and Medical the questions of NEST are conceptual that is they test the basics as scientists should know from the root. No tough questions in the paper. Questions based on how concepts are cleared

      2. hi…, my brother is currently studying in niser. he is doing MSc in mathematics. he got selected in 2013 and at that time only 60 seats were available in niser. niser is certainly one of the best college in india. if you are curious you can ask me anything about the college.

  31. kaurwaki will also marry with ashok bcz she was second wife of ashok according to history.

  32. I also happy to ASVI pair and hate ASWKI pair coz Devi(kajol srivastava) is my fvrte tv actress.

  33. Finally advice marriage…!!! N after a long time today’s epi was really good eagerly waiting for the next epi..!!?
    Devi is nice n so cute actually what I feel is that both Devi n kvk were nice ladies in actual history and of coarse very supportive…the show obviously adding some mirch masala
    Poor kvk she will think that Devi betrayed her because she got selfish after getting mrg proposal from ashok I feel…
    But thank God now she’ll go back to kalinga now n the story will accelerated soon…

    1. Tiyasa

      Wow you are back after along time……Why are u not getting registered in tellyupdates as I have???????
      Do u know why History and Anonymous are not commenting?????

  34. Asvi*

  35. Thanks for the update.

  36. Miss Bella n zannat…d mst reliable sources of ashoka’s life are found in cylonese chronicle and ashoka’s pillar n rock inscriptn…love story written on kaurwaki n ashoka is found only after d inscriptn was trnsltd ..bfr dat fer was no kaurwaki n ashoka’s luv story…its recent one n made on predictns …bt devi n ashoka’s luv story is far too old n nw let me ask u ur source of infmtn on kaurwaki(reliable1)…n dnt questn my knwldge…I dnt say nethin widout research…bettr go 4 some research dn d truth’ll cum out…

  37. I’m nt sayin dt ashoka dnt luv his odr wives…yeah he did bt his first luv was devi nly…

  38. Who fought Ashok in Kalinga war

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